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Found 5 results

  1. MLPForums Acronym and Slang Guide! This guide here is designed to help out newcomers and everypony else who needs some clarification on the sometimes confusing acronyms of this awesome site. Whenever I came across such gibberish it would always make me feel left out and not apart of the 'group'. With this guide I hope everypony will be speaking the same language and on the same page! If anypony has more ideas for what to add onto this list post a reply with the acronym or slang and add the definition and I'll add it in! NMM – Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna’s darker side. Appears in S1 EP1 and EP2, also references in S2EP4 RD/RBD – Rainbow Dash. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Loyalty. PP – Pinkie Pie. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Laughter. PDP – Pinkamena Diane Pie. Pinkie Pie's full name. Often incorrectly used to refer to her 'psychotic' side when her mane is straight and flat. FS – Fluttershy. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Kindness. TS – Twilight Sparkle. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Magic. AJ – Applejack. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Honesty. EqD/ED – Equestria Daily. News site run by ‘Sethisto’ for all your MLP: FiM needs. R34 – An ‘internet rule’. States that if something exists, there is pornography of it. NSFW - Not Safe For Work. Abbreviation to indicate something with explicit content. _______ is best pony – Grounds for civil war among bronies. I don’t recommend saying this. Ever. Molestia/Trollestia - Satirical nicknames for Princess Celestia. That she likes to play mind games with everypony. (Trolling them) Also that she is a huge perv and likes to abuse other ponies. RP – Role-Play. The act of filling a characters’ horseshoes and telling a story from their point of view. OOC – Out Of Character. A term RPers use to let others know that what they are saying does not apply to the story they are roleplaying. Often signaled with parentheses. MLP:FIM - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The name of the bestest show ever! You're on it's bestest website right now! Cupcakes - A gory and NSFW work of fanfiction in the form of a written story and an animation found on YouTube. Shipping - Fanfiction pairing two ponies together in a romantic relationship. Can be safe for work and is done often. (eg. ApplexDash, Twixie) .MOV videos - Very NSFW videos on YouTube with multiple episodes including SHED.MOV, DRESS.MOV and APPLE.MOV. You should always try and avoid talking of these and linking of these videos. Rule 63/R63 - Rule 63 of the internet: gender swapping of characters from Male > Female or Female > Male. EF - Everfree Forest. A subforum used for non-pony discussion. CC - Cloudsdale Colosseum. A subforum where forum games and other spammy threads reside. tl;dr/TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read. Usually kept lowercase. When used by the pony who is posting the large block of text, as opposed to the pony who is (not) reading it, it changes its meaning to "Summary for people who are likely to tl;dr" Don't feed the Parasprites - Ponified variation of the statement "Don't feed the trolls" Meaning when someone's here just to ruin your day, don't assist them by agruing or getting angry at them. That means they win! Just ignore them or love and tolerate them! OC - Original Character. Many fans, especially avid RPers create for themselves their own character to either represent themselves or act as a character in a fanfiction of theirs. This is commonly done via the [url=]Pony Creator. Fic - short for Fan-fiction Shipfic - A fan-fiction in which there is shipping. Clopfic - A fan-fiction in which there is explicitly romantic and/or sexual narrative lieu of shipping. By definition it is not safe for work. Fandom - The collective of fans of a given narrative work. Canon - A loan-word from Bibilical study that pertains to "what is authoritative", it means and refers to the official statements or standpoints of the show's creators. Fanon - Evolved from canon, it is similar except it is unofficial and thought of as the defacto standpoint of fans, or the general consensus of the fandom opinion. Everypony - The pony version of saying Everyone/everybody. Also applies to somepony. Bubble Berry - R63 version of Pinkie Pie. (See: Rule 63/R63) Rainbow Blitz - R63 version of Rainbow Dash. (See: Rule 63/R63) Dusk Shine - R63 version of Twilight Sparkle. (See: Rule 63/R63) Elusive - R63 version of Rarity. (See: Rule 63/R63) Butterscotch - R63 version of Fluttershy. (See: Rule 63/R63) PMV - Pony Music Videos FO: E - Fallout: Equestria. A well-known fanfiction placing ponies in the Fallout video game universe. Known for having tons of fanart and being lengthy.
  2. Hello, and welcome to 'The Acronym Game'! The rule is simple: You must create an acronym out of a word from the previous acronym. Since I am first, I will make an acronym out of the word banked. Baka Actually Needs Kawaii Education Dummy
  3. Slap the keyboard and the next poster has to make an acronym for the letters you have cx vbgSDF
  4. Alright, I haven't seen this before, so here goes. One poster types three random letters, and the next poster makes up an acronym using those letters , then chooses three more letters, and so on. For example Poster 1: BRF Poster 2: Big Red Fridge. GTR Poster 3: Grand Theft Robot Simple, I'll start. TYK
  5. So, personally, I'm on the fence on this, but I'd like to hear your opinions. On the one hand, the LGBT community has gotten some flack for adding more letters to their acronym. I think this is fine, but I can see where it gets confusing. Not everyone is interested in sexual orientation, so it may seem a bit superfluous to some to have to remember a 25-letter acronym. On the other hand, if you're going to include lesbians, gay guys, bi people and trans people, why is it okay to exclude queer people, those questioning, intersex people, asexual people, pansexual people... So it does make sense that you'd want an all-inclusive acronym. Especially since the people not typically included in the acronym are forgotten about and oftentimes are made to feel like they don't belong. So it's good to have a more inclusive acronym. However, if more sexual orientations emerge, as I think is likely, where do we draw the line with the acronym? One solution would be to stop having an acronym. Instead of an acronym, there could be a word to describe anyone who's not cis and straight. On the one hand, this could allow for much more inclusion than the simple acronym LGBT does without tacking 50 letters onto the end. By the same stroke, however, it could just as easily allow for exclusion, having people thinking that (let's just call it) Group A is only for people who are X, Y and Z, not for people who are Q, R or S. Were we to get rid of the acronym, the terminology for the replacement term is also a little touchy. People use the blanket term "the gay rights movement." However, while trans issues would fall under this umbrella, trans people don't have all the same problems that gay/les/etc. people do and vice versa. Additionally, this marginalizes the trans community to a degree. By only using the word "gay," you completely forget about all the other people within the group who aren't "gay," per se, but whom these actions/laws/whatever affect. And that only makes things all the more difficult for less visible groups like asexual, pansexual, intersex, etc. As it stands, this community is acts a bit more like like Glbtqqiaa, so would removing labels altogether and making a singular term only aim to reduce visibility of these groups more? So, I'm a little on the fence. I think there may be a better way to go about labeling ourselves rather than an acronym, but I think it would be difficult to go about changing it in a way that would please everyone. What do you think?