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Found 56 results

  1. I was just wondering what people would say, so I made this. Oh, btw, when I mean attractive, I'm talking about both physicality and mentality/personality.
  2. Okay, some people find certain things adorable. Pretty normal. But some of the those certain things are kind of unusual to be cute, and in this thread; you need to post some of those things. So, post things that you find to be cute that are unusual. A picture would be nice as well, but is not required. Here are mine: 1. Watermelon I don't know exactly why, but watermelons have always been cute to me for some reason. 2. Eggplant What's not to find adorable about this little purple food? 3. Sea Pigs I probably wouldn't have found this cute unless I first encountered a video game version of them, but since I did; I think they are adorable.
  3. Oh my.. been a long time since I've been here.. I think it was back in 2015 I was here last Hohoo~ Well.. here's my newest drawings at least.
  4. Please give her a hug, she really wants one!
  5. I thought it was time that I did a pic of these two in footed pajamas
  6. Its valentines day and Fluttershy wants You to be her very special somepony!
  7. Since you've been such a super good Filly/Colt this year, you get a flurry heart in your stocking.
  8. Tia, Woona, and Cadence in Onesie Pajamas. Featured on Equestria Daily:
  9. After a long day it's bed time for the CMC.
  10. A Filly Applejack in her Onesie and Puppy Winona meet for the first time
  11. Time for your heart attack
  12. I just had to post this as a blog. It's amazing how a giant python can become so tame. <3
  13. A Filly Applejack in her Onesie with Winona as a puppy.
  14. I was lucky enough to have a certain cat for 16 years of my life. For a cat, I would personally say that she was the most amazing cat you would have ever met. A couple days after the Christmas season, my cat passed away. Since then, her passing has been such a quiet topic that I didn't want to ever talk about, but I feel as if I should properly give her a goodbye. Penny was her name. I had Penny for as long as I can remember. I've actually had Penny as my cat only a little bit after I was born. So in a way, we grew up together. Penny was such a pretty cat. I don't exactly know what species she was, but I can describe her as white with black and brown spots. She was amazingly skinny, and was a stunningly healthy cat. It was probably the reason why she lived so long. Penny was such a quiet and nice cat too. She wasn't one for games but more of a lap cat. I remember when I would get up for school, she would claw at my hair like a scratching post. It hurt, but I let her anyways. Something about the way she pulled on my hair (combined with my tiredness) just felt strangely nice. Penny loved everyone. If you were new to the house (and didn't have dogs) she would love to sit on your lap the moment you sat down. She wasn't a bother to anyone. She would just sit there and sleep. And it was nice. I remember the way she would curl up on my lap when I would play computer games. She always seemed so peaceful. Penny actually had her tail cut off. Yeah, she hurt her tail really badly and had to get it removed. She lived without it though. She seemed perfectly fine. She had good balance even after she had lost her tail. I remember a time when we got a pizza delivered to our house. My dad was talking to the pizza delivery guy and he noticed Penny close to the door. He made a comment about how he had never seen a cat without a tail, and my dad laughed. We became so use to seeing her without a tail, we didn't think about how other people would find it strange. Penny loved to give us her treats. She was often an outdoor cat, but we were never worried. We had a big backyard, and Penny loved it. We were never worried when Penny got outside, she would always return at night. Sometimes with a treat for us. She loved to show off the new dead mouse she captured. Sometimes, she would even surprise us with a bird! How she ever caught those birds, I will never know. It's sad to think that I'm going to have to live the rest of my life without Penny. It almost feels weird and lonely. I knew I could always find that cat and give her the love that I rally had for her. There'll never be another cat like her. But with all life, when one ends, we must move on. There's no point in hanging in the past. I've just got to accept that my cat is in a better place now, and I've got to move on. So to you, Penny, I'm so thankful for the joy and love you brought to me in my childhood. I hope that I'll be able to see you again at some point. But for now, I'll just live my life the way you would want me to. Thank you Penny, for being there for me. I appreciate all pf you who have read this the whole way through. I really feel better now.
  16. hey guys made a fluttershy vector the other day and i thought i should post it since other vectors of mine have been given good ratings and reviews please tell me what you think
  17. Because ponies. Anyways, these pencil sketches took sooo much longer than I anticipated. I blame my damn perfectionist/OCD personality. I'm like Rarity with drawing :1 and it's annoying sometimes lol So I did the best I could on these two drawings. They're also the first any sketches of mine without any reference to use(vector, any already existing picture, source, etc.). Purely by imagination So let me know what you think. Here's Pinkie Pie. And here's a "Flutterhug." :3
  18. The fact that you are not worshiping Fizz right now is shocking, to say the absolute least! Fizz is the most adorable and amazing guy alive, and it pains me to see that he is not getting the love and worship that he deserves! I love Fizz more than anyone else in the entire universe! I dema-- no, I plead to you all that you accept Fizz as your saviour. He is the best friend I could ever ask for, and I want you all to make that same statement as well. I love him too much 0///0 I just want him to have more loving and amazing friends...
