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Found 441 results

  1. Alexshy

    Adventure The Guardian (C)2017 A common human Alex gets transferred to Equestria. Desperate to return home at first, he starts noticing himself changing. Time comes for him to decide for Equestria destiny. Will he conform? Which path will he choose? Are Celestia's fears justified? Here is the story of a human, despite being an alien in Equestria, not being an outcast, a door mat or a toy for ponies. His misery comes from inside, painfully at first he accommodates. Equestria changes him and time will come to return the debt. 1. Arrival A fierce lightning bolt ripped thick clouds and speared into the ruined castle tower so heavily that it made debris and dust fly in the damp air. When the mess settled a bit, partially taken down by the rain, which became really strong at that moment, it revealed the electric discharge being so strong that it carved a deep notch in the stone floor of what previously had been the upper room of the tower. At least when it had a roof. Now, as the rain poured inside freely, it made the strange curled figure in the middle of the lightning carved pit feel quite uncomfortable. Because seconds later a young man gasped and cringed in pain from the feeling of a bunch of burning snakes slithering through his entire body. “Oh, my…” He wheezed faintly. “What in the name of the creator just happened?” Slowly and painfully he kneeled. Perhaps it was not the best idea, as nausea struck him mercilessly, so he almost crashed back on the floor. But lying on the stone floor in the pool of rain water, which started gathering in the pit he found himself in, was neither. He realized that he started to freeze in the cold wind, blowing through glassless windows of what he recognized to be some sort of a ruin. That wasn’t nearly nice. His skin burned and reddened, as if he had gone through some fire, but thankfully it wasn’t burnt too much, yet it hardly made the feel better. His clothes now looked like a few shreds of the shirt hanging from the collar and cuffs, some remnants of the jeans wrapping around his legs and annoyingly getting in the way, the rest was completely ruined, burned as well. The charred edges and familiar smell spoke for themselves. At least he had his boxers and boots intact, the former simply missed their chance to burn, being under the rest of the clothes, and the latter were well made of thick leather for man’s sheer luck. “Great,” He muttered to himself, shivering as another thunder strike rolled in the sky. “At least I don’t need to go barefoot…” “Go where?” A sudden uneasy thought came to his mind. “And where exactly I should go from?” Still feeling dizzy, he got on his feet and tried to look around. With the bright lightning flash he got an image of a medium size round room full of stone and wooden debris. It could be anything before, totally unrecognizable now as it was hardly the first thunderstorm hitting the unmaintained building. The roof fell in long ago, showing a few broken beams, which couldn’t stop the wind and rains from doing their destructive job. What could be some furniture, books, anything else now lay in decay. The time-worn chandelier, lying on the floor under the large boulder, appeared to be the most durable thing there. The only attention-worthy thing in that room was a square opening in the floor near the wall. Surely it looked like an entryway to a bottomless pit in the darkness, but it couldn’t be really that bad. For all, what he knew about castles… “Castle!” He caught himself screaming that in full voice. “What the flying hell is going on?” “I can’t remember any castles nearby,” He said to himself, calming down a bit. “Damn, not nearby, not in the whole region, hundreds of miles round neither. What has happened to me?” “Well,” He grinned painfully. “One step at a time, Alex, one step at a time…” At least he remembered his name. Seemed not that bad, right? If only it could be worse actually. So… For all, what he knew about castles, they were made of stone and with the priority of safety and stability in mind. So, hardly the owners, builders, whoever stupidly jumped in the pit, there must be stairs under that opening. Hopefully stone ones, which haven’t been destroyed by the time, unlike wooden hatch on the opening – a few planks still hung on the ancient door hinges. With another lightning Alex indeed saw dark, narrow stone stairs made slippery from the rain. He thought it was time to leave the open room – bombs never hit the same pit twice, but it was a lightning storm and… the day was “strange”. So he decided to err on the side of caution. He ripped the rags – which were once his shirt and pants – off his hands, neck and legs. ‘Off you go,’ Alex threw them in a pile on the floor. ‘No warmth from you anyway, yet another chance to stumble or catch something and fall all the way nobody-knows-how-far down.’ He stepped on the spiral staircase, sticking to the outer wall and touching it with his left hand. He didn’t smoke and had no lighter or matches… And even if he did, that wouldn’t have helped him as all he had vanished with his jacket. As he remembered the stairs were not wider than the hatch. God only knew if there were beams, landings or even anything in the middle. He caught himself on the feeling that the wind became chilling in the tube of the tower… or was that staircase itself to blame. Alex was afraid of heights. “I’m not taking any chances,” smirked Alex to himself sticking closer to the wall. * The car ate mile by mile of the empty Sunday road. Oncoming traffic was minimal and Alex could focus on his plans and expectations while driving. Surely not every 25-years-old man could think of a better career – benefits of the well planned and qualitative education, personal determination and, let’s be honest pure luck, but what job doesn’t require at least some luck – an IT specialist in a profit-making company capable of having personal transport, simple but comfortable apartment and no Damocles sword of debts hanging over the head. Well, he really deserved it. Starting from the “ground level”, working with hardware, through endless night shifts, he finally noticed that it naturally started paying back. He could manage everything he came across his daily routines, but sometimes the feeling of completion was slightly tinted with regret. He could have spent more time with parents, with his almost-a-girlfriend. They were neither officially engaged nor limited themselves by any obligations… yet, but Elen was just-the-right-person for Alex. They understood each other wordlessly, they always found time to help each other, they could trust themselves being a stronghold one for another and above all, they both could easily make each other laugh happily or feel safe and serene, when it was necessary. No wonder Alex wanted to give Elen more attention. But living forced him to prioritize. And it was rare chance to get to the next level of personal freedom and gain. He was offered a job in another company. Same IT field, almost the same duties, but in fact it was a direct promotion from the level he currently had. They have practically been ready to give him a whole subdivision to lead, obviously, that meant bigger income and further career opportunities. In common terms, it meant a private house after a short while and an ability to move in with his special somebody, whom he already asked about and got cheerful consent. Truth to be told, Elen would have been happy to join him in the old place without any special conditions long ago, but he didn’t ask and she didn’t find it acceptable to suggest herself. Of course, it also meant moving to another city, but wasn’t it better done, while his parents were not too old and he could freely build his life? Besides, it was a neighboring city, not another country or another planet, it was only a few hours ride. Considering all that Alex took a couple of days off to visit the new place and make the final decision. The new company was ready to give him from a couple of weeks to a month to make all arrangements at his old job and quit with as much dignity as it was possible. So he planned his days off to be Monday and Tuesday, thus having all weekend plus two days for a safe trip and acquaintance. A few raindrops fell, leaving curvy tracks on the windshield. Alex frowned and raised the side window – the wind became stronger and blew some dust inside. He heard the muffled sound of distant thunder, then a bright flash sparkled in the sky. Soon the whole road ahead was barely visible through the heavy rain. Alex slowed down his car and turned on the lights. Thunderstorms were never a rarity in May, but as long as Alex remembered, there wasn’t any in that day prognosis. They promised warm, even hot, for that time of the year, sunny day without any precipitation. The whole cataclysm started all of the sudden. A few seconds ago it was warm and clear and in a moment the storm began… and the car didn’t even cover a mile during that change. Flashes of lightning followed now one by one in a matter of a few seconds and Alex slowed down even more, when one of them lit a road sign at the shoulder – sharp turn. It was even darker here; the whole road was covered by the shadow of an enormous tree on the nearby hill. Alex could swear, he had never seen any of that size in his life. It was shimmering with millions of silvery green leaves on swaying in the wind branches. Alex thought it was very strange that no lightning yet struck that giant tree, despite it was standing as the only lightning-conductor in a few miles radius. He also thought, if that tree was guilty of quite a few road accidents every month, as the whole view was simply marvelous and there hardly was a driver, who didn’t lavish it with an extra amazed look. Next thing he saw were headlights of the oncoming car, which apparently moved considerably faster than reasonable on such a turn, with that kind of weather. The driver managed to swerve past him. Alex took a glance in the mirror and saw the car started sliding uncontrollably on the road, then it hit a smaller tree behind the road shoulder and stopped. Alex pressed the brakes all the way down, risking repeating that driver’s “trick”. He stopped at the wayside and turned off the engine. “Merlin’s pants, I hope the poor bastards are alright,” he thought, when he rushed to the crash site. “What did they think about, when they were driving that fast… or were they just looking at that damned tree mammoth only?” There was a woman behind the wheel in that car, she managed to get out herself. More shocked than hurt. She was still shaking off that dizziness, when Alex took off his jacket and pushed in her hands. “The inner pocket,” he looked in her eyes to ensure that she understood him. “Take the phone and call the emergency.” He already saw that there was one more person in the car, who definitely needed more help. A girl on the back seat, clutching something yellow and pink and evidently terrified and shocked. Alex tried to open her door, then the door on the other side to find both were jammed, while the girl’s mother was making a call. Gasoline trailed up his nose and Alex realized, it was the matter of moments. He climbed into the car through the driver’s door and took out the keys. Still, he could swear, he heard the dreading sound of the sparkles somewhere under the hood. He then turned to the girl and forced himself to smile in the most soothing way possible in that situation. “Hey, hold on, we’re going to get you and your… pony friend out,” he noticed the toy in her hands. “Just a moment longer.” He then climbed over the front seat and unlocked the belt. The poor little one clutched to him hardly less than to her pony. She didn’t cry, only whimpered like a deadly scared kitten. Alex found that it was nearly impossible to get the shocked child out of the car the same way he got into. She was near the panic attack already. “It’s raining, your pony needs some cover,” whispered he in her ear, while pulling girl’s head to his chest and covering her from any damage. He then twisted and hit the rear window with all the strength he could afford. After the second blow the glass gave up and out. Alex grabbed the girl and pushed her out of the car through the opening. “Here, take her and get away from the car,” he breathed out. “Thank you, thank you…” Tears mixed with the rain on the mother’s face, when she got her treasure. She then backed off the car with the daughter in her hands; suddenly Alex saw, how her eyes widely opened in terror. “Please, hurry, get out now!” She shrieked on the top of her lungs. Next thing he heard was a zapping sound and the car got lit from the bottom by inflamed gasoline. And then the world around him dissolved in an unendurable white flash and the sound of thunder. * So the last thing he remembered, when the world around was normal, if being fried and electrocuted in a crashed car could be considered nearly normal (well at least it was real), was bright blinding light. That was the first thing he experienced here. But wasn’t the rest around him real too? Alex stopped. Wondering how silly that idea looked he took a small portion of the skin on his arm and pinched it as hard as possible for the resulting feeling to be enough to tell if he was dreaming. “DAAAAAAMN IT!” The roar rolled down the tower, causing the rumbling echo in the corridors below. ‘Merlin’s pants, that was convincing!’ Alex cringed. He was into RPG and fantasy, so it sometimes came afloat with the strong feelings. Unsure if Merlin had indeed something to do about all that Alex noted that the feeling of burning snakes inside him didn’t go away, it simply faded, muffled by more actual problems. Besides, he realized he was freezing cold already and started to shake. Like if that wasn’t enough, his legs started feeling numb, as the whole way down the stairs wasn’t that easy, despite being only a few minutes long. He saw absolutely nothing and was to proceed really slow, trying to feel the wall with his fingers and stairs with his feet. The tower had no windows and, while it could be lit by some torches (somehow Alex felt that there were exactly the torches or candles, never the electric light), when it was in its full glory, now it was pitch black all over. ‘I must be thankful for being claustrophobic not,’ grinned Alex. ‘Otherwise, I would probably be stuck in the upper room forever.’ ‘So, what do I have now?’ he tried to summarize his score. ‘I was on the ride to a work appointment, when it started raining cats’n’dogs all of a sudden. I couldn’t see the road well enough, so I slowed down.’ ‘And there was that sharp turn. And that tree nearby!’ The memory came so vividly, almost highlighted by a thunderbolt. ‘Yeah, there was the thunderbolt, the flash which made the whole surroundings visible, despite the clouds and rain.’ ‘That tree was enormous, I wondered if it was more than a thousand years old. There were quite a few such trees in the whole country, and that was probably the biggest one,’ Alex also thought that he had wondered exactly, if many drivers got into accidents, being distracted by the mere look of that silver-green giant. ‘Then another car appeared. It was moving too fast for those road conditions, no wonder they noticed me too late.’ As he remembered, that car lost control, as its driver tried to avoid the collision on the wet road. It slid by and crashed into one of the smaller trees at the road shoulder. The woman, who drove it, got out by herself, but the rear doors jammed after the impact. And there was a girl, about eight years old, on the back seat of that car. Alex remembered that he had stopped at the shoulder, and rushed to the damaged car, risking to fall on the slippery ground. He had taken off his jacket and threw it to the woman, who seemed to be a complete wreck. There was a cell phone in the inner pocket. Alex told her to call the emergency and climbed inside her car. Taking the keys out didn’t ease the situation – he could feel the smell of gas quickly forming a pool under the car… and there were those damned sparkling sounds somewhere. Alex tried to calm himself. Panic was nowhere near useful for solving problems. And he was afraid that he could scare the girl even more. She sat there, curling almost in a small ball; she wasn’t crying or panicking, just quietly whimpering. There was hope in her wide opened eyes… He tried to open the rear doors only to find they both were jammed, then he told her to duck, and hit the rear window with his foot. It got covered in the web of cracks, but stayed, damn those tinting films. He hit once more and thankfully the whole glass flew out. Alex shouted to the woman and clicked the kid’s seat belt open. He took the girl and carefully pushed her from the rear window into her mother’s hands. The little one gripped tightly to her plush toy – a pony it was… He remembered it so clearly, perhaps for the rest of his life – the yellow pony with soft long pinkish mane and tail. The woman shouted something, while she was backing from the car with her daughter. ‘Well, at least they are on a safe distance,’ he thought. ‘Time to get out of here before all hell breaks loose…’ ‘And then the nightmare started!’ Alex closed his eyes, cringing at the memories. With another sparkling sound the whole pool of gas under the car turned into the bright oven of doom. But before Alex could think, it was the end and a really ugly one – he started feeling heat almost immediately – he heard the ear-splitting sound of thunder and a bright blinding flash filled his consciousness. Alex shivered. Was he brought here by lightning? By fire? For common sense’s sake, that was breaking the whole world order, he knew and loved. That was simply impossible. Yet it happened. The whole world around him was real. The feeling when he pinched himself was real. And the damnation, he screamed in pain, caused one damn real echo. His foot stepped on a very real small mean stone… And Alex lost his real balance rolling down the real stairs. “FUUUUUCK the castles!” He wasn’t sure, if he shouted all that in his mind or the whole castle was blessed loudly. Most likely mentally, as he was lucky to roll only a few steps. “FUUUUCK the stairs, cars and storms!!!” “… And fuck the ponies!” assumed Alex, when his head heartily “greeted” the floor. With that reassuring thought he fainted. * Darkness fell upon Canterlot, muffling all the activity on the streets. Cicadas, occasional dog barking or hurried hoofsteps of rare citizens on their late way home were the only sounds breaking the serenity of the night. Everypony slept in their comfortable beds, resting from daily routines and even leaves on the trees didn’t dare to break the silence in the complete calm. Nopony noticed the distant and violent storm, which poured tons of water and ripped the dark sky with thunderbolts above the old ruins in the middle of Everfree forest. Even the hardest blast, which could easily compete with the light of full moon rising, was most likely unnoticed by anypony. Anypony but one. “Ahem…” Luna turned one ear to the approaching delicate steps of her regal sister, but apparently her attention was otherwise completely occupied by something else, as she stayed, where she was, observing distance through a telescope. “Luna,” princess Celestia, the Ruler of the Day and Sun, called a bit louder, while she entered the observation balcony on the top of the highest tower of Canterlot castle. She waved her wings in unconscious contraction with a sudden windflaw. “Dear, are you here or several dozens of miles away?” She then approached her younger sister, princess Luna, the Ruler of the Night and Moon, Master of the Dreams. Something was apparently bothering her that much that she decided to abandon her usual patience and extended her foreleg to touch sister’s shoulder. “Oh, Tia! Mine apologies,” Luna turned her head from the telescope. “Well, of course, I’ve heard thee. I’ve been examining our… strange issue in the Everfree and slightly captured by mine thoughts about. So what didst thou want?” “So, you’ve already noticed,” Celestia nodded. “That overly strange and, I’m not afraid to call it that, impossible thunderstorm above the woods.” “Above the old castle ruins to be exact,” Luna rectified with her eyes, returning to the swirl of clouds in the distance, which meanwhile started to fade. “And what do you think about all that?..” “It started moments after I raised the Moon, escalated really fast and now, after half an hour, is fading as suddenly as it started,” Luna touched her chin with the hoof, summarizing. “With clouds so thick and swirling in a compact circle, thunderbolts of that strength and the whole amount of water, which managed to come down in a short time, one might bethink, it needed quite an army of pegasi to stage such a performance.” “Exactly,” replied Celestia with a tiny smile. “But…” “But thither were no pegasi assigned to that wide-scale duty the present day at all,” continued Luna. “I have checked the prognosis twice and thither was nothing alike planned for tonight. Besides, what was the point of pouring tons of water in the middle of nowhere practically?” Her strengthened Old language revealed Luna being a bit excited by the events, as normally she tried her best to accommodate to the modern style of talking. Being properly understood by your subjects was sometimes vital and the Royal Canterlot Voice wasn’t an ultimate tool to reach that goal. There was no point of being loud, while others were trying hard to grasp the mere sense. “The storm started completely by itself,” Celestia emphasized with concern. “And that’s not something we have been getting here for hundreds of years. Not here, in the middle of Equestria. I admit that Everfree lives by its own laws quite often, but still…” “Thou art concerned about some imminent danger,” Luna nodded in understanding. “Or rather somepony. As we hardly got something unruly without somepony’s assistance the last few times.” “Even if they were not ponies,” she smiled mirthlessly. “But I have sensed nothing. Nothing and nopony, possessing any magic at the least, be it malevolent or contrary to that,” Luna’s ears sadly flattened. “I don’t understand, Tia, what are we dealing with?” “Neither do I,” confessed her older sister. “As you said, “sensed nothing and nopony”.” “But we shan’t let it out of our attention. I wonder, if I should send some guards there right now, Luna,” Celestia threw a quick look over the distant ruins, but there was silence and peace over them at that moment, as the storm ended. “I sincerely suppose that we should just wait for a while,” Luna returned to watching the sleeping domain below. “Guards will hardly find any…pony in the middle of the night, despite mine Moon. If thither is anything to look for, I’m unsure.” “I trust your judgment of that, dear,” with a heartily smile Celestia nuzzled sister’s shoulder. “Well, I’m not insisting… but I doubt, we are capable to take any effective steps right now.” Luna leaned back to Celestia. “Have some sleep now, Tia. It’s going to be a long day ahead. And I shall return to mine nightly duty.” “Have it lightly. Good night, sister.” Luna waved her hoof in the air, showing that she returned the wish, while her attention returned again to the old ruins deep amidst Everfree. * “AAARGHH!!!” Absolute darkness of unconsciousness was changed by the slightly less thick darkness of the old castle. ‘It becomes routinely to fall and get hit. Up to no good you are, man.’ Alex sat on the floor and waited, till the walls stopped spinning around him. As he gained normal sight, he noticed that it became less dark around. There was a hallway up ahead and the moonlight patches on the floor noted the existence of windows for once. He got up to be greeted by his grumbling stomach. What a nice change: just when he realized the flaming snakes feeling was still with him, he was almost naked, cold and bruised, his stomach decided to remind that it existed and needed attention. The mere fact that the last decent, moreover any, meal Alex had, was past noon didn’t encourage as well. Trying not to think that he should rather be concerned of not being eaten in that godforsaken place, than having something to eat (the castle seemed to be abandoned for a few hundred years and could be anywhere deep in the wild), Alex proceeded to the hallway. The storm was over during his “blackout” and the full moon looked through the numerous bowed windows of the long corridor with dark regular winged statues standing in the arcs. The night seemed to be young still and Alex noticed that he shivered less here than in the tower. Strangely the storm ended without any sign of it taking place, except water, the air outside was still warm and brought the faint scent of unknown flowers. Alex looked out of the nearest window. ‘Bad, bad idea!’ He managed to notice the green sea of trees, apparently surrounding the castle and shimmering silver in the moonlight and breeze… just before the whole picture doubled or even tripled in his eyesight and his guts tried to make a backflip. ‘I’m too high above the ground,’ he said to himself, accurately backing up from the dreading opening. He then added. ‘Great, I’m in the middle of nowhere and still need to find a suitable way out of that castle.’ He was a bit ashamed to confess, he wouldn’t use the faster exit, even if it was twice lower or there was water below. Back home he was never able to enter a balcony higher than the first floor, here it seemed that he was on the fourth or something alike. And the ceilings were high given that it was the castle. The sudden memory about home was painful. Alex had no faintest idea, how he was supposed to get home without practically anything: the documents, money, his car. The thought that it would be great at the very least to define, where he was and where his home was, didn’t provide much optimism either. Without the phone, map or any clues about the area it wasn’t going to be a game. Alex released a deep sigh. It seemed, he was to stay inside till morning – he couldn’t notice anything outside, which can be used as a landmark, except the very castle, but it wasn’t enough to proceed. He was still uncomfortable about walking around in the wild in underwear only and hoped that perhaps he could find something for the covers. Finally, it was simply stupid to walk through some unknown forest in the middle of the night. ‘So let’s check the other rooms,’ he said to himself, while stepping further into the hallway. ‘If only that annoying pain inside faded, I’d be completely happy.’ The closer look at one of the statues quickly brought the now-almost-native feeling of unease back. There was something familiar in the statue, something that Alex still couldn’t remember, yet making his skin crawl. No, they were not some gargoyles or any sort of other ugly stone abominations so usual for the ancient castles. What stood in front of him was a sculpture of a… unicorn. There was something strange about it: it wasn’t of the size of a normal horse, but smaller, almost like a big pony. However, it was more slender, than a pony any of us could portray, more graceful. In addition to that, the statue was “wearing” the armour. Quick examination made clear that the armour was more like of a soldier, than a battle animal, besides, there were no saddle, no harness, in other words, nothing normally used to ride a… pony. Alex also noticed that not all the statues were the same, as it seemed to him from the first look. Half of them were unicorns, another half had wings, thus being technically pegasi. He giggled nervously. ‘Yet this feeling that I have seen those somewhere…’ “Well, dude,” Alex slapped the closest statue lightly on the muzzle with a cackle. “It seems, there going to be more ponies in my life from now on.” According to his “internal clock” Alex was wandering around the castle for about an hour already. He tried to keep the general direction of getting down to the ground floor, thus walking down every staircase, he could find not ruined. Yet he felt that he was covering much more distance horizontally than actually descending, not mentioning that he was to backtrack twice because of corridors blocked by collapsed walls. Alex completely forgot about his hunger. Now he was concerned about warming himself and getting some safe place to sleep without any risk to freeze completely till morning. He wasn’t sure if it was going to get any colder before the sunrise, considering he had no idea, where exactly the castle was situated. What he saw through the windows clearly showed that it wasn’t some polar region. For which Alex was immensely thankful. But every compartment without windows was noticeably colder; the stone walls didn’t keep warmth like probably they did, when the castle was full of life. He didn’t know if it was bad or good that he apparently was all alone there. Remembering now the yell he gave, when rolling down that stairwell in the tower, he came to the conclusion, that wasn’t the best thing to do. But the sound startled nobody and nobody came to check of the trespasser. So he guessed that tiptoeing wasn’t absolutely necessary, opening the few remaining doors, despite them screeching mercilessly, was safe as well. Next doors Alex faced were large, heavy, built of thick noble wood. Amazing ancient carving, highlighted by the moon light, coming through the high window behind his back, covered the door leafs. When he pushed them lightly, he was amazed by how easily and quietly they opened. It seemed that particular room was of great importance to the castle inhabitants, so they treated all the stuff inside with great care. The furniture stood intact in the dark room, most likely being of the finest quality, so it survived whatever disaster happened. “Gasp!” Alex stumbled in the doorway, as he noticed something deep in the room. A human figure in another passage at the far wall. At first he was worried a bit, but only for a second or two… “Hello!” Alex rushed inside the room. “I’m lost and…” He found himself staring at… Alex, same tired and bruised Alex in his dusty boxers and boots; Alex with quite a stupid look on the face, which already managed to grow some stubble. He extended his hand to touch a giant dimmed mirror about 10 feet tall. Alex gave out a deep sigh of relief and… despair. “Nasty mirror,” he muttered. “I almost thought that I found some help.” He took another look across the room, which, as he noticed, was a bedroom of some regal person most likely. Closer examination of the king-size bed revealed it being of no use, as there was nor sheets neither mattress left (they were probably that pile of dust beneath the bed). The wooden frame survived, but not the delicate cloth. Alex thought, he was going to have no sleep tonight, as other furniture in the room, at least the chairs and banquettes, were somehow not comfortable for him to relax properly. He remembered that every unbroken seat, he found previously, was as well… perhaps too low for his comfort. Other furniture like tables, cabinets seemed to be alright though. Alex proceeded through more and more rooms: spacious halls and small cabinets. Checked more bedrooms and bathrooms with the stone basins built into the floor – all with mostly time worn and broken furniture. He passed an enormous library, thinking that he probably was to wander around that castle till morning looking for the exit. He checked a couple of books (more automatically than hoping to find something helpful) one of which crumbled to dust in his hands. Nothing that could help, some historical stuff that could be interesting, if he wasn’t almost falling asleep on the spot. Well, if he wasn’t, he might have noticed that, despite understanding, what the books were telling, there was no single word written in plain English in them. But his tired mind noticed the content and completely missed, paid no attention to form – the symbols the books were written in. Finally, after one more staircase, he found himself on seemingly the first floor of the castle, in the long high hall of some regal value. High windows on both opposite narrow ends of the hall let enough light inside for him to see columns, chandeliers at the walls and ends of ceiling arcs, more sets of horse… pony armour, standing on their eternal duty along the walls, another single staircase at his end of the hall, going down and most likely to the castle front doors at some point. With the idea that going outside was definitely some daytime business, Alex headed to the opposite end of the hall, where he noticed a stepped podium with two… thrones. After approaching that three steps elevation with two large thrones Alex noticed, they were still in nice condition, not only stone frame, but also the soft seats and backrests. Another sign of those being made for the top-class noble asses, as Alex giggled inwardly. One throne was covered with a large ancient tapestry, also quite well retained. It must have fallen from the wall behind the thrones, as a similar tapestry hung behind the second throne. Alex rose the steps and took the tapestry by its edge to unfold it. The cloth was of amazing quality and lightness, unbelievable for its age, nowhere heavy and rough on touch, unlike almost every common tapestry. This one was made in black, all sorts of blue and silver colours with white outlining. Presumably night sky with stars and bright moon above and a dark blue slender winged horse figurine below facing… flying down. Another tapestry on the wall was generally in blue, white and gold, depicting the sky, sun disc high above and a white slender winged horse figurine flying up. Alex closed his eyes. The same feeling of unease flooded him again. Both images were painfully familiar, he knew he had seen them somewhere already. But they were parts of a single image in his memory. * That was one of those family days, when Alex and his parents were visiting relatives from another city. The latter lived in suburbs, without plenty means of entertaining people, especially younger ones. This and them having two daughters, 12 and 8 years old, practically meant that, while older members of the family were discussing all, what was usually discussed on family meetings, girls were totally Alex’s business. Besides cousins were under the impression of the 19 years old sibling, that sort of impression, which usually leads to looking up to with eyes wide opened, giggles, unintentional innocent flirting and tons of teasing. All harmless, at least until it starts coming at you as a storm… That day wasn’t going to be an easy one, as Alex told himself earlier in the morning. The relatives lived in a cottage with a large garden. So hide and seek, play catch, some more random running around, while both girls contrived to almost run him over a few times, made Alex finally unsure if he had two cousins only or maybe four… or even six already. “Hey, girls,” called he, getting up from the grass. “What about getting inside and having a bit quieter entertainment… before it becomes traumatic?” “Boo, spoilsport!” Older cousin bumped into him and grabbed in a bear hug. “Right when we started having fun.” “Two of you are too much for the “old Alex”,” he stuck out his tongue, teasing her. “You’re not old,” she wrinkled her nose, making her freckles jump. “Just a bit grumpy and into your computer stuff too much. Tell me the point of going to the gym, when you can just have fun outside for free with the same result.” “Yes, yes,” Eagerly jumped the younger, while Alex thought about a dignified answer to the previous question. “We can view some cartoons. Just got a new show on DVD.” She took Alex’s and her sister’s hands and rushed into the house, sweeping away all possible objections. “OK, what will it be?” asked Alex, when they sat in the living room. ‘Girly stuff,’ he shrugged mentally, while younger cousin turned the TV on and set the disc into the player already. It was the new show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As he suspected typical girly stuff. Yet despite pinkish gamma and girly hyper voices, what he watched was fun. It was the first episode, where a few pony girls were searching for some relics to prevent an evil alter ego of one of the two rulers of the land from returning from her 1000 years banishment. The land was called Equestria. ‘So original’, smirked Alex to himself. It was ruled once by two sisters: one reigned over the day and Sun, another – over the Night and Moon. The younger sister – Luna got jealous of Celestia, the older sister, thinking she was getting more attention and love, naturally being the princess of the day. Luna went completely mental, being spoiled by the shadow and turned into Nightmare Moon, who tried to take over the whole land and establish the eternal night by refusing to get the Moon down and let Celestia rise the Sun. It was impossible how Alex could still remember all those names and facts from the show. Celestia then entrapped her younger sister into the Moon, using those relics and started ruling the country on her own, day and night, Sun and Moon, while mourning of her once beloved sister. But after 1000 years certain conditions were met for Nightmare Moon to return and attempt revenge… With the help of the relics, the pony girls (main characters of the show) managed to cast out Nightmare Moon and return princess Luna as former kind and sane self. But those were details… There was the old castle of Two Sisters in that show. And there. Was. That. Sign! Of two regal sisters, rulers of the Moon and Sun. * Alex dropped the tapestry and covered his face with hands. It wasn’t obvious if he was going to shriek, cry or curl on the stone platform in disbelief and despair. ‘That simply can’t be true!’ cried his mind. ‘Come on, it was just a blasted movie, a cartoon for kids!’ Well, last time he tried to check, if he was sleeping or delusional, was painful and real. From all forms of insanity, this could be the least possible, Alex could imagine for himself, if thinking about insanity was his common practice. After a few minutes he managed to bring together, what remained of his trembling, tired and frustrated self. ‘I am regally screwed!’ he gritted his teeth heavily. ‘But, damn it, I’ll deal with this tomorrow!’ ‘I’m too tired for logical conclusions. No ponies or nightmares or else will take away my sleep. And I’ve finally found some “clothes”,’ Alex let out a sad grin. He grabbed Luna’s tapestry… ‘Oh, dear Lord, please, let me be mistaken!’ … and made some kind of toga, wrapping it around his tired body and finding it surprisingly nice and warm. He then climbed with his legs on that throne in front of him and curled, trying to find the possibly comfortable pose. Minutes later overloaded by today’s events Alex passed out. --- Author's note: If 't be true you like the story (and have FimFiction account, otherwise, you can't vote), please, take a minute to support the book hither: "Thumbs up" are very welcome, comments either. Mine most sincere gratitude in advance!
