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Found 29 results

  1. Have you noticed that Changelings are really bad actors/actresses when they're in disguise? Well, you could argue it's so the target audience can know they're changelings, but still, it kinda makes them look like amateurs.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm making live-action analysis videos where I find all the bad things in MLP and critique them. Sort of like bronies react does. I'm asking if anyone with acting experience can give me some advice on how to improve my skills, such as voice control and expressing emotions better. I'm not going to animate... I don't know how to xD. If you all can give me some criticism, as well as what I did well, I'd really appreciate it. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  3. Hello. I'm searching for people to help me out in a very big project. It is a game and its called MLP: Welcome to the circus (based of of Dark woods circus and a sequel to Part Time Job). I'm currently writing the story and script for it and thinking of the different pony icons and event pictures that could go in it but I need some help with this project. I need game programmers (as many as possible). I was wanting this to be a sort of rpg game with some puzzles, items, save points, unlockables, different endings, hiding, and possibly cheat codes. I think rpg maker handles this kind of thing but I'm not sure (I kind of live under a rock). requirements: you will need to be able to code practically anything without a problem and can do it at a decent pace. you'll be putting pretty much everything together. next I need voice actors~ the game will have voice acting in it soo I WILL need a recently recorded demo from you and please have it at a decent quality. these are characters that I will need actors for... Fluttershy: (not taken) Big Macintosh: (Taken by Sky Cutter) Applejack: (not taken) Applebloom: (not taken) Pinkie Pie: (not taken) Lyra Heartstrings: (not taken) Twilight Sparkle: (not taken) Screw Loose: (not taken) Golden Harvest: (not taken) Lemon Hearts: (not taken) Ringmaster: (Taken by Will Dana) Sad Clown: (not taken) Pastel Sketch: (taken by Me) Requirements: must be able to act out any emotion. microphone must be decent quality. UPDATE ON ANIMATORS: I believe that using animated cutscenes looking like the show does would be a little too complicated for rpg maker. so to make things easier we'll just have sprite animators. so we'll need as many sprite animators as we can get. Requirements: must be able to animate sprites with no problem at all. Music!! No game is complete without it! Every character and event should have a different theme. like some events should have a peaceful theme and some dramatic etc etc. and 90% of this game takes place at a dark woods circus so it should have a bit of a circus feel to it. Requirements: must be awesome at making music. if you want to help out with the music, please send me a link to your best work or create a 10 second demo of what you can do. We'll also need sprites and maps for this rpg. I will sketch out how the map should look like and then send it to you. Requirements: You must be really amazing at creating and animating sprites. and make sprite maps (I'm not sure what to call them) Background OCs: I don't know how many we'll need but there will need to be some things going on in the background of the cutscenes and such. so we'll need background OCs requirements no alicorns. no crazy patterns. please send us a picture of your oc. I think that's about it for now. please let me know if you are interested. (and if you have a skype, you'll need to give it to me so I can contact you and see how you're doing on your part of the project.)
  4. As some of you may already know, I'm an actor. A performer. And I'm currently in the middle of my highschool's play, The Wizard of Oz. In the moment, being onstage and in character, it's really fun. Backstage, however, is a tragically darker tale. Not dramatically so, but enough to seriously discourage me from ever trying out for anything ever again. Our cast is great-- but they all have their flaws, and when they only show you their not-so-lovable side, it's not a fun experience. Often times I'm trying to do what my director told us to do with stress: "Let it slide like water off a duck's back" It works, and I imagine being an actual duck under a waterfall, small and feathery with a setting sun in the distance, turning the sky to a violet-fade-to-magenta hue that shines on fresh green grass fields that stretch on for miles, and I just cuddle with Twilight until I open my eyes and realize I have to go onstage. Sooo, cast call is less than an hour away and still stressed from the previous performance. I'm not gonna die, but I'm not gonna love it either. I find it difficult to tolerate the cast members' behavior backstage, and changing costumes is something I'm not used to, so it's frantic and stressful, especially if something is missing. It's difficult to have foresight and remember which scenes come into play and when, and I have to hold up a tree for like, seven minutes. It's a heavy tree. I freakin' hate it. I want to burn it (it's already dead anyway, might as well). Soooooooooooooooo, yup. I dunno what else to type here, because I can't think straight from all the stress. Hopefully I see you in another entry sometime. I'm not always negative and depressing, I promise.
  5. Hello everypony! I haven't done a voice acting video in a while and usually I brainstorm voices to do but I wanted to mix it up a little this time! If any of you would be so kind as to suggest some voices for me to do, that would be very cool. I am a male, so I cannot do females very well fyi. Throw some at me and if I don't know what you're talking about I'll just look it up. I like a challenge. EX: of voices I have done to give you an idea - Micky Mouse, Gollum, Shaggy, LSP, Austin powers, Forrest Gump, George Bush, Meat Wad, Irish accent (among a few accents I do) - If I get an adequate amount of replies, I will then compile a list of all the voices I will do, then, I will make a video for everypony in thanks.
