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Found 42 results

  1. Well this may be news to some, but it's been known for a few weeks that TES Online is on the way in the future. With the information already released about it, what are your opinions about what has been released. I am honestly not too excited and not looking forward to this Mmo. From what I understand, The progression through the game I will find quite uninteresting for an Mmo, even worse than that of Sw:ToR (Which I didn't enjoy at all). I also don't personally think that it will feel like a good addition to TES. I am quite a fan of the series, and all the things that make it an Elder Scrolls game I feel will be lacking. Simply because it wont function the same way at all gameplay wise. I really do think that TES should be just a different game with a different story. It just comes off as a theme park mmo to me, like how ToR is a theme park mmo. and I just don't think many TES fans will enjoy the game for what it is other than playing with friends and perhaps the lore simply because it may feel like a bad spin off or something. I guess that it is way too soon to have a final opinion, but I just am not impressed at all. But what do you ponies think for what has been discovered about TES Online?
  2. ~HUB LOGO FAN CLUB~ Finally there is a place for ponies that believe that Hub logo is best pony, a place where we can bask in its full glory! All hail the Majestic Hub logo!
  3. So a private server made for the intention of a vanilla World of Warcraft server known as Nostalrius has been recently shut down and is spawning a lot of controversy between the WoW players and Blizzard. Some people I've been following have been throwing their opinions out there and I thought I'd share mine real quick, then ask for your's. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about mmorpgs and I personally think this move has a lot of potential for discussion from the point of Blizzard as a company and it's future. For a company to run a successful mmorpg, the company generally should listen to it's players and what they want. Blizzard's reputation has generally been extremely powerful in the case of how they listen to their fans, and has usually been set as an example for other companies in the field. Blizzard has also generally been smart with most of the decisions they've made in the past, and I've always told people "they know how to take common gameplays and revamp them to the scale no one has ever seen. They can take on an entire genre and set an example." It really baffles me how Blizzard has responded to fan's outcries over the shutdown of Nostalrius, and I'd like to get some opinions on it so I may see this from other lights and form a more proper opinion. (I'm not a WoW player) My solution? Create servers for each expansion. WoW has many servers already, and being able to transfer things from one server to another for the purpose of expansions shouldn't be too difficult if the problem surfaces. I'm not a coder though, but I'm sure this wouldn't be too bad. (If a moderator thinks this may be better suited for the debate pit, may I request someone move this? Thank you. )
  4. So this drawing is deciated to a very Very special Friend I appreciate called EddG Thanks buddy!
  5. So.. I went ahead and did a little drawing for a friend of mine (Gentleman Blaze) of a rp that is already up with his Oc (Crescendo Star) and mine (Alice cookie). I would really love some support and Critique for this drawing since this is one of my best drawings I've done. (link to his Profile
  6. Easy. Tell me to draw something, (in MS paint) anything, and I will. For nothing! a bargain! I need something to do! let's do it.
  7. *Disclaimer: Very much flow writing, as my mind has been bouncing about around thoughts at the speed of sound that I have to just let loose, and chronology may not exist in this* --- College Becoming and an adult Opportunity and free will attachments ... It's freaking weird. It's so familiar, yet so unknown. It's so close, yet light years away. I have felt it before. But this isn't the same. It's not the same thing it felt the last time, nor the time before it. What is it? When did I have it? Why did I, why do I, go through it... It's not the same groundhog day deja-vu but still has the same effect. I push it to try and fight back but it's strong... But I won't let it win this fall. I'm stronger now. So it's not gonna win. Not this fucking time. ... When I went to college for the first time, back in the fall of 2013 (and dammit if I haven't told that story here before)... I started to feel numb. It was only homesickness for the first couple of weeks but then it changed. And it wasn't for the better. I felt a disconnect from... almost everything. By the time the coldness of autumn's progression came, I was searching for a way to find myself again. At the time, living in a dorm, I had a roommate who was never, never there... because he was always out with his friends or spending the night with someone else. So I was alone. And the irony... oh... how I made it ironic... I purposely locked myself alone in my cooped up dorm room except for when I had to go to class. Around late October I started