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Found 7 results

  1. It's time to D-D-D-D----DDDDULE! A couple of my friends are into Yu-Gi-Oh. Yu-Gi-Oh was a sizable part of my childhood as well. One of these days, I ought to watch season 0 and the Japanese versions of the seasons afterwards.
  2. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Friday Movienight is the event that started it all, here we watch movies together in our official channel with lots of fun to be had in chat, so come, grab a cider, and enjoy our fun-filled evening. Its time to get creative with some blocks and learn that anyone can be the hero of the story Then its time to DU DU DU, DUDUDDU DUEL .... Ok I promise I wont make anymore awful movienight descriptions Lego Movie Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Yu-gi-oh the Movie Showtimes 7:30 PM EST 0:30 AM CET MLP Episode Episode 15 11:30AM EST 5:30PM CET Join us this saturday for the viewing of the newest episode of mlp, live! Teen Movie Day - Sunday 3PM EST This sunday at 3PM EST we will be hosting our very own teen movie day I know I know... more movies, but its for the calendar event! plus we have a theme this-time around Working with our buddy troblems we've come up with this event to celebrate the wonderful years of highschool many experience, or atleast... movies about it... Come by this sunday to watch with us a marathon of wonderful 'teen' or 'highschool' themed movies including: Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller's Day off and a bunch of other classics that you won't want to miss Unscripted Saturday Comic Reading! Saturday 2:00 PM EST 7:00 PM CET On Saturday we continue with our priceless comic reading livestreams! With all your favorite staff guests and more Feat. Troblems doing a brilliant rarity voice Feat. Starswirl the Jeric'd Feat. whatever the hell weird noises artemis makes -just a disclaimer this event isn't guaranteed, it depends on who of the staff come up User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  3. Question is in the title, Does anypony duel on dueling network?
  4. -if I tagged this wrong in any way, my apologies- So, yugioh. That card game that was once on motorcycles! I couldn't find a thread on it already around, and I think I'm not the only one here that likes it. Whether it be the anime, the movies(yes, there are a few), the manga, the animations, or just the plain 'ol card game, here we speak of it. This can also double as a YGO PRO discussion and meet, as well as any fan made cards you make! Just have fun, and play a few rounds of a children's card game, or just remember when Pegasus just was a strong duelist!
  5. So I'm kinda going out on a limb here but I was wondering if anyone on these forums who is going to bronycon this year might also want to duel there. I really want to duel at this year's con. I'd really like to meet more bronys who are also duelists. This is my 4th bronycon btw.
  6. Eh, why not. It was a huge part of my childhood, I had all these card scans sitting on my USB Drive that I forgot about months and months ago, and I uploaded a past entry for Weird and Wild Creatures that people seemed to enjoy so, here. Have some Yu-Gi-Oh. Source: MLP' Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread