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Found 7 results

  1. By mini-addictions, I mean those "bad" habits that are not a really serious addiction. For example, I developed a mini-addiction towards Nutella and chocolates over the last weeks... truth is I end up eating a BIG amount of it every time. So, I'm curious about what you guys do to handle your mini-addictions. Do you just embrace them? Do you ignore them and watch ponies instead? Or, if you got past an addiction... what did you do to handle it in the past? I'm not asking for advice, I'm just curious about what you guys have got to say Thanks for reading and posting a reply!
  2. Besides water and the essential stuff, What can't you live without? For me: -Internet -My phone - MLP and it's community -Cars -Music -Friends What about you guys?
  3. I have no idea if there is a thread about this already, I did do a search and found nothing so here I go. How bad is your addiction to MLP? How often are you thinking about it or researching it? Are you one of those people who has a stash of pony merchandise in a room you dedicated to My Little Pony? So far I would have to say mine is pretty bad considering for the last 2 weeks I have done nothing but stuff that involved MLP.
  4. I actually have an idea for an episode premise involving the concept of addiction. Basically, its a Fluttershy episode similar to Putting Your Hoof Down, only instead of Fluttershy learning to be Assertive, its about her gaining a gambling problem. Simply put, The CMC are playing a new trading card game when Rainbow and Fluttershy come along. Scootaloo asks Rainbow if she wants to play, but Dash prefers more physical based competition. Fluttershy is then asked to play, hesitant at first, she decides to try it. Fluttershy manages to beat Scootaloo, making Rainbow question how she did it. Fluttershy simply says its just basic logic, and probablility calculations. Scootaloo suggests that Fluttershy competes in the tournament league for the game. Confident in her newfound knowledge of the game, Fluttershy accepts. The rest of the episode is basically Fluttershy showing a darker, more personal side. The game makes her increasingly selfish, cruel, disrespectful, and borderline sadistic towards her challengers. To the point where she eventually begins to con Spike and Discord to buy her more cards after Rainbow and Rarity decide to restrict her. Towards the end of the episode, Fluttershy becomes a twitchy, card-obsessed, psycho who calls herself Fluttercard: The Game Master. After almost losing to a game, Rainbow reveals that the tournament Fluttershy's been competeing in was just a shaddy hoax. The shopkeeper who arranged the tournament actually paid some of the players to purposley loose just boost the TCG sales. Fluttershy returns to normal and forfits the tournament. And the lesson is, competition can be fun, but not when it takes over your life and costs you your friends. Addiction is a somewhat serious issue, but as long as it isn't about drugs, I still think it could work. As for why I choose Fluttershy, Well she's the most likely of the mane 6 to be good at a trading card game. Rainbow prefers using her strength for competition than her brain. Applejack knows when enough is enough, Twilight lacks the ability to adapt to when things don't go her way, Rarity would probably be against tournament play, and Pinkie would probably get bored after 2 rounds. Plus, Outside of her being shy and cowardly, we hardly know Fluttershy on a personal level compared to most of the other mane 6. When she's not trying to get over social anxiety for the umpteenth time, most of her episodes are about caring for others. So an episode about addiction could show us how naive Fluttershy could possibly be.
  5. As many of you may already know, there is no new episode tomorrow. (Commence panicking now!) Instead there is going to be the Littlest Pet Shop finale. Now like an addict whose withdrawal symptoms has forced him to eat dirt from beneath the couch cushions because it might be drugs, we can be able to scrape a little bit of pony from Littlest Pet Shop. Here is a guide Asleigh Ball (voice of Rainbow Dash and Applejack) is the voice of Blythe Baxter Tabitha St. Germain (voice of Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith... pretty much everypony) is the voice of Pepper Clark Nicole Oliver (voice of Princess Celestia and Cheerilee) is also the voice of Zoe Trent Peter New (voice of Big Macintosh) is the voice of Sunil Nevla Cathy Weseluck (voice of Spike and Mayor Mare) is the voice of This stupid rabbit that shows up sometimes Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie's singing voice) is the voice Brittany and Whittany Biskit and on top of that, Daniel Ingram (the dude who writes all the pony songs you always have stuck in your head) also does the songs for Littlest Pet Shop. Here are some highlights of his And my personal favorite song which I can't get to embed for some reason "Lost and Found Box"
  6. While I was playing my 3DS at the dinner table tonight, mom interrupts me: "Derek...don't you think you might be addicted to that thing?" "Mom, please. Just give me a sec. You asked me to come to dinner right when I was in the middle of a boss fight, and I can't pause it. You have to be prepared for these kinds of things." "I wouldn't have to be if you would turn off that f*cking toy every once in awhile." "Don't call it a toy. It's a game console." "Still a toy." "Mom...just..whatever. You're making this out to be a bigger deal than it is." "I think you're just in denial. You're addicted to videogames, and you can't admit it." "Mom, I'm not addicted. Seriously. If I was addicted, I wouldn't have a life. I go to college, and I have a lot of friends." "But all you do with your friends is play videogames." "At least we're doing it together." "It's still not healthy." "If you think about it, games are just like books or movies, mom. Except better, because you can interact with them and influence the overall experience." Mom just sighs, and takes her plate to the sink. I acted like I wasn't phased by what she said, but honestly, it got me thinking: What if I am addicted to videogames? How would I even know that? I mean, I like playing games more than I like school or studying, but don't we all? And occasionally, I'd rather play a game than hang out with my friends, but all of us are like that sometimes. I play games for good portions of the day, but not so much that I neglect other people or obligations. I know I could be doing other things too in my spare time, but why should I? Gaming is a lot of fun. I mean, I could be doing more productive things like learning a skill like drawing, cooking, archery, etc., but none of those quite satisfy me as much as a game, and I bore quickly when I'm doing anything else. Is that a sign of addiction? Or is gaming just that much more entertaining and rewarding than any other hobby? At this point, I can't quite tell. What do you think?
  7. A poem I wrote recently that basically recounts some moments of my younger years that I'm not proud of. It's pretty personal to me, but I figured I'd post it here since none of you know me in real life. (Also, I've been sober 3 and a half years now. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hard drugs aren't worth it. There's better things in life.) - - - nosebleeds - - - finally you wake up in a parking space behind burger king jacket wet from an oil slick and there are people standing above you some of your friends "christ, i thought you were dead," one of them says but these weren't the friends you were with before "i'm sorry, but please don't tell anybody you found me here. please." "uh, no problem." "are you ok?" "you think you could watch me? make sure i don't pass out again?" "yeah, all right. just follow us." you're sorry to take up any space at all but you aren't really sorry, just scared you asshole the last thing you remember it was still daylight you were on the other side of town starting to come down and you asked for more the two of you did a few more pills then a lot more pills it's the little things six hour gaps in your memory wandering around the laundromat with the fluorescent lights beating on your nosebleeds the listless stares of people around you wondering what the hell this kid's only fifteen he's sleeping in a parking lot? and he's got dilated pupils, nosebleeds jesus, he's shaking, why's he shaking? they make you tell yourself this is the last time this is the last time, i swear i'm quitting all these things you thought you could quit you can quit anytime well you thought you could quit