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Found 12 results

  1. The more I watch this show and view the fan creations the more I am convinced that Princess Luna is a representation of the Great Goddess. Luna exists as Deity in her own right, being an immortal being with the power to raise the moon and stars. She possess the ability to use magic and uses this magic to enter other ponies' dreams. What Scootaloo did in "Look before you sleep" was essentially a magical technique called Pathworking with Luna as her Guide.The show itself features characters from mythology such as a minatour, cockatrice, and manicore. And don't even get me started on the fan animations. I specifically asked one of the co-creators of "Children of the Night" and, although might have been unintentional, the video is heavily laden with Wiccan themes and patterns. "we will forever be Her children of the night", "Nopony knows that we are still here, smiling beneath the moonlight while remembering our dear Mother", and the fact that Luna takes 6 perfect couples (plus herself would make 13, a witch's number) is too great to ignore. Is there anyone else who feels this way too? Is there anyone on these boards who is Wiccan (Trad. or otherwise)? How do you feel about using a character to enhance your own understanding of the Divine? Blessings, Dave Cline
  2. (This one was just out of boredom... ) Also, I have watched on youtube a bunch of times about six creepy/unsettling episodes of kid friendly shows, and I thought if they were able to do that with these shows and got little or no complaints (as far as I know) what would be the chances of the writers putting them in the show? Okay, so we already know they have some serious Dark Magic in the show of MLP:FiM and in the movies, but not all the way that dark due to the rating and censoring for some of the audience since at the end of the day, it remains a fun little kid show for kids, parents, adults, and teens for all to enjoy now. I am curious about what you guys think on the subject of the show introducing some "real world" dark magic like Voodoo, Nercomany, Witchcraft since in a few recent episodes things have gotten kind of dark, but still within limits of the show's ratings. Like in, "Do Princesses Dream of Sheep." there were savage dresses mutilating other dresses. (I know it's just a dress, but it reminded of one creepypasta and another where one of the mannequins in Rarity's boutique just takes on a life of it's even gaining gruesome looking sharp fangs with what I think was black spit.) Midnight Sparkle was also a semi dark reference to the show's dark magic and in "Bloom and Gloom" I don't think I need to give reason as how it was getting slightly dark every time Applebloom woke up to a different nightmare. Even in cutie re-mark there were mention of murder from "Tribal Fluttershy" even if she did say destroy instead of kill. So what do you guys think of them potentially putting other types of Dark Magic in the show, and able to make work without a lot of complaints from the audience or soccer moms. And as thanks to the fellow member who reminded me of KIng Sombra, the Alicorn amulet, Inspiration Manifestation and probably Flutterbat in the episode of "Bats" from when Fluttershy undergoes a vampiric transformation and goes hostile only consuming fruits. For King Sombra, he pretty much may go on my top ten censored dark themes in MLP if I ever did a top number video. Sombra showed up as a big, eerie, smoky, dark, scary, ghost like thing that took part in real world slavery to the crystal ponies, and his death being actually pretty violent even if it was censored, cartoon violence taking place. They used the power of the crystal heart and their love together to actually kill Sombra by practically blowing him to bits and pieces with no traces of him left except his horn. Then in "Inspiration Manifestation" things didn't get all too dark, but showed corruptive, mind consuming dark magic instead that only seemed to make Rarity get worse and worse the more she used it and the longer she had the book. My first personal thought while watching this episode was that, "Dear God, if this goes on any longer, this crazy, beautiful bitch might just actually lose her own sanity and self-control completely and turn someone into solid gold, mannequins, pony-shaped crystal/diamond statues and what ever else she could think of. Let's be honest, I think if Spike decided to let it go any further before actually saying something to her, she would have turned some poor bastard into a luscious, solid gold version of themselves I mean, she already trapped ponies inside of a crystal or diamond and damn near blinded a few others with solid gold ground. Even in the season finale of season 5 there more Twilight time traveled, it only gotten worst until Equestria was nothing more than a dead, sandy waste land with no sign of like what so ever that gave the impression the ponies and animals there have left Equestria and now somewhere beyond because it gotten too bad for anyone to live or they all died and Equestria became nothing at all. That actually took me off guard after seeing that. Again, this was just out of boredom...
  3. Lets face it, if you watch pony youtubers as much as I do you know that most Brony reviewers really don't like Friendship is Witchcraft. Each reviewer supplied a good number of reasons why they disliked it ( be it reasonable or not). Most wondered why people even liked it and why it has a big fan following. I personally like the show, but as I thought about it I asked myself why exactly do I like it? I could only find a few answers: •In my pre-teen through teenage years I spent a lot of my time watching flash videos on websites like Newgrounds that hosted endless amounts of parody works. I can find easy humor in most anything now because most parody humor is non-sensical. I admire what I call "chaotic humor," which could be described as humor based on the rediculousness of the situation. And is sometimes even funnier when the situation is made even more chaotic. •I can also say I like the show for it's music, high quality visuals, and voice acting. While iffy in rare instances the sound quality is generally good. (And a response to some reviewers) Some say the humor isn't funny because it doesn't fit into some imaginary jurisdiction that the reviewer sets a standard for. In my experience with parodies the humor has no rules. You can parody whatever you want and still find it funny. Just because it didnt fit into your imaginary rules does not make it humorless, you're just overanalyzing it and setting false standards that ultimately ruin your own experience. (Like I did to myself with Iron Man 3) The final question: So thanks to reviewers we all know what'a wrong with Friendship is Witchcraft, but this fanwork has a significant following so it must be doing something right. What do you like about Friendship is Witchcraft? What makes it good specifically?
  4. oJWOWo

