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Found 33 results

  1. For those of you here that play guitar or practice what kind of guitar do you own? I have a Fender DG22s A guitar I'd kill to have later on is this the Epiphone Emperor Swingster
  2. This is a song that was sitting in my back pocket for a while. I only posted recently because I got together with a buddy of mine and we collaborated to make this song awesome, if I do say so myself . It starts slow, but eventually transitions to a driving bluegrass feel. There is a free download in the description on youtube if you are interested!
  3. With this one I envision two lovers singing to each-other over a great distance, hence the title. Hope you like it!
  4. Here's a short acoustic piece I did over the course of yesterday and today, mostly to experiment with some sounds. Hope you like it! Background is by scrafgty on Deviantart.
  5. Here's a little chill acoustic song inspired by the end of Brotherhooves Social. I submitted to equestria daily but haven't seen it posted yet, I hope it makes the cut. free download on youtube site, or get the lossless version on ponyfm.
  6. Instrumental piece with guitar, piano, strings and brass.
  7. Hey, I've been working on banging out a couple live acoustic / vocal covers the past week: I figure I'd throw it out there: Any suggestions for someone with my somewhat grungy vocal range that you'd like to see? Alternately, if you're working on a project and need a vocalist, feel free to hit me up.
  8. Hey guys, small instrumental piece I wrote. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Even though this song has been on Soundcloud for nearly a month now, i wanted to put a new video up to celebrate the continuation of Season 5
  10. Ever thought about what it would sound like if Spikes feelings were put into song. Well this song answers that... Second Track from my "Equestrian Serenades" album I had the first version up a while ago but the vocals were too strained... this new one should have less strainy vocals
  11. This is one of my favorite songs off the show i cant wait to record the vocals!!!
  12. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor get a love song in this acoustic track on my second album
  13. I know this kind of stuff is very old (or nostalgic, depending on how you look at it). But I recently managed to transcribe all the themes of the Mane 6 from Fighting is Magic as accurately as I can! Some parts were difficult but I gave it a try. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! You can click on the ponies if you want to skip to a certain song. Click Here for my Youtube Channel Sheet music of my exact arrangement can be found in the description of the video if you want it. It uses 2 piano parts which explains the empty space. Playing only the top part will still make it sound decent. But feel free to play it how you want.
  14. Merry (Early) Christmas Everyone ! I made this to get some practice mixing/producing acoustic-electric guitar. Comments/feedback are appreciated! I'll gladly answer any questions
  15. Hellooo! I simply loved Maud Pie last weekend. She was awesome. So, anyway- I finished a soft acoustic/alt rock track inspired on her a few days ago, and I'm glad to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, and thanks for your time!
  16. Have a love song from Shining Armor to Cadence!
  17. This is a song I wrote a little while ago but finally got around to making a decent recording. Thanks for checking it out!
  18. Hey, guys! New instrumental acoustic track. I hope you enjoy it!
  19. Hey every pony! I'm Josh, and am brand new to the brony social world (you could say that I'm just coming out of the MLP closet!) I love to write and record music so I though of doing that in pony form. My first song is called Luna's Dreams. It's about how Luna felt during her thousand years in the moon. My second is about when Derpy and The Doctor finally go their separate ways. Here's Ditzy's Heartbreak. I'd love to have some pony produce my music if any pony is interested. I welcome feedback, critiques, compliments, and gifts .
  20. Hey guys (: I've recorded two covers of my two favorite songs and would love some critique from you guys since you've been really helpful in the past! Discord Smile, Smile, Smile I have privatized the links to these videos so that I can replace them in a few hours with higher quality versions which I am more satisfied with (:
  21. For some reason, for about the past month or so... I've been feeling... "Homesick"... ...for Equestria.... O.o I can't really explain it... but that doesn't make the feelings any less real. So, when I heard "Isle of Inisfree," a Celtic song about a displaced soul longing for their home... I knew just had to rewrite it to match how I was feeling. If you've ever felt this too... I hope this song makes the longing a little easier knowing that there are others who feel it as well.... My Equestria I've met some folks who say that I'm a dreamer, And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say, But sure a body's bound to be a dreamer, When all the things she loves are far away. And precious things are dreams unto an exile. They bring her home to a land so magical And in her heart she's once again pony, In her dear lovely home, Equestria. When this world's moon rises beyond the rooftops, Of this great city, with wonders near and far, I scarcely feel the bright lights or the turmoil... I'm home again in my Equestria. I wander o'er green hills through dreamy valleys, And find a peace no other land would know. I hear the birds make music fit for angels, And watch the rivers laughing as they flow. And back to Ponyville my hooves they take me, My dear old home and tenderly behold, Ponies I love around the village, gathered. And I relive their friendships young and old. But dreams don't last Though friends are not forgotten And soon I'm back to harsh reality. But even if they paved the roads with gold here, I still would choose my dear Equestria. ----- (from "Isle of Inisfree" – by Richard Farrelly, ©1950) Vocals & Equestria lyrics by Dreamsong Flute and instrumentation by Dreamsong
  22. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for your time, and have a beautiful day!
  23. Finally done. I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time, so I finally got around to doing it. I love the original version of this song, so I wanted to give it an acoustic feel.
  24. Hey guys! I made an account just to put this out here because I have no brony friends and I really want to get some feedback from brony's (bronies?) on this song I've been working on for the past few days. It's a cover of The Gypsy Bard from Friendship is Witchcraft done in a pretty different way than SherclopPones does it. The lyrics are more or less the same, but the music and vocals are all me. Ever since I heard this song its been bouncing around in my head and I always thought it needed a mellower version out there, I couldn't find one on YouTube so I decided screw it, I need a new project anyway. This is my first pony song and my first serious attempt at recording and arranging tracks (normally I don't bother, I just write em down and play em live for whoever wants to listen) So here goes, I hope you like it Thanks!