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Found 1186 results

  1. So I recently started a blog and haven't really decided on a theme just yet, what I would like to know from those who blog is what do you write about and do you have a theme, what is your inspiration Don't worry I wont steel anything aaaaand.... GO!
  2. Techite Sparkle

    What helps you to relax?

    Well alot of the time when I just want to sit down and relax and/or be left alone now these days I tend to simply browse the internet or listen to calm or melodic music. (Lulz yes) Edit: Oops... I can't forget playing Sonic 2... xD... So what about everybody else here?
  3. CameoShadowness

    Written Language

    I know it's a kid show and all but I have met kids who are even tired of the scribbles and blank bars used as substitutes for actual written words. Now to be honest most of them are no where close to as bothered as I am about it but there is roughly two I can think of that are. Beyond the bars and scribbles we got these few: From the first episode: Those basic 10 symbols we see for the Nightmare Moon prophecy and gets repeated in Show Stoppers. (screen shot from here: Dr. Turquoise's Youtube video called "My Little Pony Scientific Theories: Writing".) The next is from a book cover and got it from PsychicWalnut (DA) and it was called "Resource:Open Book". I forgot the episode this was in but I genuinely got surprized from the lack of repetition. The one after that is from "Just for Sidekicks" and is a screen shot from Dr. T's video that I mentioned before. This is Spike's cook book but if you get a full pitcher of the book, you see the pages and even paragraphs are really identical. This begs the question but given that he's making a Jewel Cake we can assume it's about that but the repetition bothers me. Next is the book of the Crystal Empire BUT that book's writing is the same for the Complete History of the Wonderbolts book in "Testing Testing 1 2 3" So I assume the writing means Complete History and the symbol is for the topic. (I can't find the vector artist.) Lastly the most Wordy part of the scroll from Forgotten friendship. I tried to decode it but couldn't. :/ Either way this has JUST ENOUGH repetition where it seems like a real coherent written language BUT the lack of clear spaces AND the fact that I already tried to decode and failed sucks. (screen shot this from the episode myself) I know I am missing the Sister Social Hooves Poster (I think that's what it's called) and some more minor stuff it is frustrating. As an animator I hate this. They USE FLASH. It makes animating a crap ton easier. I don't expect them to have writing every where, I expect that Symbols are literally enough in many cases (thus books only having pitcher covers are okay by me) but it just annoys me. I love the idea of having messages around that if people try hard enough, they could decipher and it gets people more into the animation and watching carefully. Making people constantly going back to watch more. I see it as a way to share messages and maybe even use it to pull their legs and joke sometimes (I'd be the one to do that.) But what do you guys think?
  4. Hey guys! For those of you who knew me, I took a few years break from the forums. Well, this is what I was doing, AKA The rock I was living under for the last two years. From the 11th of October 2016 to the 24th of September 2018 I was in Chihuahua Mexico as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I spent that time visiting people in their homes and on the street, helping them come to know and understand what we as members of the church believe, as well as help those interested prepare to be a part of that church. I decided that upon returning to the forums I-d let you all ask about it if you want, as well as allow those who don-t know me to get to know about me, my characters, and my experience in RolePlay, Writing, Editing, and public comunication without confrontation. So, as the title says, Ask Me Anything!
  5. This is the first post, so it won't get the formatting I plan to use for the rest. Today's prompt is simple: A SOL (Slice of Life) set in a post-post zombie apocalypse. As in, enough time has past that humanity and society has successfully rebuilt everything.
  6. So I wasn't really sure how to phrase the question but do you ever find that when you write essays or certain papers that require more professional language you tend to speak differently than when you speak vocally? In other words, when my parents read my papers they often tell me that what I say doesn't sound like me at all. Do you ever have this issue?
  7. Hi i maybe start this thread unnecessary but i have no ide where i should pst my qeustion. wich programme should i use if i'm a beginner and wanna use a easy programme to draw ponies or something? (A programme i can download without any costs please) please help and don't blame me for start a unnecessary thread. peace (Y)
  8. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    To "ah"-ccent, or not to "ah"-ccent?

