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Found 51 results

  1. Now before you go full rage on me, I need to clarify: Ocarina of Time IS a good game, just not my favorite. I love OoT a lot, but other games have come after that and I have played those more. Wind Waker I find is my favorite in the series, the cartoon look, the cel shading, the atmosphere, and story telling that continued after Ocarina! I find a lot of moments in that game that made me feel like I am on a real adventure of a life time across the vast sea! As for anyone else, do you have a favorite that surpasses OoT? If not, that is perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with favoring OoT.
  2. Legend of Zelda is a great game series. I want to know which games is your favorite. Vote above and post reasons below. My favorite is Twilight Princess. I know not many people like this one, but I really like this one. It was also the first one I had ever played in the series. It was very dark (I like dark) and had a great story. Also, it had Midna, the best Legend of Zelda character ever. Feel free to discuss the series as well.
  3. Which is the better Franchise in your opinion. Legend of Zelda games or Mario games. Cast your votes.
  4. If you've played any, what's your all-time favorite TLoZ game? I assume most of you will say Ocarina of Time, which is fine, because it's my favorite too :3 Although A Link To The Past is a close second. Edit: the reason why OoT is my fave, mostly because of nostalgia, and the fact that every other Zelda game I played didn't match up to it, for me anyways, obviously from an objective stand point they've gotten better, but I just like OoT more. Likewise for A Link To The Past. So, uh, what is your favorite?
  5. So everyone who's played Zelda games before has that dungeon they can't wait to explore and that dungeon they wish could die. What are your respective thoughts? As for me, my favorite dungeon is Arbiter's Grounds from Twilight Princess, and my least favorite is the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time.
  6. There is a similar topic about worst games in your favorite gaming series and I haven't found one for best so I thought why not make one for best. Mario: Super Mario Brothers 3, it took all the great things about Super Mario Bros and improved upon the formula that formed the standard for the series. Zelda: Tie between Ocarina of Time, A Link To The Past and Skyward Sword. A Link To The Past is everything Zelda I is only better, Ocarina of Time was a very successful transition for the series into 3D by honoring what makes the series great while keeping everything fresh and exciting. I normally don't like motion control very much but they work quite well in Skyward Sword and along with great graphics and an engaging story make for one of the best games of the previous console generation and worthy addition to a great series. Sonic: Sonic and Knuckles, it continued the awesome gameplay of the first few games and introduced my favorite character of the series.
  7. Ok, Quick Question here: If you like Nintendo, what is your favorite Title/series from Nintendo? Remember, you can list ANY title or series below, as long as it was an ACTUAL Nintendo game, not a Capcom, Sega, or any other brand name's game that was licensed for one of Nintendo's console, e.g. Street Fighter IV and Sonic Heroes. Especially not Sega, since they were Rivals in the 90's
  8. Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica! Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica. Traverse deadly dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you're tough enough to take on any dangerous quest! - Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells! - 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure! - Plunder Caves For Gems & Items! - Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment! - A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits… ______________________________________________________ Clover the Cloaked is a young unicorn training under her tutor, the legendary Swirllock the Bearded. He left her a series of intricately designed dungeons to test her combat skills and courage. Clover believes if she can pass this test with flying colors, Swirllock could include her on his next great adventure! The land of Equica is one full of magical creatures around every corner. Gemstones are hoarded as currency and cupcakes are a universal commodity, serving as both food and medicine. Most of Clover's entire life has been secluded to this one tiny unicorn forest in the corner of this vast world. She yearns to see what fantastic sights and adventures Equica has to offer... This here was my first true passion project. Up until this point I was making small games with the Unity engine to learn the basics of game development. Eventually I got sick of making practice games and decided to dive right in! Unicorn Training is a combination of every random idea I've had for an action RPG. You've got bullet-hell combat, a choice of multiple spells that level up Ratchet & Clank style, tons of dungeons to explore and an open world, cute little talking MLP style unicorns, and it's all wrapped up in a Zelda/Paper Mario aesthetic. Really hope people connect with this game because I'd like to try to execute the idea even better in the future as I continue to grow skill as a dev. Screenshots: Watch the Trailer Here!
