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Found 27 results

  1. THE TWILIGHT OUT OF TIME The initial rush of panic gave way to an eerie shortness of breath. It felt like she was drowning in cold, thin air that pervaded the tenebrous emptiness she found herself in after the defeat. Twilight's perturbed mind was searching for lost memories in the muck of confusion. Was that a game they were playing? She furrowed her brow in a futile attempt to forcefully remember the events that led her to this place. "Hello there." A stranger's voice shattered the unfinished puzzle in her mind. She jumped. Her body felt sluggish, unresponsive. "Who's there?!" She managed to conjure a wavering glow on the very tip of her horn. It was not much help at illuminating the darkness. "Over here." Her head followed the whispers and spotted an otherworldly visage of a shadow pony. A jagged slit of emptiness appeared beneath two pale orbs: "Took you long enough." She yelped and fired her magic at the shadow. The blast dissolved into an unspectacular spurt of sparks that faded away before the creature's simple face. "Feisty, aren't we," he commented in an unbothered voice. It sounded patronizing. He was powerful. Or was she weakened? Perhaps both. She began backing off: "What do you want?" "For starters, you can stop embarrassing yourself with that magic peashooter of yours, then you can stop moving around with your butt cheeks first and listen to what I have to say." She stopped, perplexed. He was clearly mocking her, yet he didn't feel nearly as menacing as the Pony of Shadows. His speech was indeed distorted but it wasn't all that booming or scary, and his face did look a bit like a Nightmare Night pumpkin. She decided to hear him out, but kept her head close to the ground, ready to fight. A shadow was still a shadow. Was there a pony trapped inside? Could she free him on her own? "Who are you?" "Just your friendly underworld shadow pony." "Huh?" His grin eased into a smug smile: "You think I'm evil don't you. That I'm keeping some poor pony trapped inside their own nightmare." The shadow flickered and appeared looming before her, the wide grin once again adorning the pitch black of his pony features. A chilling, prickling sensation enveloped her body and made her magic shrink even further before the encroaching darkness. "Are you going to save me, Princess?!" he unleashed a facetious roar and burst into pale flames. Like a faltering candle in a breeze, her light went out. Panicked, she started running away from her hidden foe. Every move of her body felt like an eternity. Was she even moving? "Dear Twilight Sparkle, have you learned anything today? Care to write a letter?" His voice was coming from everywhere. It was a loud, hissing whisper full of glee. Twilight's horn suddenly reignited and revealed the shadow pony blocking her path. She tried to wink away but she could not muster enough magic. It took all of her will just to stop her unresponsive body to a halt. The shadow lowered his head, his void holes peering into her wide open eyes, and chuckled: "I will let you in on a little secret that's reserved for only the naughtiest of faithful students, but for that I'll need to tuck you in like a good little filly you are. I'm sure your big brother wouldn't mind." He raised his burning hoof and gently placed it on her muzzle: "Boop!" An unbearable cold overtook her as she sank out of consciousness. ... Twilight opened her eyes. She tried to move, but to no avail. She couldn't even feel her own body. Yet there was warmth coming from deep inside, its pulsating sensation dominated her confused senses. She tried to look around the twilight that was bathing in golden light. Her eyes would not obey her. She tried to focus and noticed an overwhelming collection of blurred images swirling around inside her head. She concentrated on something that looked like a lamp and an image revealed a transparent bean containing tendrils made out of light. Their glow was the only thing illuminating the vast darkness littered by giant orbs of pale fire. She found out that the tendrils were leading away from the strange bean and into an orifice of swirling shadows. Right as she has potted the exit it began to close. The contracting walls mashed all the tendrils together and cut them clean like a dark saw. They began to disintegrate into a flurry of tiny golden sparks. As they vanished, the cold returned along with the numbing fear. Once more she was drowning in a frigid, black sea, gasping for consciousness that was steadily fading away. Suddenly, the darkness retreated before the light of two opaque membranes. Beyond the left one, there was a storm of writhing tendrils pressing violently against the shadowy barrier. They were like worms seeking entry into a foreign body. The scene made her feel uneasy. Despite the warm light seeping through, she did not want that membrane to break. The right one was bordering on a formless space of light. With no warning, its membrane retreated and a single tendril sprouted into the gloom, inserted a shining seed inside the bean, and retreated back to its domain. Without a sound, the swirling tendrils came tearing through the left membrane. ... Twilight opened her eyes. The initial rush of panic left behind an eerie sensation of weight inside her chest. It felt like being suffocated under an invisible boulder. Her perturbed mind was searching for lost memories in the muck of confusion. Was that a game they were playing? She furrowed her brow in a futile attempt to forcefully remember the events that led her to this murky field of white flowers. --- The shadow pony was loitering inside the twilight of a barren dream. "She's gone. You can come out now." A platinum alicorn mare materialized beside him. Her flowing, honey mane was radiating light, yet her golden eyes seemed gloomy. "You think this'll work?" "Let's wait and see," she mumbled. He nodded. "This dream team thing could take a while. Wanna go grab something to eat?" "Joe's place?" "It's past midnight, so it'll be fine." "Your treat," she proclaimed and winked away. He grumbled into the aether: "I may have the bits but I'm not gonna let you freeload forever. I'm keeping tabs!" Then a mischievous smile gushing with balefire stretched across his muzzle. Everypony was asleep anyway so why not go and have something from the royal kitchen instead? And then there was also that secret cellar. Maybe he should spend the given time stealing stuff instead of filling the belly of his sparkly sloth of a partner. Exhilarated by the prospects of this new revelation he too left the dream to the devices of its puffed up hosts.
