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Found 29 results

  1. I always wanted to know, which famous actors, musicians, etc are bronies. I know that skillrex, Reese Roper, Justin Beiber, and the Creator of Minecraft are bronies. I wanted to know, who else is?
  2. This game is straightforward. Guess which user is the one representing the clue that the poster above you will post. This probably means that regulars will have the upper hand, but ah well. New members learn more about the oldies that way. :3 Example: That looked stupid... but whatever. Be sure to be specific in your clues. It can be about anything, ranging from age to gender to their likes and dislikes that will separate that user from all the thousands of the members here on MLPforums. If someone guessed wrong, you can quote their answer and say so, but don't post a clue after that. The next poster will take the clue from the previous of the previous. Starting now! The user is a Pinkie fan :VVVV
  3. Well I hope they do ( if not direct me to proof) sorry if it sounded harsh.
  4. So, basically, I've heard there's an Earth stallion with an hourglass for his cutie mark named Time Turner. Some people think that his name and cutie mark mean he's a time traveller and write fanfics about him being a pony Doctor who goes by the alias "Doctor Whooves". And, as an extension to that, some people ship him with Derpy or believe they are related because they believe his last name is actually "Whooves" and Derpy's last name is Hooves, which sound alike. So, I have a few questions. 1. Is Time Turner ever seen actually travelling in time? 2. Is his name really Doctor Whooves in anything that could be called canon and if not, who was the first person to call him "Doctor Whooves"? 3. Has there been any canon evidence that he's married/related to Derpy?
  5. The rules are simple! If the above three avatars were trapped in a dungeon, who would you save? Feel free to even say why! To make things more interesting you can even say how you save them! As the OP, there are of course no avatars above me! So to start, I'll give you two avatars to go along with mine! 1. (My current avatar) 2. 3. (Counting this post, when the third person posts, they get to choose between my avatar, the below users avatar, and avatar number 3 in my post) Remember that this is just the OP post. The rest of the game will be played normally meaning you'll look at the above three users avatars and see which of them you'd save. You don't need to post images like I did.
  6. Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show in T.V. history. It is quite possibly up there with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as one of the greatest shows of all time. Please post your Who speculations on the next episode or just whatever you want to say.To get us started, I've decided to make a poll of: Who is the best Doctor?This is a debate which has been raging for years between the Who fans. Who is the best Doctor?Did David Tennant's playful yet serious personality strike it lucky with you? Is there a special place in your heart for Tom Baker? Or is Matt Smith the right one for the part?I am very eager to hear about all your reasons why each doctor is the best.Please do not just say: "DAVID TENNANT COS HES KEWL" If you are going to make a contribution, make sure your reason is legitimate and not stupid.Okay, let's begin...My Favourite is David Tennant, as he manages to be a playful and happy Doctor, as well as being serious. I also feel that the Time War was explored into a little more detail with him, and he told us about the gruesome details. He is also the most social Doctor. A lot of the other Doctors were very quiet or enigmatic. David Tennant excellently portrayed a Doctor who knows how to walk the talk.I look forward to your contributions.
  7. When I say horse famous it typically means Bronies that are famous for their animations or Voice acting or podcasts etc. I have so many favorites that I can't name them here. XD (I'm lazy) Who is your favorite horse famous Brony?
  8. If you got transported to Equestria for however long you wanted, maybe a day or maybe a year, and you got to choose to be an already existing pony from FiM, who would you be and why? I personally would be Fluttershy because I'm so much like her, but what pony would you choose?
  9. I was looking up photos today of flash sentry and when I was reading the comments under them some of them said they did not like Twilight and flash sentry to be shipped. I don't now why I like the ship flashlight but some people don't so what do think will make a good shipping with flash?
  10. Fluttershy Now through out the season we have gotten a peek at the past childhoods of the Mane Six. In each, getting a glimmer of who their parents were even if it was just one or two. Yet as season Five is about to come into our laps, part of me wonders and hopes to see something more on Fluttershy's family a bit! We know Twilight's. Seen Rainbow's dad Know AJ's parents well are "gone or dead". Seen all of Pinkie family on the farm. Meet Rare's parents a few times. Yet no Fluttershy's..... So any theories? Any idea's maybe? Do you hope we might get some more background into Fluttershy's parents? Will Season Five give us some insights? Do you want to know more?
  11. pony that got the best swag is RD of course feel free to post a picture of the pony you think has swag!
  12. Who do you have a crush on?,Yes you may post pictures of you're crush but don't say what actor you have a crush on since I have a thread of what actor's you have a crush on. You don't have too post pictures and use the full name of you're crush,I have crushes on some people.
