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Found 59 results

  1. In light of the show's oft-shifting writing roster, I considered creating this thread to discuss which writer had the best 'track' record in each individual season. Note that it's perfectly acceptable to list a single writer for multiple seasons. My preferences would encompass: Season 1: M.A Larson. Penned only three episodes, albeit said three are essentially a triad of majorly formative installments - Swarm of the Century solidified the charmingly witty and self-referential comedy of the Faust seasons, Sonic Rainboom pioneered the show's ability to handle spectacle and tension (the climax remains one of the best to this day) within standalone episodes and The Cutie Mark Chronicles stands as an emotionally affecting finale to the character arcs of S1. All three are fundamentally significant to constructing the foundation of the series both throughout S1's progression and to the show in subsequent seasons. Season 2: Cindy Morrow. All of the four episodes penned by her here are highly effective in their ability to combine the show's Faust-era charm and humour with solid emotional storytelling, thus solidifying the early seasons' ability to convey cliched stories far more effectively than contemporary shows of its category - Sisterhooves Social is both adorable in a low-key manner and serves as Sweetie Belle's breakout moment, Family Appreciation Day is a textbook example of utilizing the third act to recontextualize a decent-yet-shopworn preceding two acts into an altogether more poignant narrative, Read It and Weep is one of the show's best portrayals of Rainbow Dash and features some amazing comedic sequences (despite its dissonant moral for a show focusing on the social interactions between the main cast) and Hurricane Fluttershy is a rock-solid masterpiece. How is this the same writer who would go on to botch up a simple bullying moral a single year later? Season 3: A bizarrely difficult decision, considering the season's shorter duration, but I'll go with Corey Powell, given the phenomenal solidity of Sleepless in Ponyville (otherwise the episode which placed Scootaloo fully onto the map) and the decency of Just for Sidekicks. Season 4: Dave Polsky. The myriad of different style (particularly the larger-scale McCarthy-esque aesthetic of Equestria Games and the more somber and introspectively driven tones of Rarity Takes Manehattan and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls) he tackles throughout the season is successful as a majority, which definitely counts for something considering his distinct comedy-based tone in his S1 and S3 work (thus marking a shift to a more experimental and varied creative palette in a way which the show's other recurring writers have generally not displayed in a comparable way). The only episode out of the five I would consider to be subpar is Daring Don't, although I believe that 'uninspired' is a more accurate term for its qualities as a whole than outright bad. Season 5: M.A Larson again. The Cutie Map is among the show's best and most tonally intriguing two-parters, Slice of Life is one of S5's more successful forays into experimentation (due to its high comic energy) and Amending Fences is touching in an odd, intangible way to me, which stands out amidst the season's bizarre combination of the lighter, more Faustian work of AKR and the more sardonic material of the newer writing team. Season 6: Surprising coming from me, but the Lady Writers (Lewis and Songco). As much as I find their general style and comic leanings polarizing (their best material can be hilarious, but their worst is lame and dissonant with the show's tone as a whole), their two episodes were some of the most memorable of the season - I find Gauntlet of Fire overrated, but its treatment of Spike is a considerable improvement over previous seasons, and Top Bolt is easily my favorite of the episodes catalyzed by the dreaded Cutie Map (due to possessing the strongest plot and character chemistry of the episodes in that particular category). I nonetheless maintain that Mike Vogel has a better grasp on the show's McCarthy-era tone, but the Lady Writer's individual episodes were conspicuously stronger in this otherwise relatively banal season. Season 7: I'll go for Wetta and Crowley - I'm not a huge fan of A Flurry of Emotions , but it was generally cute fun and featured Twilight in a solidly characterized role for the first time in multiple seasons, whilst A Health of Information surprised me in its handling of Fluttershy's character (her episodes are typically better when she actively chooses to leave her comfort zone, which this episode utilizes wisely to push her character forward and set her into a less cliched role than, say, her S4 and S5 episodes tended to). Season 8: Mike Vogel. As I've noted earlier, his style seems to be the most versatile of the current writing team in that he can lean into both the relative charm of School Daze and the looser comedy of The Mean Six. Anyone else willing to share their thoughts here?
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this... so just threw it in here. It's directed mostly at artists and writers. XD Mods: Feel free to move it to where you think it fits! Anyway, what tools do you use the most when doing art or writing (or both)? For writing, I use an iPad and a stylus. Most of it is because it's easier to write when I'm not at home. Another reason is because my computer is very old (7+ years), so I can't really use it for that sort of thing. I'm also not really used to using it either. >< As for art, I often have a sketchbook, colored pencils, a tracing pen and my 1.3 mm mechanical pencils (yes! they do exist!).
  3. Hello, everyone! So one of my friends from back when I was still a member of Equestria Daily has recently started a Discord server for people who are interested in writing, called the "Anything Goes Writer Workshop", and since the server is pretty inactive currently, I have decided to help her out a little and give you all a server invite: If you are interested in writing, and own a Discord account, I would highly recommend you visit the server!
