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Found 18 results

  1. Well would ya look at that... we made it to Season 7! (Sorry for not posting this 2 weeks ago when the first two episodes came out, been super busy with school :/ ) That means it's time for another round of MLP Forums Reacts! If you're unfamiliar with MLPF Reacts, it's basically just like Bronies React by ACRacebest, except it's starring forums members just like you! If you're interested in joining in, send me a PM and I'll fill you in on the rules and regulations. Also, consider joining the MLP Forums Reacts Discord server, where we discuss ideas for any future videos, post memes, and just have an overall good time! Join here --> If you want to see some of the previous MLPF Reacts videos, here's a link to the entire playlist compiled by one of our own, Gamer_KM! Once again, if you're interested in participating send me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP. Let's get a big group together this time around! (Don't forget to join the Discord ) -ff
  2. Has anyone that you looked up to in life that has worked in the public eye, as a singer, actor, athlete, or local leader ever done something that made you loose respect for them, perhaps all of it? I'm asking cause this has happened recently to me. I'm a wrestling fan. So I respect the work of one Hulk Hogan. He's the face of wrestling. Non-fans will know who he is. Yeah, he's had issues here and there, but nothing all that detrimental. Until leaked phone messages revealed that he's actually a racist bigot, complaining about his daughter dating a black man. WWE have since gone scorched earth policy and have severed ties, publicly fired him and scrubbed his image from most of the site. More recently and hard hitting was the case of Phil Anselmo, former singer for Pantera, and one of the most respected metal frontmen around. At the Dimebash event, an annual jam show done in memory of late Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrel, Phil was seen doing the sieg heil salute of the third Reich, and mouthing off "white power." He says it was an inside joke for white whine, which reports claim there was none. But regardless of that, this has been cropping up once in a while. I thought he was over this, but nope. Metal is supposed to be an all inclusive genre. It takes in outsiders and knows no race, religion, gender, age or nationality. Let alone that this behavior in this day in age is uncalled for. I'm a huge Pantera fan. Who isn't? And yet this bigot is on all my favorite songs of theirs. It's gonna be a long time before I ever give any of their works another listen. So what about you guys? Any of your heroes, anyone you looked up to, do anything to shatter your confidence and respect for them?
  3. I am an actor/ director that's doing a live action mlp video on my channel. but i need a crew first. 1. Makeup Artist. 2. Actors. Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, RainbowDash, Celestia, Luna, And the Mane Villain. 3. Prop designer. 4. Camera man.
  4. Hello, everypony. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I am in the process of finishing a luna/celestia/twilight ballad and came to the issue of finding voices to fill the parts. This is my first piece of pony themed music, and my first piece with lyrics. As for the score, I am a practiced orchestral composer for more than 5 years and usually score small indie games. Posted as an attachment is the instrumental of the piece and below is a (rough) copy of the lyrics. If you are interested in voicing either Luna, Celestia, Twilight, or Pipsqueak, feel free to comment below or pm me for the individualized vocal scores. Key: All caps is luna's "royal canterlot voice" for those who wish to voice luna. Needed Voices: Celestia Luna Twilight Pipsqueak Lyrics: Celestia: Welcome back, To your home, Retake your place upon your throne. I raise the sun, and you'll raise the moon... Nightmare Moon (NM): Not so fast, sister... call me nightmare moon! *evil laughter* *screaming* YES! BOW TO ME! BE STILL! DAY WILL NEVER COME! THE SUN WILL NEVER RISE! I AM INPRISONED NO LONGER! NIGHTMARE NIGHT IS NO MORE! Celestia: sister, wait... NM: NO! you are the one who inprisoned me! I will never fall to you. I am in charge now! Celestia: But sister, these people. they haven't done anything to deserve this. NM: Then what's the point of this celebration?! To Mock me? Celestia: but sister... Twilight: I can answer that, luna... They enjoy the night. They enjoy being scared... Nightmare night is a FUN holiday, not a mockery... NM: but young twilight, how can you say that when they run in terror... Twilight: It's not terror, well... real terror anyway. Its fake FUN terror... NM: I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Twilight: and... maybe lower the voice? NM: ... like this? Twilight: perfect. NM: you see... Banished and forgotten, left on the moon, Peace is what I'm seeking, change from this rude commune NM: ooo ooo ahh ahh Celestia: take a look around... They don't want the change... They enjoy this holiday... not because they don't like you, but quite the opposite... Pipsqueak: Um... princess luna, I know there isn't going to be anymore nightmare night, but do you think you could come scare us again next year? NM: You like me to scare you? Pipsqueak: It's really fun! Scary... but fun! NM: Then nightmare night shall return! OH MOST WONDERFUL OF... I mean.. most wonderful of nights. Celestia: Welcome home, sister. Back to your throne. Welcome home sister, You're no longer banished all alone. Again, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. If it is, somepony please direct me to the correct forum... BalladInstru.wav
  5. Ok i could not fit anymore words in too the title i will tell you why i added and more.If this is in the wrong forum you can move it too the right forum i you're a staff member who is alowed too move this too the right forum i guess i mean thread...) 1.Do you have a dream about you're favorite actor or actress? (I did with two of my favoruite actor's but one became a bad dream...kinda.) 2.Do you have a dream with you with you're favorite actor or actress? 3.Do you ever make a vutrail person that is you're favorite actor or actress? (Thats what the and more ment and i do tend too make sims out of my favoruite actor and one favoruite actor with there wife.) 4.Do you make a vutrail person of you with you're favorite actress or actor or with you're favorite actor's wife or with you're favorite actress's husband? (I did i made a christopher walken sim with his wife and me included but there younger but imagtion they aged in this one since christopher walken is 70 year's old and hes gonna turn 71 year's on march 31th so yeah he has a birthday in march when my dads birthday is march so my dad turned 51 year's old yesterday since it's probaly 1:00 am by now and Christopher Walken's wife is 69 year's old or 70 year's old because it does not say how old she is but her year is 1944 and Christopher Walken's year was 1943.)
