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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, its Paradox here! Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend yet another AFW Con! And I have some pics that I'd like to show off share with you all! Just a warning, yes, Paradox/Luigi is horrifying without his facial hair. Also, LAG WARNING. THERE ARE A LOT OF PHOTOS IN THIS POST, SO IT MAY TAKE A WHILE FOR THEM TO FULLY LOAD!!! But now, on with the show! This Splatoon Inkling was just awesome! You'll see why later! My buddy's friend dressed up as Ryu, and... Well, I have to say, he looks like a mix between Ryu and Reggie Fils-Amie. Look at his face! This Cloud was pretty nice, but he forgot his sword at home. XD Now if only I had found a Panty and Garterbelt set of cosplayers for a group photo... Awesome Dash is awesome. HOLD ALOFT THE MIGHTY PONE SWORD OF FRIENDSHIP!!! He was looking for his wookie. XD Adorable Kiki cosplay! Hey, its the mane six! And Big Mac! And... TRIXIE!? Hey, Quote, ready for some spelunking? HELLO? HE-HELLO? More Sploon girl! This was actually a pretty good cosplay. ... What? Were you expecting something else? And oddly enough, the only blurry photo I got... If you don't know this hero, you're too young to be here. Luigi's friend just had some dirt behind his ears. Awesome Sailor Moon cosplay! The ONLY way to deal with those ghastly ghosts! And there's shorty! I apologize, I don't know who this is, but THAT COSTUME THO! Dunno what he wanted to fix at the con, but, by golly, he'll fix something! The next one miiiiiiight be a bit... Bad... So I'm just gonna put it in a spoiler. Not that there's anything showing, it's just the stuff that's there... Well, if you open it, you'll see. DOG BOY! CRITIIIIIIIIIIIC!!! Again, another unknown cosplay, but pretty cool to me. And now your computer has crashed. Squid away, little Inkling! LUIGI WANTS THE MYSTICAL PONE SWORD!!! A Foxy Foxy. Who stole her leek?! A cutie Pinkie Pie! Welp, seems ya can't win 'em all... AH'M A GET DAT DERE KIRBY! Cause I'm CRAAAAAYZY! Do you have a spare ocarina? WARFSTACH SELFIE!!!!!! A couple pics of the rave before it started. Stick of Truth style Kyle and Stan! A decent Ness by a buddy of mine. Seems like a dynamic duo to me! I wonder if her hair is chewy... Haven't watched the show, but here's Dipper and Grunkle! Ok, you all know who THIS is. CURAGA! Naruko, anyone? Contract? DEM WINGS! My buddy with his hommade Foxy plushie. No, he isn't hiding, he wanted me to take a pic of the plushie. On that day, humanity recieved a grim reminder... To make capes that don't look like tents. XD And now, CON SWAG!!! Dunno who this is, do any of you? I got it in a grab bag! Random stuff friends got me! [iNSERT POKEBATTLE THEME HERE] WARFSTACHE! Got this in the grab bag as well! Pretty good read! Ehehe...Eheh... MY FRIEND MADE ME THIS AT THE CON!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!!! And so ends the stream of random con pic by Paradox. Hope you liked 'em!
  2. Hello Everypony ! I was dressed as Rainbow Dash with back pack hoodie costume and I got a rainbow color tail made out of six lay material I bought at Dollar Tree as a six pack ! Anyway I always have a blast at anime fest every year in Wichita, Ks. I love getting into character that's fun about those events !
  3. For the past weekend, I have been in a magical place, one where you can dress up and not get weird stares. It is called... the ANIME FESTIVAL OF WICHITA!!!! I even have pics from it! Enjoy! (MONSTER POST COMING IN! THOU HAST BEEN WARNED!) Pinkie and Flutters! My buddy personally knew the Pinkie, so that's cool. I found the TARDIS! Looks like Marceline and Finn are having fun shopping! Demyx was nearby, jamming out! Boffer fights are always fun! A lil Princess Bubblegum! Don't stare at me with that mask! Gru finally let his minions out for vacation! My pal doesn't look sure about some things in the con... But he did end up getting a picture with Luna! KYLE! That is all. Look, I found ANOTHER TARDIS! GO, Team Kakashi! Oh no! Its a pair-of-docs! I wonder if she has Starmie with her right now... GIVE HER ALL TEH MUFFINS! RUUUUUUUUN! ROY'S TALKING ABOUT HIS FAMILY, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! Huggle teh Moogle! Fun and drawing in the video game room. Protect your Audino, boy! Friends from high school! They dress up nicely! XD One of the best game series ever. My buddy just HAD to get a picture with them! FIND THE PAGES!!! QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!! No more cotton candy, Eris! Pinkie was giving out balloons! Luffy musta just ate, cuz he looks happy! Wow, Lightning's actually smiling! A friend's lil bro as a Pikachu! At least he didn't yell at me to sit down and drink my goddamn tea! XD DOUBLE DOMO POWAH! That sword looks a lot smaller in person, Cloud. I am disappoint. Don't you DARE Bass Cannon my TARDIS, Vinyl! Although Xion may be a copy, that just means we can make more, see!? Ramona doesn't need your bullcrap. I thought you were deeeeeeeeeeeead! Poor guy's getting the beatdown! Even Rarity likes to attend these little cons! And Twilight sent her brother to protect her! DISCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!! MOTHER OF GAIA... No, Death! Don't hug Pedobear! Hey! Ultemecia's down the hall, go get her! No, not the bat! Please, ANYTHING BUT THE BAT!!! Spike and Dashie were seeing who could strike the fastest pose. That guy in the chair must've really pissed Phoenix off! Um, I don't nead any bugs, thank you! Dashie, must you always strike a pose when there are cameras nearby? TROLL! Jane got paired with Vinyl in the Anime Dating Game, and... Black Dynamite got the guy in green! XD Death must really like music. Jack! Hurry! Oogie's down the hall, capturing Santa again! MOAR TROLLS! Found him! So, seen any Silence lately, Amy? DON'T BLINK! Even though she can't get the REAL Vincent, she can always huggle my plushie! This is one butler that you don't wanna cross! Shouldn't you be in Hyrule Castle!? OH NOES! SOMEONE SAVE SEBASTIAN FROM THE GRELLS! And now, for the merchandise!!! My car shall be the new TARDIS! I have been waiting over a YEAR to get these buttons! Mah new Vincent Valentine plushie I got from a friend! Uhm... Yeah... Just some blindbag things I got... Buttons of anime characters I don't know... Got them in a grab bag. AWESOME NEW BOOKMARKS HERE!!! Pokémon disc launcher, I CHOOSE YOU! Get a BROHOOF from the DOCTOR! An epic glass made by an epic friend! A Vinyl Scratch phone charm another friend bought me! BEST... ANIME... EVAR! TARDIS KEYCHAIN! I can play Zelda on guitar now! (Well, I could already, but...) Awesome Tifa print! Tails is best Sonis character! Dat Midna. My friend made me this. And this! But I paid someone to make this for me. And now, I'm enrolled at the prestigious Hyrule University!