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Found 23 results

  1. You know how in a lot of World War 2 sci-fi works, Nazi Germany has zombies, jetpacks, giant robots, and things like that? Imagine what World War 2 would have been like if they had that kind of stuff in the real world.
  2. So, initially I wanted to create an Europa Universalis thread to discuss about the game, until I realized that it would be a bit more exciting to talk about all of Paradox's games in general (not to mention there isn't a thread about it yet, as far as I know ((If there is, please let me know below!)). Are there any Paradox Grand Strategy players here? If so, what's your playstyle? How did you get into the games? What was the craziest, best, or even worst game you've had? What are your favorite, or least desirable aspects of Paradox's games (apart from its DLC, we all know it's pretty horrid). Go ahead, don't be shy about posting how big, or small your blob is Basically, I started out by a friend buying me Europa Universalis 4 once it was on sale last year on Steam. I understood the game rather quickly, and was able to play the Ottoman Empire... sort of successfully! x3 Just recently I got Hearts of Iron 4 (never played HOI 3 or any previous installment). I didn't understand most of it, but I can't wait until I do, it really looks just as fun as EU4 does! (Still haven't gotten Stellaris, I'll get back to you on that >.<) And now, for an obligatory blob picture(s)
  3. Lets say you go to Equestria with a laptop, a giant projector screen, loud speaker and a solar generator to power it. In Canterlot, you ask the ponies what are the worst things they have faced in Equestria? Rainbow Dash excitingly says they have faced Changeling, Discord, Tirek, and sombra and the way how they defeated them except for Discord since he's been turn to good. Discord arrogantly says that there is no way human can be more chaotic than humans. You chuckle since they have never experienced the horror humans have endured. Then you turn on your laptop, set up the speaker and the projector that fills the entire wall of the castle. The mane 6, Discord, princesses, and other ponies from ponyville, canterlot, and crystal empire watch the screen with full of curiosity. You play the WW2 documentary video which include the Nazi Holocaust, Russian Gulag, Great Purge, Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, total casualties and deaths and everything that happened during the war. how would they react? especially the mane 6, princesses and discord.
  4. Howdy everyone! I'm surprised that no one has made a World of Warships topic here on the forums! Anyway, do any of you guys play World of Warships? I know some of you have played World of Tanks. World of Warships is in Open Beta now and is somewhat an official release... but no matter what, I'm excited and I've been playing this game alot and I'm having alot of fun with it So, with that being said the game can be downloaded from here: Anyone play? Add me!: Name: Raincloud97 (My OCs name and my birth year. That's what it stands for) Ya should also climb on my Teamspeak server and play with me. I can PM you the TS info. Hope to get you on my contacts list and play divisions together and then blow up some nubs. Happy Sailing! -Shy
  5. So, I had an interesting idea for a fanfic. Right now, the working title is The Iron Age. It owes some inspiration to the premise of Conversion Bureau, but not much. The idea kicks off in Ponyville. During an otherwise normal day, Rainbow Dash notices a very peculiar object flying over the town, and goes to investigate. That object is revealed to be the Spirit of St. Louis, the iconic airplane of aviator Charles Lindbergh. The year is revealed to be 1927, and Lindbergh had just discovered a new continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh and Princess Twilight finish the flight to Paris, where they are greeted with open arms. Equestria is quickly recognized as a sovereign nation by the international community, and as an important port of trade between Europe and North America. The 20s quickly overtake Equestrian culture, as new technologies and concepts modernize the medieval nation overnight. From here, we get an anthology of the two worlds colliding, with an overarching plot dealing with the twelve tumultuous years that followed between 1927 and 1939. The Great Depression, the polarization of political extremes, an Equestrian civil war, all leading up to and culminating with the start of WW2 at the end of the story. A major theme of the story is the declining "Ages of Man" from Greek mythology. The idea that as time goes on, the world will only progress further into darkness, which I feel is an apt metaphor for the 1930s. Each "age" will also see its own descriptive motifs, such as the titular "Iron Age" having scenes of factories producing thousands of cast iron tanks. I even wrote out a short, In Media Res prologue: A conversation on Greek mythology between Twilight Sparkle and an art curator at a New York museum. So... What do you all think?
  6. Here we have Bremen in the Year 1949, a city that is pretty much in ruins. Alot of people still fought for survival, thousands of soldiers from the Wehrmacht where war prisoners, families where ripped apart, unknown destinies and sadness where part of the everyday routine. This video what shot by a member of the US Army, who walked through Germany from 1948, till 1954. The City was already in process of being rebuild again, but the scars where still deep. Seeing this vid makes me want to cry.
  7. So, which tank is the best that was ever built? You can choose any tank from any era you like, from the Leonardo da Vinci's wooden prototype to the new M1A3 MBT. The tanks must be real ones that have been build or at least designed on paper. This means no fictional or video game tanks.
