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Found 45 results

  1. These are a few sub pony races I have been working on. I want you to help me prefect them and tell me if they are good ideas! If you like them let me know and I will continue to draw them and finish each drawing! I tried my best to get the anatomy correct but if there are any suggestions let me knock w in the comments! Thanks! Btw, the rabbit Fluttershy was just inspired by a dream I had a while ago.
  2. This is a painting I finished just today! I hope you all like it!
  3. Hey guys so imagine this... you have to live as a wolf for ever until something or someone kills ya. You can't kill yourself btw. So what would you do? P.S. you would be the largest wolf in the forest. If someone saw you they would probably call animal control or take you to the zoo. So what would you do with your new life as a wolf?
  4. Hi guys? Are you a brony or a pegasister who is interested in adventurous MLP fictions? Here are two of my works in fimfiction that you may get interested in: Link to the Flutter Wolf Link to the Twilight Wolf: TIP: I recommend you to read Flutter Wolf first because Twilight Wolf is like the second book of Flutter Wolf. Also since Twilight Wolf is still on work in progress, there are only three chapters written yet! Enjoy!
  5. DELETE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADBAD SITE!!! adding this cuz i cant post without making manymany words .3.
  6. I was bored then I remembered I can draw so I made a sketch of a command wolf from Zoids
  7. I may not be a pony, but I am a blood relative of a wolf (not literally, but hey, I can dream, right?), so if you've got a problem with that, you can take it up with my personal assistant. Ask away!
  8. Well its been sometime since I took my break from this site but I'm back already working on new pieces of art, I was requested by ~ Royalty ~ to make a pic featuring her OC Wolf and Natsu and here is how it turned out. It feels good to get back to making some art after such a long time. (From left to right: Natsu, Wolf)
  9. When i attempted to sketch my OC pony a while back i ended up making the muzzle a little too long.. But instead of scrapping it i thought it looked a little canine like.. So i decided to finish it up and got a good result out of it I named it "Fang", i was quite proud of myself as i tend to be REALLY bad at drawing.. well.. anything xD Then i adapted it with gimp using curves and ended up with a somewhat better version, but it still needed work.. and today i just spent 1 hour or so adapting it once more into Inkscape and got this near-final result (Decided to have the eyes closed this time as i need a little practice with the eyes xD) I plan to give Fang a body later.. but for now it's just the head.. and it's so cute ⁿ-ⁿ I'm thinking of keeping the ears as the soft edged MLP style.. though not too sure if it's best.. But yeah.. What you's think? Any pointers? ~AURA
  10. Just some of my recent art. DA -
  11. The arm is a little off kilter
  12. newest addition to the DnD universe characters I have been working on for some friends hope you enjoy
  13. This is fursona, Cadance. She is a pink wolf with black accents and green eyes She is my official personal fursona.
  14. Hai :3 I wasn't sure where else to post! Any wolf lovers out there that need a smile? I work(ed) with wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust for a fair few years, and thought I'd share some photos with you all <3 I'm really struggling to share images (if anyone could shed some light on the best way to do that I'd be forever grateful!) so I've just got a link for you instead; only a small number of photos from the hundreds I have, but if they make even one person smile I'll be so happy! If anyone would like to talk about wolves with me I'd love that I have a degree in animal welfare and behaviour and I've worked with wolves for around 4-5 years as a volunteer <3
  15. Wolfie and Leroy are my alter egos... Sometimes they don't get along.
  16. Another Wolfie... Wolfie's in love.
  17. This is Wolf is she dressed scene-like.
  18. Here is my OC's official wolf form!
  19. So I drew this today it's a picture of a wolf I drew it because I was bored I was hoping I could get some feedback from some of the folk on this forum. I would've put this on my other thread but this isn't really MLP related and I didn't wanna start breaking any rules. Please give me some kind of feedback anybawdy thanks.
  20. WWolf

    Ask Wolf(ie)!

    Ask me any questions you'd like!....any questions :comeatus:.
  21. Hey, guys! It's Wolf; Royal Blue Jay's OC. This is my offical 'Ask A Pony' thread Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
  22. Heyo! I'm Wo- Hidden Tomb and I'm a cha- Pegasi! A male one, yes, yes! I'm open for questions and wish you luck! Ask awaaaaay!
  23. i draw ponies all the time so i thought I'd try canines for a change to spice things up!
  24. Release Dates: PC/Mac (Worldwide): Tuesday, April 8th. Playstation 3 (North America): Tuesday, April 8th. Xbox 360 (Worldwide): Wednesday, April 9th. Playstation 3 (Europe): Wednesday, April 9th. iOS: Coming next week. Who else is excited?
  25. @@arkman575, ok .. i found a bit of time to finish this.. next one will be Master of antics's oc this is the second time i draw a wolf so .. sorry if it sucks soo much the background is the Ponyville electric dam, our current 1 x1 rp location