  4. November 1st - 30th. * * * Welcome to the fourth National Novel Writing Month thread hosted on the MLP Forums! In our previous years (2013, 2014, 2015), we've seen a bit of a bad trend of host inconsistency and late threads, and this year is no exception! (@Kolth, @RockinRarity, come back to us!) What is National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as "NaNoWriMo"? NaNoWriMo is a competition to write a novel between November 1st and November 30st. You think that's easy? Here's the catch: a novel is defined at being a minimum of 50,000 words. But don't let that number discourage you. Broken down into the 30 days of November, that's on average 1,667 words a day - which most people can achieve with relative ease. The tricky bit is staying consistent with writing those short bits for 30 days. That's where this thread comes in! Okay, sounds cool. So where can I sign up for this "competition"? And how do I "win"? Head over to (but then come back here when you are done). And it isn't a "competition", per se, though that's what they call it. NaNoWriMo is more of a self-challenge, You "win" the competition by meeting your goals. And anyone can win - but only those who persist will. And keep in mind that NaNoWriMo's 50K limit is not set in stone, nor is there a strict requirement to write a novel. If you think 50K is too ambitious this year, go ahead and reach for 30K, saving the full 50K goal for next year. If you don't want to write a novel but rather multiple short stories, go ahead and write a bunch of short stories that total up to your word count goal! If you've already begun on a novel and have been meaning to finish, go ahead and let this competition be your excuse to pick it up again. There is only one real rule: only the words you write in November count toward your goal. Already have a 3,500 word start? Doesn't count toward your goal. Having words written prior to the competition isn't forbidden, but your new word count must start at zero on November 1st. This challenge isn't about finishing a race by taking shortcuts; it's about finding the motivation and teamwork to accomplish! So, what is this thread for? This thread serves three main purposes: 1. To keep you, the writer, accountable. 2. To allow authors to bounce ideas off of each other 3. To help new writers find the tools and groups they need to get started! As for keeping you accountable, drop a comment below if you are participating. Include your author name and your overall goal. I'll add you to the leaderboard here, and you can see how you are comparing to other writers. Send me a pm or drop another comment anytime with your new word count, and I'll get it updated ASAP. And new writers, feel free to ask questions below! What should I write? Anything that comes to mind! If you have an idea or two that's been bouncing around for a while, give it a shot. If it's an mlp fanfic, all the better: you have a whole community of MLP nerds ready to help you expand your ideas. If you have absolutely nothing: sit down, put on some moody thinking music to get your mind meat churning, then write down quick descriptions of whatever story ideas float by. Write up a whole page or more! Don't worry, most will be awful, or at least fatally flawed. Odds are, though, at least one of them will be a good one. This process of generating thoughts is called "brainstorming" in the writing world. It's used in all stages of idea creation, and the best part is that multiple authors can brainstorm together! Ideas galore! Who else in the brony fandom is participating in NaNoWriMo? - Equestria Daily is once again hosting their National Pony Writing Month event!, headed up by Novel Idea. They will be running posts on EqD throughout November, and Novel Idea will be running a discord channel on Equestria Daily's discord server. I highly recommend any writers trying to get their work out there to check this event out! Keep in mind that this event is for MLP Fanfiction! - FIMFiction has an active NaNoWriMo Bronies group, run by Moonlit Path. The group has three levels of difficulty: 25K, 38K and 50K. At the end of the month, anyone who met their goal can post the story to the group. Again, stories posted to this group (and on the site in general) are specifically for MLP Fanfiction! - And the associated NaNoWriMo Bronies discord server:, lead by myself and a few of the admins from the FIMFiction group. This server has general chit-chat channels, its own leaderboard, and regular novelist challenges like "writing sprints" and idea prompts for those wishing to participate. These of course will be starting in November. Though most members of the server will be writing pony fiction, it's not a strict requirement of the server. * * * Resources: Official NaNoWriMo website: Young Writers Program for NaNoWriMo: Scrivener NaNoWriMo Trial: True Novelist: FiMFiction - the largest my little pony fanfiction platform on the internet: * * * Leaderboard Lucas Aldebrandi - 0 out of 50,000 Valeska - 0 out of 25,000
  5. Who are your favorite writers (or former writers) of MLP:FIM?
  6. Now that season 6 is over or almost over for some people, I was wondering who do you consider to be the best writer of this season? In case you don't know who wrote what you can always check the wiki:,_films,_and_shorts#Season_six Personally, I think there are three specific writers who really stood out this season: Michael Vogel, the writer of Heart's Warming Tail, Every Little Thing That She Does and the finale deserves the title of my favorite, he also wrote Spice Up Your Life and I really liked that episode. Dave Rapp, kind of a controversial one since he wrote Newbie Dash and Flutter Brutter. Personally, I loved both episodes and I liked how they had more adult morals and what they did to develop the characters. He also wrote Where The Apple Lies which was a good episode. Nick Confalone, I've been a fan of his comedy ever since I watched Party Pooped in season 5, and this season he got better at balancing that with a coherent story. He wrote gems like No Second Prances, The Saddle Row Review and Dungeons & Discords.
  7. Starting a bit off topic here to credit my source, but I love watching the Angry Video Game Nerd on Youtube. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he reviews old video games with wit, humor, and profound language. He has a catchphrase in most episodes where he says, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING" to the game developers mostly for poor level design. This got me thinking, has there ever been a moment in the show where you sit there and ask yourself, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING" after watching it? That WWTT moment for me was Spike butchering the Cloudsdale National Anthem in Equestria Games. Those glorious 2 minutes were just too unbearable for me to watch. To this day, I am still perplexed that this got past the storyboarding phase of production. Feel free to share your WWTT moments with me. Please don't go with cheap answers like "The whole Equestria Girls Series was a WWTT moment for me" (even though some people feel this way :okiedokielokie:).
  8. Recently in these past 6 episodes we have been getting all episodes the fans have wanted. First with Sunburst, then Maud, after that an episode of the aftermath of the CMC and the most recent episode was about dragons. Is this whole thing just a strange coincidence or are the writers listening to the fans. If they are listening to the fans is that a good thing? The fans of course have great ideas a bunch of times but if we keep returning old characters they may dry up and lose their specialty like what happened in Adventure time with Lumpy space princess and Lemongrab. Tell me what you think about this. Are they listening to the fans too much?