  8. 25 years after a cataclysm has wiped out all magic in Equestria, the world is torn in a war against the Celestian Empire and the Lunar Republic. After a failed attack by Luna on Canterlot, the surviving soldiers must retreat to the nearby town of Ponyville, and hold the front line against an imminent counter-attack. Symphony of Steel is their story. As we follow their siege, we discover more about their past and Ponyville's. But who is that so called paratrooper who can't even fight? Why are the "Sunbutts" even here and not directly attacking? Would there be something more to this small town named Ponyville? Story link:
  9. So I've been writing a fanfic about a Celestia VS Luna war with WW2 era weapons, and one of the main elements in it is a paratrooper found by a Lunar tank crew. However, I can't decide if he will be a Celestian soldier or a Lunar soldier. Making him a Celestian soldier and only revealing it at the end would add an interesting twist to the plot, but it would be harder to write it, as I need to find a reason for why he landed behind enemy lines and why the crew didn't realize he was actually an enemy. Writing him as a Lunar soldier would be more simple, but I think I would miss a great opportunity to show a more significant psychological development of that character. So, what should he be?
  10. So, my fanfic has been going on a little bit longer, and now it's published and chapter 2 is on its way. Are there any things to change? Did I write this right? Leave the criticism in the comments in Fimfiction or directly here on the thread. Story link:
  11. So, I've been writing on my fanfic a bit more and I would need feedback. It's about a tank crew 25 years after the events of the S4 finale, after the rainbow power has drained up all that was left of magic in Equestria. The main problem of this story has been introduced, and I would like to know if the characters are well written, if they're not too sue-ish and if the events are realistic. Story link below. A copy is also in the attached files, although the formatting didn't go very well and the text is really a pain in the plot to read. So, anything to change? The 30th Tiger.txt
  12. So, I've been writing a fanfic for a while, and I need feedback to know where to go. The story is set 25 years after the main events of the canon show, after using the "Rainbow Power" has drained all the magic from Eqeustria, and centers around a Tiger tank from Luna's army fighting in a war against Celestia. I would need feedback on how the events were introduced, how the characters are and also some name ideas for the tank commander. The story is in the attached files. So, any criticism? The 30th Tiger, Part 1 .txt
  13. There are so many adjectives to describe how great The Cutie Map is. Philosophical is one of them. When I think of TCM, I think of "creepy." There are so many parts about this opener that made me physically shiver. While Castle Mane-ia is more campy, TCM uses allegories of Orwellian societies, strict communist countries, and the Third Reich and thrusts them into a TV-Y program. Even worse, a lot of the techniques used in this show are very authentic. The loudspeaker used to brainwash the Mane Six after getting stripped of their cutie marks is very similar to how North Korea uses loudspeakers to wake up everyone in Pyongyang and spread propaganda. The Cutie Map wasn't just filled with suspense. It was a horror story because of all the psychological games played on the Mane Six, the townsponies, and especially the audience. What creeped me out the most were as follows: In Our Town: This is such a mesmerizing song. Very catchy with plenty of optimism. But the little details in both the animation and lyrics really bring out the psychological horror. The marching is very synchronized, similar to marches by armies during the World Wars. The music itself is inspired by WWII propaganda. When Glimmer used her magic to bow the mare's hair back together, the unnamed mare smiled very nervously. Lastly, This meter: "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." From my analysis of the two-parter: Starlight Glimmer's voice repeating through the loudspeakers. The Orwellian language is one reason to feel scared. But when I think of it, I think of how North Korea keeps its brainwashed citizens under control. Loudspeakers blare over the country to wake them up and remind them "how great their leaders are." When these messages are hammered while they're secluded, the propaganda becomes extremely convincing. It's an authentic brainwashing technique. To have it transitioned so seamlessly into FIM is spooky. Starlight Glimmer herself. She's not some all-mighty magical being. But a villain who honestly believes she's delivering some level of justice in an injustice world. We know she's evil, but she doesn't see herself as evil. Instead, Equestrian matriarchy was evil. She believes in the Magic of Friendship, but believes how the only way to achieve it is to be one of the same. Discord was previously the best villain because his humor provided a great mask over his villainy while accentuating it. Currently, Glimmer overtakes him: Magic notwithstanding, she's a villain that can exist in real life. Your turn. If you found it creepy like I do, what elements from The Cutie Map spooked you the most? Please describe your answers.
