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Found 20 results

  1. @Pr0m4NV14 (That’s me!) Since I’m not sure if I made an “Ask me!” thread before, I decided to make one! Ask away!
  2. Hi! I recently joined this site and I was trying to put a .gif file on my About Me but it wouldn't let me edit it when I tried to do it myself. Would it be possible for someone to add it in for me? This is the .gif by the way... Thanks to anyone who can help me!!
  3. So, a question about Granny Smith has come to my mind: Has Granny Smith always been Granny Smith, even when she was a little filly? What was she called as a little filly? I've been thinking about this for a while and wondering if it'd be suited as a thread, so here I am. Do you think Granny Smith is a nickname, or has she always been running around with "Granny" in her name? Of course the name bases on the green apple called "Granny Smith". So maybe she was called that as a little filly, even tho it was a little awkward..? What do you guys think?
  4. Since im inactive and bored as hell at the moment, and have absolute no idea what to do with my life, i decided to just write a little bit about myself. Not like a introduction or hello post, i will talk about all the weird things i did in my life. Because why not.I saw a few people doing it, ( well kinda..similar.. ) so..maybe someone finds this interesting. Fact 1 : " In my childhood i always was unhappy the way i lived. Sometimes i didnt listen to my parents, or didnt do my homework right or i was just unhappy with the things i played or whatever. It was so terrible, that i often wanted to start my life from new. And with starting my life from new, i mean, pretending i would be born again and i ..well..would begin my life new. I even banged with my head against a wall, because i wanted to forget my past. I began erasing Video Game Files, destroying homework stuff, put all my drawing in the trash. I did this for many years and almost every day. It got so worse, that nowadays i dont remember my childhood that well. I always tried to forget my past and i kinda did. I dont remember some friends i had, if i see old drawings, i dont remember drawing them or if my parents tell me something about our holidays, i just dont remember. Gladly i stopped with that with 17. " Fact 2 : " Im my childhood i talked to things. Like, Plushdolls, Videogames, Lamps, Walls, Trees, Rocks, Air...basically with everything. And my Lamp was my best friend. Im serious, i talked a lot with my bedroom lamp when i was a kid. Every day. " Fact 3 : " I created a Forum on the Internet, in which i talked to myself with multiple accounts. I already talked about that, but what some people not know, is the fact that i even had a chat. And funny conversations that i had with my three personalitys, was even posted on other Forums and everyone thought it was real chats. Well i guess im pretty good then, with talking to myself. " Fact 4 : " I constantly look everywhere. Mostly out of the window. Like every time i get into my room, because im afraid i could miss something, like a UFO or a flying Pony " Fact 5 : " My first love was a Bird. Not a real one, but a Furry like Bird with white wings and blue eyes. I dont know why, because i didnt know anything about furrys and never saw one, but i imagined her. So i guess i was just born being weird. " Fact 6 : " Sometimes, i just dont move at all. When im in a situation in which i feel uncomfortable with, like i dont know what to do at my job, because i dont know to which person i have to talk or something i often just freeze....and do nothing. And then either someone noticed it or really later i try to solve the problem, but often im just doing nothing then. And i get in panic.And its horrible. I hate that " Fact 7 : " Whenever i get into a new school , workplace or whatever, often searching for a place where im alone within the breaks.I feel really REALLY uncomfortable with talking to people. And thats also the reason, why many people dont like me. Because they think i just dislike them, or think that im better than them, which is not true. Actually i do that, because i dont want to annoy anyone. I always feel unwelcome and have just no idea what to talk about. No idea at all. And i mean you can see that, im part of 7 fandoms and registered in over 30 forums. How many do i still use ? One. And in how many forums am i really talking to people? Zero. YAY!!! Thats actually depressing .. " Fact 8 : " I drew a comic as a Kid, where i created a crazy scientist that tried to make the world a better place, by killing all the humans of the world.I drew the comic in my childhood, as i was just bullied by everyone. People mad fun of my haircolor, of my ears, my voice, my name. I got beat up ( many MANY times ) . It was horrible And i needed to let my anger and frustration out. Gladly i realized how horrible this idea was and i ended the comic, with a new Character called Zet, killing the crazy scientist character, like 25 times or so. " And thats kinda im bored again... Sorry if im annoying.