  9. So, now that we just LOVE discussing about alicorns and some of us sharing what little is officially known about them. But I've noticed something that few, if any ever asked: Did Celestia ascended other ponies into alicorns before Cadance and Twilight? If you think about that, it's possible that in her 1000 years ruling, Celestia might have ascended other ponies into alicornhood. What you think?
  10. ---------The Heroes Of Harmony Project--------- MLP & SSB Crossover With Original Characters Introduction: Hello my name is Nova Ink, and I am a Beginner Animator and Director of Nova Animation Studios. I'm a very ambitious guy. I've been studying and analyzing animation for 2 years. I don't have a lot of knowledge on animation, but i know i can get this done in 2 or 4 years depending on the work and the time we have. I'm planning to get started next year since a lot of Animators are busy i am trying to get better with my skills. The Project Itself: The Heroes Of Harmony Project is a My Little Pony and Super Smash Bros Crossover Animated film With Original Characters. The Animation is Show Style with more Visual Graphics and hand drawn moments of the Animation. the music will be compose into a epic and orchestrated and some of that style of My Little Pony. The Story: This story is about a pony named Digi, who had a troubled childhood because he lost a good friend and his father died at sea. When he turned 21, he discovered that his parents’ shop was going to close down if they don’t pay, so he went to Las Pegasus to win a game tournament with a bits prize. The mane six were sent to a friendship problem, which happened to be in Las Pegasus. Rainbow dash enters the game tournament because she craves competition, but during the tournament Dash, Digi, and the other Mane Six ponies get both warped into the game world, and the only way they can get out is to participate in a tournament in the game world (the City of Smash) and “Settle It In SMASH!” What we need: We need Animators, Script Writers, musicians, voice actors, voice actress and editors. ​The Characters: Main/Protagonist Digi Bits: Age: 21 Height: 4-5’ feet Weight: Slightly skinny Body: Light Skyblue Mane/Tail: Turquoise Eyes: Lime Green Sex: Stallion (male) Cutie Mark: blank flank Clothing: Pony: An orange and slight grey Fox McCloud hoodie. Anthro stallion: Talent And Hobbies: Talent: Good Gamer Hobbies: Digital and Sowing artist Personality: Sarcastic, video gamer, loyal, friendly, nerdy, sometimes a jerk, prankster, competitive, respectful he wants to be the very best at games and art as his hobby. he is very competitive and very respectful to players whether he loses or wins. He has no friends but soon has a friend that he could trust. Love Interest: Slight love interest in Rainbow Dash but does not go anywhere. Place Of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Pegasus Rainbow Dash: Age: 20 Height: 4 feet Weight: Semi-athletic build Coat: Cyan Blue Mane/ Tail: Rainbow Eyes: Magenta Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: Tri-colored lightning bolt (red, yellow, and blue) with a white cloud Clothing: None Sexual Oration: Straight Talent And Hobbies: fastest flyer in Equestria, training to become a Wonderbolt Personality: Brash, tomboyish, loyal, sore loser. She will always be there for her friends even when they don’t need her. Place Of origin: Cloudsdale Race: Pegasus Pixel Sprite: Age: 7 Height: 2 feet Weight: Average Coat: White Mane/ Tail: Teal blue Eyes: Lime green Sex: Colt (male) Cutie Mark: Blank flank Clothing: Black and green Space Invaders cap Talent And Hobby: Arts and crafts; video game designer Personality: Sweet, looks up to his brother, generous, helpful, insecure about himself, artsy, nerdy. He wants to be like his brother and hopes he gets a cutie mark. Place Of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Unicorn Twilight Sparkle: Age: 18 Height: 4-5 feet Weight: average Coat: Lavender Mane/tail Dark purple, light purple, and pink Eyes: Purple Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: Pink star with small white stars around it Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Studying, Magic Personality: A bit of a bookworm, friendly Place Of Origin: Canterlot Race: Alicorn (formerly Unicorn) Pinkie Pie: Age: 18 Height: 4 feet Weight: A little extra weight due to sweets Body: Somewhat pale/neon pink Mane: Bright Pink Eyes: Blue Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 balloons (1 yellow, 2 light blue) Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Throws parties for any occasion, baking/eating sweets Personality: EXTREMELY hyper; random at times; has the strange ability to break the fourth wall Place Of Origin: Pie Family Rock Farm Race: Earth Fluttershy: Age: 19 Height: 4 feet Weight: Skinny Body: Pale yellow Mane/Tail: Pink Eyes: Teal Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 pink butterflies Clothing: None Sexual Orientation: Straight Talent And Hobbies: Caring for animals in and around the Everfree Forest; singing Personality: Very shy; bit of a pacifist; somewhat taken advantage of Place Of Origin: Cloudsdale Race: Pegasus Rarity: Age: 20 Height: 4 feet Weight: Average Body: Off-white/cream Mane/Tail: Purple Eyes: Blue Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 blue diamonds Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Runs a boutique in Ponyville; lives with her little sister Sweetie Belle Personality: High class; ladylike; bit of a drama queen Place Of Origin: Ponyville. Race: Unicorn Applejack: Age: 21 Height: 4 feet Weight: Somewhat muscular Body: Slightly pale orange Mane/Tail: Blonde Eyes: Green Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 red apples Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Apple bucking Personality: Honest, trustworthy, will always help a friend in need, hard worker Place Of Origin: Sweet Apple Acres/Ponyville Race: Earth Spike: Age: 7 Height: 2-2.5 Feet Weight: 200lbs Body: Purple with light green belly/ears and green scales Eyes: Green Sex: Male Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Being Helpful, organisation, wooing his crush (Rarity) Personality: Naive, Childlike, helpful, kind, a little selfish Love Interest: Rarity Place Of Origin: Canterlot Race: Dragon Minor Paper Clip: Age: 32 Height: 4 feet Body: Tannish Blonde Mane/Tail: Brownish blonde Eyes: Green