  14. So, I've been writing my fanfic for a few days and I've been wondering if I could get some feedback. For starters, the fanfic is set in a sort of alternate future of the current "Friendship is Magic" series, where a major incident (which will be elaborated in a future story) caused magic to not work anymore in Equestria. After a drastic boom in technological development, the world is in a new sister war, but now that the Elements cannot imprison Luna, the war wages on for years. For now, I have completed a small introduction to the current events for the story, and a little dialog between two of the members of the tank that the story center around. The draft is included in the attached files. The story will be way bigger, and this is only a really primitive draft. So, is there anything (and I'm sure there is) that I need to improve? To make more precise? Are the characters so far so good? Awaiting the criticism as always! Edit: The names of the two current characters are not definitive, only some quick ideas I got when I was writing. Any suggestion for new names would be appreciated. The 30th Tiger, Part 1 .txt
  15. I need an editor for a Christian themed fanfic series about World War II happening in Equestria. It's kind of an alternate history story, but I need fellow Bronies who like to write and are interested in every theme I've mentioned. Synopsis: For ten long years nazi ponies have been invading and capturing Equestria piece by piece until finally they've stormed Canterlot and Celestia's favorite student, Twilight, is forced to flee to Ponyville; which is already under nazi occupation. But once there, Twilight believes Celestia had one final mission for her that could drive back the Nazis forever and searches her new home to find the underground resistance. When she rediscovers her friends running the resistance she also discovers their own efforts to fight back the nazis, but their enemy has plans also that could spell devastation for Equestria if they don't do something about it. The story is about espionage and informational warfare, as well as fierce battles and the political drama of war. But Twilight and her friends also discover the devil's influence, as well as God's plan to stop him. The tone of the story paints World War II realistically like it would have happened, but does have exciting moments like Indiana Jones, and stylized moments like Hellboy, and sometimes just plainly resembles My Little Pony like you're all familiar. Needless to say, the project is ambitious and probably won't be completed. But if it sounds at all interesting, I need editors who can review the plotline, tell the difference between good writing and bad writing and know a thing or two about spelling. (And yes, you will be judged by how articulate you make your post sound). I also like creative advice, so if you believe you can add something to this story I would definitely love to review it.
  16. It is not a historical day today nor does it have to be. Let us remember and honor the veterans of WWII! As is the case with most of us here, that would be our Grandfathers. Whatever the case may be, if you have a Grandparent or relative that served in the last World War tell the world a little bit about them! Where did they serve, what did they do, etc. There are not many veterans from that war left now and personally I am trying in every way that I can to honor them, tell their stories, who they are and were so that we may never forget them and what they did. Here is a little bit about my Grandfathers- Both of my Grandfathers served during World War 2. My Grandfather Albert served in the Pacific theater, though I do not have any idea what he did (due to family history complications) and he passed while I was very young. I do not think he saw combat, I could be wrong. My Grandfather Vanderlaan was a fighter pilot over the Aleutian Islands of Alaska in the Pacific theater, the only place where American soil was invaded and fought upon (during Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was not a state yet. That occurs in 1959.). He flew a few aircraft including the P-38 and says his favorite was the P-39 also known as the P-400 as it went 400 mph. He stated this specifically as the speed was crucial during most dogfights. He is still alive at 92 years of age and though he doesn't recall certain aspects of his life very well now, when he talks of his service in WWII it is crystal clear as is the case with most veterans. He battled in multiple dogfights, engaged in strafing runs and attacked a Japanese Aircraft Carrier. Please share your stories if you would like to about your Grandparents. Thank you.
  17. Just gotts ta do Twilight and the mane 6 are done in the WW2 series, then i can continue with side ponies and other stuff like full on landscape drawings and stuff. anyways tell me what you think. please please please leave a comment, and scale it from a 1/10 *i think i need to edit it a little *
  18. hey guys, i was looking from some old stuff in my gramma's wardrobe.. and i found an old box.. with lot of old pictures and stuff.. and i found a letter from my grand-grand-father, i felt like i had to share it... sorry for the translation but it wasn't in italian but my dialect (Venetian language) so some words are unknown even to me "No one can win the Axis my dear wife, that day will come when we will return home victorious. Together we hope that next attack comes fast, so to exterminate this famous Red Army as soon as possible; as they say to us it is large, but it seems a large sheep without a shepherd, that is a whole army can never mess with the glorious march of the axis of the brave soldiers who walk solid and sure-footed toward the victory . Russian planes came to bomb us. As usual, have not hit anything , not even by mistake. Dear wife, if you can send a package, please put also matches in it: tomorrow they will ship a parcel with inside two tires for bicycle, a bit of coffee, not much, but it is all i could gather, a little bit of tea, two pieces of bread, this evening the captain received TWO packs and in