  2. Greeting fellow ponies and creatures of Equestria! This club is officially open to any team moon members or non-members to post anything they wish that involve with Luna's and the rest of her teams, TEAM MOON! Post pictures, talks/dicussion, supports, or anything you wish to add to contribute to the team! HAIL TO THE MOON! Banner made by @BornAgainBrony Video made by @BornAgainBrony. Make sure to credit him for his hard work!
  3. The World Cup Returns Back in 2014 a member here launched a poll tournament (here) which was inspired by the FIFA 2014 World Cup. A tournament that would pit 64 characters against each other in poll based matches until just one champion remained. The MLPF inaugural World Cup started in December 2013 and didn't concluded until July 2014 with a Final Match between Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was crowned the ultimate winner in grand fashion. Unlike character popularity polls that happened before and since, this one felt more like an event in its own right. The team behind the event created images of flags, jerseys, and anthems for the top 32 characters. There were 'interviews with characters by characters' in each match, provided by Batbrony. What started as a normal pony popularity poll grew to a 300+ page thread of character analysis and adoration. Some members created several amusing RP centric posts describing their characters in epic stories that rival Greek Mythology. Most of my first personal interactions on this forum started in that thread, and it was around this time that I became a die hard Rarity fan. This was all championed and run solely by the membership, showcasing that fantastic events do not always come from staffers. As 2014 drew to a close, I wondered at the end of this match if we would ever see it again. Welp, looks like the answer is yes. Starting this month, The World Cup returns again, but updated to reflect the changing nature of the show. Before you go into how this works I want to thank @Batbrony, @PathfinderCS, @Randimaxis, Frostilicious*, for their advice and help with this whole shibang. Thanks for being on Team World Cup! Wild Card Round FAQ and Results General FAQ Qualification Round FAQ and Final Results WORLD CUP POSTING RULES All Forum Rules apply here! I'm not staff, but that guy over there watching you ... he is! That said, remember to heed this general wisdom: Try not to walk in here motivated to antagonize fans of a specific character. This isn't generally the best platform for debates on how Starlight Glimmer ruined your childhood, or how anyone who is a fan of Diamond Tiara is bad and should feel bad. Basically, don't be a jerk and overdo it. It is one thing to poke fun at a character's tendency to react a certain way. That can be great fun and is in line with the gentle ribbing one should expect. It's another to be all, "Ermahgerd, Twilight is werst pon1 5ever!" Now, on the flip side, please don't get all hot and bothered if someone cracks a joke about a character. Don't be oversensitive. We all love our favorites, but sportsman like ribbing is not a personal attack. Great. Now I want ribs. Mmmm. Barbecue. Bacon. THIS IS OUR MASCOT. THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS OURS! PYRALIS, PHOENIX MASCOT OF THE MLPF WORLD CUP.
  4. We are 3 months away from the kickoff, of the most watched sportsevent in the world, the fifa football world cup, taking this time place in russia. I thought i start this thread a bit early, since we can also already speculate what will happen, how our favorite teams will do and if there are any players you look forward to. And it's kinda fitting that i open it, since i come from the country of the current title defenders. Let the hype begin.
  5. Derpy Man

    World Cup 2018

    Who will win the World Cup? England, I always choose England. Why other team. Sick hearing other teams and England not going to win the World Cup. Other team I look to? Japan, it more of a what nation I look to. Cos of Hatsune Miku, Babymetal and anime. It be also USA, but they not in the tournament. Team I despise ? Germany, everyone prise on them, I despise anything on them. Also Argentina, Brazl, Spain, Portugal & Turkey & France. Player I think be star of the tournament? Rashford, always think of him as next Bobby Charlton but no pressure. And Kane.
  6. This was why I wanted to host an event like the World Cup on MLPF. Reading through all these quotes again has left me hoping that most of my Masters work will be done by the time I kickstart the qualifying phases of the 2017/2018 MLPF World Cup. Thanks @Stellafera for making the vid once again For those of you unaware of what I'm talking about, here's the thread for the inaugural edition. It's basically a huge voting tournament to determine who the forum's favourite pony is. And a chance to show which character you love the most healthily. Also, the logo by @Zhooves
  7. Even over one year after, this game still seems like a dream for me. It's true that winning the world cup final against Argentina was the most important game. But this game will forever be remembered in football and sports history, be it in a positive or a negative way. What an incredible summer that was.
  8. OK, so here's one thing I think about sport, it is declining. Look at this. The most popular Olympic video on youtube only has 10 million views And it's evidence that no one cares about sport anymore. Nelson Mandela said that ''Sport had the power to change the world'', after the events of last week, I think that possibility just vanished. F1 has Bernie Ecclestone, who just makes the sport worse, WRC is getting boring, and I don't know what the 2017 regulations will do, hopefully put it back on track. And NFL had a deflategate scandal. The thing is, people are more interested in ''Gangnam Style'' than sport, despite Psy doing the opening ceremony of the Asian games this is the most viewed video on youtube with 2 Billion views. I mean really, 2 Billion people watch the opening ceremony of the olympics and yet don't care about it on youtube. Really? I also think that the UCI is corrupt. Because they forget to not allow people with drugs into the tour de france. I Wish people cared about sport more. You may agree or disagree with me. I love sport, but people really are finding it hard to care about it. At least people still care about music and culture.
  9. VERSUS It was to be a match of epic proportions... Group D of the 2014 MLPF World Cup, featuring Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Princess Celestia, and Bulk Biceps, was crowned as one of the Groups of Death because of the matchup between Scotaloo and Princess Celestia. And what a game it was. Princess Celestia started off strong, and after the first half, all signs were pointing to a Princess Celestia victory. But somehow... somewhere... the tides started turning. Within the next 5 hours, Scootaloo managed to gain her wings and fly back to a tie with Princess Celestia. But it wasn't enough for the Scootaloo faithful. They wanted to see her fly past the Sun Goddess. So within the last hour, Scootaloo managed to sneak an extra three votes and kept it that way to the bitter end... It would be one of the defining moments of the World Cup... I read through the posts again and I'm stunned at all the support you guys gave to both characters during the game. That's the kind of support I want to see not only in the forums, but towards fellow bronies as they walk through their paths of life. You'll Never Walk Alone Scootaloo. You'll Never Walk Alone Bronydom.
  10. Welcome one and all to the 2017 MLPF World Cup blog. Here I will be talking about the preparations I've been making towards the 2017 MLPF World Cup. Now one of the major things I will be adding for this edition is the introduction of a private live stream where I place the 32 World Cup Qualifiers into groups. The thing is: as I perform the draw, I need an epic soundtrack that heightens tension, so I narrowed my choices down to five. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest them in the comments section. Now here are your five options! Let me know in the votes! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
  11. Warning: This blog entry will contain many more swear words than usual. Reader discretion is advised... I really mean it... lotsa swear words... Are you sure you really want to go through with this? Don't say I didn't warn you! Nothing's going to dissuade you from reading this, is it. Oh well. I warned you, and you didn't listen to me, so that's your own lookout. Begin RANT END RANT I think I'll go back to my reviewing now... Stay sunny side up!