Sex: Mare: (Female) Clothing: Green Apron Talent And Hobbies: Talent: Organization Hobbies: Cleaning the Store Personality: Hard working, helpful, mother, caretaker, loves her kids but gets mad at them when they do wrong but still loves them Spouse: Eight Bit Place Of Origin: She lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Earth Pony Eight Bit: Age: 33 Height: 5.5 feet Color: Body: Sex: Stallion (Male) Clothing: Space Invaders cap with glasses Talent and Hobbies: Talent: Playing video games Hobbies: Sewing Personality: Insecure, Friendly, he loves kids and his wife, respectful, helpful, workaholic, artistic, Spouse: Paper Clip Place of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race:Unicorn Fox Mccloud: Age: 29 Height: 4 feet 8 inches Race: Fox Color: Brown and white Sex: Male Clothing: Green jumpsuit, White coat, Red handkerchief, and Red and black boots Talent and Hobbies: Flying The Arwing, Doing barrel rolls Personality: Leader, bold, courageous, Love Interest: Crystal Place of Origin: Corneira Mario “Jumpman” Mario: Age: 30 Height: 3 feet 1 inch Race: Earth pony Color: Red and blue Sex: Male Clothing: Blue Overalls, and Red hat Talent and Hobbies: Jumping, plumbing, golfing, Spinning, saving princesses that are in a different castle Personality: Gullible Love Interest: Peach Place of Origin: Mushroom Kingdom (From a stork) Princess Peach: Age: 29 Height: 5 feet 1 inch Race: Unicorn Color: Pink and gold Sex: Mare (Female) Clothing: A pink dress with a light blue emblem and a crown Talent and Hobbies: Golfing being kidnapped by bowser, Personality: Carefree, bribes Mario with cake Love Interest: Mario Place of Origin: Mushroom Kingdom Zelda: Age: 28 Height: 5 feet one half inch Race: Unicorn Color: Gold and White Sex: Mare (female) Clothing: A white and gold dress and a golden tiara Talent and Hobbies: Magic, transforming into shiek, being cooler than peach Personality: Calm, respectful, and strong Love Interest: Link Place of Origin: Hyrule Link: Age: 29 Height: 5 feet 2 inches Race: Earth pony Color: Green and Golden mane Sex: Male Clothing: Green tunic with a green hat Talent and Hobbies: Breaking pots, breaking into people's home and taking their treasure, cutting grass, saving zelda, Personality: Loyal, honest, powerful, brave, cunning, strong (He can carry a boulder in his bag and can run normally) Love Interest: Zelda Place of Origin: Kokiri Village Falco Age: 30 Height: 4 feet 8 inches Race: Falcon Color: Blue and Red Sex: Male Clothing: Red jumpsuit, white coat, grey boots Talent and Hobbies: Flying The Arwing, Doing barrel rolls Personality: arrogant, cocky, Rouge Place of Origin: Corneria Villans/Antagonist Ganondorf: Age: 35 Height: 5 feet 7 inches Race: Centaur Black and gold Sex: Male Clothing: Black and Gold armour with a black cape Talent and Hobbies: Kidnapping zelda, getting ultimate power, Personality: Rough, mean, rude, Place of Origin: Gerudo Valley Bowser: Age: 35 Height: 6 feet 8 inches Race: Reptile Color: Green and gold, with red hair Sex: Male Clothing: A green shell Talent and Hobbies: Kidnapping peach, lava baths Personality: Mean, overpowering, Rich Love Interest: Peach Place of Origin: Bowser's castle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Places: Ponyville: Digi's House/Eights in Bits game store Ponies That Live There: Digi, Digi´s mom, Pixel Sprite Purpose: Selling Games through a Family Business Exterior design: Hay rooftop like the majority of houses in Ponyville, wooden framework, walls itself made from lighter wooden Planks, a sign on the front door with a gaming controller, Glass window panes, a few Flower beds around the house itself, two stories tall. Interior design: Lower Floor consist of the store itself, with a few shelves of games some being collectible board games,card games as well as selling some comic books , it includes a counter/desk where a worker would be taking bits for the products sold and taking care of the store itself. The walls on the inside of the store itself should be decorated with posters of different Video game Characters and perhaps some wall papers for upcoming games. There would also be stations where you would be able to try out games as well, and maybe a storage room. Upper Floor is where the family itself lives at, with rooms in ponyville style like a kitchen, a bedroom for Digi, a bedroom for his parents maybe with two beds even though his dad isnt here anymore, a bathroom and a living room with some gaming systems Downtown Ponyville: Purpose: Offers many Buildings around which sell various things to Ponies, therefor a hotspot for other Ponies to come here, as well as being the place to find out information about activities happening in the town, such as certain competitions as well as were sometimes speeches are held. Sugarcube Corner: Ponies that live here: Pinkie Pie, Mr and Mrs Cake Purpose: Selling different sweets in the store such as cake, pie, ice cream etc. as well as hosting Parties for other ponies Rainbow Dash's House Ponies that live here: Rainbow Dash Purpose: Home of Rainbow Dash Las Pegasus: NERD convention: Purpose: Holding gaming contests for the sake of entertaining Ponies as well as giving gamer Ponies chance to show what they got and perhaps win some good prize money Exterior design: a rather gigantic convention hall, like many Buildings in Las Pegasus is a large cylindrical cloudy structure, housing conventions it has many spotlights outside as well as a sizeable crystalline dome at the top which would sparkle in different colors when certain conventions were taking place for everypony to see. There were a few windows on the structure which were essentially holes in the structure itself. The entry Area would consist of a set of double doors with a big Banner above it for informing other Ponies of what was going on inside. Interior Design: Inside Ponies who enter the place are greeted by a ticket booth where ponies pay fees to get into whatever convention is being held at the moment. Also around the entry area are various stands which sell food, drinks and other goodies which are great for having there when watching exciting events. Nearby are also a bunch of spots for other ponies to sell other things like at any convention and Then further inside another set of doors lead through a rather dark wall into the main area of the Place itself housing hundreds of