  6. We'll tell me if you do and i do have a crush on two famous actors. I have a crush on these two famous actor's alot but there older then me: 1.Christopher Walken (He's 70 years old i only have a crush on him because he is handsome and has a good voice and hes funny and is a good actor! and i like how he acts in two movies i like watching(We'll one is embrassing if i say it but oh we'll) 2.Matt Smith (He is 30 something years old why i have a crush on him is because hes handsome and hes a good actor and hes funny and i like how he acts in doctor who) (Info of why there older then me:I'm 16 years old thats why there older then me)
  7. Let us take the time to share our favorite moments of actors playing against type. It could be comedic actors playing dramatic roles, or the other way around. It could also be live action, animated, TV, film, or whatever. As of late, my favorite would have to be Liam Neeson as Bad Cop and Good Cop in "The Lego Movie". The idea of him playing what is essentially the cop equivalent of Fluttershy is hilarious on its own, but it's also a riot to see him act so dead-serious as a Lego minifig. And that poor chair...
  8. Two completely elements of what defines sexy... Robery Downey Jr. who in my opinion is the Sherlock Holmes, studious yet wild when it comes to the mind. Absolutely sexy for his "mature nerdy" persona. From being a multimillionaire scientist to an almost invincible man in iron, he makes the CGI look its finest. Norman Reedus who most people know him from The Walking Dead. Being the absolutely sexy stand-alone sole survivor with unbeatable abilities to avoid being killed, he has more to him than meets the undead eye. He also starred in The Boondock Saints, showing a younger and more ruthless (and playful) version of his acting capabilities. Both men do indeed have the word "sexy" strung within their character and biography profiles. What do YOU think of the two? Or perhaps you prefer somepony else? ;D If you are a fellow stallion who doesn't prefer these two choices, please feel free to post who you prefer!
  9. Post yer Nic Cage reaction faces here! Keep it going! *Nic
  10. Okay, so Doctor Who fans one and all should know that the Doctor has had twelve different incarnations by way of "Regeneration" I'm pretty sure someone's thought of this before, but it occurred to me a few days ago. Could the fact that Bruce Wayne/Batman and James Bond being played by a multitude of different actors indicate them being Timelords? Seriously, I mean check this out: Lazenby is the worst one out of the bunch just so you know.
  11. Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize I went to the ComiKazi expo in Los Angeles and met a whole bunch of my favorite childhood actors and actresses - inlcuding Tara Strong! There was not one person I met who was not nice. Every person there was so approachable and really nice and easy to talk too! It was so much fun! Ru Paul was so damn awesome also Such a nice and friendly cat. Loved talking to him! Will be posting a blog dedicated to the entire convention as well as how each celebrity was like when I got to meet them!