    Whenever I write Applejack's dialogue, I usually write with standard spelling, instead of the "Ah"s and other dialect-like spellings typical of any fanfics about her. To me, it not only looks nice, but I also prefer the reader to imagine AJ speaking, because I am sure that they already knew that AJ speaks in a country accent, making the accent-ised spelling unnecessary. What do you think? Do you think that this is fine (relying on existing info and imagination), or is it better to use a dialectal spelling to reflect AJ's voice better? Eg. "I'm sure that you're not wandering around, partner. Trust me." vs. "Ah'm sure that yer not wandrin' 'round, pardner. Trust me."
  9. PuddingPonyPal

    Purposely bad poem game!

    Hello fellow poetry writers and lovers! Tonight I have a challenge/game for you! Can you write a really bad poem? Whether is be crude, grammatically incorrect or just plain stupid, it counts! So, let me start. A Duse's Destiny! - PuddingPonyPal I love to poo It's a great thing to do Let it be shared Between me and you Hard Mountain - PuddingPonyPal To you I'd love to sock Directly in the c*ock You say it's like a rock But it's size I love to mock ... It's snowing on Mt. Fuji
  10. November 1st - 30th. * * * Welcome to the fourth National Novel Writing Month thread hosted on the MLP Forums! In our previous years (2013, 2014, 2015), we've seen a bit of a bad trend of host inconsistency and late threads, and this year is no exception! (@Kolth, @RockinRarity, come back to us!) What is National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as "NaNoWriMo"? NaNoWriMo is a competition to write a novel between November 1st and November 30st. You think that's easy? Here's the catch: a novel is defined at being a minimum of 50,000 words. But don't let that number discourage you. Broken down into the 30 days of November, that's on average 1,667 words a day - which most people can achieve with relative ease. The tricky bit is staying consistent with writing those short bits for 30 days. That's where this thread comes in! Okay, sounds cool. So where can I sign up for this "competition"? And how do I "win"? Head over to (but then come back here when you are done). And it isn't a "competition", per se, though that's what they call it. NaNoWriMo is more of a self-challenge, You "win" the competition by meeting your goals. And anyone can win - but only those who persist will. And keep in mind that NaNoWriMo's 50K limit is not set in stone, nor is there a strict requirement to write a novel. If you think 50K is too ambitious this year, go ahead and reach for 30K, saving the full 50K goal for next year. If you don't want to write a novel but rather multiple short stories, go ahead and write a bunch of short stories that total up to your word count goal! If you've already begun on a novel and have been meaning to finish, go ahead and let this competition be your excuse to pick it up again. There is only one real rule: only the words you write in November count toward your goal. Already have a 3,500 word start? Doesn't count toward your goal. Having words written prior to the competition isn't forbidden, but your new word count must start at zero on November 1st. This challenge isn't about finishing a race by taking shortcuts; it's about finding the motivation and teamwork to accomplish! So, what is this thread for? This thread serves three main purposes: 1. To keep you, the writer, accountable. 2. To allow authors to bounce ideas off of each other 3. To help new writers find the tools and groups they need to get started! As for keeping you accountable, drop a comment below if you are participating. Include your author name and your overall goal. I'll add you to the leaderboard here, and you can see how you are comparing to other writers. Send me a pm or drop another comment anytime with your new word count, and I'll get it updated ASAP. And new writers, feel free to ask questions below! What should I write? Anything that comes to mind! If you have an idea or two that's been bouncing around for a while, give it a shot. If it's an mlp fanfic, all the better: you have a whole community of MLP nerds ready to help you expand your ideas. If you have absolutely nothing: sit down, put on some moody thinking music to get your mind meat churning, then write down quick descriptions of whatever story ideas float by. Write up a whole page or more! Don't worry, most will be awful, or at least fatally flawed. Odds are, though, at least one of them will be a good one. This process of generating thoughts is called "brainstorming" in the writing world. It's used in all stages of idea creation, and the best part is that multiple authors can brainstorm together! Ideas galore! Who else in the brony fandom is participating in NaNoWriMo? - Equestria Daily is once again hosting their National Pony Writing Month event!, headed up by Novel Idea. They will be running posts on EqD throughout November, and Novel Idea will be running a discord channel on Equestria Daily's discord server. I highly recommend any writers trying to get their work out there to check this event out! Keep in mind that this event is for MLP Fanfiction! - FIMFiction has an active NaNoWriMo Bronies group, run by Moonlit Path. The group has three levels of difficulty: 25K, 38K and 50K. At the end of the month, anyone who met their goal can post the story to the group. Again, stories posted to this group (and on the site in general) are specifically for MLP Fanfiction! - And the associated NaNoWriMo Bronies discord server:, lead by myself and a few of the admins from the FIMFiction group. This server has general chit-chat channels, its own leaderboard, and regular novelist challenges like "writing sprints" and idea prompts for those wishing to participate. These of course will be starting in November. Though most members of the server will be writing pony fiction, it's not a strict requirement of the server. * * * Resources: Official NaNoWriMo website: Young Writers Program for NaNoWriMo: Scrivener NaNoWriMo Trial: True Novelist: FiMFiction - the largest my little pony fanfiction platform on the internet: * * * Leaderboard Lucas Aldebrandi - 0 out of 50,000 Valeska - 0 out of 25,000
  11. Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this Month? I'm really curious if anybody is. And if so, what's it about?
  12. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  13. So along with writing fanfictions, I just started writing an original story called the Supers. It takes place in Modern New York City. The summary is basically that strange events happen all at once in certain areas of the world. These events get called Surges. One happens to form in New York, which causes mayhem throughout the city. After the chaos has been handled, crime rates go through the roof. Murders start happening, some in strange ways. Eventually, it is found out that these Surges have not only created small monsters that hide in the shadows formed from an unknown substance in the Surge, but it has also given random people powers out of nowhere, also caused by the same unknown substance. Jack Phelps, a 20 year old college student, has been given one of these powers. As more and more bad things start to happen, he and a couple of other people given powers try to do something about it. Soon, though, they start thinking that maybe these surges weren't natural at all, but created by somebody... That's the summary! If you are interested in this story, I'd love to get some feedback on the prologue. Which, in third person, shows a secret military post under New York City and how they react to the Surge as it happens. The rest of the story will be in first person, most of the time in Jack's POV. So again if you are interested, please PM me! Thanks!
  14. I am looking for a writer to collaborate with on a fanfiction. I have a couple ideas in mind, but I'm open to suggestions. I have attempted multiple projects in the past, but whenever I write anything novel-length I tend to rush the pacing and run out of ideas mid way. I particularly like stories where ponies end up on Earth and have to solve a problem and/or find their way back to Equestria. I would like someone who would be interested in brainstorming ideas and possibly co-writing. You would be given an author credit and welcome to share the end result as your own as long as I am able to post it on my fimfiction account.
  15. So as I was writing something recently I came across a block in my flow, this block came in the form of not knowing what languages are called in the MLP verse. Can anypony here think of or direct me to the most 'offical' names of these languages? Note: The ones I am looking for are Latin and Greek, anything else is just a nice tid bit for future reference. At a dead end I decided to take a more etymological route. So the word Latin is derived from the word Latinus, which means "of Latium" But then in this case you would need to have a pony name for Lazio as that is the ancient name of Latium.
  16. That has been a request from bronys for years now, that Zecora should get her own episode. And i seemed like the only one in this sea of request who always said "" Here is the thing. Zecora is a character that we only heard talking through rhymes with not exception whatsoever and most of the time, these times where relatively brief. Now imagine Zecora having her own episode where she certainly has to talk for most of the episode? This brings 2 difficulties for the writers: 1. All of Zecoras words need to be in rhyme, or else this would be OOC for her. I don't use that term much, but this fits it perfectly 2. The dialogue actually needs to make sense when Zecora talks in rhymes. Writing something like that in an episode is incredibly tough. If the Writers do it wrong, the fans will hunt them down. What do you think guys?
  17. No Longer Used

    Poem: Just Like You

    [Content was cleared; user is no longer active.]
  18. No Longer Used

    Poem: Winter

    [Content was cleared; user is no longer active.]
  19. No Longer Used

    Poem: Teensy

    [Content was cleared; user is no longer active.]
  20. Vainamoinen

    Writing Help with book?

