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Found 26 results

  1. HELLO everypony! I know that not all of us animators have Adobe Flash CS6, so, being the very kind person I am(don't laugh at me), I've taken it upon myself to convert ALL of the Double Rainboom Pony Puppets, plus Celestia and Luna, to the Flash 8 version! Which basically means anyone with any version of Adobe Flash can animate with them! I went through a lot of trouble downloading all of the trial versions of Adobe Flash to accomplish this, so I hope this helps some potential animators! Download them here! The puppets include: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Spike Pointy Ponies/BBBFF Style Ponies Applebloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves Lyra Heartstrings Bon Bon Vinyl Scratch Doctor Whooves Roids Rage Colgate Berry Punch That's 21 different puppets, folks. AKA a lot of time taken out of my life. x-x It was worth it, though. Enjoy! <3
  2. If you could get anything in the world, what would it be? Eh, don't answer that; it's not relevant to this story at all. Seriously, why did I put that in there? Meh. So! With the new episode critics simmering down, I now give you a story about trial, error, death, and redemption! The story is called... "BY GOLLY I NEED A NEW COMPUTER" No, that's not the name, but it did happen around the death of my long-lasting laptop. Now, I was starting to get alarms from Microsoft everywhere I went, complaining that "it was time to upgrade". Was I interested in Windows 10? Yeah, just a little bit. Did I want to risk my potato quality copy of Adobe Photoshop CS1? No, and that was the catch. Yes, I would've stuck it out with Windows 10, but I really needed my copy of CS1. It was my bread and butter, y'know? Anyway, I set my laptop down by the internet router and waited... pretty much the whole day. It took forever, and what did I get? NOPE. You need to enter your serial key! Whoops. Having ownership to a program that's older than myself comes at a big toll; I had no idea where the box was. I scrambled around for a bit, but after a while, I got really desperate. Y'see, I was getting ready to go on a month-long trip to the states during that time, and my flight was leaving that morning. The time then? Just about 3AM. I was in full panic mode. I needed to make teaser images, and book covers, and... everything was on the line! I started digging around piratebay and all those other crumby websites just for a crack. I mean, I bought the program, shouldn't I have the right to get a crack? Having been unsuccessful in my treasure hunt, I went back to my CD bin looking for the disk, hoping the box would be nearby. 4AM. Crap, gotta go fast! 5AM. Okay, this is ridiculous; I might as well give up! 5:30AM. Hey, is that CS3? Yep, at those last, suffering, 30 minutes, I managed to pull a copy of CS3 from the very depths of Compact Disk Hell. I installed it onto my beloved laptop, and... it died. Literally that night, my computer sputtered out and died! What is this crap? I ended up installing the copy onto my WinXP Writer's Brick PC. It's a piece of crap, but as mentioned in one of the various threads of this network, it's still better than a console. -RealityPublishing
  3. Hello everypony! I was trying to come up with meme ideas until I found the infamous "ghost meme" where he goes "Can you tell me your name" and something funny happens and he screams bloody murder. So I put "my name's twilight" with a ghostly twilight in the scene! Hope you enjoy! I upload daily so feel free to subscribe to my youtube, or add me as a friend! I'm starting to really enjoy video editing! Programs used: Magix Music Maker (Twilight Reverb/Echo) Adobe Photoshop (Ghostly Twilight Picture) Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing)
