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Found 31 results

  1. Everypony , excited this Friday a new crossover episode of Adventure Time Minecraft should be rainboom awesome! Not sure if this is new thing they are doing to this cartoon or just a one shot deal?
  2. WHAT TIME IS IT? ! From the characters, to the animation, this is MLPF'S one stop for AT chat! ---------- RUN BY: galaxies ---------- Some questions..... 1-Fave character? 2-Least fave character? 3-Fave episode? 4-Least fave episode? 5-Best voiceactor? 6-Worst voiceactor? 7-Fave shipping? 8-Least fave shipping? -Top 5 heroes? -Top 5 villians? -------- My answers; 1-Fave character? -marceline. 2-Least fave character? -um um um uhhh the lich?? 3-Fave episode? -what was missing 4-Least fave episode? -mortal recoil 5-Best voiceactor? -olivia olson 6-Worst voiceactor? -(none) 7-Fave shipping? -BUBBLINE 8-Least fave shipping? -pb x finn -Top 5 heroes? -marceline -finn -jake -bmo -pb -Top 5 villians? -donny -why-wolves -ice king -magic man -pb (monster from mortal recoil) ---------- Have a mathematical day!
  3. first ever attempt at marceline, done for my best friend who loves marceline :3
  4. If you've seen the recent Adventure Time episodes then you would of watched the episode called "Flute Spell" and that Finn and the totally awesome Huntress Wizard are shown to have crushes on each other, A relationship which was played down by the end of the episode but it doesn't mean the subject wont be brought back again in the future if Huntress Wizard ever appears on the show again, they obviously "like like" each other so I'm totally rooting for this adorable ship. :3 Who doesn't like Huntress Wizard? seriously.
  5. Disclaimer 1: I did not come up with the idea that MLP is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth nor that it is in fact in the same Universe as Adventure Time, howver, this is merely my thoughts on how the timeline would fit. Disclaimer 2: I have only watched 13 episodes of Adventure Time Disclaimer 3: I may ramble at times, but I try to keep everything linked together. 2016-3000s: Humanity continues with it's advancement in technology and the number of scientists and inventors grows more frequent. This leads to Space and even portal travel and contact with extraterrestrial races. Relationships between humans and extraterrestrials is surprisingly good as extraterrestrials agree to help humans with their development of technology and healthcare in exchange for a raid of Earth's natural resources. 5000: The adventures of Captain Picard and his Star Trek crew takes place. The crew end up coming into contact with an omnipotent being known as Q who instantly takes a fascination with Captain Picard and Humans. 10000-50000: Advancement in science and technology leads to huge advancement in animal breeding, giving some animals basic human intelligence. This would normally be for human service with humans taking particular interest in equines. Rare horses, usually owned by royalty, would be bred to survive a few thousand years. Humans also discover how to merge previously unrelated animals through breeding (e.g. lions and eagles). Lizards would often be breeded into dragons for military purposes. Domesticated animals would occasionally be subject to this breeding but were normally left alone, and smaller mammals, fish and amphibians were completely ignored. As breeding became more advanced, equines in particular would be bred to contain large amounts of energy, which would often manifest itself as magic of varying quantity. This energy would also produce symbols on the rear of equines which would make it easier for humans to understand what the equine should be trained to do. These symbols would later be dubbed cutie marks by ponies who evolved into the ponies we see on MLP. 50000: The peace between humans and extraterrestrials breaks which leads to the mushroom war. Desperate to find a means of defence scientists end up planting the tree of harmony which bears the elements of harmony. These elements would have the ability to do powerful things to whatever is seen as a threat by the bearer, however, the elements will only respond to humans who possess the virtues of honesty, kindness, laughter, generousity, loyalty and gracious power to prevent them being stolen and used by enemies. The elements failed to respond to humans however, as no human truly possessed such virtues. The majority of humans and larger equines die during battle in the mushroom war and Earth is left behind with what is portrayed in Adventure Time. The various strange creatures in this series are orphaned extraterrestrial races. Finn is one of the last surviving humans and whilst dogs were not known to possess such levels of magic, Jake proves a prodigy with the ability. 