  12. Equestria: Hidden History episode 03 Casting Call! [NO NEW CHARACTERS INTRODUCED IN EPISODE 03] Join us as we continue this epic journey into a forgotten history of our beloved Equestria! ------------------------------------- After hammering-away at the script to get the best, most powerful telling of the arc that spans the next three episodes of EQUESTRIA: HIDDEN HISTORY, I'm afraid that I've got to announce that there will not be any new characters introduced in episode 03. Thank you, everypony for your interest in the show! It means so much to us that you wish to be a part of this wonderful, epic journey! Keep your eyes peeled for casting for episode 04 in early December! Thank you again! -Amadhia "Dreamsong" writer/director/producer - Equestria: Hidden History (#EqHH) ------------------------------------- Air-date for episode 03 currently slated for Saturday, December 14th. ------------------------------------- Episode one: "A Thousand Years Ago" Episode two: "Alliances" Watch all the episodes at:
  13. Equestria: Hidden History episode 02 - "Alliances" Casting Call! ROUND 1 CLOSES ON 1.JULY, 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAPPHIRE -- HAS BEEN CAST (FEMALE LEAD - appearing in all future episodes) Lieutenant. Head of security for P. Celestia. Fully capable of kicking tail and taking down names... still she has a gentler, softer side that will be revealed as the series progresses. We've got to believe her capable of great depth of emotion, as well as being a "cast-iron 'B'". PERSONALITY: Korra from "Korra" meets Laura Croft from "Tomb Raider" AUDITION LINES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RACKSTRAW -- HAS BEEN CAST (villain - LARGE PART in EP02... appearing in at least one future episode) An orator, extremely skilled at twisting truths and misinformation to his own ends; completely comfortable with saying things he knows to be untrue. PERSONALITY: Amon from "Korra" meets Scar from "Lion King" AUDITION LINES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUEEN OF SADDLE ARABIA -- HAS BEEN CAST (lawful-good - SMALL PART in ep02, LARGE PART in EP 03) Gentle, maternal, warm and wise. An Earth Pony striving to be as good a leader as P. Celestia. (Believable/applicable accent preferred) SUGGESTED PERSONALITY: Cheerilee meets Sarabi from "Lion King" AUDITION LINES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KING OF SADDLE ARABIA -- HAS BEEN CAST (lawful-good - SMALL PART in ep02, LARGE PART in EP 03) Strong, honorable, warm and wise. An Earth Pony striving to be as good a leader as P. Celestia. (Believable/applicable accent preferred) SUGGESTED PERSONALITY: Sallah from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" meets Mufasa from "Lion King" AUDITION LINES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXOTIC STREET VENDOR -- HAS BEEN CAST (neutral-good - SMALL PART appearing only in EP 02) Playful and canny; underneath his joviality, he is thinking several moves ahead of his customers. (Believable/applicable accent preferred -- written with Eastern European accent in mind) AUDITION LINES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vizier -- HAS BEEN CAST ( chaotic-good - SINGLE-LINE BIT PART in EP 02 - also appearing in EP 03 with possibility of more lines ) Butler-like, but with a mind of his own. Skeptical and not afraid to make his opinion known. AUDITION LINES: Watch all the episodes at:
  14. I've been wondering this. Does anyone know what the voice actors on Fiendship is Magic think if Equestria Girls? And do they want to be a part of it? This might help us determine whether not it's worth seeing, if the actors are thrilled about it or not.
  15. I haven't seen another thread like this, and I hope I'm not the only one who loves talking about actors. :3 I just...I don't know, I have a fascination with the uber-wealthy and powerful. ^^ And more importantly than that, I love movies to the point of unhealthiness. So here's my (roughly) Top 10 Favorite Actors/Actresses list! 10. Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Knocked Up, The Muppet Movie, Despicable Me) 9. Alan Rickman (Sweeney Todd, Die Hard, Galaxy Quest, Harry Potter) 8. Clint Eastwood (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby) 7. Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Winter's Bone, Silver Lining's Playbook) 6. Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, Bourne Identity, The Departed) 5. Steve Carell (The Office, Despicable Me, Get Smart) 4. Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, This Means War, Walk The Line) 3. Jack Nicholson (One Flew Over The Cucoo's Nest, The Shining, Bucket List) 2. Michael Caine (Educating Rita, The Children Of Men, Dark Knight) 1. Dustin Hoffman (Everything. This man has been in everything.) As you can see, this is veeeery different from my Top 10 Hottest Actors of all time list. These are the top 10 actors that make me see a movie, even if it's horrible, just because they're in it. What about you guys?
  16. Cleaning up old post from this old account.
  17. Just thought I'd share with you the voice actors of a few ponies. Why? Who cares. Read and enjoy(: Tabitha St. Germain- Derpy Hooves, Granny Smith, Rarity, Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna, Photo Finish, Mrs. Cake, Pound Cake. Andrea Libman- Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pumpkin Cake Ashleigh Ball- Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Little Strongheart Tara Strong- Twilight Sparkle Nicole Oliver- Princess Celestia, Cheerilee Michelle Creber- Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle (singing voice) Claire Corlett- Sweetie Belle Madeline Peters- Scootaloo John de Lancie- Discord
  18. Ok, am I the only one who just found out today that the seven main characters of mlp (six friends + spike) are all played by Canadian women? Makes me more proud that I'm Canadian!