  5. Explain why you think that if your one of the bronies that think Christians hate mlp. I am a christian and I don't hate mlp! My mom doesn't even care if I am a fan of the show. To be honest most of the Christians I know don't even care about the fandom at all. So tell me why you think that.
  6. Right now, I'm kinda curious about whether my sixth form email is still in use since I left a few months ago... maybe I should check now and see if anything's gone on with it =/ How about for you ponies? Have you been curious about anything lately?
  7. This is the thread for musicians to converse about music/post any stuff you've been working on.
  8. Ok this is me and how MLP Forums helped me! I have been trying to fit into the society my entire life. I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn't want any attention into myself. I didn't realize back then that only way I would fit in was to not to fit in. So I was pushed away from groups and I ended up standing in corners quietly and sitting alone in somewhere. I was always alone. No one noticed me. When I tried to say something to someone they were like I didn't say anything. That hurt me and I started thinking myself that I am no one. I am not wanted. I went deeper into my shell. I started to get depressed because I was bullied being different. I still didn't realize that because I tried to not to be different that was my difference compared to others. I stopped eating at school. My health started getting worse. No one talked to me people just watched me and laughed. I was just trash that people kicked away. I wasn't accepted. I started going deeper into myself and getting my shell stronger. I was just a machine. There were not any emotions on my face anymore. I didn't react to bullying anymore. I stopped reacting to anything. I didn't smile. I didn't cry, but I was crying still inside. I locked myself and my emotions so deep that no one would ever judge me because of them again! It got so bad that I thought jumping off from a bridge once Then one sad day. It was just normal day. On my Swedish class when the break started I stayed at class with some other students. Then teacher put that one TV:Show rolling on the screen. It was talk show and the guest was a brony. He was asked why he liked the show. My teacher laughed at him. Then I started wondering why this guy goes to talk show willingly when he was only mocked there. I realized that there had to be something bigger behind this. I started watching the show and I loved it. Fluttershy was the character I could relate. I watched all the episodes. Then I thought: "That's it?" I wanted more! I started searching something from the Google and I saw MLP Forums. I was checking this site out from June to August. I created account here 11 day of August! I started posting 18 day. It took me while to realize how great this place actually is. This place is heaven. Everyone is friendly and accepting and I realized that I don't need to hide in my shell anymore! It was 13 years since I was last time myself. This time I didn't want to be like everyone else. This is the only place where I am something and not just no one. This is the only place where I can be. I don't want to be no one anymore. I'm starting to loosen up a little IRL too and because of this I'm no longer so deep in myself.
  9. Title is somewhat unrelated. A user posts an interesting fact about his or herself. The next user posts a fact similar to the above fact. Example: User 1: I don't like Apple Pie. User 2: I won a pie-eating contest when I was 12. User 3: I've won first-prize at two Science Fairs. I'll start: I own an umbrella hat, which I got as a school fundraiser prize.
  10. Cuties are short for a filly/ foal group I made on MMthey are 18 ponies who want a cutiemark, there are now 2 generations of them, one with a daugher of a villian seen on season 2's Canterlot wedding...
  11. I've tried for a couple days now and tried getting help from other members but with no fix in the problem I decided to take it over to here. My problem is that I can't use links in my about me thing. I usually have a soundcloud music but it won't show and when I try to link something on there it looks fine when I'm editing it but won't work when I press "done" and go to my profile. Everything, even images, turns into text when I'm done. Like I said before everything looks fine when I'm editing it but its when I'm done with it and go to look at my profile everything is text again. I've tried lots of stuff and I ran out of ideas.
  12. I'll start off! My favorite color is green, so let's see what it says about me.... "Healing spirit, nature lover, persistent, assertive, and self confident." Yay! Now you try!