  6. What if the ponies in Equestria were ponies but they were the ponies picked from an audition to take role in a show meant for colts and fillies across Equestria. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn Twilight isn't really Twilight but an actor for the Equestrian Hollywood who takes sleeping med so she won't miss work. Celestia is a part time actor (Why she isn't featured a lot in the show) because she is actually a big time landscaper for whatever the biggest landscaping crew is in Equestria. Shining Armor isn't really a prince or Cadences husband but a model who so happens to know how to act. His real girl friend is a jealous slinky green pony who latches onto him like a leech, snarling at the other mares trying to get Armors attention. Lol....Whadddyathink mate?
  7. Hey ya'll, I'm looking for an animator to do a small video introducing a channel. With this, I also need a voice actor who can play rarity. Please respond and I will get back as soon as I can
  8. So, I can make movie posters now. I guess that's pretty okay. But yes, I am making a Spider-Man movie. This one will take a while to make. I'm expecting around four to five years at the least. And yes, I need actors and actresses for this film. If you're interested. I'll post a topic on recruiting for the film. Update on Rise Of 13: Due to recent changes in my summer scheduling, along with a delay in music and effects, the release date for the film is being postponed. More updates to come later. Update on summer and scheduled meetings: I have taken on show choir. Because of this, I have a stunning lack of time all summer. Rehearsal is usually everyday except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5 to 8:30 at night. In July, I'm performing at the Embassy theatre in Fort Wayne. I've already scheduled for GeekySteven to join me. I'm looking into getting Commander Tangent a ticket, and I'll gratefully send information to anyone who wishes to come and see my performance. That's about it for now. Look for more information to come!
  9. Hey so I was watching Psych on Netflix and I realized that one of the minor characters in an episode was Peter New. Have any of you all been watching a TV show or a movie and realized on the VA's from MLP was acting in it?
  10. So I had this idea for a musical- hear me out- this is a great Idea Setup: Why don't we have a mlp themed musical just with not so many pony references? We could have it like the Lion King with masks and paint. or for instance each character being only in a bodysuit of a certain shade of color. Like Celestia would be white and Luna would be black with some features. NM could have alternate face paint to make her look evil. Plot: We could have it begin telling the story of NM (The one told in S1 E1) and then start from nightmare moon's point of view with this song maybe? A scene could play with a argument between them. Celestia would banish NM to the moon, following this song maybe it could just be based upon NM and Celestia? Thats all I got. Does it sound like a good idea to you guys? If you have any ideas, post em!
  11. The Silver Pony Players are proud to present the second in a 12-episode radio series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon! Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria! Equestria: Hidden History -- The Story of Nightmare Moon Episode Two -- Alliances Directed by Amadhia & Masterchaoss Written and Produced by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Starring Dreamsong, Aksel, and LilyPad Featuring the voice talents of Awfulnote, Jared Rutledge, TaylorRose16, and Doctor McCrimmon Featuring music by CarbonMaestro Episode 2 artwork by ThePleonasticPotato THE SILVER PONY PLAYERS YouTube: Tumblr: Twitter: @Silver_Ponies
  12. I am now accepting applications for help in the film coming this summer to fall: Doctor Who: Rise Of 13. I need a few things before I can get fully underway, and that's why I'm here now. I made a very primitive trailer for it, but I will update it as I get more and more actual movie footage clips. For this project I will need the following: Actors- If you live around my area of the world, I may need your help, as I have a few slots open in the movie. Voice Actors- I need a few voice actors for various characters, as the actual actors didn't want their voice in it, or they had a speaking problem. Musicians- This is the biggest part. I need a few original songs for this. Most should be instrumental. I will be doing most lyrical songs. However, I am willing to do one duet song and a few lyrical songs from any of y'all. Special Effects- this is very important. A few key scenes in the movie requires special effects skills I do not posses. Therefore, I'll need your help. Artists- I need art for the credits at the very end. Thanks for anyone willing to help! Post here and I'll check to see if you can be in or not!
  13. I've obtained iMovie, so I'm going to make 2 movies. I still don't have much of a cast or crew, but I can find people. I'd love volunteers if anyone lives near me. Here they are. And yes, they are pretty bad trailers. Don't hurt me. The Edge of Time Trailer: trim.5EF37FD9-3000-4EC3-A879-669BA435F199.MOV Doctor Who: Rise of 13 Trailer: trim.7E3A3EDA-CDF1-463C-B0ED-D1F22F33DF3F.MOV I'd love some feedback. And yes. These will be movies that I'll post here. I do need some voice acting. If you would like to voice act or act in real life, message me. These are teasers for the moment, and I'll make better trailers once I have movie footage. Hope you enjoy the trailers for now. Edit: if you have trouble viewing the trailers you may need to download the files. If that doesn't work, sorry. I can't upload them to YouTube because of Copyright Images. Sorry.
