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Found 27 results

  1. Are there any birds that fly north for the winter? Fluttershy said in Better Together season 2 "Street Chic" that they where starting head north for the winter, but that would only make sense if they lived south of the equator, but that would contradict what Rainbowshine said in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ditzy Doo went north to get the southern birds, also during the song "Winter Wrap Up" both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy bringing home/welcome back the southern birds, and in "Tanks for the Memories" during the song "I'll Fly", Rainbow Dash turns the geese around leading them north when they were heading south, which would put Equestria north of the equator not south where it seem the EQG world is according to Fluttershy.
  2. We know that Celestia and Luna are immortal and possibly Twilight, Cadence and Flurry Heart as well, but maybe non-alicorns could live extremely long such as Granny Smith and possibly the rest of the Gold Horseshoe Gals. Because Granny Smith in "Family Appreciation Day" called herself a "young filly" but when the founding of Ponyville she looked more like a teenage/young mare but the founding of Ponyville was over 200 Years ago according to Twilight in "Winter Wrap Up" said "Ponyville was started by earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to wrap up winter" the key term being "for hundreds of years" so Granny Smith at her youngest during "Winter Wrap Up" is over 200 years old.
  3. Evenin' everypony.I was watching Sonic Rainboom just now and the thought of "best episode to show a new person" came across my mind. I felt a bit conflicted since the episode that got me hooked was part two of the season one pilot (gotta love Giggle at the Ghostie), but not every new pony has the attention span/open-mind to sit through an hour of exposition.So, what do you ponies think; what is the best episode to show a person that has never seen the show before?
  4. I've been trying to put the 1st 3 season's episodes into chronological order. At 1st, I went with Winter Wrap Up is March 21 (the Spring Equinox). However, it occurs to me that it may have been MUCH earlier. Say, mid January to early February. 1) A shorter winter helps explain why there are so few winter episodes. Perhaps it only lasts long enough to lay down enough snowpack to ensure the year's ground water supply. 2) Hearts & Hooves Day. If Wrap Up is March 21, February is still winter. Hearts & Hooves day would have to be 6 weeks+ later in the year (about now, in fact). A shorter winter allows it to take place on Valentine's Day (as most folks seem to assume) 3) IMO, if the 1st 3 seasons cover just 1 year, there is a LOT that probably happens in the spring. A longer spring allows more time for these things to happen. 4) + a shorter winter = a longer growing season, of course. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
  5. I was going to, do this entry in poem, but fuck that dumb shit. /haiku It's the holidays, and you know what that means! ... ... ... PRESE-wait, no... ... VIDEO GA-no, I did that... ... VACATIO-no, no, no... ... SWARMS O-whoops, that's irrelevant... ... It's...the holidays's time to...time to WRAP IT UP....??????????? ... ... .., could wrap up...your presents.... Okay, so, like I said, this will be my last review of the year-(EVERYONE: HAAALLELUJAH)...before I return on January 4th...(EVERYONE: Dammit!) are gay, let's cut to the review. This is a spoilers review, so if you haven't seen "Winter Wrap Up," LOL YOU SUCK! - - - - - - - - - - - - LOL So this episode opens up with Twilight in her bed, no doubt dreaming of being a princess. All of a sudden, she wakes up in excitement of the fact that today is Winter Wrap Up day! Spike awakens with the line "Mommy?" which is, when you think about it, kind of fucked up. No time for Spike, though, we never have time for Spike, as we must move the plot along! As Ponyville was started by Earth Ponies, they've never used magic to change the seasons. Instead, they clean it up themselves. Yay. Twilight, still running from the angry townsfolk that want her Grand Galloping Gala running to the townsfolk. Everypony is ready to do their part in helping clean up winter and make way for Spring. Because, you know, winter's so last month. Fun fact, it was the day before Christmas when this episode aired. I guess the writers found the irony of the plot hilarious as well. I'm on to you fuckers. In the town square, the Mayor is commissioning everyone's assignments, and appoints everyone to their three team leaders: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and another background pony that the fandom has probably named at this point. I will call she....O_O PURPLE?!?!??!! REJOICE, TWILIGHT! YOU ARE NO LONGER THE ONLY PURPLE PONY IN PONYVILLE! OH AT LONG LAST, YOU HAVE FULFILLED THE OPPRESSION OF YOUR PEOPLE! Meanwhile, Twilight doesn't know what team she exactly fits on. Well, that sets you guys back like, 1,000 years. Forget what I said, in that case. Alright, so, as we continue on...we.... ... ... can't be... ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! SON OF A PIP! SON OF A FUCKING PIP! The FIRST grandiose musical number on this show! Now I know why this episode is so memorable! This episode officially turned this show into a musical! Well, at least this song's catchy. Fuck you, Ingram. Alright, yeah, so, they sing about cleaning up and stuff. There's so much to do, Applejack can now legally be addicted to celery stalks and colorful flowers too for one day. Unfortunately, Twilight still doesn't know where she quite fits in, so she decides to shop around and see what exactly she can *Saves Draft* help out with. Alright, I demand to know who turned out the lights. Is this some kind of racist joke? Are you trying to say something? Twilight first visits Rainbow Dash to see if she can help her, but Twilight forgets that she doesn't have wings yet and is told to go away. She then visits Rarity in hopes to help her build nests. I bet she builds a lot of nests. Teehee. Anyway, Twilight sucks at building nests (and remembering things, but that's another issue entirely) as Spike says one of the funniest lines of season one, if not the whole series. Rarity says her nest isn't so bad, she says that they can probably "use it as a...uhm..." *spike interrupts with deadpan delivery* "an outhouse." lel After I spend 41 minutes laughing, Twilight decides to visit Lord Pinkie, who is skating on the ice to help cut lines in it so that it will break easily. Lord Pinkie is so clever, we should worship her. Twilight tries to help, but she sucks at that too. Twilight sucks at everything. Lord Pinkie refers Twilight to Fluttershy, who is telling all his friends about his sex change. Nah, actually, he's just waking the little critters from their hibernation. Twilight tries to help him, but she wakes up a shit ton of snakes, bats, and bees that attack her. Even bees hate purple ponies. Twilight gets frustrated because she can't use magic but can't find something to do. She needs to try something simple, so she chooses Applejack to help her with her drug farm. However, since she's too weak to push the snow mover thingy, she uses magic to do things faster. That mucks shit up more. 10/10. This pisses everypony off, even the Doctor (and we all know what happens when you piss him off), and that makes Twilight sad. She then commits suicide ... ... ... The End ... ... ... However, she undoes her suicide when she hears everyone bickering in town square. See, even though Winter Wrap Up is a tradition, they keep getting things done late because they're so disorganized. Purple ponies are naturally organized, however, and Twilight says "fuck you, I can eat organize all these apples ponies!" And so Twilight helms the ship and creates checklist after checklist after checklist to get shit done! After a montage with the "Winter Wrap Up" instrumental, Twilight earns her Team Organizer badge vest and becomes Princess of Organization. Hooray! You're different from us! Twilight writes some crap to Celestia and Spike falls asleep. And so ends "Winter Wrap Up!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, this episode is certainly enticing. It's a very interesting narrative to follow all the way through, even into the musical number, as Twilight struggles to find her place in Ponyville's wrap-up tradition. And in the end, when she finally fulfills her goal, we too feel a sense of completeness that was almost completely absent from any episode prior (aside from "Look Before You Sleep," of course). I quite enjoyed this episode very much, however, I think it's overrated. I've seen a lot of people overtly praise this episode secondary to its story, in favor of the fact that it was the first episode with an "official" musical number. Sure, we had short tunes from Pinkie Pie in the pilot, "Ticket Master," and "Bridle Gossip," but this was the first full-fledged explosion of song complete with cheesy melodies and out-of-place choreography. While I admit that the song is catchy, it's not the best MLP song by a long shot. Therefore, completely disregarding the song, the bare bones of this episode amount to being, well, passable. Regardless of how overrated it might be or the weakness of the bare structure, I must say that the enjoyable conflict, the completeness of the resolve, and Spike's "outhouse" joke make me rate this episode a 9/10. And that's all I have to say about that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that's it for me this year, folks. I'll be going on vacation and won't be back to do reviews until January 4th, but that's okay! When I come back, we've got a lot of ground to cover! We've still got 15 episodes of season one, and the entirety of season two, on top of the premiere of season six (whenever it airs)! As a matter of fact, what's the first episode I get to review when I come back? ... The first Cutie Mark Crusader episode ... ... ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHappyHolidaysOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. Hello, everyone. I"m new to the forums, and thought I join to start contributing to the fandom in the little time I have. To start, I'm looking for a singer to do a Winter Wrap Up Parody. I have the base lyrics done, and it's intended to be a League of Legends parody, just so you know what you're getting into. If possible, post a sample of your singing. I'm not looking for anything particular (not too picky), but the song will be sung using the original instrumental song. Good quality mic is also needed. I've been looking around the internet for some people, and I thought I'd try looking here. If you're interested please post. =)