watching old movies that were favorites of mine from my early childhood. As if that would help!? All it made me do was find the ability to feel again, but it was nothing but pain and sadness, so I cried my eyes out. And one night I just closed my laptop turned off the lights and kneeled down, placing my head on my bed... grasping my hands together... I prayed... *tears* And He answered. Very soon after. Because I found something that would became the start of something new in my life that could keep me grounded. I honestly, honestly was not even skeptical at the least bit. I found out about the fandom, and via the fact that I had just been watching old kid's movies, that maybe MLP would be something better. And it was. Winter of 2013. I found my foothold on my emotions, and pulled myself up... And the power I felt when I was getting back on my feet was beyond the threshold that I'd ever felt before. After watching the first two episodes of MLP I was hooked. It was literally a Godsend, because it was so pure... So pure... Watching MLP while keeping steady straight A's in the Spring of 2014, (my second semester of college), I kept it secret. I was able to do that for a good while keeping strong. Going home for the summer after my freshmen year, I was okay because I was at home... And in the most literal textbook definition, I am a homeboy, a country kind of kin, a small-townsy child trapped inside a body of a new adult. Finally I came to a point where I realized I needed to talk to people about liking MLP, but it had to be online, because Lord knows the kind of folks back at home would just not understand at all... I found MLP Forums, late June, 2014. Hit the ground running, so hard, so fast, I was ready to fly, ready to talk about how much I loved the show. But let me not forget to explain how much of an introvert I truly am... The paradox that I am so verbose, yet I am shy, and introverted... I did find the ability to make some friends. And I am glad I did. But then I relapsed when I went back to college as a sophomore. Went through similar feelings as the last fall, but less harsh. Less harsh, but why? For a couple reasons. One is that my roommate was similar to me, and was there a lot, so I wasn't alone. But he isn't a brony, so that's a no-go. I'll explain the other reason why here momentarily, but first let me explain further the kind of "in-limbo" feeling, the second cycle of my downfall, when I went back to college as a sophomore... Don't misinterpret this for depression; no, no, not that. I don't, and haven't ever had that... But, it's a different kind of thing. A plateau, rather than a slope. But it's not on the same graph, not on the same plane as one's normal plethoric array of emotions and feelings... It's like a glitch. It's like a slip through the graphics. If you've ever seen the movie Inception, think about what "in-limbo" means. Anyway... Back to the other reason that the feeling wasn't as harsh in the fall of 2014. I made a post in a rock thread, if I remember correctly, and I think I was talking about Linkin Park... Someone responded and we clicked, just right then. I befriended him. Being the kind of person, at least at the time, to be able to look at friend's status updates, when I saw that he'd made a subtly sad status I felt the urge to send him a PM. From there we began to get to know each other through PM-ing here, back and forth. Then we started messaging on Skype. I'm... going to save details here... But I got back out of the weird state again, and then when my 4th semester began I was doing well. And did well. College got harder of course. By then I was still keeping mostly A's with a few stray B's. Went back home for the summer. Summer of 2015... It was weird. I didn't have the same job, my parents and I got into a few arguments, I had a bit of an issue at a family party, and some other bullshit. But despite it all, I still cried when it was time to go back to college. And now here I am. Semester 5. Just got through the first week as a junior. Gosh it doesn't feel right. And if my instinct served me right as it always intuitively has seemed to do... I felt it. Coming back. This week. Middle of it. I felt the slight, tiny, subtle onset... And it started again. BUT here I am now, and I'll be damned if I am gonna allow myself to feel the same thing AGAIN this time. I was fooled twice so yeah shame on me, but this is year 3 and I'm smarter, stronger, and wiser than last times. So I came here, to my blog, to spout out, to vent, to try and contemplate 70 million thoughts and feelings all combined into one thread of my conscience... The feelings are more different this time than the last. But it's not full bore yet and that is why I have the upper-hand in this match. I'm going in with a shield this time. At first I didn't know what to use as my shield but then it just ... came to me. My shield is literally the opposite of a shield... My shield is... trying to get out of my old self, my shell... trying to talk more, trying to force myself to see the glass as half full... trying to become MORE than what I am just yet... Because even though I'd sworn that I had figured it out, who I was, last winter, I'm contradicting the past me and telling him