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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am Princess Twilight Sparkle and I'm the most lucky princess in the world! Ask me anything now excuse me while I gaze into Sherbert's eyes!
  2. I hope this meme stays around for a long time. <--- Image credit. P.S.: Fixed link.
  3. When I was just a child, I had a special skill to make friends with almost anyone I met. People enjoyed speaking with me, and getting to know me better, I was like a "friendship magnet". Upon my middle and high school years, I lost this ability. I became shy, nervous, and I easily made bad first impressions, and lost friends as the days went by. Eventually, I found myself alone, not a friend in the world to run to. I was sad, scared, and friendless. This eventually turned the shining personality I had inside out, no longer was I good at making friends, but good at losing them. Girls never really spoke with me, people would laugh and mock me, and the awkward days of the beginning of school only made this worse. Friends reuniting, and I would just stand in a corner simply twitteling my thumbs. Things got so bad, I would skip lunch and go to the library every day just to feel relaxed. When I would get kicked out of the library for going too much, I would just go and sit in the restrooms, it was a miserable time. I fell into a deep depression from all of this. Imagine the complete opposite of how I am now, that's who I was. A smile was the rarest thing to see on my face. As all students, I eventually graduated high school. Not surprising, but I had no friends to celebrate with when walking across that stage to take my diploma. At the end, the hats would fly and as they fell, I was walking across the football field, ready to go home and start the boring adult life I live in now. The internet is just about the only place I can find friends at this point. During one of my daily Yahoo! News checks, I seen something about "Bronies". To this day, the article's topic remains blurred in my mind. Whatever it was, it gained my curiousity enough to do some research on these Bronies. After I found out it was grown men liking My Little Pony, it made me curious as well as disturbed. I wondered what made these people tick? But, I had a past with watching "girly" shows like Powerpuff Girls, so I thought I would give it a shot, just to see what I could find in My Little Pony. I actually resisted watching the show a few times at first, but eventually gave in and fell in love with the Mane 6. First, it was Applejack, the southern sweetheart. Eventually, it went through them all (except Rainbow Dash). Around the time of Equestria Girls, the lack of MLP between the Season 3 finale and the movie was torturing. I actually came an inch close to losing my Brony faith. I never really considered any of who I had picked before to be my literal favorites, but a phase where I would just switch out every few days. I told myself that Equestria Girls was my last shot. If this movie didn't revive my faith in MLP, I would probably lose it for good. By the way, during this time, Twilight Sparkle was my pending favorite, as I wasn't sure if I wanted her to be my favorite yet. After Twilight becoming a princess, it only pushed me closer to discovering my guardian angel waifu. When I seen the movie, there was something about "Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown" that completely woke my faded Brony side. I was filled with all the rainbows and magic my body could hold. After viewing the movie, I felt as a dead battery being completely recharged. I had never been into MLP more than that particular moment. Something inside me changed from seeing that movie, along with Magical Mystery Cure. It was the moment every Brony experiences sooner or later, the real choosing of your favorite pony. While it may not seem as big of a deal as I'm making it, this choice completely changed me inside and out. I've always said that you don't choose your favorite pony, but they choose you. And this was the feeling you get that I was referring to. With this event of Twilight Sparkle becoming such a big part of my life, my personality finally bloomed. I was happy, energetic, eager to make new friends and turn frowns upside down. Sure it sounds nothing short from Pinkie Pie, but it was the friendship inside that made these feelings possible. I could finally make friends again, make people smile, and they were rewards of their own. I've been asked from time to time if I truly believe in magic, which just happened to ironically be Twilight's Element of Harmony, while also meaning Friendship. As to magic being a real thing, I most certainly believe in it. But not from the view of making things levitate and being able to bend the will of reality itself, I truly believe that magic itself is the feeling you get inside when you make a new friend. The happy, giddy feeling you get that can't do anything but make you smile! I couldn't have learned anything about this, the true magic of friendship, without the help of Twilight Sparkle. Because of this wonderful pony, I've discovered who I am on the inside, who I really am. Not set down by the sterotypes my parents have nailed to my forehead, but who my heart wants me to be. Who am I? This is me. A year had passed, and the feeling of my Brony side had once again, begin to feel a fading feeling. I was worried about this, I loved being a Brony, I loved My Little Pony (still do!), I didn't want this magic inside to end. After a long day of stressing over such a thing, I had finally passed out from exaustion. Something magical happened that night. A dream that had seemed half reality and half imagination, I found myself awake, on my back, in bed, staring down my chest. I seen a small light appear above my stomach. Can you guess whom it was? Twilight Sparkle, of course. At this point, I knew I was dreaming, but I decided to see what would carry out from this "dream" I was experiencing. Once Twily appeared from the center of the light (she was about the size of my fist, maybe doubled), she slowly landed on my chest and folded her wings back. I played along with this dream and asked her what she was doing here. Twilight sat down and looked me in the eyes, and told me she knew what was going on, why I was so worried and stressed. She knew what she had caused, and why I didn't want it to leave. She calmly told me that it was okay to feel this way, these kinds of things happen to everyone, let it flow naturally. Don't force myself to be something I can't have a passion for. I told her how much I didn't want it to end, I remember a tear rolling down my cheek, I loved Twilight, I told her. She told me that she felt the same, and that no matter what happens, she would always be in my heart. There with me through thick and thin, Brony or not, Twilight would always be with me, because she loved me too. I remember as she said so, she began to fly away and fade into the same light she appeared in. I remember the struggle of lifting my arm, due to being asleep and unable to move, by the time by arm was up, I was awake, and Twilight was gone. All this stress had passed, I felt relieved. I layed back down and rolled over, saying "Thank you, Twily", and dosed back off to sleep. At this moment I knew that Twilight was just more than my favorite pony. She was my teacher, my friend, my guardian angel.
  4. With season 4 and a lot of free time on my hands I thought it was finally time to do my next MLP character analysis, this one on everyones favorite librarian unicorn turned alicorn Twilight Sparkle. If you are interested here are the links to my previous analysis's. Twilight Sparkle as the mane of the mane 6 is interestingly enough in many ways your typical main character but in many ways is not. Like many main characters she is extremely powerful in this case with her magic but she has also been shown to be vulnerable in many ways. While I am not a fan of diagnosing fictional characters it is clear throughout the series that has a rather severe case of OCD. Her obsessions with not being "tardy" and everything being organized has lead to no small amount of anxiety on her part and in the case of Lesson Zero and It's About Time two very serious mental break downs. She has also shown a compulsive fear of failure and great over what others think, especially Celestia. She has improved greatly throughout the series but has still shown some subtle signs of OCD in recent episodes one notable example being in Spike At Your Service when it took Applejack slightly moving Twilight Sparkles quills to finally get her attention. While her obsessions with checklists and everything being organized and in its place has been excessive it has not come without its advantages. Twilight Sparkles intense focus which stems in part from this and her organization skills have helped her greatly in her studies by propelling her to become one of the most gifted unicorns since Starswirl The Bearded. Twilight has also like many main characters shown great leadership skills but unlike many tends to be more introverted and in early season 1 highly anti social. While Twilight Sparkle is still a bit more introverted than the other mane 6 with the exception of Fluttershy she has learned that while studying hard is important and pursuing knowledge is a good thing that there are certain things you cannot learn from any book and that it is importance to have balance in life which includes putting away the books every now and then and having a little fun with some friends. It is Twilight Sparkles somewhat socially awkward, often "adorkable" qualities that make one of the most relatable and popular ponies in the show. I believe this is because fandoms in general tend to attract a lot of more introverted and "nerdy" people. Many fans are also in school and even some that aren't necessary the most dilligent students have at some point stressed over some test or other school related thing at some point. And because if you take away the magical abilities and her ties to princess Celestia she is in many ways just an ordinary thought slightly quirky mare. It I think partly because of the strong attachment many fans have to Twilight that twilicorn was as volatile as it was. I didn't take long for me to notice that the loudest voices either for or against tended to be Twilight Sparkle fans. Supporters felt that Twilight would still be the same Twilight even after the change, many downplayed the change as being "trivial" and some have even said that they were proud of her. I myself have been one of the harshest critics of twilicorn on here and when it was first announced Twilight was my 2nd favorite pony. Even as much as I hated it it in its own odd way did remind me of what I like about her which caused her to tie with Applejack and Luna for my favorite pony and brought out my protective fanboy mode. Like many opponents I felt that the change was introduced was too soon, felt like it came out of knowhere in a rushed season finale that had little to do with the season as a whole and was concerned that it would turn Twilight into a Mary Sue being making her too powerful too quickly and give off a bit too much of the "perfect pony princess" vibe. I became neutral after watching Equestria Girls because it turned out to be better than I expected and now with season 4 while the premier hasn't completely sold it for me yet as there is still more we don't know about twilicorn than what we actually do know was quite good so I am cautiously optimistic. We may not know if her promotion to "princess" will work out or not just yet, but we do know that Twilight Sparkle has grown as a character she so far is still Twilight. I am enjoying season 4 so far and along with alot of you here have strapped myself in and gotten ready for a ride.
  5. Since people seem to be more comfortable with Twilicorn from a physical perspective, let's step it up a notch... Time to talk personality changes. A lot of people seem to enjoy Twilight because of her personality...her so called "adorkableness." A lot of what makes her such a cute character is her lovable bookworm-ness, her humbleness, and her penchant for neuroticism and anxiety. A lot of people can especially associate with her because of this. Now, we were told that Twilight becoming an Alicorn wouldn't change who she is, but talk is cheap, and a lot can change by the time Season 4 comes. If becoming an Alicorn Princess leads to large personality changes to Twilight, how would you feel? What if she were to lose the "adorkableness" what we all know and love?