  7. I was listening to the Winter Wrap Up song recently, and I thought that it would be cool if Hasbro would make an episode in season 6 involving Winter Wrap Up again. I feel like, during the original episode, Twilight is still a type of outcast who does not completely understand Ponyville, and at this point in the series, we viewers do not truly have a complete understanding of each character. I think it would be interesting to have another Winter Wrap Up, but this time implementing the evolved characters who we have come to know (And obviously some sort of conflict...) My random thoughts on a conflict that I am literally just coming up with now as I type xD Discord (It could be his first Winter Wrap Up since breaking free from stone!) attempts to help with Winter Wrap Up and decides that he has to use magic, despite what everyone tells him (He is Discord, he does what he wants). However, everything that he tries to help with ends up as a complete trainwreck because... He is Discord. Hate from everypony follows. The rest is up to you (And by that, I mean I was getting really wordy in a very descriptive paragraph about my fan-written episode, haha). It's just an idea. I think a Discord episode would be suitable for a second Winter Wrap Up episode.
  8. Is Winter Wrap-Up starting for anypony?
  9. Hello, I´m eniix many months ago i make the remix of "Winter Wrap Up", i love much this song. share, comment and download if you like this tune Follow me on Facebook :3
  10. OMG I found this on and just had to get one they look like they were inspired from the winter wrap up episode I think they look amazing, only wish for applejack, rarity and fluttershy to get one btw I have ordered the Twilight one what do you guys think of these plushies ?
  11. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP (hidden under the "spoiler" tag). Most of the episodes during the series takes place during the spring or summer. This is one of the few during the winter. Or, specifically, the change from winter to spring. Twilight underwent a few specific challenges already, but none as far as her relationship with Ponyville is concerned. This was a big test to her, one she passed and led to a crucial leap in development of her character. Many of you've participated in these threads before and understand how they work. But for those who are entering one of these threads for the first time, pick one of the flaws or weaknesses in the poll above and explain your reasons for them. If the one that bothers you the most isn't up there or if it's more than one/all of the above, click "other" and explain in your post. One warning about the "other" option: It DOESN'T stand for "the episode is flawless." Dragonshy is the episode that got so many season-one bronies into the show. But for me, despite liking the pilot, it's Winter Wrap Up. Beyond simply the fantastic musical number bearing the same name, Twilight had to undergo many obstacles, but unlike Canterlot, they don't use any magic as a means of "tradition": Long ago, earth ponies roamed Ponyville mostly. Now, it's more a symbol of unity for all three races. But it's very relatable to see Twilight struggle to find her place, only to fail. This is what gives her triumph extra-sweet: she found her strength despite not needing to do any magic. But I must cheat here and choose "other" for two choices: "tradition" used as the backdrop and the animation quality. To explain them, in order: Back when Ponyville was run by Earth ponies, they had a good reason to not use magic. Pegasi and unicorns didn't live there in bunches, so they had to fend for themselves. However, as the years wound by, more unicorns moved into Ponyville, but they were unfortunately stuck with the concept of wrapping up winter without unicorn magic. But all this does really makes the Ponyville population look really stubborn in old-fashioned ways and pompous. The season had a specific order of airing, but there are some episodes where the animation quality looked really unpolished compared to others. When comparing episodes like this one to, say, Party of One or even the pilot, this looks like one of the first. There are many awkward movements in the animation such as the obvious frames during the walk cycle in one of WWU's choruses and the weird eye shapes from Twilight during the montage.