60000: Humans have now been long since extinct and all extraterrestrial races see no need to disrupt Earth anymore and have long returned to their own worlds. Ponies have now taken over as Earth's dominant species. 85000: Disaster strikes as the Earth ceases to spin, which leads to evaporation of nearly all weather and seasons (with isolated exceptions such as the Everfree Forest). By this time some ponies have evolved into unicorns whilst pegasi were bred by humans. Out of desperation the unicorns resort to continuing the Earth's rotation with their magic, this proves extremely difficult however and requires groups of unicorns. Pegasi respond by founding Cloudsdale and producing their own weather. 97000: Meanwhile, Q is banished from his homeworld for causing disruption amongst his own kind. Fondly remembering his time playing with Captain Picard, he comes across the idea of visiting Earth and seeing what humans are up to. Upon arriving on Earth however, he finds that it is not what he originally had in mind. He proceeds to spend a few hundred years exploring the planet relatively unseen. As no Earth species can comprehend his true form, he takes the form of various creatures that he had discovered. When he finally comes into contact with ponies they give him the name Discord due to his appearence and his overly playful antics. He eventually becomes settled enough to take over. 98000-99000: The historical events shown on the show play out around this time, starting with the founding of Equestria and ending with Luna's banishment. Ponies are so concerned with valuing friendship because their ancestors witnessed the mushroom war and and the fall of humanity due to a lack of friendship within humans. The energy containted within ponies lives on for awile as Whindigo's which suffer distress when conflict is present. As ponies do not have hands however history is poorly recorded and ponies have overtime taken for granted that they raise the sun and moon and control weather. 100000: Present day MLP I understand this timeline will have a number of problems and plot holes but it was mainly written for fun. Please leave suggestions on how you would improve the timeline. If you want to criticize please at least keep mind I've put alot of time and effort into writing this post.
  6. I was inspired to make this topic when I pointed out how Gravity Falls is better than both Adventure Time and MLP, in the thread "MLP vs Adventure Time". I thought about it more, and decided to ask all of you! Which show do you think is better? Why? Bonus question!: Do you like it more than ponies? Discuss!!
  7. Adventure Time Fan Club! A club for the fans of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they have awesome adventures around the land of Ooo. Forum rules apply.
  8. Hello~! I'm just going to post some of my artwork(pony artwork included) and I'm hoping for some critique mostly and maybe some commissions and watchers on my deviant art^-^ Okay so my deviant art ID: Tia_Moon78 My Artwork~: Espeon: EspeonxUmbreon: My Fursona/Jen's Fursona/ Her Mate: Jen's Fursona: Circus Bear Fursona: Maid 1: Maid 2: My OC Punkbeat: Chibi Glaceon: My Adventure Time OC Eileen Wolf: I hope you enjoy! Don't be too shy with your critiques. And if you'd like to request a commission just ask me for the details via message. Fin~
  9. Last time I made a list of my Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows. Now I will do the same for Cartoon Network. Now Cartoon Network has put out some really good creative stuff over the years even though they have put out some crap cartoons and live action shows. So I will present to you my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of all Time Here We Go! #10: Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy This show follows a silly boy named Billy, a serious girl named Mandy, who become friends with the Grim Reaper and have quirky adventures in their town or different environments. And there are several monsters like Dracula and Boogey Man. #9: Chowder This is an interesting quirky show. It follows a critter named Chowder who is an apprentice for a chef named Mung Daal and helps him out. Pretty much most of the plots and themes are food based. #8: Ed, Edd, n Eddy This show follows 3 adolescent boys named Ed, Edd and Eddy with different personalities. And do some wierd quirky stuff that most teens like to do. I never really cared for the characters just the humor. #7: Steven Universe This show follows a boy named Steven who is a Crystal Gem which are intergalactic warriors who protect the world from evil. Believe it or not, I actually saw this show when it premiered in November 2013 before I even saw FiM. But I didn't fall in love with this show