seats for Ponies who were ready to watch spectacular events happening in front of their various eyes, and a big stage for Ponies to take place in competitions as well as for some to hold speeches. Like any stage this one has many spotlights so the viewers have a better time seeing things in the otherwise rather dark place. Also the seats are arranged in a circular way around the stage and above is the crystal which can also be seen from the outside Pixelland The Great Plains: Design: Pixelated Flowers, Grass plains , Blue skies, a few clouds as well The Gamers Mountain: Design: Huge Mountains with caves, some clouds, as well as snow at their peaks Diamond Cavern Design: dim caves with many colorful and sparkling Diamonds, Jewels etc sticking out of the walls Smash City Design: Huge Colorful City with many iconic and special and crazy buildings in the background as well as many flashing lights and spotlights being all pixelated Police Station: Purpose: Holding Criminals Exterior Design: cylindrical Metal outside with a few windows on the walls as well as a double door as an entry area with small spotlight above it Interior Design: a few cells inside as well as a counter and a few seats for a waiting area Shopping Mall: Ponies living here: Mable and Sable Sisters Purpose: has a haircut place as well as Clothes, Furniture and many other Products others may buy there Design: a rather big Mall with a variety of colorful Shops everywhere Digis Game Appartment: Design: Mid class Apartment, rather nice place to live in , with a design that resembles somewhat of a gamecube, there are all necessities inside one would need to live here such as a bed and a computer as well a small kitchen and a bathroom Downtown: Design: Many Big giant pixelated brightly colorful Skyscrapers that do look a lot like something from tetris as well as many spotlights and flashy signs on the buildings Lylat system: Corneria: Purpose: Planet for animals and other Creatures Mushroom Kingdom: Peaches Castle: Kanto: Final Destination: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Help: You Can Help by adding on Skype the user name Darcybelle3 and you can email me at What would you do: you will be doing the task of that skill for this project and you will be credited for helping this project in the credits ​Will this Project Stay Alive: i am honestly sure the project will stay alive with all my heart and support for it Team: this will be coming soon and it will have a document of the whole team ^^ thank you with your cooperation and support with this project.
  11. Hi, I need a writer for the Doctor and Summer's TARDIS Adventures (audio play;) a good writer that can write about some good action mostly. I suck at action writing so I'd like some help with that. Edited (13/12/15): If you are interested send me your skype and email in a pm to that I can keep in contact with you. Please do not comment on this topic if you are not interested.
  12. Thread's so nice, we made it thrice! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Welcome to the third National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) thread on MLP Forums! This is being made super late in the year, but who cares? We're writers. We're used to late nights. What is this thread? A place to talk about NaNoWriMo in all of its glory and, hopefully, motivate some on-the-fencers to join us this year in writing some stories! What is NaNoWriMo in a nutshell? NaNoWriMo, despite its name, is an international contest that anyone can participate in. In a nutshell, it is this: you have the entire month of November, from midnight of November 1st until 11:59:59 of November 30th, to write a novel. Sounds easy, right? Of course, there is a word count: 50,000 words, written entirely in those thirty days. Plenty of "pros" double or even triple that word count goal in those thirty days, so it IS possible! Sounds cool. Do I need to sign up? Not necessarily. If you want to be official about it, follow the link above and sign up for an account. It's quick, easy, and free! Once you have an account, you can talk about writing with other writers on the site and upload your work as you write to show off your speedy typing skills. What do I write? You can write about whatever you want. You can write in whatever style you want. You can have one 50,000 word chapter or fifty 1,000 word chapters. You can write an MLP fanfiction or a series of journal entries loosely based on your life or WHATEVER. There are zero rules when it comes to what to write, aside from to continue writing whatever you begin. Why should I even consider this? Obviously, not everyone has time to write a novel in thirty days. For those that do, however, NaNoWriMo is one of those awesome things you get to brag about to your friends and coworkers: "Yeah, I wrote a novel in one month. Nothin' too important." In addition, the feeling you get come December 1st is a relief like no other, especially when you get to share the fruits of your labors. What do I get for completing NaNoWriMo? Bragging rights and, most likely, a severe addiction to caffeine. Couldn't I just type a single letter 50,000 times and submit that? Yeah, but where is the fun in that? NaNoWriMo is all about you: no one counts your words and no one judges your story. You either complete your personal goal or you don't, simple as that. Remember the honor system? What if November 1st comes and I can't think of anything to write about? Start planning now! The challenge is to write a novel in thirty days, not go through the entire process of thinking up a full plot. You can have dozens of spreadsheets and sticky notes and character dossiers -- so long as you don't start writing until the clock strikes midnight, you're golden. What if November 30th comes and I haven't finished editing? Same as before: no problem! It is laughable to expect everyone to write a novel worthy of publishing in one month. Consider NaNoWriMo a rough draft speed write of sorts. As long as you hit 50,000 words (no matter how crappy you might think your story sounds), you've succeeded! Can I write a joint story with some friends/Forum users? Doesn't matter how you write the story, so long as you credit everyone involved and hit your goal. And this year, I have a plan--read on past the FAQ to find out what it is. Teeheehee. I have this story I've been working on for two years! Can