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Found 50 results

  1. Considering how Windows XP support's demise is just around the corner ( April 8th ), what are your plans? me myself, I've gone Linux, and haven't really looked back ( in fact my newly installed win7 install is ticking me off. lol ).
  2. At one point, I slept far, far away from the window. Quite recently, my head was right by the window. Now my feet are by the window. Where do you sleep, relative to your window?
  3. Ok, so I'm updating to Windows 10 from Windows 7 SP1. The upgrade went smoothly after I finally downloaded the windows media creation tool found here; The upgrade took a while and then Windows was slow after the install. If youopen up the Windows Store app (Windows logo on a bag icon in the task bar), you'll see it's still doing a bunch of stuff in the background. Ok, no problem, until I noticed a lot of the apps that it was downloading were failing. I figured it maybe needed another reboot, so I rebooted and found problem number one. When you upgrade to windows 10, the default login will be your windows live login, not the computer login you were using on windows 7. After digging through LastPass on my phone, I found my live login and got back into my machine. You will be given the option for logging in with your live id or a local account. Cool, no problem. I checked on the apps that Windows Store was having problems installing...still failing. A quick lookup of the error code pointed to a windows activation error. So I went to the settings app, Update & Security, Activation and click on the Activate button. 'Windows can't activate. Try again later. F-en great. After digging, I found a way to activate via phone. Here's the steps; Hold the windows button and push 'R' to get the run box. enter 'slui.exe 4' without the quotes and you'll be given a window with a phone number and a bunch of numbers. Calling that number gets you to an automated system where you enter all of these numbers to activate. It didn't work for me, so I was transferred to a call center (probably in india) , where the person explained to me that I would need to reinstall Windows 7 and upgrade.....bulllllllshit! I advised the lady with the indian accent, who was obviously reading from a script, that I had used the windows upgrade tool that microsoft had provided for performing the upgrade. After some silence from her, and hearing her talking to someone in the background, she told me she would transfer me to someone who could help. When I got to this new department, the useful automated announcement told me that I had at least a 20 minute hold time. Right now I'm still listening to that crappy microsoft jazztastic hold music. This must be where musicians go to die. More after I've escaped from this technological hell. ~update!~ After finally getting to someone else, they told me that the activation servers were completely overloaded and to keep trying. Seems like Microsoft underestimated how much bandwidth they would need for this...figures. Hurry up and wait.
  4. Exactly what the title says. After you come home from a day at school, work or whatever you do during the day (That does not include being on the interwebz). Which websites do you check in first with? Mine are the following: Equestria Daily, Mlpforums, Youtube, Tumblr and Newgrounds (sometimes).
  5. How do yall feel about windows 10? I havent read much about it and will soon but i woukd like some opinions of what other tech ponies and non tech ponies think. How do yiu think elderly people will feel about it? I have grandparents askibg me and want more opinions before i give a statement
  6. So yeah, just wondering, does anyone still use Windows XP and doesn't have Windows 10 installed yet? Does anyone like the Windows XP startup sound?
  7. My computer uses Windows 10. I have always wondered what time a new day starts and what time Daylight Savings Day Starts. I have never watched a clock change before so I'm wondering if anypony could tell me. I've heard that daylight savings time starts at 3:00 am at the lock skips 2 AN. But I have never seen it in person. I have no idea what time. Time Zone: Eastern Time (US and Canada) Location: Johnson City, Tennessee
  8. Kind of a shame. Alot of people got into arts during their childhood with MS Paint. But considering there are other free art tools, that are even better then MS Paint, it dosen't matter to hold on to it.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my computer's motherboard and CPU. Some old stuff says I need to remove drivers before I upgrade. Windows 10 related stuff says they made it easier which is promising but I need an affirmation if this is true. For example if I upgrade the parts that I want and move the old stuff in like hard drives; I should not lose anything?