because it didn't relate to me enough which is why it's lower on my list. I noticed this show really took off in March of this year. I'm not exactly sure why, it became super popular overnight and I saw this over a year before that. I don't love this show but I do like it. Plus I also like the N64, Gamecube, Cloud, Pikachu, and Sonic references in it. #6: Amazing World of Gumball This show follows a cat named Gumball, has a goldfish friend named Darwin, and has several quirky adventures in his daily life. This show is unique in that it uses multiple animation styles all in one show, and it's got some really unique humor. It's a show that clearly doesn't take itself seriously. #5: Dexter's Laboratory The first Cartoon Cartoon follows a boy named Dexter who is a boy genius with a secret lab with several inventions. He also has a hyperactive sister named Dee Dee who usually breaks into Dexter's lab and a rival named Mandark. #4: Adventure Time Before I got into FiM, I was really big into Adventure Time. This show follows a human boy named Finn and a magic Dog named Jake who have adventures in a post-apocalyptic land named Ooo which has a lot of strange creatures and places. One thing really cool about this show is how expansive it is. And it also has a fantasy setting to it but doesn't take itself seriously. #3: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This show is about a boy named Mac in a world where humans and imaginary friends coexist and Mac has an imaginary friend blob named Bloo and they also interact with other quirky imaginary friends. #2: Powerpuff Girls This show follows 3 supergirls Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles who fight evil, crime, and other problems facing Townsville. I usually don't care for superhero shows but this is one of the closest shows to superhero shows that I enjoy, and find the girls very relatable. There's a reboot coming out but I'm not excited for that. What do this show and Foster's have in common? Both are made by Craig McCracken and most of the staff that worked on these shows would later work on FiM including Lauren Faust. And my #1 Favorite Cartoon Network show of All Time is... Honorable Mentions: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Codename: Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Total Drama, Megas XLR, Sonic Boom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of All Time. Tell me what your favorites are if you want. Next list will be My Top 10 Disney Shows of all Time.
  10. For those of you who are fans of both series (like myself), is this possible, and is it perhaps even supported? Strange as this theory may be, I've been giving it some thought, and there are some parallels and consistencies that just might make it possible - We have no idea what exists outside of Equestria, and we definitely haven't seen all of Ooo yet. Magic exists in both worlds, and in both worlds some individuals are able to wield it while others aren't (unicorns/wizards) Both worlds seem to have alternate dimensions (the Nightosphere/Tartarus and possibly the Breezies' home) and both use multiverse theory (the EG universe/Farmworld) Talking animals, and animals that don't talk are still almost always more sentient than those in our world, not to mention that both worlds still have a lot of the same animals (especially woodland creatures) Odd spurts of technological advancement in some areas but not others seemingly at random (a result of the apocalypse in AT, perhaps the same in MLP?) Since I've been having way too much fun with this crazy fan-theory, I thought I'd put it out there for discussion. So discuss! Agree, disagree, babble, have fun! Just don't use some "it's not the same universe because the writers don't have anything to do with each other" argument, because that is no fun at all.
  11. I decided to draw something else aside from MLP and wound up with Adventure Time. I enjoy the show quite a bit and never tried drawing the characters before. Personally, my only issue was the color for LSP- it's a little darker than I would like it to be; I didn't have the colored pencil color so I had to combine as best I could but everyone else turned out okay! My goal is to fit as many AT characters as I can (fang-shuay like of course) onto this paper. Afterwards I would like to try the MLP cast from Season 1, we'll see.
  12. Both Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic take place in RPG-esque fantasy lands (a rarity for cartoons these days), named Equestria & Ooo respectively. However, which setting do you think is the most interesting? I honestly have to say the Post-apocalyptic Earth itself, Ooo. Not only are its origins unique, but thanks to its unique set of rules and structure, anything can happen.
