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Found 13 results

  1. After a little bit of discussion, we came to the conclusion that making an all-inclusive “Ask a Staffer” thread would be a great opportunity for members to get to know our team! How it works: Anyone may simply ask a question in here, no matter the subject (so long as it remains appropriate of course) and a random staff member will come around to answer you. The questions can be serious, fun, pertain to certain individual staff members, whatever! All in the name of getting more familiar with our hard-working staff members. There’s no telling who’ll be the one to answer your question, as it will simply be answered by whoever is available at the time. Here is a very handy index of each staffer:
  2. For most profiles on these forums, we can see who last visited the page. This includes all members and admins. So, does anybody else happen to get a little nervous/curious when they see an administrator looking at their profile?
  3. not really a silly question but do you have a FAQ page, or link, so I can figure out how to do some things to my profile? Everyones signatures, pics and more and more are amazing but i cant figure out how to do any of that. Also, do this site have an app?
  4. It may be hard to believe but you do need a Spoon to go through life. And sometimes there's no Spoon to speak of. But don't let that get you down because you'll never know when a Spoon will pop up! Show some love to dat Spoon, y'all! BTW - forks suck!
  5. I don't regret making this thread. And yes, I would love to.
  6. I need an explanation about this "Scruffy" guy and his hatred from the satyrs and satyr-posters. Here's a related picture ( ):
  7. I was thinking for the use of the "favorite" feature 1.There should be something like a favorite button on the topics made by uses. We can use this so that we can go that specific topic instantly without going to recently talked about or going to thread by thread to look for it. Especially for users who posted a lot here. 2.I want to also put favorited by admin similar to MM picks in LBP. So people will know that if they're interested to join the specific topic that is loved by the admin. (If possible, favorited by moderator too)
  8. Just press F13 to access it. Here is a screenshot as proof:
  9. Shiki

    Your new God

    . . . So. Now that I am your new super leader. I command you all to stop posting ponies entirely. Proof it's legit. Also... Before I forget...
  10. Previous Countdown List: So I've seen people complain about moderators before. Me, having experience in this particular field, wanted to clarify a few things about the moderation here and why you should not complain. So I decided to compile a list of reasons that people who complain about moderation are not in the right in doing so. #1: Moderators are not Paid While on some sites they might be paid, on here, they are not. The moderators here use their own free time out of their own free will. So remember, you may be agitated by the things moderators do that you do not agree with, but you have to remember, they are doing this out of their own personal choice. So they're pretty much moderating out of the goodness of their hearts, and people should appreciate the time and effort they put into it. Moderators don't absolutely have to moderate, if they wanted they could resign and let this place fall into Anarchy, and that would be fun for approximately nobody. Pictured: A forum after all of the moderators went on break at the same time #2: Moderators here are some of the most fair on the internet The moderation here is some of the most efficient, yet somehow lenient moderation I have ever seen. This site's moderation is like a perfect equilibrium of moderation. Any less strict, the place turns into an absolute mess. Any more strict, this place turns into some kind of facist dictatorship. So if moderators here nail you for something you did, you probably deserved everything they did.You have to understand that every system we have in place on MLP Forums is in place for a reason. The character minimum may not seem like fun but it prevents this place from falling into absolute Chaos. If you actually respect the rules, you probably will not get into trouble. Compared to other websites, these moderators are some of the nicest, goofiest, and most lenient around. I greatly respect all of them for the work they do. Other websites are much more strict, and this site gives you plenty of wiggle-room. in fact, I make extremely strange threads everyday with the consistency of abstract-art and I've never had a brush up with the moderators. The moderators here are like angels, guys, except...they're not, and that brings me to my next point. #3: Moderators are just people As much of a shock as this may to come to some people, moderators are just human like the rest of us. Now before you go into a rant in the comments about automated moderation, be aware that I've been on a site like that. Literally every user on the website was banned in a week. Now you should know that while the moderators are not perfect, they are still some of the best around. They can't do EVERYTHING, and they should not have to do everything. Users should act responsibly and in accordance with the rules. If you simply follow the rules, then everything should be alright. If there is a misunderstanding, start a support ticket, and I'm sure you can settle it. The staff team here is incredibly understanding. But the fact the moderators are human leads me to another point, do not send them hate mail. It is a mean, rude, hateful, and generally distasteful thing to do. If you have ever sent a moderator hate mail you should be completely and utterly ashamed of yourself. Not only does that show disrespect for the rules, but it shows utter disrespect for the people who spend their FREE TIME to make this place a nice and friendly atmosphere for people like yourself. It makes them feel bad, I'm sure. You have to remember, there is a real person behind every username. And that real person has real feelings you can most definitely stir if you're a complete jackass. Do you really want to be this dick, and say 45% of moderators are leeches? I thought not. #4: Moderators don't make the rules singlehandedly Moderators do not necessarily create every rule they enforce. While generally they all agree with it as a whole. For this reason, there is not really a finger you can point at anyone in particular. Even if you could, these rules are necessary to keep this place friendly. I shouldn't have to say much about this, since anyone with common sense could piece this one together. The moderators generally pool together and make decisions, and believe it or not, these decisions are overwhelmingly for the better of the forums as a whole. They may not be perfect, but if something goes wrong because of one of their decisions, they can always revise it later. #5: Moderators like to have fun too Contrary to popular belief, moderators do not take up the position merely with the intent of crushing the dreams of everyone they encounter. Rather, they most likely do it out of their love for the site. They like to have fun just as much as anyone of us. However, when enforcing the rules, they have to be impartial, they cannot make decisions based on how much they like somebody, that would be extremely inefficient. Moderators may occasionally enjoy silliness too, so I doubt they enforce the rules for the express purpose of making little girls cry. These moderators are some of the goofiest mods I've ever seen and the funniest people I know. In addition to that, they do their jobs, and they do them well. The moderators here may not be perfect, but they're the finest moderators I've ever seen. Bless them. __________ Take these into consideration before complaining about the moderation team. If you really needed five reasons not to harass the moderators, you probably deserve what ever warning you to get anyway.
  11. Dear admins, I would like for you to take these ideas under consideration. 1.( Fix the Mobile Version. I use the mobile version of this forum a lot, and in it, I can't change my profile at all, change my profile picture, or edit much of my information in general. I would like to use this forum more than I currently do. The reason is simply because the mobile site is not as complete as the full site. Please fix this 2.( Make a Mobile OC creator This would make it much easier for me to do what I need to do. That's all the suggestions I have for now, but if I have more I shall post them here. —signed, BioHazard
  12. Yes yes yes, history has been made. Feld0, our great overlord, has finally used the word "lol" on its own. This has NEVER been witnessed before. Click to enlarge. What shall this glorious occasion be celebrated with? I personally would like all members to break the fourth wall and drag Pinkie Pie in here so we could have a Pinkie Pie Party.
  13. In honor of our great overlord's birthday, I have drawn him up a pony version of himself. Behold the Emperor of the Great Feldian Empire: And bonus material. Here's a bit of a more serious and less OP unicorn version of his OC (also makes it easier to see the cutie mark on his flank):