  12. Listen to this as you read... In less than two months... two tournaments will determine the most passionate, the most popular, and the most talented team in the world... One will shock the globe with athletic bliss and artistic footwork... the other... happens here. The MLPF World Cup is a tournament that will be filled with passion... filled with competition... filled with energy... The most loved characters in the fandom will compete in a tournament of the ages and witness the outpouring of love their fans express. At the same time, it brings fans together. People from all over the forums will see the diversity of our community and be left in admiration at just how big and unified we are as a forum. Now... you can hear it from your fellow members firsthand about their background… “I began stumbling upon pony videos on Youtube…” “While perusing another forum that I once upon a time frequented…” “A friend of mine told me…” Their passion... "I LOVE HER AWESOMENESS!!!!" "Let's all gather around some love for Best Crusader!" "Rally my brothers and sisters! Love for the Queen, Long live the Queen!" "What it'll take is support. Lots of support." "Pinkie will respond to any challenge by standing tall, and we'll be pushing her all the way through the competition..." "I don't have a cry but I can give out an epic classical music piece for Octavia!" “Let’s light them up!” Their hopes… "...remember that tournaments like these are for fun and while fanboying is a lot of fun we must remember to keep things civil and to have fun." "I will just say that it's a competition, so please, everyone stay civil and friendly to each other, sometimes forums can be harsh but it's only up to us to determine the outcome..." “We're bronies, we shouldn't let good fun like this create any kind of animosity between us.” See why they love their character, and gaze your eyes on the diversity of MLPF! As you read, you will see that almost every character in the World Cup has a major fan taking the charge for their character! All the beats drumming in one accord... for unity in diversity in MLPF! First character profile. May 12th. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, how did you find the preview guys?! In short, this thread’s where I’ll talk about every character participating in the 2014 MLPF World Cup, beginning with the Mane 6 and progressing to the rest of the characters. For each character, there will be a short background section before we head to the meat of the thread: the interviews! Here I showcase a fan from the major camps of the 2014 MLPF World Cup. You'll find that some of them aren't necessarily the most vocal, but they certainly share the same amount of love for their character as anybody else would! As the end of the preview suggests, the first character profile will be released on May 12th.
  13. Hey guys, This is it. The Mareicana is getting its final touches done to welcome all Equestria to the 2014 MLPF World Cup set to begin almost 24 hours from now! How exciting is that?! There will indeed be a World Cup Opening Ceremony at 7:00 pm EST tomorrow, and I hope you all can be there for the surprises we have in store for you! Also use this thread to cheer on for your favourite pony as loudly as you want (just be courteous about it.) Also, to get you guys even more fired up, here's the character anthems you guys can sing along with before every World Cup match, just like the FIFA World Cup! Enjoy!
  14. Well hello there everypony! I'm the conductor aboard this hype train! As anyone who's checked the banner at the top of the forums knows, it's less than a month until the Pony World Cup starts! Problem is, the hype train for the WC hasn't really taken off yet... That needs to change now! Come on everypony! Let's start building the hype! Want your favourite pony to come out on top as undisputed champion of Equestria? Then you're going to have to show them some support! In preparation for the WC, I think it's be cool if everypony posted a few things they were looking forward to about the WC. Any matchups you want to see happening? Any predictions? And who do YOU want to come out on top? Me, I'm rooting for Vinyl Scratch during the tournament. Without a doubt the best pony in my opinion! What about everyone else? Do you agree with me? Disagree? And don't forget to show your support for the one who's making it all possible! @Sterling Crimson deserves some appreciation for all his hard work so far! If you're interested in finding out more about the WC, check here: And if you want to read some interviews from the forums biggest fans, you can check out here: So come one, come all! Let's build the hype and make this the biggest MLPF event ever!
  15. Here's some more lyrics for the anthems for the World Cup! Princes Celestia Pinkie Pie (helped by @Batbrony
  16. Well, it's just as the title says. Here I propose the national anthems that you guys can hum to as you revere your favourite character before the start of the World Cup match. Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Derpy Hooves Princess Luna Princess Celestia Princess Cadance Zecora Queen Chrysalis Discord Shining Armor Octavia Granny Smith The Great and Powerful Trixie Sunset Shimmer Applebloom Spike Sweetie Belle Spitfire Soarin Mayor Mare Bulk Biceps Vinyl Scratch Daring Do Scootaloo Dinky Doo Angel Lyra That's all of them I think. You'll hear these anthems right before a World Cup match!
  17. Hello guys, I wanted to show you guys an awesome that , @Zhooves, and I collaborated together on. It's so that you can see all your favourite characters in their respective groups for the World Cup . I hope you print it off and hang it on your wall, because it's really colourful Enjoy!