  4. Tada. I drew something. Whatcha think? EDIT: You have to click the second picture to see it animated... I guess.
  5. Anyone here use Adobe CC on the Mac? *raises hand* One of my biggest peeves with Adobe is how you're forced to pay a monthly subscription. If you don't, you're out of luck. This is especially the case with Adobe's Big Three: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Other options exist, but they're not that sophisticated, and they don't do anything to make a dent in Adobe's monopoly in the graphic design industry. Serif, a predominantly PC software company from the U.K., decided to change that. After spending several years getting the software coding done correctly, they began releasing software for the Mac little by little. They start by publishing free betas and then publish them to the App Store after several updates through their forum. Their features come from developing them through code from the ground up. The code itself is designed to take advantage of Apple's technology and processing. The first one to be released to the Store is Affinity Designer, Illustrator's competitor. Earlier this year, they released Photo, and Publisher will be scheduled for a beta release in the future. For those who are curious, here's their main website and their Facebook. Now, I don't use Affinity Photo, but I use Designer periodically. One of its biggest strengths is its quick processing. The speed is really smooth, and you can create objects really quickly thanks to their 64-bit processor. Recently, Designer upgraded with the ability to create multiple artboards using the Artboard Tool, along with others including multiple language support (Italian, Brazilian Portugese, and Japanese), trim/bleed/crop marks for print and PDF exporting, Pantone and Global color support, and the Snapshot (taking a snapshot of your work should you want to go back). Now, for Photo, just by looking at videos, it's a great program. From what I've seen, it runs really smoothly, and several features are continually being added. On December 9, Photo and Designer underwent significant upgrades. For Photo, they include: On the same day, Apple awarded Photo the 2015 Mac App of the Year. One other strength for me: no continuous subscription. You buy it ($49.99 regular price, twenty percent discount every few months in response to celebrations), and you're good until at least two years in Affinity's upgrading cycle. Designer debuted in late-2014, Photo in July. In other words, you won't have to pay again until 2016 and '17, respectively. If you don't have 'em and want to try 'em, free trials are available. Also, no need to worry about upgrading your Mac to Mavericks. Minimum compatibility's a 64-bit processor under Mac OS X 10.7. For those who have any of the two Affinity products, what do you think of it? If you don't, do you plan on trying it out?
  6. I created this set quite a while ago for my adobe suite and I have been sitting on them for about a year now. I never really thought about posting them because I didn't know if anyone would be interested in them but since all my art is free, I figured, why not. Anyway feel free to download and use any/all of them. They are in .png format because I use RocketDock but you can easily convert them to .ico via the internet if need be or I can convert them and repost upon request.
  7. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  8. Hi, fellow bronies! So I'm dipping my hand into the world of MLP-related vector art (I've done LOTS of other vector art before, mind you), but I've come across a really specific problem. Take a look at this image: (I'd rather link it because it's HUGE) You see how that blue curl comes behind her ear? How is that done? Is the outline actually a stroke or are they two individual pieces layered one on top of the other? How does the MLP animation crew usually handle this? is this question too particular?
  9. Okay, for starters, I'm a newbie when it comes to Adobe programs, but after messing about with After Effects I've started to take a liking to it. I'm trying to make a PMV of 'Shine Like Rainbows' because it's a sick song. I have used about 2 techniques I think (no, really) and I would appreciate it if anyone could help. I have done 15 seconds worth of work which took me 3 and a half hours... Anyway, if you like the looks of it and want me to carry on, or if you can help me out, it would be appreciated, thanks! [Edit]: Also there is no FX because I was going to add it in at the end, so it may look a little raw.
  10. I've been told about Behance ( ) and how easy it is to share portfolios of artwork and photography. It would be very nice and useful if Behance were to be integrated with the Full Editor. What I'm saying is, is that for those who want to share multiple pieces of art at once (and not have to scroll through all of the thread's pages just to view them all), Behance integration with the Full Editor would be extremely useful to all of the artists and photographers here on the forums so that it'll be easier for us to share our work. Forums Staff, please take this suggestion into consideration. Me, along with other fellow members, will be very happy to have Behance integrated with the Full Editor.
  11. Hi! Sorry I'm new so I'm not sure if this is in the right area of the forums :S, anyway I as wondering if I could make sliders in flash, you know pony creator where you can change the size of the iris etc, I wanted to know if I could someway do that in flash (or even adobe after effects!) Also.... Could anyone make tutorials on how to animate in adobe after effects like 2snacks does (the person who makes two best sisters play) Thank you!
  12. I have just got into vectoring in photoshop. And just learn how use pen tool. However do wonder if there any thing need to keep in mind while vectoring, Like thinks to do, and things to not do. If you have any adivce to give, it would be much appricated.
  13. Little Fluttershy, fair and free... >*= this was a request for a 'ShadowDust 34' You can find it here -
  14. Hello! I'm surprised you managed to pull over into this topic, as I want to share my artwork! If you have any feedback, that would be great. But I'm here mostly to share. Thanks!
  15. I made this in Adobe Flash CC over 24 hours, was pretty fun until it came to the lip syncing. Looking for some feedback! Song: If it means a lot to you - A day to Remember This marks day 13 with Adobe Flash.
  16. Here are my first animations so far, but they're just animation TESTS, so it's just a bunch of previews of what I might be coming up with. I may be pretty good with animations so far, but I still may need help & tips, cuz I'm new to using Adobe Flash & I'd like help from you animators out there. Thank you
  17. Hello everyone, this is a 12 sec long video I made after a few hours of work in flash as a parody of that guy in CSI: Miami. I think the name is catchy. As this is my 3rd video, and my 6th day in Adobe Flash I could really use some feedback. Is the lip sync off? Quality to low? Audio to quiet? Do the shades look off? Or just anything else that looks unnatural.
  18. What are your thought's on Adobe's announcement of them abandoning Creative Suite for Creative Cloud? For those of you who haven't heard, Adobe's extremely popular Creative Suite is no more. CS6 is the last generation and will be replaced by CC. The difference? CS was a package of programs released every year or so, each package costing roughly $1000. CC will be a cloud based subscription where you pay $50 a month for the same package that will constantly be updated instead of replaced yearly. Individual programs can be rented instead of the whole package for $20 a month if that's all you need. Personally, I think I'll be in favor of this change. CC is supposed to have more features such as 20GB of cloud storage and it should be cheaper as it'll only cost about $600 dollars a year. Then again, before you'd be able to but a Creative Suite for $1000 and stick with it for a few years, saving you a couple hundred at the expense up newer updates and features. Likewise, Photoshop will cost you $20 a month ($240 a year) instead of $500 before. Also, if you were one of the many people who illegally acquired Photoshop before, doing so in the future may be more difficult. Just to clarify, these will still be programs on your computer, not web or browser based. Though, they're supposed to tie heavily into Adobe's cloud service. I expect it to be much like Google Docs with Drive.
  19. My first flash. Fad response. Horrible Animation. Uploaded to Mediafire since dA's flash thing off sync's music. DA LINK: ORIGINAL: (Colin Mochrie Goes To The Store by TheStolken) Music is from Kirby Super Star Ultra - Battleship Halberd. Done with FLASH CS3 PRO.
  20. Aaramus

    Work can be fun!

    So it turns out that Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall not only in the show but also when it comes to making marketing graphics for Hasbro. InDesign just let me crop the image for once! Just something that I'm doing for a licensing magazine which Hasbro asked my company to do, thought I'd share a screenshot as...well its related to MLP. As it's not technically Fan Art I thought it would be best to put it on a blog. Something I'd like to point out, Hasbro seem to despise Rarity and AJ. They are featured in very few marketing graphics, be that magazines, emails, adverts or anything else. They only ever seem to use Celestia, Pinkie, RD and Twilight. I've seen Fluttershy a few times but not very often. I know that they like using one of each kind of pony so perhaps they're just using the most popular of each kind.
  21. How can anyone be able to pay for an awesome animation program like this? I understand that big businesses are using this *cough*MLP*cough*, but why can't people like me be able to afford it? I know for a fact that it is the best animation program out there, so why not make it available at a reasonable price? I remember getting into it from one of my high school classes, I wanted it sooooo bad, but NO, can't afford it! Do you have any thoughts? BTW, I don't really support piracy or anything like that.
  22. How Does one animate the My Little Ponies series just like the show? Well I know that Adobe Flash 8 Is the top program used along with other 3rd party programs. So if anybody here could help me out by telling me these other programs that would be as great as getting into the FRIKIN WONDER-BOLTS Thanks!
  23. WE NEED TO ANIMATE THIS NOW. I can write, I can write the script, but someone needs to get artists and animators together and work on this as a parody-series NOW.
  24. I need the help of ponies who use adobe flash, I get this error everytime i try to copy like 3 keyframes and paste them 5 frames ahead. It feels like the graphic card can't handle the operation, i'm lost! the program always crashes and I have to start it again. PLEASE HELP!
  25. I made this video in After effects. I'm very new to the program, and I spent a while learning how to motion track, but it was worth it, if I had to do it all over again it would be so much better!... so anyway...what do you think of it? Inspired by this status I notice that there are a lot of obvious errors, such as the skiping of frames on twilights head and the fact that trixies head pops out of the car, I couldn't do much about this as tracking it took a long time. The "nerd"s pants and shirt had similar colours to the sky and to the grass making it difficult. so tell me any, not so obvious errors you spot, and I will have probably known about them, but not said anything!