    Hello all. I am currently writing book, and getting help from American neighbor next door. He is very nice, and helpful with parts of book in English. But I have question. I am stuck. And need help with idea of what could happen in story. The story isä about group Of tribal people defending homeland. They try to speak to ancestors for guidance in current part and can not because of curse. And they are starting off to find source of curse. I do not know what to make curse be from. Help?
  21. Have you guys ever came across one of those "non-FanFictions"? You know the ones, where the fanfic in question has nothing to do source material exept for a few characters' names - and those said characters only vaguely act like the source material - as if the fan fiction was actually about something else a one point?... I've seen a couple but I don't quite remember what they were called. One of them that I can remember was actually a Sonic fanfiction but they just be placed Sonic with Rainbow Dash and Amy was Pinkie Pie. I've discovered this after doing a little bit of research and using some kind of search engine that can locate phrases in paragraphs of text. I also looked for author elsewhere. Then I found that they actually post the same fanfiction on another site at the Sonic fanfiction and according to the day that one was posted earlier. Another one was just some furry erotica turned into a clop-fic by putting Pony characters in it. There are a few others I have suspicions of but I haven't actually confirmed whether or not they were "non-fanfictions". Like one about Rainbow Dash being trapped in the sewers with somethin. She seemed a bit too out of character - almost suspiciously too out of character ,as if she's literally written as another character. And another one was about being gay. Gnd the characters seem a bit too... token, as if they could be easily exchanged with anyone else (which I believe with the intent of the author). I'm not sure, maybe I'm just being too critical. to me it sounds very lazy and disingenuous to just replace characters from a old fan fiction to make a "new" fanfiction. And who knows maybe the ones that I had a suspicion of but no evidence were actually legit Fanfictions just the characters was just wrote in a very Bland way. I don't know , what do you guys think? have you ever came across a "non-fanfiction" before and if so, tell me about them.
  22. I'm looking for artists and writers to work with on a few comic book ideas. One of them may be very violent and may contain a lot of gore (we'll communicate privately for that one to keep the gore off the forums). Another involves characters with silly powers or themes, but it will pretend to be serious. I need to work on my own drawing skills, and perhaps my writing, but I have a lot of fresh ideas if anyone is interested in helping. The first idea involves a hero who can transfer all of his injuries to someone by touching them. I have a few cliffhangers planned for this one as well as a basic plot. There's also an idea for another character that can create phantom pains in her enemies, but the drawback is that she also feels that pain. The second idea I mentioned starts off with a character called "The Not-Invisible Man." After a freak accident with bioluminescent waste, he gained the power of superior visibility, and can even glow in the dark. He wears a neon jacket and carries a reinforced Stop sign. He has many hats to help him blend in with multiple jobs that use the neon vests/jackets. Among the villains he'll face are the Pun-Liner, a bad Joker/Riddler wannabe; The Coin Crusher, which is really just those penny squishing machines (nothing special about them, it's just one of his delusions, he thinks they're his enemy. Did I mention he hates things that are technically illegal? These machines are an example of that because it's technically defacing legal tender); his as of yet unnamed neighbor and his multiple pet squirrels ("I wonder what devious plots he's planning on using those squirrels for. He's giving them enhancements. Those squirrels can do incredible things. I swear, one of them can fly, another can climb walls, and one of them... I saw it... it's invisible!" -The Not-Invisible Man); and The Saniac, a man that by our standards would be completely insane if not for his powers. The Saniac's power is that he's completely sane, not because he perceives the world as it is, but because the world is as he perceives. His power manipulates reality making his delusions into truths. His powers are limited by his perceived limitations only. Some days he may believe nothing can stop him, others he'll believe that cookies make him shrink to the size of a mouse.
  23. 4HFan

    Writing "Eternity"

