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Found 14 results

  1. So what was it? Was it minor, major... In my case, my worst injury occoured just around 3 weeks ago. It was 1st of May, midnight. I was heading home from a BBQ party from my friend's place. I got completely drunk, and I'm talking like 4 liters of beer and 2 liters of wine... As I was heading home along with 2 buddies, we had to cross a certain bridge to get to the city transport. Out of the blue I climbed up the fence of a 50ft (15.2 meter) tall bridge and started shouting random songs and waving arms. Just as my buddy turned around to pull me back I slipped and fell all the way down to the ground. I was rushed to the hospital and had an 8 hour long surgery. Results of an accident was a broken left arm, broken left leg, nearly a broken spine, external and internal bleeding and an instant coma, lost around 20 liters of blood in total. I had over 50% chance to die since I was losing 9 times more blood than produced. Today I can walk and run normally but my arm is still a bit numb. I guess I was lucky. And I love my friend, if he wasn't there.....
  2. Two years ago, just before class, I went to the bathroom, then washed my hands. But at the same moment, a guy 2 years younger than me came to wash its hands too. And there were quite alot of people washing their hands there, and I had the only soap dispenser available infront of me. So he went to take some soap, but pushed too hard on the bar and I got soap all over my shirt. He was scared to death. I measured almost 6 feet at the time, and I'm pretty strong, so it was indeed scary for him. At first I was like "omg...", then I started laughing. It was so funny, this made my day. So the little guy was a bit confused, I wasn't going to punch him lol. So I cleaned my shirt and went in class... So... have you ever scared someone to death, funny or not?
  3. So, as the topic suggests, has it happened to you or anyone you know? The first incident happened in Florida near Orlando. My mom was getting off of Interstate 4, and there was a sign that said "yield" in the merge lane to get on the main road. Turns out there is no merge lane, but a sharp piece of concrete curb where the merge lane should be. There should have been a stop sign, not a yield sign. It was raining and when my mom saw that there was no merge lane, she slammed on the brakes and sort of slid on to the road. We sort of T-boned a SUV, but it was a soft tap, and we hit the tire, not the bodywork. There was no damage to the SUV, so the guy just decided to let it go. We didn't have any damage either, but the hood was stuck for a while. This was one incident. I'll post more later, my phone is about to crash. :3
  4. Have you ever been in a car accident of any kind? When I was 17, the driver lost control of the car from speeding and lost control. The truck flipped three times, resulting in all the windows breaking and a hospital visit.
  5. Fixer the 7yo philly unicorn foal is in Intensive care in a medically induced coma with suspect brain damage after coming off his go-cart at 50mph and cracking his head off the road surface then the wall and not wakeing up since the accident. Police ponys and Canterlot gards are working together questioning officals as to why the 7yo foal was alowed to race without a helmet on even tho he was strapped in at the time, The go-kart in question has been taken away for examination after rumors that it looked tampered with in some discription but firther speculation is unclear at this time as this story is still developing.
  6. Alright, so usually I don't cause any problems or anything on this site, but just a little bit ago, I accidentally spammed the same post over and over again on the Last Youtube video you watched topic due to my computer experiencing some technical difficulties, and I was wonder if someone would be willing to delete the excess copies of this post that I didn't mean to create? This is what the post I made said if you need to see what it was. "Just a video highlighting the awesomeness of one of my favorite animated characters." I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with this as I really didn't mean to do this.
  7. This just in: Very sad to hear, but I must say the truth even if it hurts. It was downright irresponsible for Trey to go out at night on a dirt bike. Dirt bikes have no lights at all, plus the fact that he was wearing dark clothes, not even light clothes. He was only 23 years old and it was only his second season...he will be missed. RIP Trey Walker
  8. My alarm was beeping so loudly I woke up as soon as I heard it. "10 more minutes?" I begged but I was awake so it was no use. I got up and hit the snooze button. I went to my living room. So dark I turned on the lights and the tv. I went to the kitchen and slipped on some water my cats had spilled. "You darn cats!" I shouted at then. They didn't care as far as the knew they thought I wanted to pet them. I got up and got some waffles out from the freezer and popped them in the toaster. I opened the cabinet door and a plate smashed on my head. "Why is this happening?!?!" I said to myself as I got up and started pulling the bits of China out of my hair. The waffle popped out of the toaster and I ate it. I looked at the clock. "Omg it 8:00!" I shouted and ran to my room and threw on some clothes and my shoes. I heard the bus. I grabbed my booking and went out the door. I was running after it. Then I saw a red car and blacked out. "Ow my head!" I said. I held my head the I felt that my fingers were missing. I started to scream so loud. I had hooves for hands. I looked around and saw I was in a tree house. Someone had opened the door. "Omg omg" I said quietly to myself. The person was walking up the stairs. "I don't wanna die" I sobbed. "Oh hello!" I heard a voice. I looked up and a pony was looking at. I started to scream and back up. "Your.....your.....a pony!" I shouted. "So are you look" The other pony said and pointed her hoove to the mirror. I saw a pony I felt sick. "I'm twilight sparkle! Who are you?" The ponies said I guessed cause of her name it was a she. "I'm um......Mona Rose!" I said not really tell my real name. "Well you should meet my friends!" Twilight said. I felt scared but I think I was in her house so I said yes. We walked down the stairs and I saw a lizard I thought and said "I that your pet lizard?" After I said that the "lizard" turned around and said "I am not a lizard I am a dragon" he shot some green fire out of his mouth. I stepped back in fear. "Its ok Mona Rose. He's spike." Twilight said and he bowed. "Hi?" I said and walked a little forward. "So where are we going twilight?" Spike asked. "We are going to show Mona Rose...." "You can call me Mona if you want for short" I barged in. "Ok well we will show