    Gypsy Bard

    im a noob at making music im also working on a Winter wrap up
  5. So I noticed this one member's thread about how he would like friends, and I thought I'd make a similar thread. I'm doing this out of boredom. My summer vacation has also just started so I figure I could spend some of the free time getting to know new people. Where to start ... well, I'm nice and I like nice people. I also like awesome people. Um ... if you love nature, we will instantly get along. I love nature. Nature lovers are awesome. So ... that's it. xP
  6. The book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal heart spell mentions a pony called Prismia who was a witch. The book doesn't go into much detail about who she was or what she did. So how do you think witchcraft would work in Equestria and how would it be any different than Unicorn or Alicorn magic?
  7. This thread is for the archiving of Pony-related fan works that have been removed from Youtube, etc. by Hasbro. Currently, the entire Friendship is Witchcraft series as well as the deleted MLP Online demo are archived here. Everything is uploaded in the highest available quality. Due to the large size of some videos, downloads may be in multiple parts. A program such as the freeware 7-Zip is required to open these multi-part files. Note: I do not own any of these videos. The copyright is owned by the original creators, and, if video from FiM is used, Hasbro. The official site of Friendship is Witchcraft can be found at Master Link (Folder with All Pony Stuff) Currently Uploading: none Table of Contents: SherclopPones (Friendship is Witchcraft) FiMFlamFilosophy (The Mentally Advanced Series and Rainbow Dash Presents) Pony-related Games (MLP Online demo)
  8. I'm a recently "converted" wiccan in training, and I must say I like being a wiccan, it just feels right. But my question is, how many of us are there here? I'd love to speak with other wiccans.
  9. There is a real witch of Everfree Forest. She has been there for as long as any pony can remember. Or at least that is what the legends say. If you beleive them the forest itself bears her name. So are you brave enough to reach out to a black magic pony said to rule the forest? Come enter the forest, leave behind a note with a question and she will respond. Do you seek to learn the dark arts? Then brave the forest to seek her instruction. Or are here looking for something else? Have you braved to the deepest part of the forest to find her cauldron on the Sabbat grounds and ask her to grant your wish to give you your hearts desire? Then speak up let's make a deal, hammer out the terms, remember everything has a price and you better be ready to pay. Link to OC database: The looks of the witch 'Everfree' and her enslaved forest spirit companions
  10. I know MLP routinely takes down entire MLP episode uploads (no surprise as they're sold on itunes) but what fanmade creation shave they taken down? The Short list: * FimFamPhilosiphy * MLP Online * Pony Archive Anything else?? That's not that big a list....anything else i'm unaware of?
  11. Okay so I am aware that some of you wizards on here know how to make the vector images! I do not. Sadly I have never been artistic at all. I am HORRIBLE at pen and paper drawing and I dont know about on the computer. I have downloaded GIMP but I have been told that its not the best for this sort of thing. I also dont know how people make it, do you guys have a tablet? I dont have a drawing tablet I have to use my computer. I have read the DA guide on pony vectoring and I felt like I was reading backwards algebra. I just need help learning how to make these magical pieces of art so below are a few questions I have... >Do you use a tablet, Laptop, or desktop to vector? >How do you vector? Drawing lines,? making paths? Which is your personal way of doing it? >What program do you use? Illustrator, Inkscape, GIMP, Paint? Which program do you use to vector images? >How do you add someones OC to a vector? I have a complicated OC but some of you guys dont. How do you guys get the right hex codes for coat and mane color, AND manage to customize the mane, and clothing on different ponies? Basically in general I have no idea. Im a blank slate and I could REALLY use some help with this. Vectoring seems like a useful and fun skill and I hate asking people to vector my OC. I would like to be able to do that myself. Please quote me and just help me a bit with trying to grasp this bizaare skill, that I am so SO envious of....
  12. So I was working on some music when a wild... whatever this is appeared. Can someone please tell me what the heck I am supposed to do with this before I explode? Thanks EDIT: See the red square, ignore the highlighting Pic Related: