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Found 13 results

  1. My band needs a new account so we can use other areas of Poniverse, so I tried to create an account specifically for it. Unfortunately, the account activation email does not seem to be getting sent. I've tried hitting "resend activation email", but it still isn't working. Nothing has arrived in my inbox, spam folder or anywhere else. The new account in question in DraconequusBand. Thanks for your help!
  2. Are you allowed to have two accounts? I want to start all over again. EDIT: I found out its not allowed...might do it anyway becuase im sick of this account
  3. Title. Maybe I'm just stupid because I couldn't find a "delete account" button. Oh well. Now I get to look like a fool posting this. Thanks to whichever mod Terminates my Account. <3
  4. I notice that a lot of people who join the forums only sign into it a few times and then never return. They make an introduction in the Welcoming Plaza and then dissapear without a trace. Why do so many people do this? Yes, I know some people get too busy to visit the site, but what other reasons are there? Did they forget they had an account? Was the site not what they expected? Tell me.
  5. Author's Note: As of Monday, January 26, Mr. Enter's YouTube account has been revived. With that, comments here are locked. As many of you already know, cartoon reviewer The Mysterious Mr. Enter had his account terminated last night courtesy of multiple copyright violations from Viacom (the main corporation responsible for managing companies like Nickelodeon). He had one review taken down two days ago, and then YouTube vacuumed up his account, hitting five total videos with copyright strikes consecutively. I posted my response on EQD's page detailing his account closure (with Silver Quill's and Dr. Wolf's videos informing others). My response is below, C&P's from EQD itself:
  6. Ahoy there! Long time, no see, forum... Uh, well, I have a simple question. I would first like to say that I have searched this site and have found nothing in the FAQ etc that could already answer my question. Basically, is there a policy on multiple accounts? Because I cannot delete this account, I wish to leave it be as an old tomb of what once was. I do not wish to be associated with this account any longer. I'm not asking for my account to be deleted, nor do I want my posts to be deleted. I just want to make a new account I have this weird memory of reading somewhere that multiple accounts could lead to a ban? But I'm not sure if that is or ever was true? Anyway, I would appreciate it if I can be validated or at least humored P.S I understand that I can edit my profile, even my username, to whatever I want. However, the issue I'm having is I don't want to be associated at all with anything to do that happened in the past with this account. Which means all former posts etc would still be linked to this account and thus people can still see what I used to do/be. I'm just looking for a fresh start is all
  7. So I just got the automated welcome PM after signing in. I have had this account for at least 4-6 months now, is it because I haven't signed in for a while? I forgot about these forums for about a month or two, haven't posted here since June or July I think.
  8. (This might not be the right place to bring this up.) I know that MLP Forums and share account credentials, but I have to log in to each site individually, so this makes me wonder if Poniverse login is truly "integrated." Is this normal? Is implementing an integrated login infeasible? This login system isn't a major inconvenience; I'm just curious.
  9. Not that I'm thinking of never coming back to these forums - no, I love this forum. But, I was wondering why there was never an option to delete your own account.
  10. Hey EveryPony, So im pretty techie and can create signatures and stuff but I cant find where to edit the signature within my account? Do I have to wait intill I posted so many posts??? Or how do I make my own signature in here? Thanks
  11. techno915

    False Account

    When I first came to, I tried to set up an account. I went to check my email for the notification message saying that it was ready to activate, but I didn't see any. I went back and realized I misspelled my own email address. I then went on to make a new account (this one) with a different name and a correctly spelled email address. I now realize that somehow my "mistake account" is accessible for me to use. I then went and tried to delete my own account so I wouldn't be thought of as a spammer, but I couldn't find a way to delete it. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I should do? |--(0)--| techno915
  12. When first logging in, users are required to accept the TOS. The splat includes helpful links to other areas of the site. Unfortunately, all of those links redirect back to the TOS page (presumably because the forum sees that the brand new account has not yet accepted the TOS). Yeah, so I'm apparently the dork that actually reads the TOS and checks out whatever info it's linking might be a good idea to just copy/pasta whatever info is being linked, or else change the permissions so that new accounts can access that info at its original location.
  13. Who has a Knowyourmeme account? I'm TheLegoBrony on KYM.