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Found 8 results

  1. So I have been getting frustrated about what 0/0 is, so I made a C++ program that will divide 0 by 0 and this pops up as an error this was the code ; so I decided to input the 0s in manually, and if I try to divide 0 by 0, the program fucking crashes here is the source code to try it for yourself ; ; ; and I found a physics forum and they didn't have a clear answer (or I'm just dumb) does anyone know the answer to this major black hole???
  2. I decided to make a Borderlands 2 mix up with MLP Characters,I've mixed Zero with rarity but i don't know who to mix up next
  3. So, you can't divide by zero, right? I found a loophole in calculators. With this you can really divide by zero. Here's how: Well, we know how exponents work, they multiply a number by itself. But, negative exponents divide a number by itself. So, here's how to divide a number by 0: x-0 In which x is whatever number you want. For my example I will use 20. Here it is, input and output: 20-0= 1 Yeah, the outcome isn't very pleasing. But at least things didn't go boom! What's your opinion on this? (And yes I know -0 doesn't exist)
  4. The Akinator knows who he is
  5. So, I finally got back to drawing Zero from the Megamna X series. I think it came out exceptionally well, except for his Z-buster which i think I did pretty bad. It is not in very good quality as it was taken with my brothers cell phone.
  6. Whats your thought on the game? I was wondering who else loves this game! It scares me worse than amnesia but I love it so much! Heres a good cut scene from the game, tell me what you think XD
  7. Well after a long night of small fixes and additions followed up by shading, I finally finished my Twilight at around 5am. Some parts the shading could be better, but overall I think it looks pretty good. So I hope you all enjoy it as much or more than I do. I look forward to posting more of my drawings soon Also here is the original draft to compare the 2
  8. Hello, I found out my Camera will co-operate with my pencil drawings, so now I can upload some! So with that said, this is my Twilight Sparkle which is still in process. I know I've got to work on a few things, But I was curious on what things you other artists can see that my artistic eye may of missed. This is going from memory from the episode as I drew it at school the other day. So I am wondering on what you guys think so far. I know her ears, horn, and mane need a little more work I'll try shading it in with charcoal if I can find my charcoal set.