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Found 9 results

  1. You know, whenever I look around on the Internet, school, or anywhere else, I see a lot of intolerance when it comes to other people's religious views. Frankly, I think if there were more tolerance and less hatred, this world would be a much better place. Anyways, this thread is dedicated to those of us who are tired of such ignorance, and want to help others learn about certain religious views and (hopefully) clear up any misunderstandings and stereotypes. What I want you to do is state your views, explain a little bit about it (a brief description will do), and try to debunk at least one misunderstanding about your religious view. I also ask that if anyone here disagrees with someone, either PM them, or keep it to yourself, because we don't want any petty flamey/passive aggressive wars here. I'll start us off: I am a Christian, and I believe that my duty in life is to remain loyal to my Lord and also try to be the best person I can be. I have no specific denomination. I just want to apologize for any homophobic, dishonest, oppressive "Christians" you may come across. I assure you that our religion does NOT encourage rudeness, or threatening people with Hell...
  2. Well, I learned a valuable lesson today. No matter who you are, or what you do, there will always be those who are wanting to go against you and bring hate and malice your way because of your differences, things that you may like and enjoy, or any stupid reason. You are you, and you know right from wrong, and have at least a general understanding of it. What you may like or enjoy may be a unusual to others, but as long as it is not truly wrong or harming anyone, and you of course no better of this, then you are okay, and no one has the right to judge you or harm you with awful words. Words hurt, whether people realize this or not. Some people can brush them off and move along, but people like me who are little or a lot more sensitive take this to heart, and it can do as much harm as just ruining there day, mentally destroying them, and possibly causing them to even try to end it all, if you catch my drift. Hate and Malice will never go away. It is something that has been in human nature since the beginning of time, and has survived all the way to now, and I do not see it going away in the future. This is very unfortunate, but luckily, a good amount of people in this world know what I am talking about, and know how to actually love an tolerate others regardless of their differences and likes, instead of just saying that they do since that it is what the brony motto is so strongly supposed to be, but really, how many people are actually following it? From what I have seen, quite a few in the fandom say they do, but wind up being some of the worst bullies ever, including towards other bronies and pegasisters. The take away from this. Do not pass judgment over another for something they are into, or their differences, just because you do not agree with them. If it is something that is truly and awfully wrong, and is harming others in a physical or mental way, then that's another story. Bullying physically can be bad, but verbal abuse can be even worse, because when you break someone mentally, they are a lot harder to fix than when they have been punched or kicked. You basically can have them truly believe that they are worthless and wrong in their ways, and in doing so, they can try and change things about themselves that completely alter their Identity, and even forget who they are. They can become depressed, anti-social, and all kinds of other things. When you see someone who is different from you, or likes something you may not, how about instead of thinking they are bad right off the bat, you maybe learn more about them. and try to accept them. Why not ask them to just not do whatever it is you do not like around them, and keep it to themselves, and they can do it whenever your not around, or maybe even learn more about it if your curious. You might like what they like in the end. No one knows. Love, Tolerance, Acceptance, and if you really cant, then just walk away. Keep your hurtful remarks to yourself. There are enough on youtube and all over the net as it is. Thank you.
  3. Hi everypony, It's Leaf Shadow, and I have been thinking that there may be a seventh element. When you think about it there is rather a lot of judgement between the mane 6. Changelings - NO! (At the start of FiM) Zebras - ARGH! Dragons - EEEK! Just think, that maybe what ponyville needs is some acceptance. To accept others for who they are and look deeper. Now I know that it's well into Mlp FiM and probably to late to have a seventh element, but maybe, just maybe, there is one. This is a post to see which pony would be best. I am thinking Derpy, but others might be Lyra Heartstrings, Amythst star etc. So tell me what you think, we could start a brony campaign!
  4. Before you get your knickers in a twist, let me just talk about something that's gnawed at me since the beginning of my time in this fandom. Tolerance in itself, isn't a great thing to base a whole culture on. Being that Tolerance is defined as: tol·er·ance ˈtäl(ə)rəns/ noun 1. the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. "the tolerance of corruption" Now it's a good thing yes, but this fandom prides itself on something that it is so far beyond ascertaining it that it boggles my mind. I would even go as far as to guess that at least 1/3 of Bronies aren't technically, "tolerant". A group so diverse that it can't stand its own diversity? "A house divided cannot stand!" Where am I getting at? Tolerance is good in itself. But wouldn't it be better to pride ourselves in something closer towards the word, "Acceptance?". Where not only do you like them for who or what they are, but you have no care to disagree with it, that it shouldn't matter. Where you can take to heart what you actually preach. All we have is a bunch of people that are just upset with everyone else's standards, and that isn't tolerance last I checked. So why Tolerance? That is my true and final question. Why? Why pick a sub-par term, and not even come close to that benchmark? No, Tolerance isn't bad, mostly everyone has something they disagree with, and a lot of us more than others. I am just curious about IDEALS here, not what the fandom is, but what it SHOULD BE.