I write another 50,000 words to that and call it good? You can, but that removes a lot of the fun from the event: writing a novel from start to (almost?) finish under intense time constraints. If you have a piece that you're just dying to work on, then go for it. Otherwise, start with something new and fresh! Who knows? You might find a new project to dote on. I want to participate, but I can't do 50,000 words. Is there a smaller NaNoWriMo that I can do? I haven't seen any similar events (aside from the Young Writers Program, linked below), but that shouldn't stop you from participating. Maybe your novel idea is only capable of 25,000 words. Rather than dissuade anyone, we'll be treating November a little differently here on the Forums: you can set your own goal and we'll keep track of it here. Complete that goal, and we'll consider you a NaNoWriMo champ. Shooting for 30,000 words? We'll cheer you on. Want to write a 15,000 word story, but challenge yourself to never use commas? More power to you. I'd rather get more people interested in a fun writing challenge than a few people who want to attempt the "full" event. However, remember this: if you write 1,667 words a day, you will finish on November 30 with 50,010 words. Some days, you'll hit a dry spot. And some days, you'll pump out 5,000-plus words! Don't be nervoucited: you'll have every writer,NaNoWriMo participant, and member here on the Forum egging you on. Don't be afraid to shoot for 50k! Even if you miss the mark, you'll still get a lot of writing done and be more experienced for next year. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Links: + Official National Novel Writing Month site + Pep talks from famous authors + List of NaNoWriMo stories that were published Dead link is dead + Young Writers Program (for younger any users who want to officially set their own goals) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2015 participants / goal: Kolth / 15,000 Veolala / 50,000 Jaxsie / 50,000 Destiny/Cipher/Skeleton/etc. / 50,000 Ganaram Inukshuk / 7928.53 Count Paradox / 50,000 4april / 50,000 Group project / 50,000 ShadOBabe / 50,000 Rubeus / 80,000 Swick / 20,000 Lagrangian / 5,000 The Vengeful One / 50,000 Queen Luna / 50,000 StoneCold / 50,000 Orion Caelum / 20,000 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ News and Stuff: NaNoWriMo Oregon is still emailing me about meet-ups in Salem. Guess they don't know I now live in a different part of the country. No news, aside from many thousands of words have already be written! Keep it up! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yeah, this thread was made less than two weeks from November. Sue me. Also yes, this thread is largely copy/pasted from 2013. Sue me harder.
  13. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite pleased with what plot and worldbuilding and characterization FiM has given us, through the writers. I’m grateful that, originally under Lauren’s thoughts and ideas and direction, a professional team of writers were drawn together, to write and build this beautiful world of Gen 4 Equestria, that wouldn’t exist without concepts and characters incorporated from previous incarnations. But even so, even with these professional writers fleshing out the characters and world that we’ve grown to love over the past 5 years, there still exist poor/sometime sloppy writing, sometimss rushed plot, inconsistencies, contrivances, and lack of character development/portrayal. Namely, with the star of this discussion- Spike, the dragon. At times, I’m convinced that with the army of creative types in the fandom, anyone with enough adoration for the show and characters, time, knowledge of story structure, and creativity can write circles around the professionals. So, if given the chance, how would YOU write future episode sypnoses for Spike? Would he get his own spinoff series, where he coulld be given center spotlight and more, likely better portrayal and development? Would he stick to the series of FiM, making tighter bonds with other ponies beyond Twilight and Rarity, and more episodes in every season? (3 or 4) If he’s given a series of his own, it should focus on Spike being the knight that he dreams of being, in MLP. (A dragon knight going off on adventure and protecting a kingdom seems like an original idea, especially since dragons ae usually the bad guys) He could age a bit, no longer being around ponykind who supress his physical growth. Also, have a noble steed, as any knight should- maybe with a play on words name of one of FiM’s mane 6, even. The spinoff could be “Dragonfire Chronicles”, or “Dragon kight of Crystaia”, or something. As for non spinoff episodes kept within the realm of FiM…there are just so many ideas! 1: As Sunbutt’s birthday approaches, the castle staff are all busy making preparations. However, when the royal baker falls ill at the last minute, Luna calls in Spike to handle making her sister’s complex cake. To his horror, the kitchen isn’t stocked with any of the jewels needed to decorate the cake. A letter is sent to Rarity, asking her to use her gem finding spell to get the jewels on the list, and get them to Canterlot in time. Can Rarity employ the help of the diamond dogs, and her spell, while Spike fights panic and pressures to complete the cake, before the party? 2:(Combining Zecora and Spike’s origin story.) Spike visits Zecora, wanting to know more about her, and while Zecora looks for her family photo album, a book with blank pages falls off her shelf, piquing his curiosity. Unexpectedly, when he accidentally sneezes on it with dragon fire, strange text begins to appear. (Book could detail his dragon clan) 3: the ponies of the Crystal Empire incorporate a national holiday celebrating Spike into their tradition. Spike is the guest of honor, but he soon discovers the ponies want him to take up permanent residence in the Empire, and he has to weigh his options and decide his future. 