    Hello everypony! Recently, I discovered that writing songs is a great way to express yourself and helps with feelings that are hard to deal with. So here's my lyrical adaptation of "Millennia", by Crown the Empire. I call it, "Eternity". (Real original huh) "Eternity" Hey there old friend, I know it broke your heart when you watched me go, And I know young love is just a dream, I was only fifteen, And you're the only love I've known. But please don't let me go, I'm not done, 'Cause it's loss that kills my heart. Don't give up on me, kindle the spark. I've been away from this place for what feels like eternity, Lost, alone, and broken down inside, All I ever wanted was a real home, So please don't let me go! I never wanted to feel this way, All the pain just won't seem to go away, I'll lie awake here in my room, Then pull the trigger and send myself home. So how did I get so far from my happy days? Another broken dream now just a memory, I should've stayed here in the dark, I should've left this awesome place, And never learned how to love. So please just tell my now about the things that you regret, Now that I'll be dead and gone and done, Please don't leave me here! And leave my heart, here in the gutter. I've been away from this place for what feels like eternity, Lost, alone, and broken down inside, All I ever wanted was a real home, So please don't let me go! I never wanted to feel this way, All the pain just won't seem to go away, I'll lie awake here in my room, Then pull the trigger and send myself home. (Send myself home!) I've been away from this place for what feels like eternity, Lost, alone, and broken down inside, All I ever wanted was a real home, So please don't let me go! I never wanted to feel this way, All the pain just won't seem to go away, I'll lie awake here in my room, Then pull the trigger and send myself...
  24. I wrote this one up in a few sections at a time. It was the first story I have completed in the past 7 years so my writing skills are rough as you will see. The basic plot is that one perspective is based off of an American NG member who finds himself on the front line of a new war. The second perspective is from a German paratrooper who drops into America behind enemy lines. I had more planned for this story but I am struggling with setting up the characters properly, something which I really hope to improve upon if I continue or start any other stories. I like the premise of this one but I'm not sure how I can make the characters any better because right now they are very generic and unknown. I know there are issues with this one but any feedback is appreciated since it would be nice to get a rough idea of were I'm at before I continue with this or start on something new. Anyways, without further adue, here it is: “Everybody up! Now! This is not a drill!” What was going on? 4:30 in the morning? Something really big must be happening if the sergeant wanted us up at this hour. “Listen up! The 554th infantry regiment has reported some hostile warships off the coast by section 42 of the Atlantic wall. You all know what this means.” “You sure sergeant?” Somebody in the back of the barracks spoke up. “They said the same thing last July and nothing happened. Probably just some U-boats trying to give the citizens a fright.” “I don’t care what you think!” The Sargent barked back. “I have my orders and you have yours! We can get down to the wall in 20 minutes and we can find out what the issue is. I want everybody in this room on the trucks and ready to go in 5 minutes!” “Yes sir!” I quickly slipped on my tattered “uniform” which was no more than a worn out coat with my division insignia patched to it. It was always best to get to the rifle rack first. I quickly scanned over the dates stamped into the top of the barrels of the M1903 Springfield rifles. 1943, 1944, 1938, 1935 … there we go, 1917! I quickly looked it over for damage but it looked good. It was always a relief when I found an old rifle in good shape since I had heard stories of soldiers who lost half their jaw from firing one of the hastily made Springfields from 1944 or 45. Within 4 minutes everybody was loaded up on the half wooden M44 troop transporter. It was a primitive vehicle which was little more than a long pickup truck with a wooden back covered with a cloth sheet. Our column was escorted by a half track equipped with a few .50 calibre machine gun for shooting down aircraft just in case some German planes tried to attack. The ride up to the Atlantic wall was never fun. The road was just some gravel laid down a one way road which went through a forest. The truck shook so violently that it was impossible to hear anything, the only way to communicate was with hand gestures. At about the fifteen minute mark of the trip to the wall something caught my eye. Flashes coming from the wall. Big flashes. Some of them were so bright that they lit up most of the sky for almost a whole second. “Oh well.” I thought to myself. “Probably just an oil tanker that got hit off the coast again. Nothing to worry about.” However, the flashed continued without any sign of stopping or slowing down. This really started to worry me now. Was a whole convoy of oil tankers hit by a U-boat pack? It seemed unlikely that the US Navy would let the German’s do that kind of damage. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion just ahead of the convoy. “PANZER!” Somebody yelled. Our truck slammed on its breaks but slid into the back of the now flaming halftrack. “Everybody out now!” WHAM! Before I could move the transport behind us slammed into the back of our transport and reduced the last 2 seats to splinters. Without thinking, I pulled the bayonet of my rifle and slashed open the side of the cloth covering. I rolled out of the hole as fast as I could. A split second later machine gun fire coming from the other side of the road tore through the flimsy wooden side of the transport. In a moment of panic I dropped my bayonet and left my rifle on the road as I sprinted into the dark forest. It had all happened so fast. No time to think over the situation or what to do about it. I just ran. That’s all I could do. Run. I could still see the trees and the sky light up every once and a while from the flashes coming from the wall. The ground sometimes grumbled when some of the bigger flashes when off and lit up the sky. I never even considered looking back or trying to head for the wall. I just needed to get as far away as possible, that’s all the mattered. I felt exhausted but I just kept on going even though I felt like I might collapse at any moment. “Not today!” I told myself. “I may die someday but not today!” After what seemed like hours, I found an end to the dark forest which lead into an empty wheat field. The sun was starting to come up now and I noticed a farm house off to the side of the field. There was no automobile in the driveway or a power line leading to the house for that matter. The place must have been abandoned after the crash of ‘29. I ran up to the front door which was knocked down and entered the house. The furniture was torn up and rotten, windows were smashed and glass littered the floor. Definitely abandoned. I headed down to the dark basement and sat in one of the corners away from the light. I would be safe down here for now. I tried to think of what to do next. I had just abandoned my unit and everybody I had trained with over the past three weeks might be dead. Panzers out here? How could that even be possible? How did could Germans get past our fleet? Somebody in high command must of really messed up if they let a whole invasion fleet through! It could have just been a test too though. Maybe some U-boats dropped off some troops as a scouting mission. After thinking about the situation for another few hours, I heard the sound of heavy trucks off in the distance. It slowly got louder and louder. I ran upstairs and looked out of one of the smashed windows. I could see a column of troop transports heading up the road. M44s! One of them was had its side badly damaged and shot up with bullet holes. I recognized the licence number on the side of one of the trucks. They were from my unit! The trucks passed by the house and turned off to another side road. However, one of the trucks kept on going for a while further. I had not realized that just a few hundred yards ahead there was an airfield. On the field were a bunch of wrecked aircraft and a burnt out radar station. The place looked completely abandoned and I could not see any operational aircraft or vehicles on the field. The truck stopped by one of the buildings and a bunch of troops jumped out the back if it. They were all carrying rifles and quickly spread out to search the buildings. I understood what happened to the men who deserted from the National Guard. They were usually lined up in front of a firing squad and shot as traitors. However, I could not stand the thought of running away like I coward. Maybe if I handed myself in they would let it slide. I started to walk towards the field with my hands behind my head. “Patterson!” Somebody had noticed me walking over. “What on earth are you doing? I thought you were a dead man!” I walked closer and explained to him what had happened. “You deserted in middle of combat eh? Well, lucky for you the Sargent was with the rest of the column which went to the hospital. I’ll just tell him that you were with us the whole time. If somebody says they saw you run for it then just tell them that they were mistaken. For the love of god though, NEVER do that again!” “Thanks Wilson. I never thought I would see you guys again.” I replied back. “Don’t let your guard down kid. Things are about to get a whole lot worse.” Wilson walked me to one of the buildings. “What’s the situation?” He called out. “The power lines are gone. Communications are all dead.” Somebody called out from the building. “Damn. We will just have to pray that Sarge gets us some support.” “Support for what?” I snapped back. “The Sarge said that in the case of an invasion, our primary objective is to deny the enemy a beach head. Our secondary is to deny them access to any airfields, so that’s what we are going to do.” I suddenly felt light headed. “Take this kid, you’re going to need it.” Wilson handed me a Springfield rifle. “How the hell are 22 of us supposed to hold down