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Found 3 results

  1. Who are the people you admire? Why do you admire them? Most people have someone that they look up to. It may be a family member, it may be a business colleague, it may be a friend, or it may be someone famous. You've probably been asked this question before, but have you truly given it much thought? Have those people you look up to truly helped shaped your persona? Personally I have never admired anyone in a way that influenced me and perhaps that in a way has reflected on me. So the question stands, Who do you admire and Why?
  2. If you could say wake up tomorrow morning and switch lives with any pony, any one or even non pony character if you so choose who would it be? The Applejack fanboy in me wants to say Applejack and there are some positive aspects of her life. She has a close and loving family which is something that has always been important to me and one the many things I like about Applejack. Since Sweet Apple Acres is the family business she dosen't really have a "boss" so she gets to be her own mare which though apple bucking wouldn't be my first choice of a career is very liberating. My father used to have own his own Italian restaurant and though I knew I wasn't going to work there for the rest of my life I do miss the place and I liked alot of the customers. But like I said before applebucking is not exactly my passion and it eats up alot of time especially if you your older brother and school age younger sister really the only ponies who can help you. My actual answer would have to be Twilight Sparkle, lets face it though I am sure it is hard work learning high level magic would be seriously cool. And being a librarian does appeal to the intellectual side of me and allows me to and even encourages me to do my writing which actually is my dream job. And if she has trouble getting any stallions attention she could just use the want it need it spell, all joking aside though she is more than hot enough to not need it (I know shameless plug for most attractive pony tournament but I couldn't resist). EDIT: Someone brought up an interesting point of not wanting to be gender bended which I somehow never thought of so I added a new stipulation. What if in addition to being able to switch lives with anypony you could also if you choose become a gender bended version of that pony?
  3. (You read the kick-ass thread didn't you? ) Is there any brony (or pegasister) in the fandom that you truely appreciate and believe is a great person? Personally, I admire Tombstone, I like his work and his personallity. He is in my opinion the best brony musician in the fandom.