Mona our friends" Twilight continued. We walked out the door and I saw lots and lots of ponies. "Wow" I said in amazement as ponies walked by me. We walked to a cake shop that was near by. "Hmmmm smells yummy in there." Said spike I nodded my head in agreement. We walked in and suddenly a pink pony jumped on me. I fell over. "Hi I'm Pinkie Pie!" She said her pink curly hair in my face. "I never met you before. We need to celebrate a welcome party!" She said excitedly. "Pinkie meet Mona Rose." Said Twilight and pinkie got off me. I got up "Has she met everypony yet?" Pinkie asked "everypony?" I said. "No" twilight said to pinkie. "Well then how about I go get everpony while you wait here?" Said pinkie "Well it would be easier....." before twilight could finish her sentence pinkie was out the door. We waited for about 10 minutes then 4 other ponies walked in. I slowly hid under the table. One of them lifted the table cloth. "Hello I am apple jack. You ok?" Said apple jack I looked up and saw her looking at me. "Hi?" I said then a rainbow pony came up "Sup I am rainbow dash!" She said. I got up to the table again. Then a purple mained pony came up to me and said "hello dear well aren't you a pretty fillie? I am rarity" she said and did a pose. "Fillie?" I said then I didn't care at the time. Then the last pony came up to me. "Hi I am flutter...." she said softly. "I'm fluttershy." She finally said. "Hi I am Mona Rose?" I said. To be continued!!!
  9. While I was editing this picture I had this suddenly saturation accident in the edit. But it came out WOW I was very impressed at my work so I added decorations for it. What do you think guys?
  10. You are in Equestria, and the ponies know and love you. One day though, you decide to take a stroll through the Everfree Forest for no reason at all. You get lost and come across an alter to a demon god, and being the curious goof that you are, you accidentally summon the god. He goes on about how he is finally free to reign death and destruction across the land, but you try to persuade him to go back to his realm. Somehow, this works, but on one condition. He makes a deal with you. You bring him one of the ponies, and he will leave quietly. So, you agree. TL;DR Version: You summon a demon god. To make him go back to his realm, you have to bring him one of the ponies. You agree to. Which pony would you bring to the demon god? Keep in mind that the pony you bring will never be seen again.
  11. So, I was just wondering; has anyone ever said anything to you that has hurt your feelings, without them meaning to? And if so, how? Let me explain a little, I was just playing Minecraft on the computer, and the keyboard and mouse ran out of battery at the same time Now, I didn't get mad or anything like that, because I had literally JUST started the world, i'd had enough time to cut down one tree I took the batteries out, threw them in the bin and went to get some more. My mother, sat in the same room as me turned around and said "You even make throwing batteries away sound aggressive" This just got me thinking, that actually hurt quite a bit. Mainly because during my school days I had a history, and was well known for being a bit of an ass, for lack of a better term. I used to be a prick, I was even kicked out of school for certain reasons involving violence. Over these past few years though, i've calmed down a lot and gotten help, generally turned myself around. Hearing that though, made me think, is that really how people still see me? Anyway, I was just wondering, as I said before - has anyone ever said anything to you that has hurt your feelings or anything along those lines, without them intentionally trying to be mean.
  12. I dont consider myself as someone very social. Sure I know how to adapt myself to the people arround if needed ( which mean for work), but I allways prefer being kinda crazy, even if it means I'm not loved by everyone. I respect peoples way to be and I try to avoid bothering them with my personality. In return I expect the same, even if I find it way more funny when peoples try to find any logic in my ways. Conclusion: I'm a socially ackward guy, not the one everyone avoid, but not the one everyone want to hang out with. I only say that to highlight how important this forum was, and is, for me. You see I'm also associal on the net, I hate facebook, dont see the point of twitter, and I usualy post on forum for mmo guilds and never stay too long with them. MLP forum was the exception. I think I allready told about it in one post and I hate repeating myself so to make it short I consider this forum as the finestof the brony comunity, which is allready the finest on the internet. So why did I spend so much time without posting or even conecting ? Well. Because I first I needed to be "dead" for a while, like why I stoped watching mlp after the royal weeding ( it was soo awesome, I couldn't watch one more pony without riscking a heart explosive attack), then I was busy with work, and I came to the peroid when I was like "I'll come back tomorrow...and tomorrow... and tomorrow". The only thing I needed was some free time, free of work, drawing, and video games. And right now, after being accidentaly stabbed in the hand by my bff while kitchening (by the way I'm tiping this with only one hand, you're welcome) I'v got plenty of time. So here I am, I dont think I'll be super active, now I have the time but not really the hands for that, and when my hand will be back I'll be busy again. To be fair I'v never been super active and I think pretty much noone knows me, but I'm back and I want to post about it ^^
  13. Let's pretend you're in an alternate universe, and you aren't a brony. Say the day you became a brony doesn't exist at all, and you never found out about the show until now. You've heard about it, but the lack of interest pulls you away from becoming a brony. Now, say you stumble onto these Forums somehow, whether it be by mistake (accident) or you intentionally looked it up on google (pony forum mlp, as an example). How would you respond? If you'd like, you can post an entire story about how you managed to stumble on here.
  14. techno915

    False Account

    When I first came to, I tried to set up an account. I went to check my email for the notification message saying that it was ready to activate, but I didn't see any. I went back and realized I misspelled my own email address. I then went on to make a new account (this one) with a different name and a correctly spelled email address. I now realize that somehow my "mistake account" is accessible for me to use. I then went and tried to delete my own account so I wouldn't be thought of as a spammer, but I couldn't find a way to delete it. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I should do? |--(0)--| techno915