off. He doesn't know what I do now. I know more about myself now than I ever could have imagined I'd be able to know. I've explored my mind, my imagination, my inner core, my deep inner abyss... I hacked into my brain and found my mission. My mission, possibly something related to having ADHD, is trying to allow myself to better connect my subconscious to my conscience... bring forward the background, and throw the frontground forward even father! I realized how much of a disconnect I've always had with myself. I realized that there were feelings and beliefs and thoughts and ideas inside myself I never knew was there and I want them to stop hiding and come to life... I know it may sound weird but... I'm sure you've all heard of a mid-life crisis before... Well, you see, I believe there is something I would like to call a quarter-life crisis. Some people may understand what I mean by that, some may not. Around the time that a person starts to "legally" become an adult, but mentally doesn't feel any more maturity or progression... plus and minus a few years... So, the ages of 18 through mid 20's... It's a time where we're told by society that we are old enough to take responsibility for ourselves and everything we do. For some, the road after high school ends may lead to just finding a job somewhere and hoping to find a way to climb the ladder. My father had that. He never went to college, he went straight to the factory after high school. Then he switched to a different company. Then he kept climbing from the bottom of the ladder, and now, he's at a pretty solid position, though he's very close to retirement age. He was forced to adulthood quickly. For him, and others who take that route, I cannot relate, so if they have a quarter-life crisis, it isn't the kind that I'm having... I am in the intermediate stage right now. I just started my junior year of college... And now instead of a dormitory, I'm in a townhouse, and I have my own room. So I'm alone... Again... But as I said, I am going to fight the cycle I've had. I don't know how to explain this... But here goes: We really do have free will, but the problem is that we really don't allow ourselves to totally utilize it. Why? Because society makes it that way. We have to be "normal" and have to find some way to make money to have any kind of happy life at all. I'd love to find someone to live with, you know... after college. But what if I said that the choices I want to make are too hard because of one stupid, stupid fucking reason... Money. And the amount it takes to GO anywhere. You have to have it to make it, and have to have it to even BE, to even LIVE, to eat and drink and have shelter... So you have to find a career. I chose to go to college. No, scratch that. I didn't choose it. I didn't choose it. I just DID it. It wasn't by my true free will. And I'm not saying I didn't want to go, I'm just saying that it sort of HAPPENED and the real me stuck inside had nothing to do with that decision. ... Right now, I just want to say that I understand the main thing in life is to LOVE. But what makes it hard is the distance. People really love the saying "oh wow, it's a small world after all, isn't it!" NO IT IS NOT. It's fucking HUGE. And there are SO MANY people that COULD be SOMEONE to me that I haven't met... OR. That I DO KNOW, just not in person, and only know online... And I want it so bad... To be able to have it now... To be able to have TRUE free will to just GO. But that would contradict 75% of what I am anyway. I'm so paradoxical. I love love love HOME and I hate leaving home... It hurts my heart to be away from home... But reality SUCKS. And my parents are nearing retirement... once I'm out of college they will retire... Of course I know they WANT me to LIVE my OWN life... But my hearrrrrt .... So badly.... hurts to know that I will have to leave them, leave home, Leave to live my own life after college. It's a battle I fight every day now it seems... Knowing that there are so many opportunities... that there's someone I'd like to meet in person so bad... It's a battle I gotta live through in order to keep living... I'm not a person to beg but I pray to God that somehow my life will find its way into what I can call ... Good. Good in a certain... very very certain manner than I can't speak right now... because I know it but can't say it... In a way that I know but can't explain... I'm on the outside looking in right now, trying to see why I have been so lucky to be honest, totally honest... I am lucky... Because I have up to this point honestly been very lucky to have what I have... I don't wish to bother with this topic much but I reckon if it came from my subconsience by way of flow writing it'd ought to be said: I don't know my birth parents. I was adopted from birth. And I don't care about that. Because I have amazing parents. But what I've always wanted, because of my TRUE INNER SOUL, for me being a protector of sorts... I have always wanted a younger sibling... But people tell me "oh you could probably find out who your bio mom is via [bla bla] and see if you have blood siblings... FUCK THAT... I couldn't bare it... Don't you understand... I would be totally crumbled... I would fall down LITERALLY