  10. Hello there and thanks for clicking on this post I hope you can help me on my project, Its called PonyDows It is based of Windows 7 and is currently in Alpha (V1.3 Trusty Trixie) The places that are currently avaliable are as followed with there requirments below it (I tried to keep the requirments as low as possible so everyone can help) Theme Creator *Moderate skills in art *Able to make .theme files not just images Custom UI Sounds *No special requirments Wallpaper Creator *Skill in photoshop, Gimp or microsoft paint Program creator *Must be able to create apps that use a installer *Must have 6 months+ expirence in creating apps (sorry I cant have buggy apps in this os ) Registery tweak creator *Must be able to make useful registery tweaks *Must have some kind of expirence in making tweaks Linux team *Must be able to competently port this to any linux distro *Must be able to work without any help from me (I wont help the linux porting team) Beta Tester *Must be able to give feedback on bugs Download current latest release:!xpZSGSZZ!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4 (Must select Windows 7 Ultimate on install screen) Youtube Playlist:
  11. Now this one has been going on for quite a while... A few weeks ago, my computer, companion for 9 years, finally gave in and decided to flip me off and go to the afterlife of broken appliances. Now, just what exactly went wrong with him is beyond me. I booted it, slapped it around a couple times until not only it was broken, but I felt broken. The laptop was my life for the past half year and I'd grown so attached to it, I proposed that I even bury it under the backyard tree. Of course, no one would hear of it. Instead, I grew this sneaking suspicion that what ever was going on with it, it had to do with the internals. So, being the idiot I know and love today, I took each piece apart and laid it bare on a black table where it sits today, gnawing away through plastic tubes and install disks. After I lay the motherboard on the table, I reassembled it to look as though it were back in its rightful casing. Of course, wire and whatever were scattered all over the place, but I took no matter. I was determined to fix my broken love and mend my shattered heart using... luck. Sheer cold luck. Nothing more than that. I booted it again and again, but still... nothing would become of this naked beast lying on my hard-wood badly painted black table. Finally, I got it to run, ONCE. Only once did it work and it was only long enough for me to pull out a few written pieces I had done over the last few months. Still, it was not enough; it would never be enough. I booted it again and again until, at last, they asked me for a Windows Installation disk. I was horrified, scrambling around until I realized that my beloved laptop had Windows 7 pre-installed. I was over. Finally, (tonight, in fact), I was pulling through some old drawers of mine when I found, lo and behold, my very own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. It was like striking gold and the only thing I could say was: "I just want my clop." -RealityPublishing
  12. Little childhood revisit: Windows 98 was the sound of my childhood But what is your favorite Windows startup?
  13. So... my computer decided to spontaneously upgrade to Windows 10 at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. I made a quick video on my YouTube prior to this, but I figured it would make a good topic to discuss here too. All I wonder about Microsoft is WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? All in all I DON'T have an issue with Windows 10. My issue is with the way Microsoft went about dealing with it. I'm going to install it on my other computer (currently running windows 8.1) a little before the deadline, but I've been too busy to deal with it PROPERLY. The laptop has a windows 7 image and bundled software that I don't want to lose. The restore Image is particularly convenient. Have any of you guys had annoying problems from this?
  14. I have some old Windows-only games. Whenever I feel like playing them I use my very old Windows laptop. But it is very noisy, has small screen, and about to give out. So I decided to Install Windows on my MacBook Pro. I know that I will need a Windows Installer for that. So my question is: which Windows XP version would you recommend for games? Note: I am planning to play only old games. Let's say, everything that came out before 2006. Nothing newer than that. I'm saying this because some people complain about Windows 7 compatibility issues.
  15. So I was forced to now use Windows 10 which nearly crashed my pc when it uploaded yesterday and I've heard a lot of other windows and other PC users they hate how its laid out and some seem like to it, so what you think? Do you like Windows 10 or do you want to go back to Windows 8? Personally I've come to hate it in the last 24 hours given we a user I was not given a choice in the matter when it comes to the programs to my lab-top I brought with my own money or what I choose to put into.