  14. Hey there! It is me, Jalokim! CANterlot convention is just around the corner, and I (being the one who is always eager to perform), want to do a skit for the convention! In order to do this, I'm gonna need help from you guys. Im gonna need some script writers, actors, and special effects men (if the script requires). I do have some requirements however, all actors/actresses must be attending the convention (duh). The convention is in southern Ontario by the way, Anyone can be a script writer, but there can only be one script. What's going to happen is that you guys are gonna send me scripts via pm or email (reach me at The script I like the most will be the one we shall perform. You guys will have from Oct. 10- Oct. 25 to write these scripts (since we only have one month to do EVERTHING) Once we have a script, Im gonna look for Actors, but if you are interested, post a reply here or Pm me!
  15. Take notes Miley. I used to watch his show a lot. I give so much respect to Dylan and his brother for going a good direction after their time at Disney, and defending his decisions in a respectable and mature manner. Just figured I'd share one of the only yahoo articles that actually appears good.
  16. I like to think I have a solid voice and a pretty broad range for lending characters a deep and compelling voice. Is anyone doing any projects that may wish to have me audition?
  17. Hello everypony!! We are still looking for ponies who love to sing and act! Once we get enough ponies we can decide which musical we can do! Who knows it might be your fave musical!!
  18. The Silver Pony Players are proud to present the first in a 12-episode radio series chronicling the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon! Join us on an epic journey into a hidden history of our beloved Equestria! Equestria: Hidden History -- The Story of Nightmare Moon episode one -- A Thousand Years Ago Directed by "Masterchaoss" Written and Produced by Amadhia "Dreamsong" Starring "Dreamsong" "Aksel" and "TaylorRose16" Featuring the voice talents of "Awfulnote" and "Doctor McCrimmon" Featuring music by "Fox Amoore" and "CarbonMaestro" Episode 1 artwork by ThePleonasticPotato THE SILVER PONY PLAYERS YouTube: Tumblr: Twitter: @Silver_Ponies
  19. "EQUESTRIA GIRLS IS GONNA SUCK!" Because you can TOTALLY tell it's going to suck by the trailer.........*sarcasm* "LAUREN FAUST WOULD HAVE NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN!!!" Fun Fact: Lauren Faust originally HATED the idea of doing MLP:FIM, but she saw it as an opportunity rather than the end, who's not to say she wouldn't do this to Equestria Girls? Besides, that's incredibly rude. Half the writers and other creators of the MLP franchise have been with Faust ever since PowerPuff Girls, are you saying THEY'RE inferior to Faust? Wait, I guess you're right, I mean Faust wrote 2 episodes! The Premire and The Ticket Master! One was just okay, and the other was the only flat-out neutral episode in the series. Plus Season One probably had the most problems out of the three. Bottom line: LAUREN FAUST IS NOT MLP! STOP TREATING LIKE HOW SHE'D MAKE THINGS GO IS THE ONLY WAY. SHE'S A TALENTED WRITER, BUT THERE ARE PLENTY MORE IN THE SERIES WHO'VE DONE BETTER THAN FAUST! Ex. Meghan Mcarthy, Amy Keating Rodgers, M.A. Larson. "THEY'RE NOT LISTENING TO THE FANDOM!!!!" Last time they listened to the fandom, everyone wouldn't stop complaining about it. In fact, people are already complaining about Vinyl in the trailer for appearing for less than 2 seconds...........T_T OH NO!!!! SHE APPEARED ON SCREEN!!! PANDERING!!!!!! IT WAS ON FOR ONE TO FIVE FRAMES OF ANIMATION!!!! MLP IS RUINED! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to posting why Hasbro needs to let Derpy back in the long as she isn't in season three......... "THE DESIGNS ARE HORRIBLE AND SEXIST!" 1. I can't really argue with the look of the designs........personal preferance and all. 2. You're making claims that Hasbro is making physical appearance the most important thing in a girl, yet you're whining about the look of the designs.....i.e. JUDGING ON PHYSICAL APPEARANCE YOU HYPOCRITICAL,******************************************************************************************************************************************* *sigh* I'm done..... *passes out*
  20. I am still looking for other ponies who love to sing musicals and act plays! I will be making a Facebook page!
  21. Ello everypony! My name is Thesbie and I am looking for other ponies who have a passion for the performing arts! Once we get enough ponies we can discuss what show we shall perform! Here's what you need for the audition: a decent microphone A recording of you doing a monolouge and song ( please be from musicals and or plays) An oc (headshot) ( please no Alicorns or extreme oc's the acting will be animated wich is another thing I will need help with) Hope to see your audition!
  22. i honestly hate asking things of anyone here on the forms, but i need a little bit of help from you guys, im taking up voice acting and i need some practice, sooo you guys could ask me to impersonate someone from an anime, cartoon, real life, all that stuff. my voice can be crazy, mildly deep, and can be very high at some points, so it varies. so there could be a good variety of voices, i can sound like Meatwad (from aqua teen hunger force) an english men, and a few others, and with this i could find out what else i could do, so if you want to take a minute of your time and help me with my voice acting future
  23. What if a bunch of Bronies got together and performed the Hearth's Warming Eve play? That would be amazing...