  9. This was something I did in Adobe After Effects AND Nero Vision 10. The song is from Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom from Conan the Barbarian that was used in the Zelda: Ocarina of Time Commercial on the N64, as well as its 3DS Counterpart's trailer.
  10. For an RPG enthusiast such as myself, I say nay. However, I understand the reason for why Zelda fans love to debate to RPG fans about this. Because Zelda challenged the definition of what an RPG is defined by looking at the legacy of DnD, Ultima, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest. Based on what I've come to understand, Link cannot get strong by killing enemies. He can kill the same enemy, but will NEVER get strong unless you're playing Zelda 2 which is already a black sheep among the franchise. With RPGs like Dragon Quest 1 for example, I can kill the same slime enemy (1 EXP and 1 Gold) and will eventually get strong. Yes it's repetitive and incredibly time consuming, but that's the idea behind what RPGs generally have the inevitable problem. The Repetition. Theoretically, through level grinding, RPGs incite a repetitive way to make your characters strong. This is not the case at all with the majority of the Zelda series as they involve Link collecting items and powerups to make him strong. So technically, the removal of level grinding is what mystifies me about Zelda as its more about the adventure and making progress throughout the game solving various puzzles to make Link strong. You have to progress throughout the game via collecting items to make Link strong, which is definitely NOT the case at all for RPGs since you can fight the first enemy you encounter and ONLY that first enemy to level grind and get strong in the most repetitive, mind numbing, torturous way possible. If Zelda fans are still persisting to classify it as an RPG, then I say classify it as 'Zelda' because Zelda is not an RPG... it's Zelda. Or that the term RPG has been finally challenged and is no longer applicable anymore. So a new terminology has to be concocted to define these genres on a respectable manner.
  11. A friend talked me into starting an H.P. Lovecraft dank meme page on Facebook; we both contribute to the page. Here's one of the latest and most stupidest memes: And said friend started up their own ridiculous but necessary Zelda / Link dank meme page. Here's one of their posts: If you're on Facebook and even remotely interested in Lovecraft or Zelda or dank memes, you might see something you like.
  12. Well, I couldn't find another thread talking about it. Sorry if someone else made one I guess. Well today, the next Nintendo console was revealed... And I am very impressed. It shows power, mobility, and most importantly, games. Meet the Nintendo Switch (Previously known as the "NX") a console/handheld hybrid that as of right now... Really packs a punch! It showed Skyrim SE, Zelda, Mario, and several other titles. And that really speaks out many words to me, as it should to you. If this tablet can run Skyrim, the enhanced version, it tells me that it is indeed on par with the PS4/XBOne. And that high performance games will run. Then they showed the few second clip of Mario, oddly enough in a western setting. Very exciting. They also showed enhanced ports of MK8 and Splatoon, not much to comment on those... I'm not paying $60 for games I already own. (Assuming that's what it is. An enhanced port) overall, this machine is looking very good right now. I only hope it doesn't go over $350... ABSOLUTE MOST $400! Love to hear what everyone thinks!
