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Found 16 results

  1. So this came about in November last year, but since then Capcom has released the Megaman Legacy Collection in this fashion and has indeed mentioned they want to continue the Ace Attorney games on the Switch, as they have proven to be one of Nintendo's nicest little niche titles on the DS and 3DS with a dedicated following, myself included! I know @Envy is a big fan of this series and I'm sure plenty of users here are as well. A full release of the entire main series on the Switch would be a great boon to the Switch's library (inb4 no more ports!) as there are many people who actually have never played these games. They were always relatively niche titles and many of us were sad that Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice were never physically released in the US, so this could be a chance to have a physical copy out there. Now sadly Capcom doesn't have the BEST track record with handling the series as they have made some mistakes in the past such as: Not porting Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 to the west citing poor sales of the first game, despite a fan translation being made because the demand was high enough to justify it. Locking out a DLC from Dual Destinies from the west because they claimed Americans would not be able to figure out the puzzles that "required heavy knowledge of Japan to do" despite living in an age of the internet where people could look up and research this stuff. Making the previous two entries eShop exclusive. Not releasing a prequel game in the west that people were demanding. But this DOES bring me to another fear I have: Capcom released the Legacy Collection for Megaman on the Switch in the dumbest way possible... Megaman 8 and 9 were download codes... Defeating the purpose of releasing a physical copy if there is going to be a download code for two of the games. Why? Because half the point of physical copies is preservation and sharing. If I want to let my wife play these games, now she can't play them on HER Switch because I had to redeem the codes, etc. Also makes them worthless buying used as well. Please Capcom do this right this time and lead into a new game the RIGHT way.
  2. In this thread, you can discuss anything to do with Phoenix Wright! Any news, theories, favorite titles in the franchise, favorite anythings, you name it! Just anything to do with Phoenix Wright! Ace Attorney fans, UNITE! EDIT: Glad to see this thread is still alive! Just wanted to mention something real quick: If you have a spoiler in your post, please say what game it spoils, that way people know whether it's safe to open or not. Like this (yes, it does actually contain a spoiler for Justice for All): JFA Spoilers Just giving out a tip ^-^ By the way, if you don't already know the acronyms for the Ace Attorney games, here they are (you can hover over the acronym to see the full name: PW:AA JFA T&T AJ:AA DD SOJ AAI AAI2 GK2 DGS DGS2 PW vs. PL
  3. We are 4 months away from getting Ace Attorney 6, so I thought this would be a great time to open an Ace Attorney poll. It's pretty simple, really. What is your favorite Ace Attorney game? What is your least favorite Ace Attorney game?
  4. It's really happening! People have been talking about it for years but Ace Attorney is finally being adapted into an anime. I'm so hyped I can't even describe it <3 Any other fans of the series excited for this?
  5. The voice actors have been confirmed, and I took it upon myself to see if the voice actors have acted for any other famous animes/games. Yuuki Kaji as Phoenix Wright Yuki Kaji also plays Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan! That means you'll be hearing "OBJECTION!" from this guy: Aoi Yuuki as Maya Fey also plays Yuki Konno in Sword Art Online 2, and plays Tornado of Terror in One Punch man. Masashi Tamaki as Miles Edgeworth played Zant in Hyrule Warriors Chie Nakamuara as Mia Fey also played Sakura Haruno in Naruto. Masami Iwasaki as Dick Gumshoe also played Roland in Yu-Gi-Oh. Tooru Nara as Larry Butz played Gorota Kumashima in Yo-Kai Watch
  6. The title explains it all, these are my personal favorites of many things in the Phoenix Wright series! Favorite Music (seperated into different categories) Favorite Game: Dual Destinies Favorite Item-Based Mechanic (Apollo's bracelet, Phoenix's magatama, etc.) The Psyche-Locks Favorite Character: Apollo Justice (AA5)
  7. In celebration of International Coffee Day, lets also take this time to celebrate everyone's favorite coffee loving prosecutor, Godot Take this time to share your favorite Godot pictures, gifs, sprites and moments
  8. so I was bored, and I thought of remaking a drawing I did before Original: Remake: Are they good? Which do you think is better? I should stop drawing? See ya :3
  9. I dunno why but i really loved Simon Blackquill's character design in AA:DD Added some editing, too
  10. Ok, with all the Ace Attorney fans here and the seemingly only one fan (me) of Professor Layton, I have decided to create a thread to figure out which one you guys like more and how many other fans of the two are here. So, just vote above and put reasons below. I like Professor Layton more because I'm more into puzzles than court cases. I also like the dialogue, and the character and location design as well. And I LOVE the stories in Professor Layton and they interest me more than Ace Attorney's. Though I will admit Ace Attorney tends to have better memes. EDIT: Well, I've recently played a bit more of Ace Attorney, and my opinions of it have changed considerably. However, Professor Layton is still my favorite. Anywho, I think each franchise does certain things better than the other, and vice versa. For example, I think Ace Attorney does characters better than Professor Layton (Professor Layton still has great characters though), and Ace Attorney does a much better job at making the puzzles (well, whatever you call the things in Ace Attorney) feel like their part of the story and they just flow better, while Professor Layton's puzzles often don't have much to do with the story. However, I think Professor Layton tends to have better stories than Ace Attorney; don't get me wrong though; Ace Attorney has some great stories as well. As for music, I'd say they're both about equal. In the end, I consider the games equal in terms of quality, but I prefer Professor Layton.
  11. Hey everyone! My Little Investigations has just been released! This is one of if not the biggest MLP fan game release ever! You can see the announcement on the game's website here:
  12. If you have played some Ace Attorney games, wich one of them is your favorite? My favorite is the first one but only if you count in the 5th episode (with other words the first DS one) because it was so cool. If you haven't played the games, maybe you have watched Turnabout storm on youtube (it's a MLP X AA crossover), in that case what is your opinion on it? Really? Nobody? Seriosly? :/
  13. Yet again attempting to hone my wallpaper skills, I'm really pleased with this one. This is a (belated >_>') birthday gift for a very special friend, @! I really hope you like it!
  14. I'm currently working on a My Little Pony/Ace Attorney Investigations crossover film called Turnabout Celestia and I'm hoping to gain some support for this project. At this time I'm working on it alone in terms of making the necessary vectors and animations which aren't readily available through asking politely on DeviantART. The concept itself is relatively similar to what has been created so far in Turnabout Storm, however this project aims to add the mechanics of Confrontations and Investigations from the Ace Attorney Investigations series into a film format with what's already been done in Storm. A general overview of the plot is the mysterious summoning of Miles Edgeworth by an unknown third party to help defend a pony who's been accused of the most serious crime possible in Equestria. Along the way, Edgeworth will make new friends and enemies, while uncovering a plot which will ultimately bring about the downfall of Equestria if left undisturbed. Current progress in terms of production is varied depending on the area being examined. So far, the film has 8 minutes 24 seconds made, Edgeworth's investigation, normal and court gifs are already updated and prepared and many other areas are in varying stages of completion. Anyone is welcome to discuss whether they wish to become a part of this project with me at anytime.
  15. So we all know the age old question of "Who is your favourite pony?" as a common first question to ask someone when you first find out they are a brony. Now it's time to get to a more important, more serious version of this question: Who is your favourite Ace Attorney title character? Is it the original ace, Phoenix Wright, the rookie defender, Apollo Justice, or the cool, calm and collected, Miles Edgeworth? After answering that, why not tell us why the said title character is your favourite? Or even tell us who your favourite villain is!
  16. Just post a picture of a pony objecting. Just put some effort into it, please. AND NO NSFW STUFF!