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Found 2 results

  1. This is the thread for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! FF XIV: ARR is an MMO for the PS3/4 and PC. The setting is the fantasy world of Eorzea, which has just entered the 7th Astral Era following the war between the Eorzean Grand Alliance, and the Garlean Empire, which ended when the Primal God Bahamut burst forth from the red moon, Dalamud, and laid waste to the land. You can play as a male or Female of the following races Hyur (Humans) Elezen (Elves) Mi'quote (cat people) Lalafell (hobbits) Roegadyn (very large built, almost animalistic humanoids) You can choose to ally with any of the 3 starting nations Gridania (Very forest-y) Ul'dah (desert climate) Limsa Lominsa (coastal and full of pirates) This game's strength is in it's storyline, and in its not so casual friendly end game content. You won't find a raid that's nearly a face roll, like in other MMOs. I personally find it to be a very rewarding game to play, and feel my PvE accomplishments are well deserved, and never just handed to me. You can easily spend hundreds of hours just getting through the game's story, and exploring its content. What impresses me the most about the game is the music, the stunning graphics, and the sheer vastness of dungeons and end game raiding that can be found, all at different item level difficulties. I would love to see more people in this game, especially with the expansion coming out next month, so please check it out! This is my Lalafell, Star Swirl. I currently play on Behemoth server, AKA the Cool Kid's Table, AKA Best-hemoth.
  2. General Discussion Thread for all things pertaining to FINAL FANTASY XIV, both version 1.0 and late 2012's 2.0. I will also answer any questions anypony may have about the game, if they've played it in the past and gave it up or has become interested after reading about the major changes to come. FFXIV News and Updates: The LodestoneFFXIV_2.0_Outline_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Roadmap_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Specs_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Systems_and_Content_EN.pdf