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Found 6 results

  1. I know I have spoken allot about my knowledge of spiritualism briefly but I've been notably vague on the topic. I am more then happy to explain myself but do keep in mind that I want this to be an open minded topic. Any hate or flaming will result in being reported. Now let me explain what I know and if you have questions, ask away after reading my explanation. Any fellow spiritualists, wiccans, witches, or pegans are also welcome to bring their input in. Now there are those who believe in ghost that are considered spiritualist and explore the unknowns of the spirit world. But there is a level beyond that which revolves around the religions of Wicca and Pagans. Those born with a gift to detect emotions on a deep level even without being in that persons presence is the first sign of having powers beyond the moral one given to us through our lifeforce. Those of us who are gifted have a slightly enhanced lifeforce and can channel that energy along with surrounding energy forces to fuel our gifts. With wiccans like myself, we abide by the wicca pentagram which is a star with five points wrapped by a circle. Each point represent one of the many powers possible for a wiccan to have. Those powers are: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Spirit. This is a traditional wicca pentagram and the common misconception is that it is the evil pentagram used for satanic rituals. This is far from true. This is merely a symbol that represent our powers. Those of us lucky enough to have a major element or two, will sometime have a lesser extent of the others. Those of us that harness all 5 elements can reach a super charged state known as Spirit Form. Spirit Form is a enhanced version of powers we already have and is accessible to those who mediate and practice their powers every day, keeping a peaceful state of mind. Spirit: This is the top most point of the star and is most relevant to most wiccans. This will give you a enhanced understanding of the spirit world and you'll have higher chance of earning white magic power. Fire: A cleansing, burning element. Fire is an element commonly found by those kinds of wiccans who have a more confrontational, but protective nature. Their power cleanses evil from the body much like white magic. Water: The flowing, peaceful element. This gift is give to those who go with that flow and have a relaxed approached to life, but if angered has the capability of consuming and over taking foes. Ice is a sub element that can form as a offshoot of water. Earth: This element is a more commonly known element similar to Spirit. Those with the gift of earth magic have a improved understanding of herbs and wild life. Plants and animals are your best friends and you have natural healing capabilities similar to one with white magic but in a more organic sense to heal inside the body as well as outside. Wind: This element is a flowing element which supports Fire and Water. Wind helps purify the air of dark winds. This is a reflective force to remove and repel darkness. A very powerful element for protection, much like white magic. Then there are the pagans, which are much like wiccans in some circles. There is a lot of crap thrown on them for their beliefs though they are no less important than wiccans. Their studeies can go into the darker reaches but that isn't all bad, at least not as bad as most religions would make you believe. I know a few a pagans that are pretty cool. There is a lot to understand from both spectrums, and not all we know is all that there is to know. This is why the spirit world is interesting. We learn things everyday and grow stronger from it. In anycase, if you have any questions, ask away.
  2. Yea remember dos? The fat one, the tale and skinny one, and there mom that look but ugly.
  3. Anypony, a fan of witch shows ? Well if you are and been loving the characters of Izziac and Mary Rieley and been watching wait until the season finale next week enjoy everypony!
  4. Hello , Everypony do you like creepy modern day witch shows? Then you all need to check out Salem on WGN I only caught part of it at 930 pm so it starts every Sunday at 9:00 pm and ends at 10:00 pm.!
  5. The book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal heart spell mentions a pony called Prismia who was a witch. The book doesn't go into much detail about who she was or what she did. So how do you think witchcraft would work in Equestria and how would it be any different than Unicorn or Alicorn magic?
  6. Well, this was a weird one, as I'm sure my C&P doc will say. I honestly don't know what the heck inspired this. 2nd dream: Amnesia, witches, and weird flesh-blobs. Well, this is nice, a second dream so close to my first. Anyway, here's what went down, as best as I can remember: Not sure how I got there, but I was in this golden-orange cave tunnel thing. There was a little meter sort of thing in the bottom left of my sight, that filled up when something drew near or noticed me. I explored the caves, finding a few weird things. Two in particular: One: These weird 'flesh-blobs' Don't know how else to describe them really. They were dark, somewhat green, messes of legs and a body. There was on in the end of a room at one point. It noticed me, so I ran, and I eventually found something to hide behind: A small rocky block. It was too small to properly hide behind, and I knew I would be found if that thing came looking. It never did though. The little meter rose, somewhat in sync with the feeling of a heartbeat, but nothing came. It only rose when I stood up and looked around. The second thing: Alright, this one was really weird, and someone could've found this scary ( I actually didn't- it was too weird..). I was wandering around, heading away from where I found the creature, and I think I found a door. It opened. (I can't remember what happened here, so I'll skip forward a bit..) There was some sort of generic witch attacking me! Her eyes were bright red, and she carried on being pushed away, then her eyes would dim, then she would come forward and her eyes lit up again. We struggled with a knife. It was going towards my throat. She was so strong. I thought I could hold her off, but she kept getting just a little bit stronger, whenever I put all my strength into it. I don't know what happened after that. That's all I remember...