  13. So, for anybody expecting something funny/witty/clever/random, turn back. This blog post is not what you're looking for. So, let me start out by saying that I love these forums, these forums have one of the most varied and lovely communities out there, but now let me continue and say that it has some serious problems. Problems that need to be addressed. Let me also start out by saying that I will never give up on this community, I will continue participating in and helping this community until I have been put in the ground. So don't worry about this by thinking that it is that type of blog posts. This is more like a long string of feedback. The first thing I'd like to mention is that for the longevity of the forums, the "Address problems when we feel like it" model of operation will not work out in the long run. Don't laugh or think that's some kind of joke or poking fun at the forums, that kind of thing actually works on a small scale, but as the forum grows, more systematic moderation will be required to simply keep up with the amount of content being produced. I would recommend making some kind of system where there is at least one moderator always online, maybe by hiring moderator from varied time zones this will work out. Another thing I've noticed is that the Administration does not seem to take the recent problems with the forums' public image very seriously. That is unfortunate, because unless we take steps to enhance that public image, the forums will simply become more and more hated, and users will keep leaving. I recommend we fix this by hiring some kind of section of site-staff meant specifically to address problems with public image. They could do trivial things that in the long run will make the forums look better publicity wise. This solution might not seem necessary, but think about it, do you know how many more users, would, for example, stay on the website if we had staff members that helped them at home by doing things like replying to their welcoming plaza posts, handling issues with name changing so that the Admins do not have to. I would think they'd be a step from between Poniverse staff and moderation. You might think of this as trivial but keep in mind that this would help the mods and Admins by freeing up their time that they would have spent on trivial things like this. Some recommended titles might be things like "Community Representative" or something similar that gives people the idea that these users represent the things that the forums are really about. On to the next problem, inconsistencies in rule enforcement. It should not be set up in such a way that several minor infractions could lead to permanent bans. An example would be making it so that the most ban time a minor offense like backseat moderation or pointless/off topic could only add up to a week ban maximum, while excessive vulgarity could add up to a month maximum, and so on. You might say that users could abuse this, but here's the thing, I don't mean that it could never end up perma banning a user, I simply mean that the severity and intent of an action should be considered. Somebody well-intentioned should not be banned permanently for the site because they simply don't understand what they're doing. In addition,this would help silence those who say things like "It's so easy to get permabanned here", and again, this would help the forums' public image. We should only be perma-banning long time-repeat offenders if they commit minor violations and permabanning extreme things like those who post NSFW content or trolls, etc. The last problem I would like to address is the staff-selection process. The problem is that only staff have a say on somebody's promotion into the staff. The reason this system will fail in the long run is that it means that if it gets to a point where there are a lot of bad mods/admins, no good mods/admins will get added. In the long run, a better alternative would be user-nomination by other members, and then the staff would vote on these nominations. That way, the public could express their support for a user's promotion, but the staff would still have the ultimate say in the matter. There should be some kind of fail-safe in case of staff corruption where if the general user consent is that this user should be promoted, they will at least have to be considered. For example, the staff will receive a notification about it so that they know it would be a good time to make a final decision about it. That way, the staff will not become a completely totalitarian 'Cool kids table' type high school-clique like it would if the staff can only grow by it's own will to do so. I mean, if a user isn't cut out for the job, they can always be demoted at any time. But we should at least give them a shot if the community in general believes they deserve a chance. I mean, the forums needs to put at least some trust in the judgement of it's own members, otherwise, the staff team will seem detached and distant, thus further decaying the public's perspective of said staff team. ----------- In closure, I would like to say that these steps would ultimately help the forums and continue to help it grow and prosper, as opposed to stagnate (Even if the start of Season 4 makes the forums become more active, unless steps are taken, our increasing negative reputation will do much harm) like it is currently starting to do. I am very passionate about this community, and am just worried about it, I want to see it continue to grow and expand it's horizons. I remain cautious but optimistic that the forum can become even better if only we set it on the right path. I love you guys, and want nothing more than to have this forum continue to succeed for years to come. -Harmonic
  14. Hello, I'm captainloudmouth. If you want to read my blog then i suggest that you read this. Though i don't know why you would, seeing as I've never been good at writing. Anyways, onto the point. This blog is dedicated to ranting, and showcasing the stupidity of the ifunny anti-bronies. I hope you have a good time reading my blog. (Not all rants and entries will be pony related. Rants will now be titled "rants" and idiot showcases will be titled "bronies: the ifunny division")
  15. Hey there I have been trying to add a signature for quite a long time and it will not work. Everytime I try to past the file it keeps only coming up with the link to the picture not the actural picture can some one please help me with this because it is really frustrating.
  16. Dear Princess Celestia... Friendship means something different to different people. Some people may need to have many friends to feel fulfilled, whereas introverts like me can be satisfied with only one or two true friends. But if there is one detail that transcends them all, is that friends are there for each other. Everyone has something to offer, whether it be as big as financial support or even simple companionship. Friends are companions, they support you, they help you, they entertain you, they give you advice, money, direction, camradarie, or even something to do to pass the time on a boring day. Friends may be as loose as fellow people who share a similar interest, or it may be as strong as a true companion who's as intimate as your own kin. But friends always have something to offer. It is not one-sided. If they had nothing to gain, why would they have put the effort to befriend you in the first place? That alone is proof you have something to offer. Doubly so if you are an introvert, who tend to forge much stronger and more intimate (sexual, romantic, and platonic) relationships with what few friends they have than the average person. If said friend is an introvert, than you may mean more to them than you realize. And that is something to be proud of, not weirded out by. Human beings, as flawed and violent as we are, are ultimately designed to want to be needed. Psychiatry and sociology proves it. But I won't get into that now. My point being, friends are there because they have something to offer you, and are friends with you because you have something to offer them. Otherwise, you wouldn't have become friends to begin with. You have something to offer them, even if it's something as simple and innocent as being their friend. When life is difficult and things look bleak, remember everyone who stood with you. Especially your true companions who've stuck with you through time, through thick and thin, and through the comfort and painn. And always remember how much you must mean to them. Your faithful subject, Jadefire Tl;dr: Never abandon your friends. They may need your companionship as much as you need theirs.
  17. Hey guys, before I venture away from the forums for awhile, I decided I'll post this here because I need to build an audience! What are you're opinions? Will you actually watch this? What can been Improved (Don't say VA, I have a cold -3-, that will be fixed) Thanks!
  18. Here is the Roster of MLPForums: The Series! :3 (In Chronological Order) Feld0 Kurtis RacoonBL Grendo Crispy Tom The Diamond Applebloom Evilshy Resuli Zoop Doctor XFizzle Envy Swoop FinestHour The Melodyman (RKA) Pinkazoid Lady Rarity Pony Misso Klopp Mailmare Colon LeftBracket Ezynell (\SBB64/) Marco23p Ace Attorney Ganaram Inukshuk Doggess Arylett Narutardedscum Tich Vicke Nevermore and Arya Mr. Nibblers (AKA: Jokuc) Aureity Kyronea Dusk Eninama Ace Attorney Midnightive Chigens and Kay Scootacool Hypno Jadefire Dragonshy Djenty TwileZorah letterONE Dizzy Ditzy Doo NASCARFAN160 Bohty Chaotic Discord Kriby N Harmonia My little pwny spas-ticShotty Now, I know some Worthy people aren't in it. But there already is TOO MUCH people in it already! In fact, The total number of people that I wanted to be in here are 77! But I had to skim it down to 49. I will give more Info as it unfolds.
  19. I haven't come up with a good title yet and don't really have any format yet so this will just be a wall of text kind of situation. Again, sorry about that. Yes, this is another Brony in Equestria story but hopefully my style of writing changes it enough so it doesn't go by ignored. And, as with my last one, this is a WIP but I plan on continuing to work on it. Unlike the last. I think I'll still put one spoiler because I think this is pretty damn long. I'm mostly looking for feedback on grammar and format right now but any critique is appreciated. Oh yeah, this will make more sense if you've ever played Kingdom of Loathing. Just think of the Saucerer as a Sorcerer. That's the only term I can really think of. Good luck, troops!
  20. You can always tell when I'm thinking of MLP during school because I get this really weird smile that I can't stop. I wanted to know if you or anyone you know has a strange quirk whenever they think about it. And if you don't do anything when thinking about MLP then... I guess there would be no point posting here.