  13. Now I just want to start off by saying, I love The Legend of Zelda. I grew up with it, and, in fact, Ocarina of Time was the very first video game I ever played. I loved it more than anything in the world. As a mindless 4-year old blowing through the Shadow Temple with nightmares to spare, I was always in awe at how a boy no older than myself, was able to traverse across the vast lands of Hyrule and defend an entire kingdom from Ganondorf. Ocarina of Time will always stay in my heart as the best game to ever exist. 10/10 -IGN But while making my way through the death traps in the Bottom of the Well, I caught wind that there was yet another Zelda game on the 64. The name of the game was The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Now, back then, there was no way for a toddler to get his crumby hands on Dial-Up, at least, not for me. So I managed to forget about it and move on. Nearly 8 years later, the name once again arises with a remake on the Nintendo 3DS, a handheld console that I still would argue is superior to the PSVita, a gaming equivalent to MySpace and Windows Vista. (Vita, Vista, huh. I wonder if there's a connection) Having remembered the brilliant adventures of the masterpiece Ocarina of Time, I set off to find myself the original cartridge for this mysterious successor. Another year or two passed until I managed to find myself a Gold Cart copy of Majora's Mask for about 60 bucks with a replicated Expansion Pak of the same price. Slamming the cartridge in my system, I booted it up and started a file named "BEN", in respect to the Creepypasta. Back then, and now, I like to play 3D Zelda games with a challenge known as the "3-Heart Challenge", where, the player rejects all heart pieces and containers dropped or earned. Let me just say, the adventure on the original system would never compare to what the 3DS had to offer. I often complain that games today are simply too easy. Anyone can pick up and play them without dying once, hence why I like to revert back to a remake's original. Majora's Mask was a rage inducing nightmare that I truly enjoyed. Everything about it was familiar, chaotic, and absolutely impossible. Having bought the 3DS remake beforehand, I thought I knew everything about the game. WRONG. I can list everything they changed from the original right here, and right now. Of course, I'm not going to, but just about every boss battle was changed to make it more "paced", items were changed from their location. The Bombers' Notebook had no purpose in the original, but, that didn't bother me. I like to call the new game a well-deserved reboot. I like the remake, but the original is so much better. I found myself stomping around my room, tossing my controller on the floor, and screaming at my 2x2 VCR TV while drinking Pepsi more than enough times. It was the most excitement I'd felt in the longest time. I managed to beat Majora's Mask 64 with about 70% completion by avoiding all fairies, heart containers, and having one mask missing: Fierce Diety. For some reason, I just couldn't finish that Goron obstacle course. What a load of crap. The lesson of today is legit. If you see a remake hitting the stores, play and respect the original first. -RealityPublishing
  14. Hey everyone, I'm wanting to share my first fan fic that I made with the help of my friend Mr. Grimm. We just completed the prologue and the first chapter of the story and I hope to see what you guys think of it: It's about a little white unicorn trying to regain his memory in an Equestria that was destroyed and annexed by monsters that hail from the tundra of Equestria. Hope you like it
  15. I hope you enjoy these! Let me know if they make good wallpapers
  16. So, if you're watching the E3 Nintendo treehouse Live today, you probably have an opinion on the new Zelda game, Breath of the wind. Share your thoughts here, do you like it? Does it look good/bad?
  17. Welcome! I've made this thread to have people who own Tri-Force Heroes share their Friend Codes and play together! So, what are you waiting for? If you'd like someone to play Tri-Force heroes with, this is the place to go! I'll start: Mine is 2165 6018 4192 Let's play! ^-^
  18. I found online people saying that Ocarina of Time 3d is getting expensive becasue apparently it's not printed any more. I happen to own a copy of the game... a PAL version to be exact. WOuld that be considered as valuable as an NTSC copy? (Satoru Iwata, you will be missed
  19. OK, this is one of my hypothetical game ideas I wish was possible. Redwall Warriors, which hypothetically would be one of the best Dynasty Warriors games ever, Hyrule Warriors was awesome, but imagine Dynasty Warriors Redwall. 40+ Characters and 15 made for game characters with new futuristic armour. An exclusive plot similar to Sonic Generations or Sonic Xenoverse where the heroes are sucked into a Time Warp, Martin finds himself in Matthias's History and Matthias and Slagar find themselves in Martin's history. And all hell breaks loose. The blurb on the back should read ''From the creators of Dynasty Warriors comes a new game from the world of Brian Jacques''. Problem is though, Niche audience, Hyrule Warriors probably underselled because of it's audience. And Gundam was pretty much for die-hard Gundam fans. This game would be for Furries and Brian Jacques fans only, perhaps Narnia and Hobbit fans? It could have historical battles. And Slagar and Matthias form an unlikely partnership. What do you think? Any Redwall lovers on the Forums? Even Obama loves Redwall!!!
  20. Which temple or dungeon was the hardest to you the first time you went through it. Mine was the great bay temple, it took me six months to beat. Comment below what you think was the hardest of them.
