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Found 17 results

  1. If you could pick any pony, male or female, that's the same gender as you, would you go gay for them? Basically, which pony of the same gender as you do you think is the most attractive?
  2. Just testing my new skills in lights and shadows, well nothing much to talk... I hope you liked...
  3. Hello... umm... Spitfire.... I was hoping you'd help me out a little, see, theres this mare I really like... but I don't know how to tell her because of my low self-esteem... can you help me?
  4. Hello, citizens of Equestria! Welcome to the official Ask a Wonderbolt thread! I'm Captain Spitfire, as you know. Me and my fellow Wonderbolts are on standby to answer any questions you may have concerning what we do, what it's like to be a Wonderbolt, Wonderbolt history, or maybe you just have a question or two for just one of us. Either way, we're open to any and all questions! My second in command, Soarin, will take it from here. Hey everypony! Welcome to our ask thread! I'm Soarin, second in command to Captain Spitfire and proud member of the Wonderbolt team! When asking questions aimed at all of us, you'll know it's me, by this dark blue text. And now, let me proudly introduce the newest member of the team, and, arguably our best flier, and decorative hero of Equestria, Rainbow Dash! Wonderbolts, the rest of you may introduce yourselves as well. Hi! You're talkin to the most awesome member of the Wonder....uh I mean...ONE of the most awesome members of the Wonderbolts, heh, Rainbow Dash! On standby to answer any questions you may have. Bring em! Hi, I'm Fleetfoot. Welcome! Misty Fly here! Hi hi!! Welcome! I'm Surprise! What questions ya got? Blaze here! A lot of ponies seem to get me mixed up with Spitfire..*rolls eyes*. So please, know the difference haha. Welcome to the Wonderbolt Ask Thread! I'm Thunderlane. And last but not least, let me introduce my little sister, High Winds! Thanks Soarin! Hey everypony! Wonderbolt High Winds here on question standby. Alright! Without further ado, let's start! We thank YOU for taking time with us today!
  5. A profile picture for my cheerful wonderbolt OC character: Windy Breeze! Note: This pic will be soon use by a user with the same name.
  6. Soarin x of the most underrated but downright adorable ships out there. The cowgirl and the Wonderbolt. Let's show this ship the much needed love it deserves! 💙
  7. Finally i finish my new Art , i maded this art based on my favorite ponies, well in my two favorites , well i hope be good is based in my own art Style
  8. Rainbow Dash. The mare that made the legends of the sonic Rainboom true. The mare that saved all of Equestria from danger with loyalty. The mare who finished Jr. speedster flight camp and the wonder bolts academy with flying colors. A Equestrain games Athlete. A weather pony that finishes her job in 10 second. Rinabow Dash has exhibited feats capable of out shining the Wonderbolts. She saved those that they could not twice. Won the respect of the leader Spitfire. Broke records of the Wonderbolts academy. Offered a place next to the Wonderbolts in the Equestria games. From the number of candles on RD's cake in Pinkie Pride, we can say she's just over 21. That’s old enough to be on the reserve so why not the actual team? On the Wonderbolts reserve...AND YET NOT A FULLFLEGED WONDERBOLT?! WHY? It just doesn't add up. In Rainbow Falls when RD and the gang arrives at rainbow falls RD seems to be well know because of how the other ponies wow at her. So she's just as well known as the Wonderbolts. She is going solo and Is just as good a flyer as Spitfire, and better then Soarin by the looks of it. So what do you think? Is Hasbro just doing what ever drags the show on, or are they letting the Other main 6 develop their hopes and dreams first.
  9. A fabulous (?) drawing of wonderbolt Rainbow c: It's a bit sloppy... and I also forgot half the cutie mark Tips/criticism/etc appreciated
  10. Been wanting to draw Soarin for quite sometime, and I really wanted to bring this out. Soarin during the time when his wing got clipped during the practice for the tryouts in Rainbow Falls. -Based on the "Rainbow Falls" episode Artwork © BuizelCream Soarin © My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (HASBRO)
  11. It seems they paid attention to some of the complaints regarding Wonderbolt's Academy. One problem with that episode was that the finished product didn't make it clear how much closer Rainbow Dash was to becoming a Wonderbolt (the scene in question had to be cut for other reasons). In this episode, they make it perfectly clear where Rainbow stands with the team. Rainbow Dash is now in the Wonderbolts reserves. So next time Soarin' jacks up his wing, Rainbow will be able to fly with the team. This also means that, in the event that a member of the main team is discharged or has more in common with AJ's parents then they'd like, Rainbow Dash will be considered for promotion. Since she's easily the best flier in reserves and scored 100% on the test, her chances of becoming a regular member are not a question of "if" but "when". I hope it's Fleetfoot that gets kicked of the team. And that Big Mac breaks her heart. Yeah, I don't like Fleetfoot.
  12. What were your first impression upon hearing about the Wonderbolts and how has your opinion on them changed over time-if at all? Who is your favorite or least favorite and why?
  13. ( I wasn't sure if this belonged in this subthread, or Sugarcube Corner.. Sorry if it doesnt' belong here! D:) Please please please i'm begging you guys not to get angry at me for this. ;_; But I actually just wanted to share my opinion with you and some research I did. NOTE: I do not hate Surprise! I hope she does appear in the show, but I don't think she will. The only thing I don't like is the whole "Surprise is a Wonderbolt" thing. It jus doesn't make sense to me. :/ So.. *deep breath* here goes. A year or so ago, I pointed out Surprise might've been that yellow-maned Wonderbolt. A bit later, it became a very big headcanon, but once it did, I realized it probably wouldn't work out. Here are my reasons why, from my ask-breezie blog. (I couldn't copy and paste it from there to here because there would be too many embedded off-site images) That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading! I hope i didn't make anyone upset by this. What do you guys think of it? Are you on Team Surprise, Team Breezie, or Team Random Wonderbolts Pony? I'm on Team Breezie.
  14. Well here's three drawings of my version of the blindbag pony/the yellow-maned Wonderbolt, Breezie! My version of her is a bit nutty, she's usually a very kind pony, but everyone calls her/mistakes her for Surprise so she goes batty whenever the name, or even the word is brought up. XD She's a fun character I enjoy messing with. Yep.. she's a bit of a nutbag. XD Anyway, i hope you like my drawings! These are in my more simplistic style, the type I use for her ask blog.
  15. Ask me anything! I do have Wonderbolt shows, so I might not be there to answer you all the time.
  16. Because Soarin's Cutie Mark is the same as the 'winged lightning bolt' emblem that identifies the male Wonderbolt members... 1. Soarin' might've been the founder or a co-founder of the Wonderbolts squadron. 2. Soarin' inherited it from a family relative who founded or helped to form the Wonderbolts.
  17. AN: Yet another one-shot. This one is totally crack shipping and non-serious. So yes, it does kind of suck. FiMFiction Link Description When Princess Celestia takes Princess Luna to a Wonderbolts show, Luna finds more entertainment then she was looking for... Firesky It all started the day Princess Celestia forced her sister Princess Luna to go to a Wonerbolts show. Luna didn't get out enough, and hopefully something exciting would peak her interest. It was rare that Celestia could get our of Canterlot Castle, and Luna was a perfect excuse to do so. The princess of the sun had rare time to enjoy herself, but her concern now was really for her sister. Luna seemed highly fascinated by the show, much to the pleasure of Celestia. There was also one Wonderbolt in particular she seemed unusually intrigued by, and this did not go unnoticed by Celestia. When the show was over, she surprised Luna by taking her to meet all of the performers, including the firey maned Spitfire. The troupe introduced themselves, of course, but they all knew of the princesses. Celestia and Luna both greeted all of them, although Celestia couldn't help but notice a slight blush as Luna shook Spitfire's hoof. After that, Luna told Celestia that she wanted to travel and see Equestria. Celestia would have much preferred for her sister to stay by her side where she could keep an eye on her, but more importantly, she wanted Luna to be happy. But secretly during her travels, Luna went to every Wonderbolt's show in every town and city. Wherever the next performance was, that's where Luna went next. It could be said that she stalked the traveling showponies. Luna didn't always go to see them after every show, although she well could have. She preferred to watch Spitfire from afar, afraid to get too close. After all, the firey mare could hate her for her crimes, as Luna felt many of the other ponies in Equestria did. But she was the only reason Luna went to all the shows. Little did Luna know that some of the Wonderbolts had noticed her hanging around by the autograph table after shows, or how she always sat in the front row, or the way she fidgeted while she waited for her favorite filly flyer. So after a show one day, Spitfire approached Luna. The blue filly looked around for somepony else whom Spitfire was coming to greet, but she was the only one there. In fact, she was one of the last ponies still at the arena, which happened more often than Luna realized. The princess was invited to dinner with the troupe, to which she reluctantly accepted. It was be rude not to, but why in the world had they chosen her? Although, since she was a princess, that might have had something to do with it. Perhaps they wanted a chance to perform at the castle for Celestia, or maybe they wanted to talk about the next event in Canterlot... either way, Luna couldn't decline. But when they arrived at the restaurant, the other members sat a bit further off, leaving herself and Spitfire alone in their own booth. Luna blushed furiously at being left alone with this particular mare, and then blushed even deeper in embarrassment at blushing in the first place. It almost seemed like a date, but Luna knew that that couldn't be possible. Spitfire, however, acted very nonchalant about the whole thing, making casual conversation during the meal. Luna just felt rather awkward during the whole thing, continually blushing, fidgeting, and looking away—or a combination of all three! Spitfire secretly found her antics rather entertaining. She also explained that she'd noticed Luna coming to their shows rather frequently, which Luna confessed was true. After their rather awkward meal, Luna was about to excuse herself. She was awfully nervous and just wanted to leave. But Spitfire told her to wait, leaning across the table to stop her. Luna turned back, and found her turquoise eyes locked with Spitfire's own auburn ones. The firey filly leaned forward, pressing her warm lips against Luna's and closing her eyes. Luna's own eyes went wide for a moment, and then she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She'd never kissed anypony—it wasn't allowed for a princess to be in love. But now, Luna didn't care. She'd had a thousand years of suffering, a thousand years of no contact from anypony. But in this moment, Luna forgot all that. The other Wonderbolt's began to cheer at them, but Spitfire ignored them. Luna couldn't hear them over the racing of her own heart and the whirling in her head. Her body flashed hot, and she closed her eyes as well, just feeling Spitfire so close, closer than anypony had ever been. Love between a princess and a common pony was taboo, they both knew. But for Luna, this was the happiest she had been since her return. * * * After that night, Luna traveled with the Wonderbolts, rather than just following in their hoofsteps. She grew in her relationship with Spitfire, but didn't dare tell Celestia for fear of what she might think. But as the tour neared Canterlot, Luna knew that the confrontation was coming. There was no telling how her sister would react. Celestia, meanwhile, had her suspicions. She knew that Luna was off traveling, but where she would go off to next was always a mystery. But, when she sent letters back, all she ever talked about was the Wonderbolts. Particularly, a certain performing mare kept creeping in. Although, over the past couple of months, Luna's letters had been far more infrequent. Celestia just hoped that everything was alright. It wasn't until Luna brought Spitfire to the castle that Celestia realized just how serious things really were. Luna was rather embarrassed that she hadn't told her sister sooner, and also that she'd fallen in love with a mare rather than a stallion. But that didn't matter to Celestia, because she could see that her sister was finally happy since her return. And, although it was unheard of and a rather taboo practice, Celestia blessed them with a foal of their own. Magic can do a lot of things, and though the foal contained both the genes of Luna and Spitfire, one of them had to carry the baby until birth. It wouldn't really do for a princess of Canterlot to be seen pregnant, and so Spitfire was chosen as the 'mother'. Spitfire lived in the castle with Luna, though at first she protested. She wasn't used to being doted on night and day, and not being able to practice her flying skills drove her crazy. But Luna was there every step of the way, keeping her company. And Luna was there to hold Spitfire's hoof on the night their beautiful foal was born. She had the same firey mane and auburn eyes as Spitfire. Though her body was a deep blue, much like Luna's. She was a Pegasus, much to the relief of Luna. Her foal would be able to go out into Equestria without everypony necessarily knowing her heritage. She wondered if that had been part of Celestia's doing, or if it had been up to genetics. Either way, the foal was theirs. She was aptly named Firesky, a combination of her looks and the traits of her mothers. As she grew up, she was always slightly taller than most fillies her age, which came from Luna's side. She was able to study under Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, and therefore had little exposure to the outside world. Spitfire returned to the Wonderbolt's shortly after Firesky's birth, while the foal remained with Luna. They knew it was the best decision, on the road wasn't a good place to raise a foal. Luna missed her, but she knew that Spitfire's place was with her teammates. As Firesky grew up, she wanted nothing more than to be a Wonderbolt like Spitfire. She was terribly independent, and never really took to the whole 'royalty' thing. Luna always had her hooves full taking care of Firesky. Spitfire has said that she wants Firesky to travel with the Wonderbolts, once she's a bit older, although Luna is reluctant. She's terribly afraid of Firesky getting hurt. Firesky is full of energy, and always looking for a race to prove her skill. She can often be found zooming around Canterlot, trying new tricks and often getting into trouble. She's as reckless as she is daring, and Luna can't seem to keep a hold on her. Spitfire doesn't mind the spirited filly though. Whenever she's in Canterlot, Spitfire stays at Canterlot Castle with Luna and Firesky. Her tales of other cities far and wide and the amazing places she's seen intrigue Firesky, and every time Spitfire makes an appearance Firesky begs to travel with her. Luna wishes to travel with her fillyfriend as well, but they both know that Firesky's education must come first. Firesky is sometimes made fun of for her heritage, but everypony knows that her aunt is Princess Celestia herself. Nopony dares to say anything to her face, but Luna is still highly aware of it. She doesn't let on to Firesky that she knows. She wants her foal to be happy, even though it means hiding a bit of the truth. But, if Firesky does catch wind of any rumors, she'll set the pony who started them back in their place. Luna would much rather have Firesky avoid quarrels rather than start them, but she is glad that she can take care of herself. Still, Firesky doesn't have many friends because of her unusual parentage, and also because she's a big of a bragger. She brags about how cool her mom's are, and how awesome a flyer she is. Although both things ARE true, nopony really cares to hear about them. Firesky pretends like that doesn't matter, because she just KNOWS that everypony will adore her once she becomes captain of the Wonderbolts. Firesky wants to someday take the Wonderbolts to a new level, and create a series of fantastic night revolving shows. Night really is the best time for flying, and it's when the more interesting and eccentric ponies are out and about. Firesky likes flying at night a lot. Both of those traits come from each side of her genes. She enjoys the stars, and the moon is bright enough to light up everything, but not nearly as bright as the sun so it doesn't blind her. It's also not too hot, so it's the perfect time for flying. Her love of flying and the night sky is evident in her Cutie Mark. Firesky got her Cutie Mark when she decided that she wanted to be a Wonderbolt. But it wasn't really that. It was a sign of how much she enjoyed flying fast, like Spitfire, and how much she enjoyed the night sky that Luna had made. It was a red crescent moon, a combination of Luna's own white crescent moon, and Spitfire's red lightning bolt. Luna and Spitfire even got Firesky an exact replica of a Wonderbolt suit, except that it's a bit smaller so it fits her better. Firesky loves wearing it, especially when she goes out flying. Luna always knows she's left the castle when the suit is gone too, which does help her keep track of her little filly. For now, though, Firesky is actually really glad to be able to have anything she wants, even if all she wants is to fly. Luna is often worried for the young filly's safety, but she does like to see her having fun and enjoying herself. After all, a filly like her could have turned out more like herself, shy and unsure. But Firesky is ready to take on the world, seemingly unafraid. She's a tough little filly, which Spitfire admires, and which Luna is glad of. Two moms may not be the norm, but that isn't going to stop Firesky from achieving her dreams. And if Firesky is happy, and so long as Spitfire is around, Luna is content.