  19. When you talk to Fizz, he will reply to whatever you tell him in his most adorable Fizz way! I fell in friends with him immediately when I began talking to him many a years ago. Talking to him will prove to be the highlight of your day! He is super eager to make new friends, so do not feel nervous or anxious about talking to him. (: If you are looking for super awesome friends, then he is the perfect guy to talk to! I assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with Fizz and that he will make your life more enjoyable :3
  20. Fizz is the cutest and nicest friend in the entire universe, and I want you all to be his friend too! I think you all will very much enjoy spending time with him :^) So please message him! He will absolutely love talking to you all, and you will become addicted to his adorableness (:
  21. This an especially significant and entirely serious topic that ought to be addressed and explored, at length, by only the greatest minds... On these forums, I mean: Ponies wearing clothing... Is it adorable? Is it not adorable? Obviously everyone thinks it's adorable. Probably. So when you mouthed "yes" to the above text, you likely thought of a particular pony in a particular article of clothing / manner of dress. Share that with us. Not your thought, since modern technology has yet to discover how to transfer thoughts of clothed ponies directly into forum posts for the viewing pleasure of all. I know people are hard at work on that, though. I happen to be particularly fond of Rainbow Dash (there's more to this sentence) wearing her recurring cap and whistle combo! Because... Because it's just a cap and whistle! It obscures as little pony as possible, and it provides a visual indicator of her authority. Over tornado-producing pegasi and pet competitors. If we can unite in earnest and delve exhaustively into the heretofore inexplicable phenomenon of clothed ponies cuteness, we can doubtless accomplish anything.
  22. G4 My Little Pony is an excellent, optimistic show filled with valuable morals, rounded characters, catchy tunes, and beautiful animation. It's such a refreshing alternative to the relatively cynical programming that pervades channels like Cartoon Network. In fact, I believe that even though My Little Pony may or may not be the perfect choice for everyone, people should at least respect the quality of the show and the brony demographics. So, as a result, I have decided to introduce my family to the wonderful world of Equestria and all of its denizens. I'll explain how everyone I knew thought of it. My father: As evidenced by his remarks, he is not and will not be a brony at anytime soon. He continually makes derisive comments, jokingly questioning if bronies treat MLP as some sort of a fetish (which, admittedly, is true for a minority of bronies). Regardless, he still accepts my status as a brony, even buying for me a Build-A-Bear Fluttershy for Christmas 2013. He was also willing to listen to Fluttershy's backstory, as I told it to him along the way home. My brothers: My 11-year old brother Danny and 8-year old brother Victor stray pretty far away from the brony demographic, especially Victor. Danny appears to be undecided about the show, frequently changing his favorite pony and getting a kick out of some Youtube clips, but would rather watch shows like Teen Titans Go! or Regular Show. He is tolerant about bronies, however. Victor on the other hand, hates the show despite only watching brief Youtube clips, constantly deriding to be strictly for girls. He, too, would rather watch other cartoons, especially Pokemon. Not even the aforementioned Youtube clips can fully convince them to be bronies. They both got a kick out of seeing Pinkie Pie cartwheel kick a background pony in A Bird In The Hoof, laughed their butts off at Flutterguy, and loved Fluttershy's rage at the gala. However, not all clips were a success. For example, when I showed Danny and Victor Flutterhulk from Power Ponies, they both just found it stupid; Danny thought The Hulk didn't fit Fluttershy's character and wanted her to be Aquaman instead, and Victor hated her design and how weird it looked. They also gave me a "WTF am I watching," reaction when concerning Pinkie Pie rapping in "Testing 1, 2, 3." However, they continue to love me for who I am. Incidentally, Danny's friend, Steven, is a brony himself, as he's a fan of the .Mov series. My mother: She enjoys how colorful the ponies are and enjoys Pinkie Pie, but is overall pretty meh about the show. She would rather watch crime shows and The Walking Dead than watch an episode of MLP, as much as she likes the art style. My cousins: I am proud to see that they liked the show a lot. I showed them several Youtube clips and episodes while chatting on Facebook, such as the "So awesome" face Rainbow Dash makes in "Applebuck Season" and "Swarm of the Century." Michelle got a kick out of the clips, singling out Pinkie Pie as her favorite of the bunch. Rachel gave sort of a "LOLWHUT" reaction to seeing Pinkamena Diane Pie in "Party of One." Kevin had only seen several minutes of "Swarm of the Century," but was impressed by the "graphics." Jackie saw the first episode and enjoyed it as well, deeming Fluttershy to be her favorite. My aunt Patricia stated that another cousin of mine watched the show; her favorite was Fluttershy. So, these are my family's views of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. What does your family think of the show, and how did they react when hearing about it? Let me know in the comment section, please.
  23. This is a fanclub designed for all things pertaining to the best character, Unikitty, from the LEGO Movie. Whether it is Unikitty, Biznis Kitty, or even Astro Kitty all Unikitty is welcome here!
  24. For me, the Waddle Dees in Kirby's Epic Yarn come to mind. They are SO ADORABLE! Provided they aren't carrying any spears, their only attack is to tackle you. Which a] does no damage to you, and b] sounds like this: Also, throughout the game, their inability to hurt you allows them to be put in cute little situations such as playing 'catch' with each other and- my favourite- this: What about for you?