an entire airfield? This is nuts! They have tanks for crying out loud!” “Shut up kid! Moral is already low, we don’t need defeatists in our ranks as well. All they have are some light tanks. We took out the one that ambushed us in one shot with a Bazooka, there is nothing to worry about.” Wilson snapped back. We all took up defensive positions across the airfield. Me, Wilson and Private Frank occupied the top level of the control tower. The sun was just coming up and heavy gunfire continued off in the distance. Suddenly we heard the whine of an aircraft in the distance which was coming over from the east. “Incoming! Everybody take cover!” The aircraft appeared to be smoking and flying lower and lower as it approached. Somebody yelled out “Hold your fire! It’s a friendly!” When the plane came closer, I recognised the aircraft. It was a Spitfire MK V, the standard fighter for the USAAF. The plane skidded to a halt on the far side of the airfield and we ran over to put the fire out. The pilot jumped out and blasted the engine with a fire extinguisher. “Wonderful! Lets see if he knows anything about the situation.” Wilson said to himself as he walked over to the aircraft. “Private Wilson, Nation Guard” Wilson introduced himself. “How many of you are here?” The pilot snapped back. “22.” “Well shoot! 22 men assigned to defend an airfield? Where has everybody else gone? If we give up another airfield then we might lose air superiority!” “I understand the situation but I was hoping you could shed some light on the situation.” “Bad. Now get me a rifle because we are not giving up this position until every one of us is dead! Understand?” Everybody got back into position and we just waited. Wilson, who just came back after a discussion with the pilot came upstairs and sat down. “Did you get anything out of him?” Frank asked. “Yea, he sure wasn’t kidding when he said the situation was bad. There were 57 aircraft stationed here this morning. Now look at this place, it’s like a ghost town. He says that he’s the only one who made it back in one piece. He told me that the Germans have jets over the east. They tried to engage the jets but it was a slaughter.” Suddenly we heard a branch snapping coming from the woods. Wilson put his finger over his mouth and gestured towards the woods. I set my rifle up on a table with a clear view out the window and set the sights to 200m. A shadow emerged from the woods but I could make out the curved sides of the helmet as well as the camouflage design. German! He was carrying a short rifle with a scope and a long magazine at the bottom. I held my breath and waited for Wilson to give the order to fire. The soldier off in the distance waved his arm over and soon a group of about 8 more shadows emerged from the woods. One of them stayed behind and the others started to quickly walk in the direction of the airfield. “Wait for them to get closer.” Wilson whispered “I don’t think they notice us yet and they think the place is deserted.” CRACK! I heard a rifle shot come from far behind me. “Open fire!” I fired at one of the soldiers off in the distance and one of them threw his arms up in the air before collapsing onto the floor. I was not sure if it was my shot that hit him or somebody else’s but it was the first time I had shot at a live human being. All of the soldiers split up and hit the ground. I pulled the bolt back on my rifle as fast as I could and lined up for another shot. Crack! I gave little thought to aiming as my hands were shaking far too much. I just tried to fire my rifle as fast as I could. One of the soldiers in the field must have noticed the flash from my rifle and fired wildly at the window. Bullets zoomed past me and hit the window frame as well as the ceiling. I ducked down as dust from the ceiling fell down around me. The rifle fire continued outside but the automatic fire from the field died down quickly. I kept my head down until the fire stopped, I did not want to risk being shot at again. When the fire stopped I heard Wilson yell out “Keep your eyes peeled! Frank, go out to the field and get those weapons. We are going to need all the guns we can get our hands on and I can guarantee that those rifles are better than anything we have.” The airfield was dead quiet after the shootout, nobody talked or moved. The only thing that could be heard was the occasional bird song and Frank trudging through the grass. We had been told that any injuries or casualties must be reported to the highest officer at once so having nobody talk back was probably a good thing. Viewpoint 2: “2 minutes to the drop point! Commence preparation procedures at once!” I got up out of my thin metal seat and the rest of the squad fallowed suit. An airmen waited at all 4 doors on the 4 engine aircraft with their fingers clenched on the release for the doors. It was early in the morning and the sun had not even risen yet. I gave my parachute a quick check and made sure all my equipment was secured properly. I learnt from my other 2 drops that it was always a good idea to hold on to something so that the flak bursts would not knock me over. However, this time there was no flak and I had not noticed any enemy aircraft. “30 seconds!” Everybody moved closer to the doors on the aircraft, I was the third person behind the door on the back left of the aircraft. “10 seconds! Prepare doors!” The men on the doors pulled the lever up and yanked the metal doors open. A red light appeared over the door. “5 seconds! 