one there was in Tuscany cigars and tobacco, he gave it to me.. may god bless him This morning the General Inspector of the tanks at the Ministry of War Quarra visted us, which is our ultimate authority I was asked to give a taste of driving in front of him . And it went well, although I only had an old man in the hands of half a wrecked wagon breaking … this poor Autoblindo is a mess , travelled all day , we arrived at midnight in Cervignano , where the lieutenant warned us that we had to cross a very dangerous area , where most trains are hit by gusts of machine gun and rifle fire from the rebels Slavs. We distributed a couple of hand grenades and let us load the musket and told us to stay in the leg to cross this area , between Ljubljana and Postojna Cave Mr. Colonel, came to know that we were given little to eat, planted a "romanzina" (lot of complaints) to somebody , if we instantly noticed, ate pasta with a good ration of sausage and butter , and so I filled a good time. In this city there is a large hospital and all the German soldiers that you see are all suffering, those of an arm , some a leg, all veterans from Russia. To see all these mutilated made me feel bad for them, but as dad told me.. I didn’t pay attention and I carried on. In those days also came down from the slopes and a division was a huge mess of machines, the columns were all double and triple in some places , you walked all day to make fifty or sixty km. Those who bring more confusion of all are the Germans , they want to go at all costs and infiltrate our columns , we have fun when you want to switch to cut off the road , turn to him the boxes and more than once the machines are touched the dumper and they tore tarpaulins, broke everything, then came the discussions and we almost felt like beat a pair of punches to a couple of those idiot Germans ... still they are funny guys when you get to catch them from the right side. Soon victory will be ours.. now that I see Frantz or whatever he is called sleeping near me.. and I see all of those panzers and machine guns.. I feel the victory my dear wife.. soon I will be home, soon I will get to see Federico again." but... you all know how history goes... he died in a russian POW camp
  19. When you can't do that, you find someone to carry you the rest of the way. -Mal I was musing today and I figure, let's have a war story. Charles Coward, probably a lesser known hero during the second great war. He testified at the Nuremburg trials as this was the man who had broken into auschwitz during the war and reported his findings back to England on what occured to the prisoners there. Pure badassitude. Charles Coward was captured in May 1940 while serving with the the 8th Reserve Regimental Royal Artillery ; he was sent to Monowitz in December 1943. During those times, he had tried to escape, one time possing as a wounded German soldier in a hospital, he even was pinned with the German Iron Cross for his service and faux wounds. Eventually though he did make it Monowitz, a section of Auschwitz where he was liason for the 1200 British POWs kept there. The Brits were treated okay as they had signed the Genva Convention and Germany held to some of hte standards of that. One night, he traded clothes with British Jewish military doctor and fellow POW and smuggled himself into Aushwitz proper where he saw the 10,000 jewish prisoners, the gas chambers, and their squallid living conditions. He decided to do something about it. He frequently sent coded messages in letters back to England reporting his findings and the state of the British POWs. Then, he bribed German SS guards with chocolate and recieved non-jewish French and Belgain bodies where he then set up a series of ditches in Aushwitz and put the bodies in them. Smuggling back into Auschwitz, Charles was able to free around 400 Jewish prioners by having them fall out into the body lined ditches during the death marches to the gas chambers, switch the document papers and IDs from the dead non jew bodies with hte live prisoners to have them assume those identities, where he then smuggled them out all together. There you have it, the heroic exploits of POW Charles Coward, that despite his namesake, proved great valor in the blackest hell.
  20. Well i finally finished the mane 6, now i can go off and make other ponies in WW2, starting with Berry Punch because i already finished her last night and yes Twi is Hitler! now back to the drawing, i used 0.7mm mech, 2B, HB, 8b, 3b, and wood free 8b. please Comment, Share, and Scale from 1/10 and if you brohoof, please leave a comment with it it is much appreciated. *i used Real Hitler as a reference to make the outfit, so i had to look at his ugly face the whole time while i was drawing this, thank you very much...*
  21. Here's my first Landscape WW2 drawing hope you like it , its a little hard to see, i took it from my phone like usual and the camera is crap ... anyways,this took quite a while, but it wasn't as hard, it was mainly trying to make the depth look right on the explosion. please tell me what you think. reply, share, and scale from 1/10 and if you brohoof, please leave a reply with it! *Edit:...i just noticed that smudge near the Rum bottle gotta change that*
  22. 4 down 2 to go and i would put Fluttershy in one of the most devastating parts of World War 2, D-Day Well, i wasn't very proud of this one, i guess its because of the legs. but i made her dirty with debris dust and bruises. but the main part i liked was her face expression but yea , that's really all i have to say . please Reply, Share, And scale from 1/10 And if you brohoof, please leave a comment with it
  23. 3 down, 3 to go! this one bothers me for some reason , so i think ill try to change it and make it better . this was also less graphic than the others , Because Rarity's a Nazi officer and that's already enough into the drawing . AND NO I AM NOT SUPPORTING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT A NEO-NAZI OR ANYTHING !!!!!!!! just to tell you Please Reply, Share, and scale from 1/10 and if you brohoof, please leave a reply!