4: spike, Apple Jack, and Pinkie engage in a cook-off to settle a disagreement. As they fall prey to anger and sabotaging each other, can the magic of friendship bring things to a peaceful end? 5: Spike has insecurities about his purpose in relation to Twilight, now that she’s a princess and doesn’t need him as a voice of reason/ assistant as much as before. Bottling these feeling up, he walks through the castle, remminiscing on how far Twilight has come with her friends. (Maybe he’s given a song. Who is that dragon I see, staring straight back at me….) He wants to tell Twi his concerns, but she’s called away by the cutie map, at that time. After she leaves, Spike looks at the map, wondering if his destiny is mapped out, like the pony’s. Crying himself to sleep on the map, Luna arrives in his dreams, highlighting his fears and concerns as to where he really fits in with Twi and her friends anymore, what he’s needed for. Waking up, he struggles to interpret Luna’s cryptic message, and wanders into the Everfree forest, standing at the Tree of Harmony, looking at Twilight’s cutie mark on it, in envy/sadness. Poison joke imitate Dragon Sneeze plants, causing Spike to sneeze on the ToH, scorching it with his dragon fire, and discovering something odd beneath the charred bark, that gives the answer he seeks. 6: Spike is invited to a rare rock and gem exhibit by Pinkie aand Maude. Shortly after arrival, alarms go off. Museum management accuse Spike of stealing and eating one of the gems on display. In attempt to clear his name, he hunts down the real jewel theif, and comes face to face with a female dragon. There’s just so much untapped potential for episodes with Spike! Especially with him as the main focus, where his positive qualities get go shime. But there’s also a plethora of team episodes for him: spike with Flim and Flam, Spike with CMC, Spike with Fluttershy, or Little Strongheart, or Rainbow Dash, pinke, Maude, Pound and Pumpkin cake, the CMC, Sunbutt or Luna, Shining Armor, Granny Smith, Big Mac. Doughnut Joe, The possibilities are endless. Share a synopsis for a potential episode featuring Spike.
  14. Hello! We need a wide range of Creative Bronies for a project. The project is called 'Fear and Loathing in Equestria'. It will be a full length pony SFM film. We are currently looking for a large range of volunteers. This includes Voice Actors, Script Writers, Audio Editors, 2D animators, Editors, and Musicians. We need quite a few Voice Actors for Extras and Background Ponies. We also need musicians who can play and arrange film scores and rock. If you are interested send me a message or leave a reply stating how you would like to contribute. We're thankful for any and all help in creating this project! Please ask any questions you have. -Sincerely, The Management
  15. First I admit that there are some good episodes like The Cutie Map and Slice of life, but that's where it stops. I know that every season has some flawed episodes or dis-likable characters. Unfortunately, this season has for me a record of flawed episodes and characters I don't like. Look at what the writers did with Spike. They already made him less important in the second half of season 4, but season five was really unkindly to him. He could be childish sometimes, but he's helpful, loyal and kind. The Princess Spike episode didn't show that and portrayed him as untrustworthy and good for nothing. That's not the only problem. Appleoosa's Most Wanted's Troubleshoes and other characters where a thorn in the eye. And thanks Dave Polsky for giving living ammunition for Starlight Glimmer's "equality".......... Not! What the hell did he smoke for his ideas? Crystal crack? My rant could go on about the rest of S5's episodes, but maybe it's time to give the writers some direct criticism. This season they showed to be really flawed and Hasbro need to do something about it. I would suggest that they should: - Hire writers who do give a shit about an enjoyable story and good characters (not buttholes. Yes, I'm looking at you Soarin). - Fix Spike's destroyed character. Bring him back as he was in the first seasons with more positive sides and let him interact with the other ponies in a positive way. Remember his little and funny moments with Applejack? It really helped them both. And don't forget he also represents the male audience. - Less screentime for the CMC, but especially Applebloom. She's a distraction in the interaction between Applejack and the others. And why where the CMC on the gala while Spike wasn't even brought by Twilight? Flawed writing again. - Keep a record of what all happened in the episodes when you write one. That means no flip-flop episodes like Appleoosa's Most Wanted after releasing The Cutie Map. - Make more episodes like Slice of Life. I really like Derpy, Doctor Whooves, the Lebowski ponies and others. They came over as positive. I hope you all know what I mean with this rant. Call me overreacting if you want, but that doesn't change my opinion about the path the series is walking now. And I'm not planning to swallow more of that stuff.
  16. As of now the mane 6 had found friendship, got the elements of harmony, owned Nightmare Moon, owned Discord, owned Sombra, owned Chrysalis, owned several other minor Villains, learned quite amount of life lessons, helped other kingdoms, visited another dimension and are going to owne another villain... Not to forget the high possibility of a Baby coming soon and several other things like reformation of an former Villain, fan-service episode and countless meme and pop cultures references. Now my question is....what's left? I mean Sparkle Butt is princess of friendship now, was on many adventures and learned many life lessons and so on... But what else will come? There is S6 coming and if it turns out that the movie won't be the end...then what are they going to introduce in S7, S8, S9 or even S10? Another villain who was frozen/jailed from thousand years ago and now is suddenly free? Another lesson about "Don't be greedy!, "Don't be mean!", "Don't be stupid!"? I would love to see the show continue (until they fucked up really badly for me) but i wonder with what they will come up... Thoughts?
  17. I am Looking for writers to help me with a story about mlp and ssb i need help with my story and need someone to write for me i need a lot of help can i please have some help i can add you on Skype you can give me your Skype address or i can give you my Skype it is darcybelle3
  18. I'm doing a separate topic from my auditions one, please contact me if you're more interested into getting a writing position now instead of voice acting. I need writers who can extended my ideas, proofread and write for my episodes because my writers are currently busy and they are trying to voice act as well.