  13. Adventure Time isn't just a surreal adventure show, its also a mini-musical, featuring a song in almost every episode. What is your favorite number from the show? My personal favorite is "What was Missing".
  14. The title may be misleading; this is not a game. One of my friends raving about the show Adventure Time. They are convinced that it has good plot lines and lovable characters and that it is inspirational and that everybody should watch it. I've never seen the show but, immediately, you would think it is a children show, wouldn't you? But that besides the point. Whenever she talks about it, I resist the temptation to bring up MLP. Because I think: How can MLP be much different to Adventure Time? Why is it acceptable for people my age to watch Adventure Time yet so many are mocked for watching MLP? As you can imagine, I never did mention the ponies. But I would still like to know: Is Adventure Time really more advanced? For teenagers/adults? How can we get away with Adventure Time when we can't with MLP when they appear practically the same?
  15. In Adventure Time, just how tall is Fionna? I think maybe 5"3, but I'm not sure.
  16. Which modern cartoon do you like best? Many modern cartoon shows are very cheesy and cheap in my opinion, I actually like an even split between silliness and seriousness in my tv shows, spongbob, tough puppy, and many other cartoons these days have no storyline to speakof in my opinion, but that's just me, anyway, what's your opinion on this?
  17. While I don't like "Adventure Time" (or today's Cartoon Network; which as I've stated across my postings I see as an 'adult swim made for children') and keep myself away from it (and have seen that many bronies have the same thoughts), I actually find the original 'Random Cartoons' short interesting and much more enjoyable ( While the CN series is ridden with "gateway language" (so-called that on "Common Sense Media") and other mature elements that are obviously designed to entrance Gen Y (much similar to 'The 90's are All That') and make the show look like something that came out of Adult Swim or G4 (and poorly toned down for children), the short made for Random Cartoons is virtually free of all that. The design and animation on the Random Cartoons short is also much more fitting than the CN series. It does make me wonder if the series would have been more like the original short (and not ridden with "gateway language") had it been picked up by Nickelodeon when they were given the chance. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  18. Hello all! Well ever since I got interested in My Little Pony, ive been scrolling through some other kids channels on sky. And ever since i started to watch MLP ive started to watch other kids shows as well such as GravityFalls and Adventure Time. So i was just wonder if anyone else has started to watch more kids shows after watching My Little Pony.
  19. I'm back with another cover, but this time, an Adventure Time song! Sorry about the background static....I have a terrible mic. Let me know what you guys think. ^^;
  20. I'm putting up a couple of crossover ponies I have made recently, from the show, Steven Universe, as well as one of a Marcy Pony from Adventure time. Open to feedback!
  21. So this is how it works! Look for the first initial of your first name, then look for the first initial for your last name. You will find out your new awesome name! With the power of the Name-O-Changer: Twilight Sparkle: Black Texas Pinkie Pie: Miley McYumi Rainbow Dash: Darth Doorknob (lol I never knew doornobs were in star wars) Derpy Hooves: Tinsel Face Lauren Faust: Lyoko Taocbell (Taco Bell in a virtual world? Cool! code lyoko, iykwim)
  22. I've heard the stereotypes that all otakus like anime, Adventure Time, MLP, are socially awkward, considered nerds and weirdos, and act like cats *neko neko* I am not an otaku. The only anime I watched was Hamtaro and Code Lyoko (It's French!) Are these stereotypes true? Do you have friends who are otaku or nerdy?
  23. Enjoy! This is my new remix of one of Sim Gretina's latest works, "Just Your Problem Baby"! ^^ I hope you enjoy, thanks a lot for checking it out! Don't forget to subscribe(Maybe.~)! XD
  24. This is the first time I drew Finn and Jake in anime form. I'm planning to draw Marceline too.