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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. My name is Ambient Beat. I'm new here. I know it's such a painfully generic intro, but I dont know how else to announce my forum debut. I am 18. Born in New York, grew up in Fresno and LA, and I currently live in Whidbey Island, which is an island barely an hour's drive away from the much more preferable Seattle, depending on the ferry ride and the traffic. I'm an artist, writing stories with a vocabulary level of a Wikipedia article, blueprinting games I'm never going to make, making videos that are insanely cringy, and drawing pictures of my OC with bedroom eyes(because I cant draw fully open eyes). But my overall favorite hobby is music. I love music, it's all I do mostly, and it's what I base my other art off of. I study theory and genres, and I experiment with several genres, listening to even more. My favourite genres are IDM, Chillwave, New Wave(and every genre influenced off it), Old Skool Hip Hop and 80's/90's rave. Ihave two musical projects: Face for Radio, an IDM/Experimental Rock/Breakbeat/Whatever genre I'm into at the time project, and its pony themed expansion, Ambient Beat, with my OC, which is just like Face for Radio, but more pop based and pony themed. I have a couple places to hear my stuff, including two BandCamps which I cant remember the logins for(hence the reason I have two). The account where I have the most music is my Soundcloud, so be sure to give me a listen. Keep in mind my music is mostly based on sound, so it sounds a bit weird. Soundcloud: Youtube:
  2. Hello, this is a very real petition to the MLPForums government to recognize aquatic species as equal citizens to equine species. Please sign. Legit Petition Message Stuff "Blablabla rights blabla represents the people blablablabla important stuff blablabla aquatic species equality to equine species kthx Obama and Artemis. Love, Otty" Signatures Otty~ CMQuickfireTM Fhaolan Mistwalker Astral Blitzen Blue Arctic Harmonic Revelations Scarlet (Raidenpuff) Scootalove Batsofa Brechard
  3. So, like, Obama is all up in here. Yo. Instead of sending cruise missiles at Syria, I sent my economic advisors. In my spare time I like to listen in on your phone conversations. So like, I'm gonna skip this dizzle. Peace to the homies, and the home-dogs. The homie-dogs.
  4. Kirby is a lot of fun, as we all know(and if you don't you should). Anyway, what's your favorite ability in Kirby? Mine is Ice.
  5. Does anypony want to know a dirty secret? Whatever you search on google and set the image size to exactly and put a weird, abnormal size like 156X587, you almost never get anything relevent. For example: I search Algebraic Proof and i got this Now. EVERYPONY TRY AND GET THE MOST IRRELEVENT IMAGE. GO GO GOOOO!