4. 3. 2. 1. Commence drop!” The light turned to green and a buzzer sounded. All at once, soldiers started to jump out from the doors. Within seconds I was out of the aircraft and plummeting down from the dark sky. It was hard to see what was going on down below but the country side was dark. I did not notice any sign ground fire or civilian lights. The tension during the initial fall was almost unbearable. At any second I could be hit by ground fire or I could land on enemy troops. There would be nothing I could do to save myself if any of these situations occurred and that is what bothered me the most. At a few thousand meters I pulled my chute which caught the wind and caused a rapid decline in speed. Once my speed stabilized I undid the strap which was holding my rifle around my waist and got it ready. I took the safety off and scanned the ground for any signs of movement. However, I dropped into a dense forest and it appeared as if nobody noticed me. I landed in a small oak tree which snagged the parachute. I pulled out my knife and slashed the straps off. Luckily I was only a few meters off the forest floor so I was unharmed when I hit the ground which was always a major relief. I quickly looked around the surrounding area for movement or signs of light but noticed nothing. I readied my rifle and checked my compass then began to head north. My objective was to secure a small civilian airfield which was being used for the military. I continued on through the forest for what felt like half an hour. Eventually I heard a sound coming from behind one of the trees. I readied my rifle and carefully moved closer. Suddenly I heard somebody yell out towards me in German and then in English “Identify yourself at once!” I called back “Private Wilhelm Hansen, 7th Fallscrimjager.” “Approach at once!” I lowered my rifle and walked over to the voice. I stepped into a small clearing and noticed 5 other paratroopers standing next to a tree. “Excellent!” One of them shouted out. “Now that we have Wilhelm with us we shall be unstoppable!” “What is the situation?” I asked. “Did you see the drop conditions? We caught them off guard! No flack, no fighters and no reports of enemies on the ground so far. I have not seen such an easy invasion since Denmark!” “I understand the landing conditions were good but we must capture that airfield.” I replied back. “Do you have any idea were other troops may have landed? The 10 of us don’t have a hope of doing much right now.” “I say we head on over to that airfield and see if anybody’s home. If we manage to get that field then we will all be given Iron Crosses!” The other paratroopers seemed enthusiastic about the idea so I said nothing in protest. Besides, if we noticed any enemy troops we could just turn back and look for other troops if things looked bad. The 10 of us set off through the dark forest. We just used the compass for navigation but after about 20 minutes we noticed a propeller driven fighter flying at low altitude heading in the direction of the airfield. “Well at least we know we are going in the right direction now.” One of the soldiers commented. After our group continued on for another few minutes, we discovered the edge of the forest. “Hans! Go and check out that field up ahead, it could be the clearing for the airfield after all.” One of the soldier instructed. Hans moved to the edge of the forest and scanned the area with a pair of binoculars. Hans soon moved back towards us and said the airfield was just up ahead and that nobody was home! It seems too good to be true, just like most of the events of today. “Then what are we waiting for.” The same soldier asked enthusiastically. “Let’s go a get our crosses men!” “Hold on a minute.” I spoke out. “It could be a trap for all we know.” “All right then Wilhelm. Why don’t you hang back and provide covering fire if things go bad all right?” I let the nine paratroopers head out into the field. Hans went out first and called the others out after him. I lay still on the ground and scanned the building for any signs of movement. I looked over at the radar station and watched as an American soldier scampered behind the mangled equipment on the roof. I focused all my attention on the radar station in case he popped out again, I did not bother to look anywhere else on base in fear that the soldier might try to fire at my fellow paratroopers. Suddenly, I heard a rifle shot coming from the hanger and right after somebody screamed a command in English and the perimeter lit up with rifle fire from almost every direction. I looked over at the radar station and took aim but the riflemen stopped firing after a few seconds. I held my self back from firing since I did not want to give away my location. I looked over at the field and just glanced at the bodies of my fellow paratroopers strewn across the empty field. It was too late to do anything now.