  18. Well, there's actually a lot of things that can happen before a World Cup match. One of the first things is to see all the fans cheering for their favourite teams (ie characters)! I guess for you guys, it could be placing a neat pic of your favourite character or having a really cool chant through which your fans cheer for! Then comes the moments before the match... You can see all the referees and announcers walking into the field... Then you'll see fillies and colts carrying an MLPForums flag and the FIFA Fair play flags into the stadium! Then you'll see the participants' flags carried by other fillies and colts... its splendour and magnificence shall be shown throughout the stadium! Last, but certainly not least... the crowds will cheer loudly as their competitors walk onto the field to warm up before the big games! All this happens as the official FIFA Anthem is being played! Afterwards, the masses and characters will sing the anthem of Equestria and Hayzil before the characters shake hooves and exchange tokens that represent their character. Then the characters go off into their respective sides of the field to warm up... Eventually, the referees (me) will check their watches, open up the polls, and begin the game!
  19. Welcome to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Bracket Game! The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just one month away! Instead of predicting the winner of March Madness in USA, you get to predict the winner of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Pick the winner and runner up in every group, and then predict the winners of the single elimination rounds from the Round of 16 to the Final! The password is "ponies". HAVE FUN!
  20. Hello everyone! I'm delighted to announce that the first World Cup interview has officially been released. Who better to start it off than with a character many of us love for her cuteness?! Welcome Batbrony to the stage as the Derp Brigade shows off their love for the ever clumsy, yet lovely Derpy Hooves!
  21. DISCLAIMER: Bear with me, as this is the first time I've ever placed my thoughts on any episode ever. Doing this, while still relating it to the World Cup, is a daunting task for me. ----- Now that that's out of the way, it's time for me to analyze the World Cup with regards to the Season finale. I'll place the biggest winners and the biggest losers after today's episode. WINNERS LOSERS
  22. Now... we move on to the first "Group of Death"... Group C... Introduction This group has talent. This group has fans. This group has importance. That's why it's one of the Groups of Death. You take a Mane 6 character and put her together a Cutie Mark Crusader and a famous background character, and you have the makings of a competitive group. Things can happen if a fan base gets sloppy... Key Matchup One can argue that there's a lot of key matchups to choose from here, since every match counts in a Group of Death. But I say it's Fluttershy vs Applebloom that's particularly important. It's a rematch of March Madness where Fluttershy defeated Applebloom 67-41. I am more than certain that the AJ fans will want to exact revenge on Fluttershy for this one. A win for Applebloom will give a very interesting ending for this group! Potential Dark Horse Octavia. She pushed Pinkie Pie to the limit in World Cup Qualifying, losing only by 14 votes. I think that with enough support, she can stage an upset or two in Group C and beyond. Theoretically, she could also enlist the help of Vinyl Scratch fans as well, so don't expect Octavia to go down so easily here. My Prediction Group Winner: This group's really hard to decide from because of the sizes of the fan bases involved in this group. Anything can happen, but I think Fluttershy will have just enough to get past the other characters and win the group. Group Runner up: Again, anything can happen in this group, but I'll say that Applebloom will most likely take this position with Fluttershy. She has a lot of support going for her, and she can potentially go very far in the competition even as a runner up,
  23. The World Cup Group Stages Schedule has been released as pretty icons! Feel free to mark your calendars to the most important dates for your favourite ponies! Also feel free to analyze which matches would be most important and which matches would be the most competitive! I will start analyzing the Groups on April 26th. I will then analyze each character everyday before the 2014 MLPF World Cup!
  24. Hey guys, In addition to the World Cup group analysis, I have a checklist which shows all that I need done for the World Cup in two months... I have faith that we can get all of it done in time, but I NEED YOUR HELP. These things are what I need for the World Cup in two months: A World Cup theme ( is on it.) A World Cup TV theme (same thing goes for him) Flags for the participants (lots of members have helped, like @PE Brony but I need more participation) A parody of the national anthems for the participants (take a national anthem that you think best represents a character and use it). A refined World Cup logo and trophy (see here if you want to help with that) Is it possible to create A BANNER for the World Cup?! CAN WE DO THAT?! World Cup fonts and cutie mark logos for the participants (@Zhooves is on it!) If you feel that you can help with any of these things, get to it! I need them all ready by June 12th!