  13. Ok. Here's how it works. When you reply with your answers, put the number of the question and the letter next to the answer you picked. And as soon as I can, I'll get back to you with the results. Alright, have fun!! 1. It's a nice day in Ponyville. The sun is shining. Everypony is outside playing. How will you spend your day? A. I'll go visit my friends and make sure their day is going just as good as mine. Because I would hate to be selfish and enjoy it when they aren't. B. Seems like the perfect day for some hoof ball. C. There ain't no time for playing. I gotta get these chores done!! D. The weather is just right for sitting outside and reading a nice book. E. I know. I'll throw a pool party!! Ah, I'm such a genius... F. Ooo!! Idea!! This is the perfect time for me to start on my new summer designs. I'll be the talk of Equestria!! 2. Oh no!! Gilda is back. She walks up to you and says,"What are you looking at?!" What would you say? A. I don't know. But I wish I hadn't seen it!! B. That's besides the point! What are you doing here?! C. Well it seems like I'm looking at somepony who's poking the bear. D. Oh! Um, nothing... E. Forget what I'm looking at. I'm more concerned what I'm smelling. When was the last time you had a breath mint?! F. Hi Gilda. Long time no see!! 3. You've been invited to a party!! Will you go? A. Well it depends. I should probably tidy up before I go to a party. B. Um, DUH!! Of course I'm going!! Especially if it's one of Pinkie's parties. C. I'm the one throwing the party silly billy!! D. Well, I don't know. What kind of party? E. I'm not really much of a party pony. F. Well ok. But I should bring an apple pie for the party. 4. Favorite food? A. cupcakes B. daisy sandwich C. apple D. salad E. cucumber sandwiches F. skittles 5. When you go to a movie, what genre is it usually in? A. Comedy B. Action C. Drama D. Romance E. Science fiction F. Children's 6. Favorite mlp related song? (out of these) A. Discord B. Children of the Night C. A True Friend D. Winter Wrap Up E. Find a Pet F. What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me 7. On a scale of 1-10, how good a friend would you say Discord is? A. 7 B. 4 C. 2 D. 10 E. 8 F. 3 I'm not quite done with this. But here's what I have so far.
  14. I finished watching Series 1 and 2, and I am happy to know this exists, and also happy to finally watch it! I love his (the Doctor) attitude, he always seems to know what to do no matter what the situation. I love the way he talks and acts towards others. One minute he is mad, the next he is as calm as ever. It's hilarious. As for the companion(s), they are awesome. They get to travel with the Doctor and have some fun adventures through space and time. ...I am jealous. The TARDIS on the other hand as cool looking! I love the blue box look. This is what makes it different from other spaceships: it actually looks like something human-made! The episodes are of quality and seem to follow everything accurately (according to my past classes in high school)! Everything about this is awesome! Plus, good writing! I really don't know what else to say, others could probably explain it better than I can!
  15. Who would you be in forum school. So the whole forum is now a school, who would you be at that school. The idea is to choose from some high school stereotypes. Who would you be at that school, just imagine a school that has members from the forums in it. You should choose it based on your persona here, not in real life or if you want to do so, then that's fine too. I think I would still be a geek or a nerd maybe a mix, doesn't matter if it's in real life or in a forum school. I would just be on my computer reading fanfics, like I already do. In forum school I drive a Lamborghini Aventador.. The point of this thread is just to have fun. Don't limit yourselves to the high school stereotypes, just discuss how forum school would be. One thing is certain, it would be the best school ever!
  16. Well, "Be a villain" avatar day has officially started as of 96 minutes ago, here on the East coast. As such, I have changed my avatar and username. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the hell anyone else is here any more. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! WHO AM I, EVEN!?
  17. I was sitting around wondering who preteen girls could look up to these days. Please help me figure out. Maybe Britanny Spe-oh. Maybe Hannah Mont-Damnit Maybe Amanda Byn-you've got to be kidding me. I give up. Please help me out here.
  18. Now, I know criticism is very good to give to the creator of something, but how many people actually like giving out criticism? I hate criticizing anyone's work. Vote above and tell me what you think. Note: Yes, I know that criticism is just as important as praise, but that doesn't make me like criticizing anyone's work.
  19. As yah know, I was suspended for a week due to a series of unfortunate events. Well, while I was gone, I decided I would make a pic for you guys to show you guys how much I appreciate the forums and how positively it's affected me . This drawing (Involving AJ and I ) will be uploaded tomorrow......or next week if I screw up :c. BTW, this is NOT an AJ x Me drawing (Although we will be close together <3). The next drawing of AJ x Me will be next week. Stay tuned.
  20. I like to listen/write music, mostly house/dubstep/trance blah bhah blah. I just wanna hear some stuff you guys write, i got nothing better to do today.
  21. I'm just curious of what some of you are going to say. So here are the question: If you were to wake up in Equestria one day, what would you do first? If you could be friends with one pony who would it be? Who is your least favorite pony? Do you think Luna should be the main princess? ( in other words, the one twilight is sending letters to) Do you think the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to get their cutie marks in season 3? How old to you think Celestia is? What if Celestia was banished? ...I guess those are my few questions :3
  22. Which is your favorite Doctor? Mine is David Tennant. I love Matt Smith and Chris Eccleston but Tennant is pure gold. Just everything about his take on the character is amazing!
  23. I've always wanted to start writing fanfictions, but every time I try to write one, I either run out of ideas or lose patience with my writing. Either way, the end result is another word document whisked off to the recycle bin. I am doing fine with ideas, but my problem lies in the process of writing the story out. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creative writing, so alas, no stories I write are ever good enough to keep. Is there anybody out there who has advice on how to get a good story written?