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Found 3 results

  1. This game is straightforward. Guess which user is the one representing the clue that the poster above you will post. This probably means that regulars will have the upper hand, but ah well. New members learn more about the oldies that way. :3 Example: That looked stupid... but whatever. Be sure to be specific in your clues. It can be about anything, ranging from age to gender to their likes and dislikes that will separate that user from all the thousands of the members here on MLPforums. If someone guessed wrong, you can quote their answer and say so, but don't post a clue after that. The next poster will take the clue from the previous of the previous. Starting now! The user is a Pinkie fan :VVVV
  2. So ya, do an imitation of the person above you :VV Rudeness optional
  3. Hello, my friends! I'd like to introduce you to something I've been planning for a long, long time! It consists in a 'fan'-fiction I am crafting, and it is basicly an epos of the Romulus Legacy, spanning eight generations of my family. I am probably adding a ninth generation, since the last one is very... Let's say, somewhat sad and lacks content. ~Chapters~ >)Romulus Cid Victorius; >)Romulus Augustus(?) Darion; >)Romulus Tirius Fordeon; >)Romulus William Orphean; >)Romulus Kastrian Edmund; >)Romulus Phausto Quasimodo; >)Romulus Sebastian Belfast; >)Romulus Lance Romance. Those are the chapters I've confirmed. And woohoo, Lance Romance gets a chapter, hooray... I feel embarrased to say that he dies at the end of the chapter... Anyways... I've been writting since about two years ago about this story, and I've written and filled over 39 books which had about 500 pages each... I write too much. Okay, don't get surprised by each chapter's lenght. Each one contains in between one and two million words, and the total of the story might reach the twelve million words barrier soon. Probably in Easter holidays I will put them on my yet-to-exist account, but only time will tell. It is a very big story, but, since it is an epic, I should not be concerned about it's amount of words. All the information contained herein is not entirely confirmed and needs further revision. The final product might have some variations from the content that is exposed in ths topic. Oh, yeah, I forgot about something... What is your opinion? Feedback is highly appreciated under the form of constructive criticism, but other types of feedback might be useful aswell.