  5. You will never see the world through my eyes. Or I through yours. What right is there to call anyone strange, stupid, or misguided? Every action and decision is individually justified, but you would never know that by looking at everyone as though looking at a mirror. I have somewhat of a motto, which I have posted and shared around frequently; some of you may have seen it before: “With patience comes understanding, with understanding comes peace.” I would now like to alter and add to it to be a bit more specific “With comprehensive patience in observation and learning comes comprehensive understanding, and with understanding comes peaceful relations.” Sometimes it takes more than the submissive “Let’s agree to disagree” approach to be truly at peace with the world. Why not agree to seek understanding, and agree not only to be of a differing opinion but to take the opposing completely into account, allowing it to influence and move your own approach, therefore settling upon a harmonious medium with our fellow people? “With understanding comes peace,” I have found this to be true time and time again. If peace can ever truly be realised, it cannot be through closing doors.
  6. I know about all the rumors going around about Twilight being destined to be an Alicorn princess, and Derpy being completely axed. But at the same time another rumor has been going around that Twilight will not be an Alicorn princess (at least not permanently), and Derpy might get her very own episode. I do realize that this is very, VERY unlikely on both sides... espicially the Derpy episode, but if they were to do an episode on her, it would have to redeem her (even though we loved her appearance in "The Last Roundup") It would have to satisfy each side. What I was thinking was an episode where she gets hit in the head with something, and it fixes her eyes (temporarily) because of this she may try to change her personality and derpy ways (but fails at it) but she does make a ton of new friends in the process, in the end her eyes would return to the original derped eyes... Derpy freaks out, but everypony wouldn't mind... there would be two life lessons 1. Just because someone is a little different doesn't mean you should judge them differently, 2. You shouldn't try to change who you are to fit in... just be yourself. imo this would quell each sides anger and complaints... Wouldn't that be crazy if Derpy had her own Dear Princess Celestia moment?!
  7. So what are you a bigger fan of? The show or the fan created content? I have loved the show for a while now but you can only watch the 52 episodes so many times before you memorize almost every line of dialogue. Currently I am a regular visitor of FIMFiction and I fear at the rate I am consuming the material daily I will be left without by the years end! Also the endless supply of extremely intricate artwork and equally amusing comics that Equestria Daily informs me of never ceases to leave me in awe. Not to mention the music it inspires! It just fills me with such warmth to know I am part of something much bigger that brings happiness to so many people. If only I were more social, I would love to meet some fellow bronies to share the joy its kept with me in these darkest of times. )Actually, I wanted to post in the life advice forum but since it requires a 40 post minimum, I instead opted to distract myself from the dark proceedings that currently plague my mind in favor of something that brings joy to my world.( But yes, back to the original question, what are your thoughts? Does fan created content add to or detract from the overall enjoyment you find of the show? I look forward to reading your responses! ((Side note, hope this isn't violating any rules, I've had... quite a few, and hoped to just engage myself in a friendly conversation with like minded individuals instead of dwelling on my current predicament.))
  8. This is my second attempt at MLP fanfiction. My first attempt pretty much bombed, so i decided to go for soemthign a little more original. I have ten chapters planned and i'm workign my way through them each day. I'll post each here when i make a new one. The following is the description taken from FIM fiction. Incidentally, if you enjoy it enough to upvote it, i've included the FIMfiction link. In this story, Derpy Hooves is tasked with discovering the meaning of her life and gaining her cutie mark. It also deals with interpreting her cutie mark and handling herself socially amongst other ponies when she is quite clearly different from them. Expect a story that revolves around Derpy growing as a character and becoming Ponyvilles beloved mail mare. http://www.fimfictio...nt-sort-of-pony
  9. Please. Share this and pass it on to thoes who feel sad, depressed, or scared by the world we live in. This should be a message that we pass along in the name of love and friendship for anypony.