  19. Any pony here writing something serious? I don't mean a Fimfic(not knocking that if it's your cup of tea), I mean something you intend to publish through a publishing company. I ask because I am wondering how many aspiring writers are here. I always loved telling stories, but I didn't take writing seriously until I was 20(I'm 22 now.). I would like people to discuss literary devices with, and talk about the greats like THE legendary David Xanatos for example. You don't have to be an aspiring writer the moment you read this, but if this post inspires you to take it seriously I would like to hear about it. I am looking for people who are interested in the craft to discuss it and share their perspectives. I would also like a few new faces to be a sounding board for what I am working on, but that might be asking a bit much. If you're interested, great, if not, great. . . Don't let my wishes be a turn off, I mainly want the discussion part anyway. Sorry to put you on the spot like that.
  20. Something I've been wondering lately is if the writers have favorite ponies. I haven't been able to find out from my Google searches if they'd announced anything about it, though I doubt that they would have. So I've been trying to figure it out on my own. First I made a list of all the episodes written by each writer. (Well, somepony else on the forums already had a nice list made up through season three, so I just stole that and added season four. (No season five yet.)) Then I looked at who was the mane character for that episode and marked it down. My hope was that I'd be able to see some pattern, but alas, I found none. So now I turn to you. Do you have any thoughts on who might be the favorite ponies of each writer? If so, why do you think that? (In case you're interested, I also put my list in the spoiler below.)
  21. For starters, I've always been one who likes to know how stuff works. I've always ripped stuff apart since I was a kid, starting with old and/or broken VCR's and stuff like that. ANYWAY...This pertains to why I ended up liking MLP also. I (Somehow) knew nothing about THE NEW show's existence until looking up Tara Strong for something unrelated in 2013. I saw she was in MLP and thought it would be funny to see her crappy part in what had to still be a crappy show. Well I watched the first 2 episodes... on YouTube... and thought it was better than expected, but didn't think it was interesting enough watch any more. I really did like how fluid the flash animation was though. Well since I searched for MLP on YouTube- MLP related stuff kept popping up in the sidebar ever since and it was starting to annoy me. Then I saw a picture of Vinyl Scratch (who I never saw before) and wondered what the hell "it" was and clicked it... Well I watched more clips and stuff and wondered WHAT THE HELL was going on. So I ended up "taking apart the show" and finding out all about how it started, Lauren Faust, the writers, the VA's, The fandom, etc. So all in all- I know WAY too much about the show in terms of who/how it's made. In the past I have also worked with flash- so I know what's going on in that aspect too. I just find it funny that it's this show of all things that I know so much about. Anyone else in the same boat?
  22. Hey Everyone, So I have done this before, but i completely screwed up last time. So! I need animators, video editors, musicians and of course voice actors. For voice actors i need... Magnify (Main Character. Detective, Male) (Speaks frequently) Bright Twinkle (Main characters assistant, detective, Female) (Speaks frequently) Princess Celestia (Main-Side Character, Female) (Speaks Mostly) Mrs. Trotter (Side character, maid, Female) (speaks mostly) Mr. Hoof (Side character, butler, Male) (speaks mostly) Mr. Gallop (Side character, buissnesspony, Male) (Speaks Infrequently) Miss. Horseshoe (Side character, Lawyer, Female) (Speaks infrequently) Mr. Neigh (Side character, Doctor, Male) (Speaks infrequently) Mr. Saddle (Side character, cook, male) (Speaks infrequently) Auditions will st start soon I will also need editors to help with the script. I am still not sure weather this will be a youtube series or a film, The names are not finalized yet (Please contact me vial E-mail or here if you are interested) ( Thanks everyone!
  23. Hello! So, what is this thread about? Well, I was once a member of a writing request group that got a bit too ambitious. It fell apart and vanished off the face of the forums. I was enjoying my time in that group, however, and now I'd like to re-establish it. So, here's the gist: I will take any one shot writing request that I think I can do well. I am best at: Sad, Tragedy, Romance and Dark stories. I will consider all requests thrown at me, but those are the types I am most likely to accept. Now, there is another little detail here; I don't want to solo this. I can't tackle every story chucked at me, but at the same time I want to turn away as few ideas as possible. So, if you want to join up with this thread as a group/team/whatever member, go ahead and post on this thread or PM me. From there I can get a skype group established to make communication and maybe even collab stories a lot easier. So, I will have my own personal queue set up for what story is next. I'll post the story here when done, and if I particularly like the result, I'll put it up on Fimfiction as well. If you have any questions, feel free to shout em out. I'll answer them in the thread as well as updating the OP in the case of the really important. So, let the writing begin! Skijarama's Queue: 1. ==UNFILLED== 2. ==UNFILLED== 3. ==UNFILLED==
  24. In the animation industry, people who create their own cartoon series typically start as Storyboard artists, writers, etc. for other Cartoons. Before making Gravity Falls, Alex Hirch was a writer for Flapjack. Before creating Chowder, C.H. Greenbalt was a writer for SpongeBob. Before there was the Kids Next Door, Tom Warburton was the lead Character designer for Pepper-Ann. Prior to Steven Universe, Rebecca Suggar was a composer for Adventure Time. And of course before breathing new life into My Little Pony, Lauren Faust was a producer/writer for Powerpuff Girls and Foster's. This brings me to the topic, will any current writer for FiM eventually create their own cartoon? I know Chris Savino is making The Loud House for Nickelodeon, but Chris wasn't a regular writer to my knowledge, he only wrote 2 episodes for Season 1. I'm talking about a writter who has been on the show since season 1.