to the ground and cry so much fucking harder than I ever have cried in my entire fucking life... .............................. My soul Is loving LOVING I HAVE So much love... And I wanted to give it to kin of my own, but I am an only child, an adopted child without siblings, of parents who grew up in a traditional country, Christian upbringing... I am so confused... I don't even know how I've written so much --- this has all been straight written from brain to finger on the keyboard of my laptop. But it's the TRUTH because I'm tired of living in a SHELL... I want others... I want to tell... I just can't hold myself inside myself like I always have anymore because I have two conflicting strengths fighting each other everday every second... one is my abilitlty to hide emotion and the other is the ability to SHOW it... HAVE it... FEEL it... And I'm tired of struggling to figure out which one is the real me because now I know who it is. It's the one that wants to BE OUT, and FEEL... I am amazed at my ability to keep writing with tear flooded eyes but God has given me this strength and I intend on utilizing it in it's UTMOST potential... I LOVE. And I want to love more than I know about myself already... I used to say that I hated change but that what when I had never left home... That was when I was back in high school... I told myself not to let college change my views BUT I AM SO GLAD IT DID. Because I needed this.... so much... Yeah, I broke down last night for unmentionable other reasons as well but this is different. I just needed to finally, finallllllly LET GO. Let go of being AFRAID of progression and moving forward... It DOES make me sad to reminisce about the past, and my childhood, and my long lost friends who moved away that meant so fucking much to me I can't even explain in words... BUT now I have THIS place to finally TALK... I hadn't really ever TRULY let go until now... I don't know how I kept my feelings bottled... I reeeeally have no clue how... because this is so much and it really is coming from my SUBCONSCIOUS and right now as I have been typing, my CONSCIENCE is seeing who I am on the inside... I am sorry for all the caps locks and all the cussing... Really... I am so so sorry... I am not meaning to intend any of it as yelling; none of this was mad; it was all just pure and simple truth, and that in itself an emotion... Wow... Truth... As an emotion... Yeah, that's.... well I mean this... is the most hardcore thing I've ever experienced... --- I have no excuses for any of what I said... it's just the pure total truth... Blunt honesty, blunt truth, in the form of emotion... via typing from the depth of my core... I just needed to let it out... Wow... is all I can even fathom to think or say about it. Wow. --- Love, ~ Miles
  8. I'm new here. Been a Brony for a long time but just stumbled across this place. Was just curious if we had any WoW playing Bronies among us? Wouldn't mind adding to my friends list. Maybe we could do something like leveling or dungeons when I'm not busy? Nothing serious of course. Just for giggles. Can't find too many Bronies that play on my server.
  9. How I felt at the start of E3. How I feel about it now. I'm honestly just waiting for the AMD 300 series graphics cards to be announced.
  10. Hey Everypony, So, for some odd reason, I've decided to reactivate my World of Warcraft account. I was wondering, are there any Brony guilds out there? I've looked around but they all seem to be defunct. I'll log on to any server and start a new toon if I have to... whatever you ponies need for a role (though I'm my best as a healer). Let me know.
  11. Hey there! I was just wondering if any bronies out there played the online WoW card game, Hearthstone! I love this game and would really like some more friends on it! Especially fellow bronies ^^ So if you do, feel free to reply to this post and add me as a friend!! BattleTag: Raecheveyc
  12. Ashley


    You are a young girl, bored out of her mind in a hotel. With nothing better to do (Nirvana can only entertain you for so long), you sit in wait of commands. Because you, well, are hotelstuck. Bad intro aside, I'm stuck in a hotel for the next 3 days and will be taking commands. You can reply to this topic with any command, however, I will do nothing illegal and have the right to refuse commands. Questions will not be answered unless they are in regards to Hotelstuck. Current Screen: Special Commands:
  13. Do they seriously think they have the ability to do that. From what I've heard, the only thing they can do is DDoS. You know, the thing that this very forum has had and is still running. All I have to say to this is...
  14. It is my original character. She is a russian detective and party thrower. Also her friends are Rainbow Skeleton, Dr. Rarity, and Dr. Rarity with a mustache. No I did not make this character by combining Captain Pronin and Pinkie Pie. She was featured in my movie that was made in 1993, which won ogre 3,000,000,000,000 awards. Also, did I mention that DOOM was based off of this movie? Also, every other movie is a rip off of "Pinkie Pronin: The Movie." Like "The Room," which is almost the same thing as my movie except bad because it copies off of mine.
