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Found 1 result

  1. Did you really think I wouldn't post this? Anyways, this thread is for discussing the recently released game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS3/4, Xbox 360/ One, and PC! Talk about what you did/didn't like about the game, talk about and show us your custom character (if you can), anything! But first, a quick overview: DBX's story follows your custom character as they join the Tme Patrol, a group of people who go throughout time fixing the timeline when something wrong happens, and fight the evil duo Mira and Towa, who are traveling throughout time to mess things up and destroy history! The game has borrowed MANY story and gameplay elements from Battle of Z, the failed Korean game Dragon Ball Online, and the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. When creating your character, you have 5 choices of race, Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, and Frieza's Race (Frieza's Race isn't given an official name, they actually just call it "Frieza Race"). You can also choose your gender (unless you're Namekian or Frieza Race, since both races are all males), change the physical apperance, and even the color of your clothes! I liked the awesome gameplay, good graphics, music, and the customization of your own character! However, it does have it's flaws. 1. Dialogue. I can't tell you how many times I found errors in the English subtitles, heck, sometimes the wrong words would show! Also, what the characters say don't always make sense, such as certain people refering to you by the wrong gender, saying things at the wrong time, and sometimes their words don't match their body language. 2. Cast of characters. This isn't a huge problem, but there are a few minor things that suck about the roster. 1. No normal form Teen Gohan. 2. No Frieza 2nd or 3rd form. 3. Inability to change Frieza or Cell's forms mid-battle (don't worry, you can still go Super Saiyan). 4. No Cell 1st or 2nd form. 5. You can't choose to be Super Saiyan before you start the battle like you could in most other games. 6. Not enough characters in general. Especially movie characters. 7. No regular or SS1 version of a certain character who I don't want to spoil. 8. Frieza Race custom characters don't have any transformations (but you can make them look like they're in a certain form. 9. Not enough characters in general (to me at least). I know that was a lot, but they're all small problems to me. 3. Difficulty. The game isn't that hard, but certain missions have UNFORGIVING CPUs! Mainly Parallel quest: "Super Saiyan Bargain Sale". Sometimes, your allies are morons. This especially sucks if you're doing a mission where you HAVE to protect them. But those faults are mostly outdone by their successes! Anyways, let the discussion begin! By the way, here's my character, Solare: Level: 90 Moves I usually use: Supers: Kamehameha Perfect Shot Maximum Charge Deadly Dance Ultimates: Super Spirit Bomb Ultra Fighting Bomber Evasives: Exlosive Wave