  12. Yet Another one of my silly skits ^-^
  13. This is something that bugs me about the winter wrap up episode. While walking around in the beginning of the episode, she comments to Spike about the vests everyone is wearing, and states the color of each vest and what team they apply to. I can understand that she's new, so that's why she'd assume that she'd get her own vest when she showed up for the day. However, knowing that each vest stood for, she never ONCE thought to ask before what the teams do? "Green vests for the animal team, huh? What does the animal team do?" To me it just felt like a way of info-dumping exposition on us. We don't know what Winter wrap up is, so someone has to be dumb and have it explained to them so we'll know what it is too.
  14. Can't blame a guy for trying right? XD i realized my voice dropped at one point but oh well tell me what you think because I had a lot of fun :3
  15. I know this is talking about an episode, but my question is more about a character moment, so it feels appropriate to leave it in show discussion. In winter wrap up, Fluttershy and Applejack get into an argument about how fast to melt the snow to Rainbow Dash, who's in charge. Applejack wants the snow melted fast so she can start planting seeds. Fluttershy wants it not melted, or at least very slowly, so she can finish waking up all the hibernating animals in their dens. However, if Applejack had gotten her way, the melted snow would have flooded the dens, drowning the critters inside. At the very least, even if their buoyancy would have carried them out, they still would have been quite rudely woken up, disoriented, and struggling to breathe while they tried to understand what was going on. Fluttershy even blantantly says that if the snow's melted the dens will get flooded. And Applejack is fine with this. She has no problems with possibly killing a bunch of animals if it means she can plant her seeds quicker. It just feels disturbingly out of character given her personality. And keep in mind that before Twilight and her organizational skills came around that spring was late every year, which means this argument may have gone on every year, and who knows if fluttershy got lucky all those times.
  16. I was watching winter wrap up today and a thought occurred. With all the animals in hibernation, what does Fluttershy do through the winter? Sure there might be some animals that don't sleep through it, but most of them do. And what about Angel Bunny? In the episode we see other bunnies coming out of their holes, so does Angel sleep through the winter to? What are your thoughts?
  17. I've noticed some other topics talking about Winter Wrap Up, and today is the day. One thing that I wanted to do differently was make a poll out of it and see how many people we would have on each team. Would also like to know why you wanted to be on that team as well. Personally, I would be a part of the weather team. When ice skating is considered work, i'm in (Pinkie Pie!) If I could fly though, cloud busting would be awesome.
  18. Download at It's spring break, which means it's time to wrap winter up. And thank Celestia, because the cold sucks. This one was done in segments, over a very busy weekend. Corralfur delivered as usual, but this time around, I chimed in a bit as well to make those group vocals complete (they're not present in the ripped a cappella track). Downloads are at the link above. Enjoy.
  19. So yeah, i fell down my stairs whilst taking the garbage out. Stupid, Who else is ready for winter wrap up? <_<
  20. Here's me playing "Winter Wrap Up" in a classical version. On Twilight's final solo, notice how I slow it to a kinda slow swing. Sorry for the blurryness, it was the position of my camera.
  21. Do any of you ever dream about doing a brony-related thing in a very public setting? I'm not talking about wearing a brony t-shirt around town. Something bigger. Like appearing on American Idol or America's Got Talent decked out with brony gear, or building a brony float for the homecoming parade; I know it really annoys people when bronies flaunt their interest, but it's one of the only shows I can think of in the past 10-15 years that has really made me WANT to express my interest in a public way. And it's not just about expressing myself either, I want to share my happiness with others. Does anybody else feel this way? If so, what would be your way of expressing your love for the show? My dream is to play "Winter Wrap-Up" and "Love is in Bloom" on a grand piano in front of an audience of thousands of people.
  22. Hi there everypony! Today I've got another piano cover for you! This one was really fun to play and one of my personal favorites. Winter Wrap Up from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S1E11 Also, for some reason, Cubase likes to screw with my recordings, so it will randomly leave out a few notes sometimes. Sorry about that. http-~~-// Let me know what you think and what you would like me to make covers of in the future! My other piano covers: -Derpy Dash
  23. Ok well everypony here should know about winter wrap up. Going off that premise, I thought I could make a good puzzle game out of the episode. So without further ado, Winter Wrap Up: The Game! It's still a wip, but it's a start. Windows only (at the moment) The source can be provided, if you want it.