  16. Hey guys! I need help creating a ponysona based on my own personality. I love computers (and building them) and am very studied on computers. I also love Nintendo, especially Mario and Star Fox (the Arwing is amazing!). I love Linux and Windows, as well as math and science. Now, my favorite colors are red (MY NUMBER 1 PICK), cyan, and a hint of mint green (Linux Mint FTW!). I would like some help with a name for my OC, as well as seeing potential visual designs. If you want to try and design a cutie mark, be my guest! Thanks in advance! -Mario3D13
  17. I was enjoying Windows 10, really I was. Then suddenly I had a RANDOM DEVASTATING ISSUE, which I will describe here as well as give a solution. Which ironically you will not be able to read if you have the same problem I did. Long detailed story: Summary: if your taskbar suddenly stops working and will not be fixed even after waiting and restarting (especially several attempts) System restore from the Control Panel to the nearest checkpoint and hope it works. Discussion: for the sake of Windows 10 users on this forum, you should post the quirks and problems (especially big ones) and hopefully your solutions to dealing with them. I absolutely had to share the SERIOUS problem I had to deal with
  18. I have recently ended the development of PonyDows as it was not getting enough attention and I couldn't make it as good as it could be,so I need somepony to take over development for me and bring it up as good as it should be, do whatever you want with it, build it back up from the ground or base it of a previous release, no special requirements you just need to know what your doing Here's a link to a helpful playlist:
  19. I apologize if this is in the wrong category, but right after putting a shitton of ponies into my dropbox my PC proceeded to crash (BTW it is a tablet, hewlett-packard) It's been looping and trying to do all day, and keeps rebooting only to do the same thing again. Do I need an adapter and a rescue flash drive? Or what can I do to fix this? Is my tablet fucked up badly enough so I have an excuse to get a new one?
  20. There's a notification for upgrading to Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices and will arrive on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 as a free upgrade, so that will be after my birthday by 1 day I'm getting Windows 10 and will finally upgrade to that OS on my device. This one is better than it looks on Windows 8! Share your thoughts about Windows 10 OS here!
  21. Like I want to use Linux but iTunes isn't supported and I need to back my phone up and restore it if it goes wrong (hasn't happened yet) But on the other hand Linux is free and I like my geeky stuff, also more stuff is free and Linux looks nicer Also I'm a gamer but Linux fits my gaming needs Which should I use?
  22. As title suggests, say any thoughts on Windows 10? Good? Bad? Improvements needed? Up to standard? Stuff like that. Go discuss below
  23. The last time I posted this it got took down due to a miss understanding between me and the mods, This project should NOT be installed on real hardware at its current state (we do have one build that is stable but meh) also this is NOT illegal as it requires you to legally own Windows 7 anyway, so with that out of the way I let's begin I need some help for my PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows with pony themes and maybe a few pony apps and sounds if we get that far! This is built with rt seven lite for tweaks and such, I currently need people to *Make custom sounds * I changed my mind about beta testers, if you really want to you can (please use virtualbox) *Make wallpapers/themes And that's all for now, if we get enough popularity we will make a version for old hardware Footage of it running IN VIRTUALBOX: Video with download link (stable):
  24. The last time I posted this it got took down due to a miss understanding between me and the mods, This project should NOT be installed on real hardware at its current state (we do have one build that is stable but meh) also this is NOT illegal as it requires you to legally own Windows 7 anyway, so with that out of the way I let's begin I need some help for my PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows with pony themes and maybe a few pony apps and sounds if we get that far! This is built with rt seven lite for tweaks and such, I currently need people to *Make custom sounds * I changed my mind about beta testers, if you really want to you can (please use virtualbox) *Make wallpapers/themes And that's all for now, if we get enough popularity we will make a version for old hardware Footage of it running IN VIRTUALBOX: Video with download link (stable):
  25. Welcome to me trying again with the PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows 7 for bronies, development is going very slow as I am doing all the work alone, I am here to ask if I open up spaces for somepony to give a helpinghoof would anypony be willing? Before you run off to the comment section below there's a few things *We don't need any beta testers yet! I will post when and if we need them *i will not charge anypony to use this so as such you will not earn any money collaborating with me * you will be credited * this is a very early days project, no real work has gone in yet but it will once I can get a team up It would help me, speed up the creation and boost the quality of PonyDows if you give a helpinghoof