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering, we have a favorite animated cat section, but what about dogs? No matter what, there's a cartoon logic to include a talking dog somewhere, so I'm wondering if you guys have any favorite animated dogs to share! My all time without a doubt favorite has to be Droopy! This is the best dog thanks to his very toned down and serious attitude when it comes to just about anything, his ability to outwit any villain by making them loose their mind thanks to his random appearance everywhere, and his signature quote: "I'm so happy." XD Honorable mentions: Zoe Trent from littlest pet shop. Jake the dog from adventure time. Scooby doo from scooby doo. Spike the dog from Equestria Girls
  16. Hi guys, If you want some Doge pics Here I am. By the way, this doge is the same doge in the original Anyone please caption them Source: strolling with Kabosu FB. Page
  17. Borderlands 2 is a fantastic game that i recently beat alone, but i was wondering if there happens to be anyone that has the game and would like to start a new playthrough with me! I've been itching to play this game with others, but none of my friends have the game on Steam. This thread could also be used to find others with this game and get to hunting with them. I would prefer to have a party of 4 so whoever would like to be in play please feel free to tell me! Steam: yosukex3 Also we will be using Skype for our voice chatting Current Party- Mechromancer- Mixbeat Psycho/Gunzerker- Evil_Derpy Zer0- Sir Hugoholic :3 Siren- KirbyFluttershy
  18. First of all, I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong department. I'll take the blame for this one. Now that we've got that out of the way... After working on Rise Of 13 for a while, I've come to realize I wish to create a larger scale movie. Rise Of 13 will go on, but I want to do something huge. That's where anyone interested comes in. Yes, I'm making a Spider-Man movie. And yes, it will take forever and a day to make, but I really want to do it, and I'd be very happy if some of y'all would be willing to join the team for the movie. The synopsis is still under construction, so if any of y'all have a good idea for the film, let me know. The synopsis as of now is as follows: Peter Parker never knew exactly what life held in store for him. He was content with being the nerd at his local high school, and didn't have many plans other than surviving the daily beating from his peers. One day, when Peter is working on a radioactivity project, a spider which had been affected by the radiation bites Peter. After the tragic passing of his uncle, Peter learns that with great power must come great responsibility, and a hero is born. But, at this time, a foe of equal power comes to light, and the hero faces his first great challenge. Things are about to get spectacular... I need cast and crew for this endeavor. I will update the list as I go along. Here is the crew list: Director: super2379 Producer: OPEN Special Effects: OPEN Original Score: OPEN Costume Design: OPEN Costume Creator: super2379 Editor: OPEN Reviewer: OPEN First Viewer: OPEN Poster Creator: OPEN Here is the cast list. More roles will be added later on. Peter Parker/Spider-Man- super2379 Mary Jane Watson- OPEN Harry Osborn- OPEN Quentin Beck/Mysterio- OPEN Eddie Brock (Venom is NOT in this movie)- OPEN Norman Osborn (Green Goblin is NOT in this movie)- OPEN Future films may include Venom, Green Goblin, and other characters not in this movie. I also intend to but Ben Reilly and The Scarlet Spider in at some point in a movie, so you can sign up early for those roles, if you wish. I hope you all are interested. Leave a comment or send me a PM if any of you all are interested in joining the crew or cast. Thanks again.
  19. I park my Prelude like this nowadays And I look out my window and think, "Damn she got a booty."
  20. 123457

    SORRY :(

    So guys I was gone for a long time its not my fault my laptop UP and BROKE while I was in San Juan and I could not fix it until January but im back
  21. So, I had this feeling I warned to say some facts that I know that are somewhat unknown but I think should be known and will most likely be useless. 1. An upside-down cross is not Satanic, as some think. An upside-down cross is the cross of Peter, a disciple of Jesus, who thought he wasn't worthy to be crucified the same way as his God had been. 2. The Battle Of New Orleans, a famous battle of the War Of 1812, was fought a few weeks after the war had ended. No one gave a crap. 3. What doesn't kill you does not, in fact, make you stronger. If you go through a life-or-death situation, your risk of death by heart attack increases 2% each time a life-or-death situation is faced. 4. E.L. Cord, the inventor of the Cord automobile, haunts his office in Auburn, Indiana at what is now the ACD Museum. 5. Yellow Fever, a fever that has been around and studied thoroughly since the late 1799's still has no cure, despite centuries of research. 6. Cancer is not a disease. Cancer is actually one cell in the body that is modified and creates more bad cells than the body can create good ones. Disease is defined as microbes invading the body. The two are different, so, technically, Cancer is a disability. 7. People who play video games generally have better attitudes, better hand-eye coordination,and a better personality than people who don't. There, I got those off my chest. So, now, I can go to DC peaceably knowing I made y'all a little smarter. I'll be back by next Wednesday, folks, I'll miss you until then. And until then, excelsior!
  22. It's happenin' 4 realzies y'all- My Little Pony... is going biggest. Out with the Mane 6, in with Bon-Bon-Zilla. Good riddance I say. :comeatus: Hope y'all are as excited for this totally not fake series as I am, should be the biggest thing ever!
  23. So, I figured I need an update to explain what's going on. As for trips: I am going to Washington, D.C. With Geek0zoid for a few days in less than a month, starting April 4. You can still contact me through that time, but I'm not going to be on much in that time. Concerning Performances: If any of you live near my living area in Northern Indiana, I'm going to be doing a live performance of song covers on April 12. On March 28-29th, "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!" Premieres in Northern Indiana, if you all are interested. Due to copyright problems, I may not be able to upload the entire thing. I will, however, at the minimum, upload the song I star in, "A Motive To Commit Murder", if you all are interested. If any if you live near me, and wish to attend either PM me, and I can get you tickets to see "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!" Or tell you where to go for my concert. I hope this was informative for y'all, but, since I feel much better, I wish to post this.
  24. Don't like this thread? [i'm with the cool kids now]