  21. Didn't see any other thread here about it. NA Announcement Trailer: Coming Spring 2015! Who's hyped?
  22. Heres a quick Link fan art I made earlier today thought I might share it here and see what you guys think! (I made the lines to thick from the start and stuff but it was just for fun anyways)
  23. I was reminded of this version after seeing the other version, so try it out yourself and see what you do with another Nintendo Character! Personally, I get to Boss Around Minions with King Dedede, which is pretty awesome. What do you guys get to do?
  24. If anyone out there has any ability to translate key signatures, your help would be greatly appreciated. I've been working on a transposition of one of the Zelda Spirit Track's boss themes, but I cannot decipher what key it's in. I have the whole song with all instruments laid out, but all it has is accidentals, no sharps or flats in the key signature. If you're willing to try to help me, post here and I'll send you the necessary files to look at.
  25. All right, Nintendo's E3 digital event has just passed, and well it was not their best, it was still pretty good. So lets just dive right in shall we. So it starts out with what looks like a scene out of Robot Chicken. I heard they actually got the team from that show to make these funny little segments. They are pretty much their response to the criticisms they get in a humorous way. It was defiantly unexpected. And then it cuts to this scene of Reggie and I think Iwata fighting, promoting that you can now use miis in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game. I defiantly do wanna fight with my mii. If I'm ever online, my mii will kick your butt. They then talk about the Amiibo. This is probably the only thing I wasn't that interested in. It's too gimmicky for my tastes and I've never been into that kind of stuff. Then, there is Yoshi's Whirly World, or however you say it. It's like Kirby's Epic Yarn, except with Yoshi. The trailer was defiantly as adorable as a chibi Pinkie Pie. Probably not gonna buy it, but still adorable. I wonder what Pinkie's Epic Yarn would be like? They then talk about one of the coolest things ever, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Yes! Toad is finally getting his own game. He's like the Spike of the Mario franchise. He finally gets the respect he deserves. Yeah Toad is my favorite character in Mario I play him all the time in Mario Kart. We now move on to the upcoming untitled Legend of Zelda game for 2015. From the looks of it, it looks like an open world Zelda game, where you can do dungeons in any order you want. That's nice and a throwback to the originals since I think you can do that in the originals. Link has a nice arrow that's like Hawkeye. They then move on to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I already knew I was getting these games, so I don't have much of a comment on it. But it is nice to see those games in the style of X and Y. I don't have much of a comment on Bayonetta 2 either since I've never played those games and don't have that much of an interest to play them. Now it's time to talk about Hyrule Warriors. I like how you get to play as not only Link, but Midna and Zelda. Since when do you play as her? Well besides Smash Brothers but whatever. Like the Yoshi game, Kirby and the Rainbow Cruise just looked adorable. Seriously can we have a Pinkie and the Rainbow Cruise now? Xenoblade Chronicals, don't have much to say since I've never played them but they still look pretty awesome. Now for something I can talk about, the Mario Maker. This actually looks like a pretty cool idea. I've heard of people make Mario rom hacks before, so this is like making them. Make a really hard level and challenge your friends to beat it, and choose if you want it with the graphics of the new Mario games, or the retro Mario games. They also announced a new IP called Splatoon. This actually looks pretty fun. It's like if Team Fortress 2 met the style of Nintendo, and it was more family friendly. Basically from the looks of it, you have to cover everything with the most ink to win. It sounds like something I'd play with family and friends more than by myself. Looks like a new Smash Brothers character was announced, Palutena from the Kid Icaras games. Her magic will be quite a challenge for me to fight. Also, I liked how the trailer was in an anime style. Moving on to the stuff announced in the post conference, we have a brand new Mario Party game announced, where you get to control Bowser or something. I'm always up for more Mario Party games. And finally, there is Star Fox coming to Wii U. Even though I'm not a fan of the series, I'm still happy they are acknowledging their lesser known franchises. And here's my review of the conference. Pretty good for Nintendo. Defiantly looking forward to some of these games This is Chikorita signing out.