  2. A Quest for Love: An Apple-Pear Family Story Hey everypony! Just finished my first ever story on Fimfiction (link above). If you're like me and love "The Perfect Pear", then you'll enjoy this story! The story seeks to expand more on the "Perfect Pear" episode (a prequel to an extent). Tried my best to include many "feels" moments, as well as keep it fun, exciting, and suspenseful. Hope you all enjoy it! I'll also appreciate some feedback as well!
  3. we safely landed on Equestria, as we loot a step out o' th' galleon, we thought we where in th' heavens, but some where sceptical o' th' island, some believed 'twas black spotted. Some o' th' pirates eyes where blinded from th' brightness o' th' island while I jus' admire th' island 'n its beauty, but we snapped out o' our illusion state 'n we had t' realize we where in a unknown land, We carried our supplies, I reckon I got a splinter carryin' th' wood from th' ship. We built our bunkers 'n houses 'n a port. Night time fell 'n we heard, horrid chanties, as if it landed from Davy Jones' locker. I was ordered t' go wit' 9 other scallywags t' check, wha' was makin' that horrid noise, o' course th' cap'n made me brin' me musket 'n we ventured th' jungles, As we continued into th' jungles, we saw light, as we got closer th' noise got stronger 'n th' lights got brighter, 'til we got so close we saw somethin' that made our hopes 'n eyes glow. 'twas ponies, but however, they where more civil then th' other ponies in our land, th' ponies in our land where as stump as a hourse, but they where preformin', at wha' looks like a satanic act, one o' th' scallywags said "these aren't ponies, if they be, thar dangerous." but one o' th' other scallywags shot 'im down by sayin' "dangerous or nah, i see gold in me pouch" but however we followed cap'n orders 'n ran back t' camp" Th' cap'n was waitin' fer us when we returned, one o' th' scallywags told them that they were a "satanic ponies from Davy Jones' locker" while th' other said, "walkin' doubloons bags" either way, I was tired, the captain payed up 5 dollars for our trouble and I went the bed, while the other men, went for a beer.
  4. Ok, so I know this isn't a story but i need help. I am currently working on my OC's backstory and i'm kinda stuck. So, i need another pony to write about and what i could add to help me get in the writing mind set. I have a set of ponies and a brief summary: Capricorn: Male, Unicorn: He was Starswirl's partner and was the first Changeling king. He was erased from history when he was bitten by a Changeling maggot in case the ponies would begin to fear Starswirl as well, Starswirl was ordered by King Anubis to destroy any trace of Capricorn's connection to the Royals or Starswirl. King Darus: Male, Alicorn: He was the Alicorn of Justice and the brother of Cosmos (Celestia and Lunas' father). He married Princess Nyah (The Alicorn of Nature and the cousin of Galaxia) and had a son named Otis. He was the king of Sendaria and was loved by his people yet he faced a constant struggle against the threat of war from the close West, past Orberia, by a land of dragons named Gnar (na-rr). Queen Allegra: Female, Pegasus: She was the mother of Cadence and wife of Eros (prince of Cloudsdale). She felt like an outsider as she was a Pegasus living in a world of Alicorns. King Cosmos created the Alicorn Amulets so that non-Alicorn rulers ruling beside Alicorns would be able to be on the same level. The Amulet gave Allegra magical abilities without having to possess a horn and increased strength. King Garin II and Queen Gillian: Male and Female, Griffins: They were the last monarchs of Griffonstone. They fled their kingdom after the Idol of Boreas was lost when Garin was fighting the Arimaspi. They had no children and their relatives where all murdered or they escaped. They ended up in Horseshoe Bay, then they travelled past Apple Loosa (Which used to be a kingdom named Appalia) and they finally laid to rest in Saddle Arabia. They lived there for the rest of their life. What can i do to make this more interesting and have more depth? P.S: I have the whole timeline of most species and their kingdoms and rulers from before Equestria was created, so if you want to know then i can tell you. Thanks!
  5. I've posted the first chapter of my new fanfic, The Meaning of Harmony, on both and FimFiction. I'll link to the story here, for those interested in reading it. Summary: After Sunset Shimmer gets plagued by a recurring nightmare she returns to Equestria, where she discovers that Twilight has been having similar nightmares. Together with their friends, the ponies are tasked with finding the Forges of Harmony and bring harmony to Equestria once and for all. Shipping Warning: This fic will be SunLight, meaning Sunset x Twilight, in later chapters. If you dislike that pairing or shipping in general this might not be a story for you. If you read the story, please consider leaving a comment/review on it so I can learn how to improve. It's okay if you don't like it, but I'd like to know how to get better and constructive criticism can help me do that. Thanks! On FimFiction: On
  6. Flutterbattyyy

    Ponies Around the World Discord Server

    Just started a Ponies Around the World Discord server! Seeing as Equestria Daily's BIG PATW event is just around the corner, I figured it might be a neat idea to start a group for traveling, adventure, exploring, and Ponies Around the World. Join Here: Ponies Around the World is an event started by EQD where you bring your favorite pony toy, merch, etc. and take a photo of it at some significant landmark or place, whether it be famous or off-the-beaten track. Each year, hundreds of photos get submitted! The Idea: Share your "Ponies Around the World" images! Post your adventures! Give feedback, stay up to date, and get behind the scenes info on the "Equestria: Into the Wild" film Talk about hiking, traveling, and the outdoors This group is an experiment, so I'll see how it pans out, lol. It is affiliated with the Everfree Hikers facebook group.
  7. The Map System I've been subconsciously dreading has finally been implemented and the rest of the menus are coming together bit-by-bit as I program all the pieces separately and connect them together (instead of cramming everything I could into one giant, unreadable script like before). The results? See the latest gamedev update to find out.
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    Manehattan Episode 1

    Manehattan Noir Episode 1:Sin City Manehattan,New Yorkie,1924 Manehattan is a City,a City full of crime,too numerous to count.The police can handle the petty crimes.But for certain cases,the police won’t do.Thats where Rarity comes into play... *Smooth 1920s jazz plays* Rarity’s thoughts: It was a slow night tonight,there hasn’t been any major crimes with weeks.So all I’ve been doing recently is nothing sadly,and my partner Spike,helps with the petty crimes and oth- *Slams open door* Twilight: DETECTIVE RARITY!!! Rarity: Yes Mrs.T? Twilight: That’s Commissioner Twilight to ya! We have a lead on a Sugarcube Smuggling ring! I need ya to investigate now! *Throws File onto desk* [Sugarcubes is the ponified “coke”] Rarity:*lifts hat from eyes* A sugarcube ring? Twilight: Yes,are ya deaf or somethin’? Rarity: Hmm...*Examines files* Twilight: We only got one lead,apparently the leader goes by the name of “Nightshade”. Rarity: Huh...*drops files* seems like her last location was at the hotel owned by Mr and Mrs Carver. Twilight: Rarity I suggest that you go figure out why they were buying that crap and quickly! Rarity: *putting trench coat on* Yes ma’am you got it. *Loads M1911A1,and Thompson* Twilight: Ya finished yet sweetheart? *Rarity ignores twilight then exits the door* Twilight: I’ll take that as a yes. Rarity’s thoughts: I wonder why the Carver family would allow drugs into the hotel. It can’t be them,I’ve known them my whole life here in Manehattan.No it can’t be them! I have to prove it! *Rarity gets into a Taxi* Driver: Where too miss? Rarity:207 Sleet Lane,make it quick. Driver:’Aight *Later* Driver: ‘Aight Miss,207 Sleet Lane. *Rarity pays the driver and walks inside* Mrs.Carver: Oh hello Detective! How may we serve you tonight? Rarity: I’ve come in search of something. Mrs.Carver: Oh? What is it that you’re looking for?*Leans onto the bar* Rarity:*pulls picture from coat pocket* At around 10:43pm,yesterday some mysterious ponies walked in carrying sugercubes,I have come here to investigate. Mrs.Carver:Oh dear! Rarity: First I’d like to see your,”guests” who are staying in this hotel. Mrs.Carver: Right away! *Mrs.Carver gets the 5 guests together including herself and her husband* Rarity: Carvers,I’d like for you to tell me what were you doing at 10:43pm Yesterday? Mr.Carver: I was out in the shed welding together my car because the fender got torn off by some drunken punk! Rarity:Hmm...Mrs.Carver how about you? Mrs.Carver: I was upstairs cleaning one of our guests rooms! Rarity:And these ponies are your guests? Both Carvers:Yes. Rarity:Mr...? Oddingale: Oddingale,Mr Oddingale! *in a smooth talk* Rarity:Ok Oddingale,what were you doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Oddingale:Well to be honest,was getting some paper to write my wife back at Arkansaw. Rarity:How touching...and you miss? Coronelle:Coronelle,And this is my son,Nash. Nash:H-h-i.... Rarity: what were you two doing at 10:43pm? Coronelle: I was out getting some groceries for dinner. Rarity:How about you Nash? Nash:I uhm was...outside... Rarity:Go on... Nash:And I saw the truck...I saw the ponies...and they were carrying crates... *Rarity paying closer attention* Nash:I looked in of the ponies pointed a was a nickel plated revolver...with a redwood grip...she said to me,”You speak of this,I’ll hunt your family,and I’ll blow each of your heads off”. Coronelle: *sob* oh dear. Nash:So I never spoke of it till now. Rarity:What did the pony look like? Nash:She was tall,dark,had turquoise eyes,and had an old english accent. Rarity:What did the truck look like? Nash:it was your common truck.the words where a bit faded,but it said “Moon” on it. Rarity:But where did the drugs go? *4 thugs entered the hotel and and fired their guns* Rarity: GET BEHIND THE COUNTER!!! *everyone is behind the counter* Rarity: Everypony,leave out the back now!!! *pulls out and cocks Tommy Gun.Rarity shoots one of the thugs* Thug 1:Get behind somethin’!!! Thug 2:The dolls armed! Rarity: Get out! You’re under arrest! *Thug 3 jumps out,missing Rarity,But Rarity retaliates by shooting him.* Thug 2:Dang it! Jimmies been rubbed off! Thug 1: Up the stairs! Thug 2:Wait Frank ya idiot! *The thug attempts to run up the stairs but ends up getting shot* Thug 2: Screw it,I’m outta here!!! *the thug exits,but as soon as he opens the door,Police Sgt.Applejack points a Thompson at him* Applejack: You are under arrest. *moments later* Applejack: We found the stash of sugarcubes in the basement.What do you think they were putting it here for? Rarity: For storage it appears. Applejack: Storage? Now why would they do that? Rarity: That’s what I’m going to find out,I’m off to Mrs.Moons Bar and Theatre.If anything she’s probably the suspect. Applejack: Y’know,it’s not good to jump to conclusions... Rarity: The description fits,I know what I’m doing. *Rarity calls for a cab and drives off* *Moments later at The Moon Bar and Theatre,Rarity exits the cab* Bouncer: Sorry Miss ya have ta wa- *Rarity shows badge and walks in* *As she walks in,she admires how beautiful the place looks* Rarity’s Thought: Oh my! This place is beautiful,I expected a run down bar full of drunks! And that ladies voice,she soun-wait a minute... *Rarity pulls out a note describing the characters features* Rarity’s thoughts: Dark,alicorn,turquoise eyes,and an old English accent! That’s her! But how am I going to make her talk? *Rarity sits at the bar,thinking about her next move* Bartender: What’ll it be ma’am? Rarity: Before I order,how do you sell drinks during the Prohibition? (18th Amendment of the 20s) Bartender: I don’t know exactly,but if you wanna know you could ask the owner. Rarity: Is she the one singing? Bartender: Yeah,she’s the boss. I’ll tell her that you wanna talk to here in a minute. But in the meantime,*rubbing glass* what’ll it be? Rarity: A strong hard cider. Bartender:Ya got it *smirk* *pours cider* Bartender: Why is a fed like you in a place like this? *puts glass down and rubs another* Rarity: I’m looking for answers. Bartender: Right... *The song ends and the owner,Mrs.Moon or Luna Moon,takes a bow along with the choir,and a huge round of applause starts* Moon: *Bowing* Why thank you! You were a lovely crowd! Audience: *loud claps and whistles,followed by a few howls* Bartender: *leans* Hey Jeff! Jeff the bodyguard: Yeah? Bartender: Go get the boss,this lady want ta have a “talk” see! Jeff the bodyguard: *winks at bartender* yeah, I’ll get ‘er. Bartender: ‘Aight,she’ll be here soon. Rarity: *puts down empty glass* Thank you sir. Moon: Hello Miss..? Rarity: It’s Rarity,Detective Rarity. Moon: Let’s go to my office so we can talk more privately. *Mrs.Moon And Rarity walk into the office* Bartender: Jeff,get some of ya boys and guard that door Incase the fed decides to take it too serious. Jeff the bodyguard: ya got it. *jeff walks toward a couple of men who are playing poker,and walks them towards the office and cocks their Thompsons* Moon: Please,let me take your coat. Rarity:No thank you,this will be quick. *sits down* Moon: If you say so...*sits down* Rarity: Well first off,I would like to know how this place is running even though selling alcohol is illegal now. Moon: You could say that we have our ways with the police.*wink* Rarity: Right. anyways I want to ask you what were you and your guards were doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Moon: Why do you want to know? *slowly grabs revolver from under the desk* Rarity: *slowly grabbing handgun from under coat* Rarity: Because it’s my duty to protect everypony from harmful drugs like these. Moon: Well Miss...*aims gun at Rarity’s head* you’ve caught me. *Rarity grabs the revolver and flips Moon overhead and lands with a thud* Moon:UGH!!! Rarity: I’ve had that one done to me more times than you can imagi- *bodygaurds kick down the door and unleashes lead rain while rarity dives behind a steel locker* Rarity: Dammit! I can’t let her get away! *Rarity jumps out from behind the locker whilst holding her Thompson,she unloads the clip into the guards and runs out the door. The citizens are leaving and Rarity notices Moon with her bodyguards leaving out the back door.Rarity rushes out to the back while the truck just left the driveway.Rarity steals a Rolls Royace* Rich Man: Hey that’s my car! Rarity: *hops in* I’m a detective and I need this vehicle! *Rarity speeds off,onto Moons tail* Guard: ‘Ey boss! The fed is back! Moon: *taking a sharp turn* Light her up for Celestias sake!!! *Shortly the thugs along with Rarity leave the city and are now on the countryside.The guards open little slots in the trucks cargo area,and start shooting rarity.Rarity doesn’t get hit but the car is (obviously) taking damage.Rarity shoots a guard in one of the peep holes and shoots the tires.* Moon:Dam-*the truck crashes into a tree* *3 bodyguards exit the truck as well as Moon and start unloading lead at Rarity manages to kill one.Then a thug shoots the gas tank,causing it to explode.Rarity jumps behind a different tree before the explosion.With a greater angle,she kills the other guard,as well as the other one.Moon jumps in the back,and grabs a MK.2 military grenade.Moon throws it,but as she throws it Rarity tackles Moon and starts a fist fight.Moon kicks rarity in the gut,forcing her to get off her,while Moon lunges toward her,Rarity side steps and puts Moon in a chokehold* Rarity:Moon! Stop struggling! Surrender and come quietly! Moon: NO!!! I’m not giving up my fortune!!! *moon grabs a dagger that was attached to her leg,and attempts to stab Rarity,but she misses.Rarity throws her to the ground and puts her in cuffs.* Rarity:Your drug smuggling days are done. Moon:DAMN!!! Kid: Wow Miss,you’re amazing at fighting people! *the police then arrive* Twilight: Satisfactory job Detective. Rarity: Oh please commissioner...*lights cigar* Twilight: You’re right,you did pretty good.You stopped a drug smuggling crew! *Rarity stares at the city* Rarity: Before I leave Commissioner I must ask... Twilight:Yes? Rarity: How come her bar was selling alcohol? Whereas the 18th Amendment says “no distribution of alcoholic substances”? Twilight: uhm...I don’t know...? Rarity: Right...*smokes cigar again,and hops into a patrol car* Rarity’s thoughts: Today I stopped a drug of my biggest cases since,two years ago.I wonder what’s next in line for me.But until then,when this city needs me I’ll be there! Up next Episode 2: A Ripper in town... Ps I had to put it here because no one goes on the fanfic site
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    Adventure Manehattan Episode 1

    Manehattan Noir Episode 1:Sin City Manehattan,New Yorkie,1924 Manehattan is a City,a City full of crime,too numerous to count.The police can handle the petty crimes.But for certain cases,the police won’t do.Thats where Rarity comes into play... *Smooth 1920s jazz plays* Rarity’s thoughts: It was a slow night tonight,there hasn’t been any major crimes with weeks.So all I’ve been doing recently is nothing sadly,and my partner Spike,helps with the petty crimes and oth- *Slams open door* Twilight: DETECTIVE RARITY!!! Rarity: Yes Mrs.T? Twilight: That’s Commissioner Twilight to ya! We have a lead on a Sugarcube Smuggling ring! I need ya to investigate now! *Throws File onto desk* [Sugarcubes is the ponified “coke”] Rarity:*lifts hat from eyes* A sugarcube ring? Twilight: Yes,are ya deaf or somethin’? Rarity: Hmm...*Examines files* Twilight: We only got one lead,apparently the leader goes by the name of “Nightshade”. Rarity: Huh...*drops files* seems like her last location was at the hotel owned by Mr and Mrs Carver. Twilight: Rarity I suggest that you go figure out why they were buying that crap and quickly! Rarity: *putting trench coat on* Yes ma’am you got it. *Loads M1911A1,and Thompson* Twilight: Ya finished yet sweetheart? *Rarity ignores twilight then exits the door* Twilight: I’ll take that as a yes. Rarity’s thoughts: I wonder why the Carver family would allow drugs into the hotel. It can’t be them,I’ve known them my whole life here in Manehattan.No it can’t be them! I have to prove it! *Rarity gets into a Taxi* Driver: Where too miss? Rarity:207 Sleet Lane,make it quick. Driver:’Aight *Later* Driver: ‘Aight Miss,207 Sleet Lane. *Rarity pays the driver and walks inside* Mrs.Carver: Oh hello Detective! How may we serve you tonight? Rarity: I’ve come in search of something. Mrs.Carver: Oh? What is it that you’re looking for?*Leans onto the bar* Rarity:*pulls picture from coat pocket* At around 10:43pm,yesterday some mysterious ponies walked in carrying sugercubes,I have come here to investigate. Mrs.Carver:Oh dear! Rarity: First I’d like to see your,”guests” who are staying in this hotel. Mrs.Carver: Right away! *Mrs.Carver gets the 5 guests together including herself and her husband* Rarity: Carvers,I’d like for you to tell me what were you doing at 10:43pm Yesterday? Mr.Carver: I was out in the shed welding together my car because the fender got torn off by some drunken punk! Rarity:Hmm...Mrs.Carver how about you? Mrs.Carver: I was upstairs cleaning one of our guests rooms! Rarity:And these ponies are your guests? Both Carvers:Yes. Rarity:Mr...? Oddingale: Oddingale,Mr Oddingale! *in a smooth talk* Rarity:Ok Oddingale,what were you doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Oddingale:Well to be honest,was getting some paper to write my wife back at Arkansaw. Rarity:How touching...and you miss? Coronelle:Coronelle,And this is my son,Nash. Nash:H-h-i.... Rarity: what were you two doing at 10:43pm? Coronelle: I was out getting some groceries for dinner. Rarity:How about you Nash? Nash:I uhm was...outside... Rarity:Go on... Nash:And I saw the truck...I saw the ponies...and they were carrying crates... *Rarity paying closer attention* Nash:I looked in of the ponies pointed a was a nickel plated revolver...with a redwood grip...she said to me,”You speak of this,I’ll hunt your family,and I’ll blow each of your heads off”. Coronelle: *sob* oh dear. Nash:So I never spoke of it till now. Rarity:What did the pony look like? Nash:She was tall,dark,had turquoise eyes,and had an old english accent. Rarity:What did the truck look like? Nash:it was your common truck.the words where a bit faded,but it said “Moon” on it. Rarity:But where did the drugs go? *4 thugs entered the hotel and and fired their guns* Rarity: GET BEHIND THE COUNTER!!! *everyone is behind the counter* Rarity: Everypony,leave out the back now!!! *pulls out and cocks Tommy Gun.Rarity shoots one of the thugs* Thug 1:Get behind somethin’!!! Thug 2:The dolls armed! Rarity: Get out! You’re under arrest! *Thug 3 jumps out,missing Rarity,But Rarity retaliates by shooting him.* Thug 2:Dang it! Jimmies been rubbed off! Thug 1: Up the stairs! Thug 2:Wait Frank ya idiot! *The thug attempts to run up the stairs but ends up getting shot* Thug 2: Screw it,I’m outta here!!! *the thug exits,but as soon as he opens the door,Police Sgt.Applejack points a Thompson at him* Applejack: You are under arrest. *moments later* Applejack: We found the stash of sugarcubes in the basement.What do you think they were putting it here for? Rarity: For storage it appears. Applejack: Storage? Now why would they do that? Rarity: That’s what I’m going to find out,I’m off to Mrs.Moons Bar and Theatre.If anything she’s probably the suspect. Applejack: Y’know,it’s not good to jump to conclusions... Rarity: The description fits,I know what I’m doing. *Rarity calls for a cab and drives off* *Moments later at The Moon Bar and Theatre,Rarity exits the cab* Bouncer: Sorry Miss ya have ta wa- *Rarity shows badge and walks in* *As she walks in,she admires how beautiful the place looks* Rarity’s Thought: Oh my! This place is beautiful,I expected a run down bar full of drunks! And that ladies voice,she soun-wait a minute... *Rarity pulls out a note describing the characters features* Rarity’s thoughts: Dark,alicorn,turquoise eyes,and an old English accent! That’s her! But how am I going to make her talk? *Rarity sits at the bar,thinking about her next move* Bartender: What’ll it be ma’am? Rarity: Before I order,how do you sell drinks during the Prohibition? (18th Amendment of the 20s) Bartender: I don’t know exactly,but if you wanna know you could ask the owner. Rarity: Is she the one singing? Bartender: Yeah,she’s the boss. I’ll tell her that you wanna talk to here in a minute. But in the meantime,*rubbing glass* what’ll it be? Rarity: A strong hard cider. Bartender:Ya got it *smirk* *pours cider* Bartender: Why is a fed like you in a place like this? *puts glass down and rubs another* Rarity: I’m looking for answers. Bartender: Right... *The song ends and the owner,Mrs.Moon or Luna Moon,takes a bow along with the choir,and a huge round of applause starts* Moon: *Bowing* Why thank you! You were a lovely crowd! Audience: *loud claps and whistles,followed by a few howls* Bartender: *leans* Hey Jeff! Jeff the bodyguard: Yeah? Bartender: Go get the boss,this lady want ta have a “talk” see! Jeff the bodyguard: *winks at bartender* yeah, I’ll get ‘er. Bartender: ‘Aight,she’ll be here soon. Rarity: *puts down empty glass* Thank you sir. Moon: Hello Miss..? Rarity: It’s Rarity,Detective Rarity. Moon: Let’s go to my office so we can talk more privately. *Mrs.Moon And Rarity walk into the office* Bartender: Jeff,get some of ya boys and guard that door Incase the fed decides to take it too serious. Jeff the bodyguard: ya got it. *jeff walks toward a couple of men who are playing poker,and walks them towards the office and cocks their Thompsons* Moon: Please,let me take your coat. Rarity:No thank you,this will be quick. *sits down* Moon: If you say so...*sits down* Rarity: Well first off,I would like to know how this place is running even though selling alcohol is illegal now. Moon: You could say that we have our ways with the police.*wink* Rarity: Right. anyways I want to ask you what were you and your guards were doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Moon: Why do you want to know? *slowly grabs revolver from under the desk* Rarity: *slowly grabbing handgun from under coat* Rarity: Because it’s my duty to protect everypony from harmful drugs like these. Moon: Well Miss...*aims gun at Rarity’s head* you’ve caught me. *Rarity grabs the revolver and flips Moon overhead and lands with a thud* Moon:UGH!!! Rarity: I’ve had that one done to me more times than you can imagi- *bodygaurds kick down the door and unleashes lead rain while rarity dives behind a steel locker* Rarity: Dammit! I can’t let her get away! *Rarity jumps out from behind the locker whilst holding her Thompson,she unloads the clip into the guards and runs out the door. The citizens are leaving and Rarity notices Moon with her bodyguards leaving out the back door.Rarity rushes out to the back while the truck just left the driveway.Rarity steals a Rolls Royace* Rich Man: Hey that’s my car! Rarity: *hops in* I’m a detective and I need this vehicle! *Rarity speeds off,onto Moons tail* Guard: ‘Ey boss! The fed is back! Moon: *taking a sharp turn* Light her up for Celestias sake!!! *Shortly the thugs along with Rarity leave the city and are now on the countryside.The guards open little slots in the trucks cargo area,and start shooting rarity.Rarity doesn’t get hit but the car is (obviously) taking damage.Rarity shoots a guard in one of the peep holes and shoots the tires.* Moon:Dam-*the truck crashes into a tree* *3 bodyguards exit the truck as well as Moon and start unloading lead at Rarity manages to kill one.Then a thug shoots the gas tank,causing it to explode.Rarity jumps behind a different tree before the explosion.With a greater angle,she kills the other guard,as well as the other one.Moon jumps in the back,and grabs a MK.2 military grenade.Moon throws it,but as she throws it Rarity tackles Moon and starts a fist fight.Moon kicks rarity in the gut,forcing her to get off her,while Moon lunges toward her,Rarity side steps and puts Moon in a chokehold* Rarity:Moon! Stop struggling! Surrender and come quietly! Moon: NO!!! I’m not giving up my fortune!!! *moon grabs a dagger that was attached to her leg,and attempts to stab Rarity,but she misses.Rarity throws her to the ground and puts her in cuffs.* Rarity:Your drug smuggling days are done. Moon:DAMN!!! Kid: Wow Miss,you’re amazing at fighting people! *the police then arrive* Twilight: Satisfactory job Detective. Rarity: Oh please commissioner...*lights cigar* Twilight: You’re right,you did pretty good.You stopped a drug smuggling crew! *Rarity stares at the city* Rarity: Before I leave Commissioner I must ask... Twilight:Yes? Rarity: How come her bar was selling alcohol? Whereas the 18th Amendment says “no distribution of alcoholic substances”? Twilight: uhm...I don’t know...? Rarity: Right...*smokes cigar again,and hops into a patrol car* Rarity’s thoughts: Today I stopped a drug of my biggest cases since,two years ago.I wonder what’s next in line for me.But until then,when this city needs me I’ll be there! Up next Episode 2: A Ripper in town... Feel free to comment on how I should improve on my next Episode! Until next time,Nightmare Terror
  10. JackoTheDragon24

    Adventure The Dark Side

    Chapter 1:the darkness rises. Princess Celestia was sitting on her throne, enjoying the view of canterlot, the most beautiful place in equestria. Then celestia heard knocking on her doors. “Who is it?” She ask. The doors open with a big slam. A stallion with rages around him was galloping towards the princess. “Halt!” She command. The stallion stop so suddenly he fell face first into the floor. “What is it that you want?” The princess ask the clumsy stallion. “Your highness!” he said weakly. “I ran all the way from the crystal palace to warn you what's coming!” Celestia was Shocked to hear this. “Is princess cadance all right?!” She said worriedly. “The princess was kidnapped by the Dark King!” He weakly said trying to breath at each word. “Who took her!?” Celestia ask argerly. With a big gulp of air he said “King Sombra!” and he fell unconscious. Celestia was frozen in shock to hear this. Finally she commanded her guards to get ready to go to the crystal empire. This is not going so well... thought celestia. Can anything get any worse? With those words a guard burst through the doors gasping for air. “What is it this time!?” celestia yelled at the guard frustrated at what's happening. “Your highness, one of the prisoners is going nuts again!” “which prisoner?” she asked. “Its number 66 again!” He cried. Celestia sighed. “I'll take care of it…” ***************** A guard flew across the air and crashed onto a table.One of the guards who looks like he's gonna run away screaming beg the prisoner. “P-p-please stay calm number 66… we can sett-.” before he can even finish he went crashing into a nearby wall. There was a little pony standing in the middle of the room. He was a small pony with dirty brown hair,with a surprising clean green coat, he had the features of a regular pony but he was different than other ponies, he had claws and fangs! “What's the matter with you guys?” he asked innocently. “Can't handle a little colt like me?” one of the guards try to take the colt by surprise but he failed. The colt took the guard by the arm and flip him around on his back, slamming him on the ground. “Your really slow you know that?” mocked the colt. “You should know better than to sneak behind a defenceless little pony do you, you have no pride at all.” the colt ran up to a nearby guard and grab him around his neck. “You are not worthy to even BE a royal guard!” The colt raise his claws to strike down the guard but was stop by a invisibly force. He went flying through the air and landed on the ground hard. “That's enough of that Jacko” its was princess celestia. Jacko got back up to his feet then said. “Well,well isn't it the princess of equestria celestia?” He scoff. “Be careful of what you say Jacko, you may regret it.” warns celestia. Celestia told all the guards to take every prisoner back to their cells except for Jacko. “Come Jacko, we gonna have a long talk…” Says celestia. “Whatever you say princess…” said Jacko coldly. They took a walk down a long corridor where Jacko cell was at. Jacko ran up to his cell without warning. “Jacko it seems you want to be back in your cell.” celestia said with amusement. “I'm tired that's all..” yawned Jacko. “By the way would you take this off of me?” Jacko was wearing a vest that keeps pegasus from flying in the prison. “If i take this off of you, you're not gonna run?” ask celestia “ I promise…” Jacko said with a grin. When celestia took the vest off Jacko zip past her in a second. “Jacko!-” celestia cried out to him, but was gone in the blink of an eye. “Looking for me?” Jacko was hangin in the air with his wings, his Dragon wings. “Don't do that again or i’ll-” “You What!?” Jacko yelled at celestia, cutting her off at mid sentence. “I’ll treat you like i treat your own mother!” celestia . yelled back. With those words Jacko lunge at celestia with his claws out wide. Celestia manage to dodge it in time, making Jacko hit the wall behind her. “If you say anything about my mom again..” said Jacko sternly, his left eye staring down on celestia. “I take your head off!” Jacko had his right eye on her now, but his eye had black blood coming out of it, freaking celestia out. Jacko went back to his cell and slam the doors behind him Chapter 2: Jacko’s worst nightmare Jacko was dreaming where he was standing in front of a old-broken-down house Jacko went to the front of the house and knock on the door to see if anyone was there. “Hello?!” Jacko Yelled. There was no response. Jacko knock again but still wasn't getting any answer. “Huh...that's weird…” Jacko said with confusion. He turn around to find himself facing in front of a mare.Jacko was shocked at first but was relieved to find somepony else. “Whew...don't scare me like that miss.” the mare said nothing back to Jacko. “uh... ist kinda rude to not talk miss, and you should know that too.” Jacko said annoyed. “You don't remember me Jacko?...” the mare said weakly. Jacko become more confused now. “You can’t remember your own mother.” Jacko was now remembering, That was his own mother. “M-mom!?” stuttered Jacko,surprised to see his own mother. “But how!?’ He ran up to her, giving her hug while crying. “ I thought i lost you for good!...” weep Jacko. “Its ok...i'm here...your mother is here…” said the mare. Jacko felt weird, he tried to speak but couldn't. “I'm here Jacko…i’ll always be here…” said the mare deeply. Jacko was scared out of his mind! Your not my mother!!! Jacko try to scream for help, but its like an invisible hand is gripping his throat. “I’ll be with you...always…” Jacko was losing his sight. Everything is going black…Until a bright light burst out of nowhere. Jacko saw the mare vanish into nothingness. “ Having the same old nightmares again Jacko?” said a mysterious voice. Jacko turn around to see a tall, dark blue mare that almost look like...celestia?!? “Uh who are you?” ask Jacko who was scared yet confuse of this stranger. “My name is princess luna, sister of princess celestia.” with those words Jacko bolted to the skys. Crap!!! Not another one! Jacko thought angrily I don’t need another alicorn to lecture me or to tell me what to do! When Jacko was flying he saw something right next to him, the dark blue alicorn. “What the!!-” The alicorn use magic to send Jacko falling to the ground hard. “ its no use trying to run away Jacko.” said the mare “your in my domain.” Jacko got up from the floor, more mad than hurt “your what!?” he said very angrily. The mare walk around Jacko, her flowing hair had stars in it, and each step she took send waves like water dripping into a puddle. “I rule the dream realm Jacko, I can go into other pony dreams and help them if there in need.” Jacko walk closer to the mare. “So can you tell me why you came into my dream?” The mare was silence for a moment, but came closer to Jacko’s face. “Your life is about to change forever…” All of a sudden the ground starts to shake violently, throwing Jacko off balance. Jacko look up to see the mare walking away. “WAIT!!!” Jacko scream to her. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?” The mare didn't answer. Chapter 3: the unexpected visitor. Jacko woke up with a shock. It was a dream? He thought to himself. The cell door open with a loud thud. “Time for breakfast number 6… i-i mean Jacko…” said the guard nervously. At the cafeteria Jacko sits alone on bench at a corner. It was just a dream....nothing weird happen last night right? Jacko thought about what in the hay happen to him. Was he going mad or was that all real? “Hey is anypony sitting here?” Jacko was startle for a moment. Standing in front of him was a dark blue unicorn with a violet-red hair. She looks very clean too, not a speck of dust on her. “Um...hello?” she said to Jacko. “U-uh hi!” He finally said. “Yes you can sit there.” She sat down with a plate full of grub. “Thanks you, everypony looks like they want to take my food for himself…” She looked scared to the other stallions. Now that Jacko looked at it, is she the ONLY mare in this prison? “Hey uh how did you get here?” Jacko ask the mare. She looked at Jacko for a moment, like she was trying to read his thoughts. “Your wondering why am i the only mare in this bucking place called a prison right?” she DID read my mind! Jacko was so shocked that he fell off the bench. A couple of stallions laugh, but it didn't make Jacko mad. “How did you do that?!” he ask. “I can read ponys thought and emotions with my magic.” she made a gesture to her horn. Well that explain a lot! The mare was a unicorn but she had a vest for pegasus, before he can mention it the mare quckly put “ I have some old wounds on my back, the vest keeps my bandage on so i don’t bleed out.” “Okay every pony, listen up!” shouted a guard. “We have announcements to make, first of all we have some new inmates.” the guard gesture to a group of stallions, they all look like big meat heads except for one. The stallion had a huge scar over his face, a tattoo that says “Beware Of The GRIMM” on his leg, and a murderous look in his eye. “Now for your own safety, we advise you to stay away from this stallion, he's very dangerous and is one of the top ten most dangerous ponies alive.” the guard quickly pointed to the scar stallion. “His number is 3.” some of the ponys started to chat, probably talking about the stailion and what made him so scary. Jacko on the other hoof...or claw, wanted to know how is this pony is so feared, so dangerous. And when it seems like everypony was getting worried, that stallion bolted to a nearby guard. The guard was caught snoozing and didn't had time to defend himself. The stallion Jump on the guard and started pounding on him, making the guard scream in pain. The rest of the inmates started to attack the other guards. This is starting of a prison riot, sooner or later celestia will come to break it up like it was a kindergarten fight. Jacko thought with a grin. You seem very calm about this don’t you? Jacko was so startle that he fell off the bench again. The mare looked down at Jacko with a sly smile. “Oh did i forgot to mention that i'm telepathic?” She giggle under her breath. “You just keep surprising me thats all.” said Jacko who is very annoyed. “We need to get going before we accidently be a part of this little school fight” said the mare. The two ponies walk down a corridor where there was windows, the cafeteria was a bloody mess. The guards are trying their best to fend off the prisoners. That stallion had a sharp looking weapon in his mouth. Jacko can see three guards laying on the ground motionless next to the stallion. “Man what a monster…” Jacko was having chills just looking at the stallion. “A monster indeed.” Right behind the duo was none other then the princess celestia herself. “I have a request for both of you, ether subdue or kill that stallion than i'll let you be free of this prison.” celestia was looking at all of the chaos. “Your saying that if i kill this monster you let us free?” ask Jacko. “You gotta be kidding me!!!” yelled the mare. “You think we are idiots or something? Nobody can kill that monster, he's one of the top ten most wanted ponies in equestria!” celestia looked at the mare with a smile on her face “oh Eve, you should know that your standing next to the most dangerous pony in equestria, Jacko!” celestia pointed to Jacko “uh princess you must be mistaken. I'm number 66, he's number 3.” Jacko said but he can’t hide his amusement. “Jacko your actual number is one in this whole prison. You can be very dangerous depending on your mood.” Jacko was acting weird, he was smiling, his eyes were wide with eagerness, and his claws were itching to cut something. “Well well celestia, you got yourself a deal!.” Chapter 4: Meet “The Monster” “Hahaha!” laugh the stallion “Is there nopony who is ably to beat me!?” He roared. Everypony was cheering for the stallion, making his ego burn very bright. “Cmon! Send a guard who is worthy to take me on!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. The room was silent for a moment, nopony move from there spot. “Nopony is worthy!?” he yelled angrily. “How about me!” the stallion look at the direction where the voice came. Standing in the middle of the crowd was Jacko. “he..hehe..he..HAHA!!!!” everypony started laughing at Jacko. “You got a death wish or something BOY!?” the stallion was still laughing. Jacko just stood still, smiling a big smile. The stallion notice he was smiling. “Hey! Are you happy your about to get killed!?” Jacko just stood there with his smile. “Ok that's it!” the stallion ran up no jacko and struck him with a sharp object he was holding. Jacko got his face cut at his left cheek, but he didn't move a inch. “Let that be a warning to you,next time i won’t go so easy.” the stallion said with a grin of his own. Jacko just kept smiling. “You still happy!?” The stallion was angry to see somepony who “likes” to get hurt. “Why...why are you not begging for your life!?” scream the stallion “hehehe…” Jacko was laughing at the pain. “Is that all you the most dangerous pony in equestria can’t even kill one,little colt?” Jacko was grinning like a mad man. “That's it, you're going to DIE!!!” The stallion struck the knife right in Jacko chest then twisted inside of him. The stallion smile in triumph. “There! You see?! Your dead!” Yelled the stallion. Jacko stood there for a moment, looking at the knife inside his chest.”heh..You called that a stab?” Jacko rip the knife out of his chest with his claws, blood started to run down to the floor. “This is nothing..hahaha...HAHAHAHA!!!”Jacko ran up to the stallion a pin him against the wall with the knife right in the stallions throat. The stallion blood was draining from his neck, everypony around them was frozen to see That the most dangerous stallion in the world, got killed by a child. “Shhh...hush now my friend, you will be joining my beloved father, Death himself!” Jacko rip the knife out of the stallion neck. Then out of nowhere, black fire from around the stallion, eating him alive , all he can do is lay there and be burn to a crips. The flames died down and all there was is ashes. Everypony was standing in shock. Jacko was very different, he had a smile of a killer, his claws where longer, his dirty brown hair turn jet-black, and his eyes were bloodshot red and shedding tears of blood, Black blood. “Now listen up everypony!” Jacko yelled to the crowd. “If anypony ask who killed this worthless piece of filth called a “monster”, tell them that Jackal the True Monster!!! Killed him.” than with those words Jacko...or “Jackal” Walked away with everypony breathless. ************************************ Chapter 5:The Return of the Dark King My name is Black fire, i am the king's right hoof stallion and his most trusted servant. You may be wondering “now why does the Dark King need a loyal servant when he is the most powerful Dark ruler of equestria.” Simple, even the villains learn from their mistakes, so he need powerful allies. And that where i come in. how i'm a powerful ally? Can anypony summon Demons with a flick of their hoofs?, can they create illusions so real, that you can hear, touch, feel, smell, and Taste them? Oh i almost forgot! Can anypony resurrect a very powerful villain, even when shader into a million pieces? I thought so. The King needed powerful allies and i'm just one of them, there’s three more. The first one i'm gonna talk about is a beautiful, yet lethal...mare name scarlet. What makes her so dangerous that she can convince anyone to do anything for her, even the mares swoon over her beauty. And that's not all she can do, she has a ability that nopony has. She is a shape-shifter. She can turn into anything just by thinking about it. Show her a picture of a old stallion and “Poof” there it is. Now the next one is harder to explain. How can you tell a pony that somepony else has a ability to not DIE. yes, i'm talking about immortality. He never ages. Cut off his head a new one instantly appears. And guess what, he's a alicorn. Yes that right a Male alicorn. But for some reason his magic is’t like alicorn magic. No, his magic is like a god! How is he working for the King when he might be able to overthrow him? Well he keeps telling us.“I am not a seavent, i'm am the god of evil and darkness, whoever wants to create chaos for revenge all they need is to pray and ill will come.” Oh and i forgot to mention his name. His name is Shadow Storm. His weakness are unknown and he could be a match for both the princesses of equestria. Now for the last one… He not with us at the moment because, well he's just a colt. Shadow storm saw potential in this little “monster” so he did what he do best, make disasters. He sent a plague in the kid’s village and everypony started to die one by one. Intul it got to the boy’s mother… well why should i ruin the whole story? Sooner or later the boy will become a servant to the Dark King and then Nopony will stop us. Not even the princess of Friendship. So if you be wondering how this story end i'll give you a hint, the light fought the darkness well, but i destroyed everypony's heart of love. If you can guess what that mean. Well congratulation, you now feel very bad about now are you? Now… don’t make me hunt you down…Scram! **************************************************** Chapter 6: Jacko meets the Main 6! “You kinda over did it Jacko.” Eve said, looking at the burnt ashes of the stallion. “I have to agree with Eve, just burn him into nothing” said celestia who looked like she was gonna hurl. Jacko was sitting against a wall looking at his claws. “Sorry, for the mess, it's been a long time since i felt so much…” he stopped, trying to find a word for his action. “Blood lust?” Eve answered it for him.”nevermind all that, come with me, we have business to attend to.” celestia motion to a nearby by door. The group quickly left the room and into the castle. Jacko was astounded to see such fancy furniture and paintings. Eve seem like she wasn't that impress at all. “I wanted for you two to meet six very special ponies in equestria.” celestia said with grin. “Oh yea?” scoff Jacko. “What's so “special” about these ponies?” celestia open a door to a small room then said “you find out soon enough, for now wait in here.” The room was small yet comfy, it had two couches and a round wooden table. “I’ll be back shortly.” celestia close the door leaving the two in the room, alone, with nothing to do….”soooo….Eva was it?” Jacko tried to start a conversation to ease the mood.”yea my name is Eva.” Eva said plainly. Eva walk around the room a look at the old paintings. “And your name is Jacko correct?” Jacko was laying on the couch, looking very bored. “Yea thats my name… do you wonder why the princess freed us from that hell hole?” Jacko ask while playing with his wings. “Maybe she gonna send us to a SUPER SECRET mission or something” Eva said sarcastically. Jacko laugh a little at Eva joke. “I been don’t you have scars in a prison like that?” Eva asked Jacko. Jacko looked uneasy.”i'm a weird creature i’ll admit that, i have strange abilities that i don’t even know about.” Jacko looked down to the ground with a look on his face, like he's scared of himself. “F-forget i even ask that Jacko, you don’t have to tell me.” Eva said quickly. A few minutes pass by, Jacko was now looking at a painting that had a lake running down the middle with thick forest at each side. “Do you like the outdoors?” Eva ask with a slight giggle under her tone.Jacko didn't listen, he just stared at the painting like it was real. ********************************************* Jacko was running through the bushes in the forest, laughing all the way until he came to a pond. “Mom, mom!” he cried out happly. “Look at the water, it's so beautiful!” A mare came through the bushes, she had a glimmering green coat, and her hair was Jet-Black but was still shining in the sun, and she wore a necklace with a symbol of a moon and sun mix together. “Well don’t go to far Jacko, you don’t want to be lost do you?” Jacko went to his mother side, the pond was small yet still pretty. The birds were singing up on the trees and the fishes in the ponds were swimming, This is Jacko’s favorite place to relax…. ********************************************** “Jacko!?” Eva yelled into his ear bringing him back to reality. “Your scared me there for a minuet buddy.” Eva sigh in relief. Jacko stared at her for a moment and said. “Were not Buddys…” then he walk to the other side of the room. A hour past when there was a knock on the door, celestia was there with six mares right behind her. “Jacko...Eva, i like to introduce to you somepony very important.” The 6 mares walk up to Jacko, one was a alicorn like celestia, which tick off jacko a little bit. “Hi my name is twilight sparkle and i'm the princess of friendship! Behind me are my friends, rarity, appleJack, fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and pinkie pie.” everyone of them greeted Jacko. The blue mare with a Rainbow main who was called “rainbow dash” came up to Jacko. “Hey are you a little young to be in prison?” she said while laughing really hard. “Are you a idiot for putting that much hair dye on you?” Jacko snapback. Rainbow froze for a moment, The she frowned in anger. “You want to take this outside?” she growled at him. “Name the place and give me a time, i take you down in ten seconds flat!” Jacko smirk with confidence. Before they could throw down the one mare with the cowboy hat got between them “now now you two, were gonna work together from now on, understand?” Rainbow dash just cross her hoof’s and look the other way. Jacko look more tick off. “ Ok! Here the deal with all of this, one, i don’t even know you gals, two, i have a bad history for alicorns, and three, why do you want MY help?!” celestia was just listening to the group arguing about nothing. its seems that it be hard for twilight to make friends with Jacko… This might be a problem. The yellow mare with long pink hair came up to Jacko “uh...please don’t be mad...we just need your help for something really that ok?” she was so quiet that Jacko had to move in close to here her. “Sweet celestia! Do you look filthy!”screamed Rarity. “Your hair is a mess, and your coat has dirt all over it!” Jacko was frozen stiff when the mare started crying a little. Before Jacko could do anything a stream of confetti hit him full in the face.”OOPS! Sorry about that! By the way my name pinkie pie! As you can tell i'm PINK!” Pinky pie was holding a cannon. Twilight step in “so will you help us?’ she asked. Jacko look at the group and sigh “'s not like i planned anything when i ever get out of prison.” Chapter 7:new friends or new enemies The group went into the throne room to discuss the matter. The throne room was more like a hallway and it had stain-glass paintings on both sides of the walls. Jacko was surprise by the windows, there was a window of a dark blue alicorn on the moon who look like a evil queen. Jacko look at it for a moment, trying to remember what that pony remind him of. Than Eva shouted. “Hey! You have to see this!” Jacko walk up to Eva who was next to Rainbow Dash and was looking at another glass painting, but this one was different. This one had a gray looking unicorn with a curve horn. He was wearing armor and had red Reptile eyes like Jacko, but there was purple mist coming out of his eyes. “Who is that?” Eva asked Rainbow Dash. “he is the most EVIL, DANGEROUS, and the most CRAZY pony of all of equestria!” Rainbow replied “and his name is king sombra.” added twilight. “Now then, lets us get down to business shall we?” said celestia, she was sitting on her throne with a big table in front of her. “Here you are twilight, it was hard to make the exact copy but we got close.” The table lite up without warning,then it started to make holograms of biomes, villages and castles. “This will do just fine princess.” said twilight, smiling at celestia. “Ok you two listen up, we have a crises on our hoofs, recently princess cadence was kidnap by the evil king sombra a few days of go.” twilight explain while gesturing toward the map. “She was kidnapped in her own kingdom here” she pointed at a castle that look like it was made out of crystals. “So she was capture in her own home?” Jacko ask. “This princess seems like she can not take care of herself.” than celestia came in. “there one problem, King sombra always plan of taking the kingdom for himself but for some reason he didn't.” celestia pointed at the far north near the edge of the map. “Our scouts travel as far near the egea of equestria but in the north there a ocean.” twilight than use her magic to show more of the map “in the great sea of the north there are five islands.” the islands on the map was shaped weirdly, one was shaped like a bear's claw, one was shape of a bird, one was shaped like a skull, and the last, but the biggest one was shape like a flame. “So basically we have four gusses of which one is where the princess is?” ask Eva. Jacko looked at the map and saw something strange. “Wait a said there was four islands?” he asked twilight. “Yes there is, see?” she pointed at the islands. “What about this one?”Jacko pointed at a small island near the edge of equestria. “What are you pointing at?” rarity seems confused. “Yea, there ain’t nothing there” said Applejack “you mean you gals can’t see it?!” Jacko was a bit surprised but more annoyed. Just then someone came into the room. “Sorry guys that i'm a bit late what going on?” it was a little dragon with purple scales and a green spine going down his back. “Glad you can make it spike!” twilight was happy to see the dragon. Spike walk up to the table and was astonish seeing the map of equestria. “Now as you know spike there are four islands and on one of the isl-” twilight was interrupted by spike “ wait is’t that fifth islands on the map?” spike pointed a small island were Jacko found it. “You can see it too?” Jacko said with relief, he was glad that sompony notice, or in this case somedragon. “Are you two blind or something!?” AppleJack yelled “there is no other island only four!” Jacko was getting tick off. Are you the one that's blind? I'm betting that only the trained eye can see it...or maybe…. Jacko was thinking of a way to explain to the group but he thought it make him sound crazy. “Maybe only dragons can see the island” said celestia who was drinking a cup of tea on her throne. Twilight face brightened up so quick Eva, who was standing right next to her, quickly move away from twilight thinking she was gonna do something weird. “That's it! Only dragons can see the island!” she scream with excitement. “Wait a minute…” rainbow dash pointed at Jacko “your telling me this kid is part dragon!?” Jacko grab Rainbow dash by the mane “I have claws, dragon wings, and dragon eyes, yes i'm bucking part dragon!!!” He yelled into Rainbow dash’s ear. Celestia got up from her throne and looked at the map. “Ok that’s settles it, you six will investigate this first island here” Celestia pointed at the island that shape like a bear claws. “And you two will Go to the smallest island” Jacko and Eve look at each other, than Eva spoke out “ so...can we be buddies Jacko?” she said with a grin. “Oh i almost forgot! You be accompanied by one of my royal guards.” celestia said and pointed to a stallion who was at the door. The stallion was tall but he looks very young. “Hey, how are you?” He came up to Jacko and raise his hoof expecting a shake. “My name is Iron Axel” he said with a slight disappointment in his face. “Are you trying to give me friends celestia?” ask Jacko, he really didn't want to know anyone. Celestia move up to Iron and whisper into his ear. Than iron walk up to Jacko. “Hey you like chocolate? “ he ask with a big smile. Jacko didn't answer anything he immediately slam into Iron and screamed. “Where is it! Where is the chocolate!!!” He was beaming with excitement. “Ok then, you three will start your journey to the island, and if you can you should bring some supplies with you.” celestia walk to her throne and the six mares went out the door chatting how exciting this “adventure” gonna be. I know your excited too Jacko Jacko look at Eva and gave her a low growl “if you go in my mind again i make sure that the last thing you think of.” Eva was silence. Than iron came up to the two. “Now you guys, there will be no horse playing or any threats to each other, is that understood?” Eva nodded in agreement, Jacko straighten his body and shouted “Sir Yes Sir!!” than he walk out of the throne room leaving Iron and Eva by them self. “What's wrong with him?” Iron asked Eva, she shrugged. “I have no clue” Jacko walk down the hall cursing to himself. “Why in hell do i have to help these ponies!? I betting once i'm done helping them they kick me back in the slammer…” He looked around his surrounding and saw nothing but empty hallways. “huh...That's weird...this place was more lively when i got here.” Jacko kept going down the hallway calling if any pony can hear him. “Hey! Is anypony home!?” there was no answer. Jacko had a uneasy feeling in his neck, when his neck feels weird it's always a bad sign. “You know it a bad idea wandering around alone.” Jackoliterly Jumped 5 feet in the air when he heard a voice behind him. The stranger had a dark cloak, but Jacko knew that he was a man by his voice. “Who are you?” Jacko ask the stranger “i am many things, i can be a shadow, i can be a voice, i can be a enemy...or a allie.” He was smiling under that dark hood. “You are one weird stallion…” Jacko said while taking a few steps back from the stranger. “Listen i'll just leave you alone while i find the front door to get the heck out of here.” Jacko turn around but finds a wall right in front of him. “Now you listen well boy, these new “friends” of yours will abandon you when they have the chance, They don’t care about you they just want to use you because of your…”abilities” The stranger walk around Jacko, inspecting him. “You see that you have special powers? You can take a stab wound to the stomach like a child getting a splinter. You have the strength to move mountains!” the stranger tone of voice sound excited and happy, Jacko on the other hand feels weirded out by this stallion. “Now if you have any trouble, you can contact by saying this word…” The stranger handed Jacko a small stripe of paper. Jacko look at the paper to see what's the word, “solar flare”. “Uh hey.. Is this your na-” but he was gone before Jacko could ask him. “Jacko!” rainbow dash was down the hall, she was with the others. “What are you waiting for? Don’t want to keep your new friends waiting do ya?” Jacko look at the word again then he turn his back from the group. Twilight notice this and walk up to Jacko. “Is something wrong?” she ask him. “No i'm just fine” Jacko said then turn around with a smile on his face. “Let's go save the princess.” Chapter 8: sailing in hostile waters The beach was filled with life, ponies of all ages came together and enjoy the fun in the sun. Except for Jacko. The six mares clutter around him, asking question that he can’t answer and keep poking at him for his weird looking wings. “What is like being part dragon?” Rainbow dash was pulling on Jacko wings. “Can you breath fire? How fast can you fly? I bet you can fly fast like me! I'm the fasting pegasus alive! Do you have scales-” Twilight was in Jacko face asking him question that doesn't make senses like. “If you travel about Blah blah in the height of blah blah-” Jacko stood there ignoring the mares intel pinkie pie showed up shouting “DO YOU LIKE PARTIES!? WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF CAKE!? YOU WANT A PARTY!? DO YOU LIKE CONFETTI?! DO YOU LIKE GA-” Jacko mind snap, a loud, painful wail came through the sky making The mares covering their ears. Everypony on the beach started to panic. Then the sound stop. All was silent when the group collect themselves. “What in the hay was that?” appleJack was rubbing her ear, the sound was still ringing in her. “It was some type of roar or something!” rainbow shouted at the top of her lunges. “Holy...that was so you think its a sea monster…” fluttershy was shaking in her hoofs. “That roar wasn't like any monster i know of!” twilight look in to the sea’s looking for the monster. Jacko was looking at the mares with a smile on his face, the all of a sudden he burst out laughing. The group look at Jacko like he was crazy. “Have you finally lost your mind? Were being attacked by a monster!” rainbow dash shouted at Jacko. Jacko stop and look at the group. “Your all very gullible you know that?” The group didn't know what he was talking about. Jacko grin once more, then he open his mouth and sent out a high pitch wail , making the whole group covering their ears again. “You did that?!” rainbow dash shouted again, but with rage. Jack laugh again and said “That's one of the perks of being part dragon!” Then he set off to the docks. Twilight got up. “I hate to say it girls but he just a stubborn kid.” She sigh. “It's not his fault that your annoying him!” Twilight was startle by Eva who was right behind her. “He doesn't like you girls yet” Then she gallop towards Jacko. “Wow, she seems to know more about this kid then us.” Rainbow dash was still rubbing her ears. “You know what...I think this girl LIKES Jacko!” rarity started giggling. The group started laughing about the thought of Eva and Jacko being together. “Hey Jacko!” Eva shouted at him. “Yea what is it?” he answered. “So have you been out in the world before?” Eva was acting shy, like asking Jacko anything will make him bite her. “I don’t remember much but i remember were i use to live.” Jacko kept walking toward the docks. Eva followed him. “What was it like, your home?” Jacko stop for moment, then kept walking. “It was the most wonderful place in the world...until the virus came…” Eva was shock to hear that. “I'm sorry… I-i didn't mean to bring that up.” they were at the docks. Jacko sat near the edge of the water. “Its ok, I learned to get over it.” He stared down in the water. The ocean tides crash against the surface making the most wonderful sound Jacko ever heard. Then somepony shook his shoulder. “I know its a pretty site but we need to go now.” Iron axle was there with a huge Backpack on him. “The boat is waiting for us!” Eva started shoving Jacko hurrying him to get moving. The boat was small but was big enough for about five people. “This looks comfy.” Jacko said when he hop on the boat. “I hope you have a safe journey!” Twilight shouted at Jacko, Jacko look at Twilight and his Jaw drop. She was on a HUGE boat that look like is made out of gold! “How in the hay you get that while we get the little one!?” Eva shouted back, she was very jealous at the Group. “It's one of the perks of being a alicorn.” Twilight said with a big smirk on her face. She looked at Jacko “ist that right?” Jacko flew up the the Boat and landing in front of twilight with a big thud. “Is one of the perks getting your head smash in a haul of a ship?” Jacko threatened Twilight Showing his claw right in front of her. “If you want her you have to get through us.” The group of mares step in front of Jacko. Iron Axle got onto the boat a Step in front of Jacko “Jacko i'm sorry but you have to keep your cool.” He put a hoof on Jacko shoulder. “Remember what i promise you?” Jacko then realize what he means. “ oh...right” Jacko then flew back down to the small boat, Iron was right behind him. “I hope you have a great time in that little boat!” rainbow dash laugh at them. “Just ignore them Jacko.” Eva tried to make him calm down but he looked like he was about to pop. “hey Jacko!” iron threw something at Jacko, it was a big chocolate bar. “Now hold to your hat’s, this might be a bumpy ride…” Iron got on the steering wheel of the boat, then He lit something behind him Before any of them could ask a loud boom shot out and the whole boat lurch forward sending them flying through the sea’s. Iron was laughing, Eva was screaming, And Jacko was holding on the chocolate like his life depends on it. When the boat slowed down Eva got up to iron and smack him on the head. “What in the hay were you thinking!?”She yelled. “Calm down it's just the way the boat was made to do.” Iron was still laughing. “At least we got a head start before the girls can get here.” he pointed at the docks. Iron was right we were at least a mile or two away from the beach.”this boat might be small but its sure is fast” Iron was letting down the sails of the boat, letting the wind do its work. Jacko was laughing too “how did we get so far!?!” Iron showed them a little engine behind the boat. “It's like a rocket, when you lit it, you go straight out.” Eva looked at the engine. “Is that kinda dangerous?” Iron just shook his head. “Its awesome!” Jacko said while eating the bar of chocolate. “Now then, let's get going!” The trio set off in there adventure. Chapter 9: Invading Imposters The Boat was quietly moving along the open sea. Nothing can be seen from miles and miles. Eva was brushing her Long-violet hair. Jacko was looking down on the water, seeing fish and other creatures passing by. Iron was looking at a map, He was not wearing his armor when he met Jack and Eva. He was wearing Bandana on his neck with a old looking fedora That match with his blue maine. Jacko was suspicious with the stallion. “Hey iron?” Jacko called. “Yea Jacko what's up?” he answered. “Did celestia tell you to be here because of me?” Iron stop looking at the map. “Celestia told me a lot about you, tell me to keep my eye on you.” he said.. “What did she exactly tell you?” Jacko was now just getting tick off. “She told me how much of a kid you were.” Iron smiled. Jacko ear’s perk when he heard the word “kid”. Eva was giggling. “Oh Jacko, you really need to grow up.” she was still giggling while brushing her tail. “Hey! Your the at least the same age as me!” Jacko was angry. “Now now Kids, you need to learn to be more mature!” The group was getting a few laughs here and there but it was getting dark now. “Aw man...I can barely see anything!” Eva was squinting her eyes, trying to see what's in front of her. Iron lit a lantern. “It's dangerous sailing in the dark, i’ll drop the anchor, you two get some sleep.” Jacko and even went the bottom dock were there was Sleeping bags and pillows already ready for them. “Wow..” Eva was surprise. “You know, that royal guard guy is the nicest one i ever met in my life!” Jacko was already getting in the sleeping bag. “You not afraid of the dark are you?” Jacko ask Eva with a smirk on his face. Eva blush a little. “No i’m not!” Jacko kept his smirk on. “Just checking because you never know what gonna creep up on you, even in the middle of the sea!” Eva smack Jacko with her pillow. “You know you won’t get any girlfriends if you scared them away!” Eva was really blushing now. Jacko got up. “Who said i wanted a girlfriend!” he shouted. “You two, shut it now!” They both stop, Iron was looking at them, he was very mad. “You two are very immature!” his teeth were grinding as he walk toward them. “This is not a game, were here to find the-” he was cut off by a sharp screeching noise.”what was that!” EVa was frighten. As the group got to the front of the haul, There was nothing to be seen. “What could made that noise…” Iron was holding up his lanter. Jacko look for any sign of holes in the boat but there wasn't any. When Jacko thought it was some bird, something caught his eye. He look into the darkness, his eyes pierced through the dark. There was movement in the dark, barely visible but Jacko can make out the shape of something, or someone! Its was not alone ether, six more shadows came in, creeping there way towards the boat. “Hey guys!!” Jacko shouted towards the group. “Someone’s coming!!” Jacko look out again to see what the intruders look like. They had dark skin, There glimmering green eyes stood out of the darkness, They had insect like wings, They looked like ponies but had holes in there leges. Eva walk up to Jacko. “Don’t be ridiculous!” Eva was laughing. “It's just some fireflies.” Iron went to the steering wheel “c'mon we better be going.” Jacko was confuse. “Is it too dark to sail?” Iron didn't answer. Eva put her hoof on Jacko’s cheek. “Cmon sweety, lets go to bed, you feel better in the morning.” Eva had a sweet smile on her face, Jacko was feeling weird, like he was in a trance. “Cmon Jacko...lets go to bed..” Eva said again. Jacko felt like the world was spinning. Before he could say anything he heard something Jacko!...Jacko!... there a voice inside his head Jacko!! It was getting louder “c'mon sweetie.” This time it like She was trying to force Jacko to fall. Then he heard the voice again but louder Jacko that is’t me! That was Eva voice! Jacko snap back into reality and grab Eva…the fake Eva and toss her over his back. “Who are you and what have you done to Eva!?” Jacko shouted at the imposter. Then suddenly the fake Eva had green aura around it. It skin change from a dark blue to Jet black. “What The hell are you?!” Jacko was still light headed, The whole boat was rocking which didn't help Jacko. The creature came closer to Jacko getting ready to pounce. Jacko could do anything his whole body felt like jelly. “Jacko get down!” Jacko ducked as Iron swug something that cuase the creature to fly off the boat. “Dang it, i can’t believe changelings would be way out here!” Iron grunted as he lift his weapon on his shoulder. Jacko head was finally clearing up. Iron help jacko on to his feet. “I need your help with these things.” Jacko looked at his surroundings, there were four more of them waiting to pounce, but what really got Jacko attention was Iron weapon, It was a freaking battle axe! “Your ready for your first battle Jacko!?” Iron got into a battle stance, his Axe was gleaming in the moonlight. “My claws were itching for the blood anyway.” Jacko joke and raise his wings, ready to take off. The changelings slowly made their way towards the duo. ********************************************************* Eva was under the docks, she had problems of her own. “Come out wherever you are…” Eva trotting through the cargo, looking for something.”i know your in here….” Behind her, crates fell and landed with a big bang. Eva looked around and smiled. “There you are!”She was grinning. In the corner was a changeling, a very frighted changeling. “I'm gonna have some fun with you…” ******************************************************************* Another changeling went flying off the boat, making a screeching noise while falling. “You had enough yet you lousy bugs?!” Iron roared like the worrier he was. Jacko was in the air with a changeling in his claws, its insect likes wings were in shreds. “Your gonna have the time of your life buddy.” he said to the changelings who was begging to not be drop. Jacko did it anyway, it made a big splash when it landed in the water. Now the boat was very quiet. “I think that the last of them…” Iron lift his axe onto his back. “Where in the hay did you get that?” Jacko pointed at Iron weapon. Before he could answer a changeling zip past them and head straight for the water. “Well that takes care of that!” Eva came out, having a cute smile on her face. “Good work Eva, you to Jacko, you two could be great soldiers when your older!” Iron laugh at the thought of it. “Hey eva…” Jacko walk up to her, scratching his head. “Thanks for the warning...about that thing not being you…” He look down, kinda ashamed of being stupid. “Its ok.” Eva said as she patted Jacko head. “It's not like me to call you sweetie!” She giggle under her breath. Jacko face turn bright red. “C'mon you two, let's get going.” Iron said as he took the wheel. There off again, let's hope they don’t run into any more trouble…. Chapter 10: Living in the past The sun was finally rising, the group had to stay up all night so they won’t get more intruders sneaking up on them. Jacko was at the crow's nest looking to see if he can find land, but there was a thick fog blocking his view. “Hey Jacko!” Iron yelled. He was on the wheel of the boat. “Do you see anything!?” Iron was looking at the map with frustration. “Nope the fog too thick, and the sun ain't helping ether!” Jacko answered. “Wait! I think i see land!” Eva was screaming with glee, very happy to see land. Iron drop the anchor and the group put there feet on the soft sand. The fog finally cleared up and the group can see what's in front of them. There was a huge forest right in them but the weirdest thing is that the tree were different. They curve and twist in ways that seem impossible. “Wow….that look awesome!” Eva eye’s were brighten by the sight of it. “What kind of trees are those?” Iron was looking at the map. “There no trees on this island, at least that what it looks like…” Jacko walk to the trees and silently tap on them. The tree JERK up and did a dance, than slowly went into it curly state. “There called joking trees, if you touch them they do a little dance for you, if you sad or angry they try to cheer you up.” Jacko said without catching breath. Iron and Eva just stared at Jacko. “Come on guys let's go!” he bolted into the woods leaving Eva and Iron behind. “Jacko Wait!” They both yelled and ran after him. The woods was big and the trees almost blocks every pathway. Iron was bursting through the tree’s with his might, making the tree’s bursting in the air dancing. Eva was close behind Iron. When they finally broke through the woods there was nothing but tall grass in front of them. “Jacko where are you!?” Iron shout made a echo. “There he is!” Eva pointed at a nearby hill. Jacko was standing at the edge looking in the distance. Eva gallop towards him while Iron took out the map. “Jacko please don’t run off again, you could get lost in here.” Jacko said nothing. Iron was looking at the map. “If i'm correct, we are at the the small island that looks like fire.” Iron than look up and saw Jacko. “You better be careful kid, who knows what lurks out here.” still Jacko said nothing. Eva waved a hoof in front of Jacko’s face. “You ok in there Jacko?” Finally he said something. “No way…” Eva and Iron looked confuse. “I thought this place was gone…” Eva look were Jacko was staring and saw something. It was a small yet busy village, it was filled with ponys. “Now that great! We can ask these people if they know anything about King sombra.” Iron was happy to see a town. The group made their way towards the village, Jacko was far behind them. When they got there everypony stared at the group. Iron step up and said. “Hello everypony! My name is Iron Axel and i'm mean no harm, i'm just here to ask some questions and me and my friends will be on there way.” A old stallion step towards the group and said. “We don’t take kindly to strangers and we don’t give answers to them ether.” He spat at the ground and scratch his gray beard. Eva step in “please we need to find somepony important.” The old stallion glared at Eva and laugh. “Please, just because your a lady doesn't mean we can give you answers.” everypony nodded in agreement.”now you better move along little guppies because you don’t belong here.” Jacko ears perk up. “Old man?” he said out loud. The old stallion looked at Jacko and squinted his eyes. “Little flamer!?” The old stallion push past Iron and Eva and gave Jacko a big hug. “I thought you were gone!” He Yelled so loud that it made echos. “I thought you were dead!” Jacko Yelled back. “Ha! Like a little disease would kill This old stallion.” He grin. “Hey everypony! Remember Jacko? Well he all grown up!” He shouted to the villagers and they all went wild, they ran up to the group and gave them a warm welcome. Eva shouted over the noise to be heard. “What's going on Jacko?!” She ask him. “It’s kinda hard to explain but….This is my Home!!!” He shouted. Than they made there way into the village. Chapter 11: some things should be left forgotten...Or be Fear by it The whole village was so happy to see the newcomers that they made a party. They had music, games, food, and a whole lot of fireworks. Eva was dancing with a group of filly’s While Iron talk about war stories with the elderly. Jacko was enjoying the view of the ocean, he didn't want to have a good time, he just want to be left alone with his thoughts. The old stallion didn't let that happen. “Boy you shouldn't be all gloomy like this, your finally home!” The old stallion gave Jacko a cup of water. “You should be happy.” he smiled. Jacko took a sip, than said.” I thought this place was destroyed by the plague.” Jacko look back at the village. “ how did it survive old man?” The stallion bonk Jacko on the head. “First of all, don’t call me old man! Your old enough to call me by my name…” Jacko was rubbing his head, the sting was hurting him. “sorry...Sharky.” The old stallion smiled to hear his name. “And second of all, The village survive because a strange pony cured us!” Jacko ears perk up. “Really? Who?” Sharky just shook his head. “Nobody know who he is!” he said. “He just came in the village, spoke some Magical words and POOF….were all cured.” Jacko was shock to hear this. “Y-you mean t-that my-” Sharky stop Jacko by hitting him again. “Don’t start saying what i think your about to say...This is after that...Incident.” Jacko look back at the ocean. The waves were trying to comfort him with there sound. And the stars tried to cheer him up with their sparkle. “By the seven seas...what a beautiful night, wish i can sail like i use too.” Sharky crackle. Jacko agreed, he never seen such a night before, he wonder what makes the night so beautiful. Then all of a sundeen there were screams in the village. “Crap we better get going Jacko!” Sharky jump up and gallop toward the village, Jacko was right on his tail. When they got there three little colt’s were shaking in there hoof’s. Everypony was chatting about what's happening. Sharky got through the crowd and walk toward the the three children. “What in the name of equestria happen?!” Sharky yelled at the children. The oldest of the three spoke. “T-the house...t-the ghost of the Plague!” He scream, he was clearly terrified. He pointed at a rickety old house. The house was old and look like it was about to collapse but there were vines and plants supporting it weight. Sharky didn't look happy. “What did me and the parents told you? Don’t ever go in there! And there was certainly no ghost.” The children spoke again “But we did see her, we did see the ghost!” while there were arguing Jacko was walking towards the house, he was very curious about it. He made it all the way to the door without anypony notice. Carefully he open the front door. In the house was filled with vines and plants, but with old furniture and paintings. Jacko went inside the, carefully avoiding the plants and vines. When he was in the center of the living room the front door slam shut. Get out of our house! A voice screamed. “What in the-” Jacko was stopped by vines, there were wrapping around him, he couldn't break free. This is our house! The voice screamed again. “P-please...i mean no harm just...L-let me go!” Jacko begged, trying to get loose from the vines grip. Not until He comes back! The voice yelled. “W-Who?” Jacko ask, he was running out of breath. One of the vines grap a small frame with a picture in it, On one side there was a mare with Jet-black hair and a glimmering green coat. She wore a necklace with a symbol on it. And on the other side of the picture was a small colt that look like….”is!?” Jacko was shocked, this was his house? LAIR!!! Your not him! The voice almost sound like it was crying. “Pleas if your show yourself i can explain everything!” there was silence for a few moments, then the vines started slowly unwrapping him. Than a ghostly shape form right in front of Jacko. Your not can’t be him… the ghost was crying. “Please whoever i am, i just wanna help you.” Jacko tried to comfort the ghost. “ the mare your sister or something...and why am i in the picture?” he ask the ghost. The ghost raise her hoof and tried to stroke Jacko face, but it pase through him. That mare in the picture is me...your mother…. Chapter 12: Life of a monster The room was quiet and cold. The house made strange noises every few minutes or so. Jacko could almost feel the house itself, like it was alive. The ghost had a light-blue aura around it. it had chains on it forearms and legs.Than it spoke “i'm sorry if i frighten you, i thought your a intruder.” Jacko not shock or sad. “It’s ok...accidents happen.” Than he left the room. There were stairs leading up to the second floor, there Jacko went and found another room, his room. Is was small yet it didn't have vines or plants like the other rooms does. “I tried to keep this room clean...for when you came back…” The room was small yet comfy, there were toys on the ground and little drawings on the walls. The ghost seem kind of surprise of Jacko’s calmness. He stared at the room without giving a single emotion. Then he spoke. “How long was i gone?” he said in a deep whisper. The ghost was shivering in a corner of the room. “It been a long time since you been here...why don’t we talk abou-” Jacko cut her off. “I said, how Long was i gone?!” this timed he yelled. The ghost starred in shocked, the n with tears in her eyes, she ran past Jacko, went to another room then slam the door. Jacko curses himself and started heading towards her, but something made him stop. His whole body was freezing but he felt his head burning up. The room around got pitch black. “You seem to never learn to control your temper…”. Jacko spun around but found nothing. “So young, so reckless, so….sad.” The voice laugh a little. “Who the hell are you!?” Jacko yelled into the darkness. The voice replied. “I am you...and you are me.” Jacko was confuse. “What in the hay thats suppose to mean?” Then out of nowhere, a chain wrapped around Jacko’s neck making him unable to breath. A figure walk in front of him. He had a black main like Jacko’s mom and the same green coat. “ its mean what i say.” Jacko was pulled towards the stallion, giving Jacko a clear view of the stranger. He had chains all around him with a huge lock in the middle of his chest. His teeth were sharp and he had claws bigger than Jacko’s, he even got Jacko’s wings. “Im you! But i don’t belong in your world.” Jacko couldn't speak, the chain was still choking him. “Oh silly me, i forgot to introduce myself. My name is Locko...i'm your Shadow…” He crackled. “ it's kinda ironic, my name is the meaning of this...Prison...lock in chains with no escaped.” Jacko manage to loosen the chain around his neck. “What do you want with me?” Jacko was wheezing, out of breath by being choke. “You? What i want is to get control of your body!” he yank his chains to come closer. “Every time you get angry, i feel the chains on my body becoming more loos…” Jacko felt like his whole body was frozen, he needed to find to get away from this freak but how? Then he felt something. There was warmth at the side of his face, and there was a dim light right next to him. The demon saw it and it hesitates. Jacko saw the opportunity and pulled the chain off of his neck and wrapped it around Locko, strangling him like he did to Jacko. “That's called Karma, you freak!” Jacko slammed the demon prone and jump towards the light. “Why you little-” Jacko saw the whole void collapsing, then there he was, at his room. Jacko looked around and did’t saw the demon. But the one thing that caught his attention was what he was holding. Its was a necklace with a symbol of the moon mix with the sun. “so you found it…” Jacko’s mom was right behind him. she still had tears in her eyes but with a slight smile on her face. “Mom...i'm sorry i what i am...but from now on i’ll cha-” Jacko was cut off when his mom touch his face. “Don’t be sorry, i love the way you are, now put that necklace on.” Jacko stared at it for a moment, then he put the necklace on. All of the sudden the necklace shine a bright light. Than the light disappear. “What!?” Jacko called out. There was no answer. Chapter 13: Raiders Jacko left the house feeling sad yet please with himself. I guess this what it feels like when you meet your own mother after who know what. He thought to himself. Jacko past a couple of houses until he noticed something strange. Where were his friends? The whole village became a ghost town. “Hey where is everypony, it’s not funny guys!” he yelled out. Nopony answer. Jacko neck started pounding. There were no signs of anypony fo miles. When Jacko walk for about a minute he heard something. It sounded like a galloping horse, and it was right behind Jacko. Jacko whirled around and by instinct, stretch his claws out. The galloping stop and Jacko heard a whimpering sound. ‘P-please don’t hurt m-me…” It was that colt from before. “where is everypony?” Jacko ask the child. “T-they been...T-they…” the child was scared out of his mind. Whatever happened to the village was really bad. Jako tried to comfort the kid, telling him it was all right and he will do the best he can too help. The child started to feel better. He finally was able to speak. “There were monsters. They were black and ugly. Had big green eyes and started attacking the villagers! But my parents hide me in there basements. I don’t know how long i was in there but when i came out there was nopony anywhere.” the child was sad, not being able to see his parents. Jacko looked around the village, there was’t a single trace of the villagers anywhere. “I hope Eva and Iron are ok…” He said to himself. Jacko grab the boy and put him on his back. “We are going for a ride kid, hold on tight!” Jacko open his wings a flew off into the air. They soar high enough until they see the whole island itself. “Do you see anything kid!” Jacko yelled over the wind. “I can’t see anypony!” He replied. Jacko flew around the island for a few minutes,Then he heard something. It was the sound of sails being pulled and a anchor being hoisted. “I think i hear them!” Jacko yelled, he flew straight towards the sound as fast as he could, then he saw something that made his heart stop. Right in front of him was a warship full of those creatures Jacko saw when his friends got attacked. Jacko quickly drop towards the water and hide on the side of the boat. “How are we gonna find the villagers?” the boy whisper to Jacko. Jacko moved quietly as he could, moving inside and out the boat until he found where they were keeping the villagers. They were tied up in the cargo roomed with three changelings guarding them. “How are you gonna take them out?” the boy whisper Jacko put the kid down and said. “Stay here and if anything bad happens…” Jacko stop. Damn it how am i supposed save this kid if i mess up? He thought angrily. “I can help you with that.” Jacko immediately recognize the voice. Good to hear from you Eva. “ Now i can out of this thing no problem, and if anything bad happens i’ll take the kid and try to get away from here as far as possible.” Jacko crouch low and slowly made his way closer to the guards. Eva, who was the one closest to the guards spoke up. “Hey guys! I don’t wanna be rude but can you turn yourself more...less ugly?” She said with a grin. Two of the changeling turned around and growled at Eva. that gave Jacko enough time to quickly take out the first one. Before the Changelings could turn, there partner vanish without a trace. “What the-” before they could react, Jacko landed on top on Them and grab both of their heads, then smash them on the floor. “That was fast!” Eva laugh while Jacko untied them. “Well i kinda change when you guys left.” Jacko replied. “Where’s Iron?” he ask. Eva lookup “there torturing him....trying to get answers from him.” Jacko was shocked to hear this. “I’ll go get him. You guys get off of this dang boat and head back to the island.” Eva nodded then led everypony out to the window. Jacko then found the nearest door to the surface. He quickly hide as more changeling walk past. As Jacko scan The area and found Iron, he was in bad shape, he had slashes and burns all over him. He also was bleeding from the side of his chest. He was chain head to hoof. As one of the changelings got close to Iron, Iron grab The changeling and started strangling it. Wow...what a monster! Don’t worry Iron i find a way to get you out of this mess. Jacko thought to himself. One of the changeling grab a whip and struck iron with it. Iron didn't flinch or yelled, but he let go of the Changeling he was choking. “Well are a tuff one to crack!” a mysterious voice came out of the blue. There was another changeling on the ship but was bigger than the other changelings. “You don’t have to be a big boy...Just tell me, The queen of the Changelings...your secrets.” Chapter 14: Taking on a Queen The Changeling had a Green-silk like main, her eye’s were like lizards and her wings were like a bug’s wings. She stand taller than Iron. and he's pretty tall! “You don’t have to go through this pain my knight. Just tell me what celestia is planning and i may let you live.” she paced back and forth in front of Iron. “I rather burn in hell than telling anything to the likes of you” Iron voice was raspy yet stern. They must of dehydrated him. “Oh? It seems that we got ourselves a problem, how about this...Give us your secrets or we start feeding on your friends.” That made Iron stop for a moment. It nearly made Jacko think he's dead. Iron burst out, causing the chains to rattle and grind while he thrashes angrily on the ground. The tall Changeling was laughing. “Don’t waste your time, those chains are made up of harden obsidian! You need a strong weapon to break them.” Jacko crept closer to them, trying to find a opening to get Iron out of those chains, he was strong enough to break them right? Iron cursed and yelled into the air, Jacko have never seen him rage before, it almost feels like he staring at a cage animal, wanting to get out. Iron made one final attempt to break his chains, then slump down in defeat. “I’m taking that as a no…oh well, lets see if your friend can change your mind.” The changeling turn around and gesture at something. Jacko got hit right behind his head, sending him crashing on the floor. “I knew you were there little one, I just wanted to see how you react to your friend punishment.” She laughs down at Jacko. “Why in celestia name did you came here Jacko? You should have left us! Now you put yourself in danger!” Iron was trying to look at Jacko, but he was too weak to lift his head. Jacko got back to his feet and look at the Queen. “Just what the heck are you?” he ask. “Me? Well isn't it obvious? I'm the queen of the changelings, Queen Chrysalis!” She had a lot of pride in her, her head held high as she spoke. The other changelings cheered for her. “Iron you better have a plan, because the only idea i have is burning this whole boat into the abyss.” Jacko started raising his wings, ready to fight if necessary. “You better duck.” Jacko was confuse. “What for-” A crashing sound came though the dock. Jacko went flat on the ground like Iron told him. The changelings cried out in pain and some went overboard. Than a sound like metal breaking came near Jacko. “You can stand up now.” Jacko look up and saw Iron, freed from his chains and holding his battle axe on his shoulder. “How did you get your ax?” ask Jacko. “I called it.” Iron walked towards chrysalis, who was on the ground in rubble. “What, you called it like thor’s hammer?” Jacko grab the nearest changeling, Then threw it off the boat. “Yea like That...wait how do you know about vikings gods?” Iron ask. “I don’t i just know, what are we gonna do with her?” Jacko pointed at the queen, she was unconscious. “I got a idea…” Iron raise his axe over the queens head, But then The queen bolted towards Iron and knock him to the ground. Jacko lunge towards Chrysalis, but the queen was ready. Her horn glow than Jacko felt slime all over him. The slime was keeping him from moving. “Cures you...curses you all!” The queen use her magic to lift Iron, and threw him overboard. “Iron!!” Jacko screamed with raged. A bright light flashes, blinding chrysalis, then Jacko Tackle her. “You pay for that!” She shouted trying to get loose from Jacko stone-like grip. Jacko grab the queen by the throat than whisper into her ear. “You will not remember a Thing, you will be banish from here.” than the same glow came. Flashing brighter Than before. When it stop Jacko was falling into The depths.
  11. Thorgir the Mighty

    I was thinking about this...

    Ok so I was Watching Indiana Jones:Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight and I was wanting to do a fanfic that’s exactly the same,except with a few pony twists in it! So comment if I should or not! I appreciate it everypony! PS: I was also thinking about a 1920s gangster fanfic series with Rarity,so comment about that one too! PSS: I forgot to mention,I’d appreciate it even more if you guys have some pics about what I said up there. Thank you guys and you are awesome!
  12. Lyme Soundstick

    Movies/TV The Seven Deadly Sins [Anime]

    So I just finished watching this anime and was wonder if anyone else has seen it? If so did you like it or not and why? Sorry, I'm a curious guy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those interested here's what Wikipedia summarised the plot as: The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia who disbanded after they supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom . Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d'état and captured the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. The third princess, Elizabeth, then starts out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins and enlist their help in taking back the kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small personal review ahead, proceed with caution: Personally, I really like it for characters, especially greed and sloth, and story isn't that bad as far a stories go but the all but a few of the battles were too short and I didn't like the Elizabeth that much as a though character, I just found her annoying. Also I heard a season 2 is scheduled for 2016 so there's another thing to add to my "Reasons to be hyped for 2016" list
  13. Warning: This fanfiction contains letters, spaces and words. Read at your own risk. Dead Hooves: Survivors(take 1) Chapter1: The End Greetings. My name is Thunder Strike. And, today I am here to tell you a story. My story. Are you ready? What? You don't want it? Well, that ain't stopping me. Eleven years ago, there still were the good times. Well, not perfect. Still had some problems. But at least no bloody monsters running across the street. I was eleven. I remember it like it was yesterday... it was the first day of school A.K.A. The anti-student day. *ring* And the sound everybody hated. The sound of an alarm clock. A bright yellow hoof reached for it and pressed a button to make it stop. That was me. I let out a groan, and tried as hard as I could to get on my hooves. In the end I did it, leaving some of my feathers in my bed. "*sigh* Another school day... another torture day..." I went out of my room and went to my bathroom, the fluffy clouds on which I was stepping reminding me of my bed. I brushed my teeth while looking at my mane. I have low to no standards, but this was below them. When I finished, I spat the toothpaste foam out and cleaned my toothbrush. I tried to order my black mane a bit. Still messy, but it looked better. I took a look at my brown eyes. Then I tought why I did that. I took a quick look at my cutie mark. A thunder cloud. I got it at a flying race. *Flashback* It was race day. Sure, just a race for the P.E., but I was so excited! And nervous. It was a big day. I really wanted that trophy. I needed it. Why? I don't know either. But I needed it. I was ten at the moment, it was normal to want shiny stuff, right? Right? Anyways, I took my mind from the trophy and put it on the race. I had to focus. And the pony that was doing the countdown 'til the begining of the race was already counting. 5... I was thinking of a good route to get first... 4... "Good luck!" I said to the other ponies... 3... I took a take-off stance... 2... Opened my wings... 1... Motivational self talking. Start! I took off. The race was made from four parts. Each was testing diferent skills we had. Part one was the climb. It was made from a straight climb where the route was blocked by a wall made of climbs which lead to a higher section. After that were the hoops. Just some hoops. Then was a steep descend and the last was a simple race on who's faster. I was going higher at the climb. Flying in circles seemed like the best tactic. So, we all were doing it. When one pony gets in front of me. A grey colt with a black mane. Hmm... How do I get past him? Making a tighter turn sounded like a good ideea. So I did it. It actualy worked. We were at the same distance apart of each other. Now, I only needed to catch a portion where I can descend, and I'll gain enough speed to get ahead. The climb was over. Hoops! I goed up higher. Once I had the height I wanted, I began aiming for a hoop that was lower down. The descent should give me enough speed to get ahead. And so I did. Now it was the higher descent. I had this in my hoof. Or so I tought so. The same pony that got ahead of me a few minutes ago. I knew what to do. I took a steeper descent. More speed. I was first again. Now, this is the part where there are no descents. There were clouds to stop that. So, it was simply who gets first. Once again we where next to each other. He began talking to me. "You've got no chance to win." He said. I was thinking of a thing to say. An ideea came in my head. "Look! Your tail fell off!" I said as I pointed a hoof to a cloud. "Huh?" He said as he stopped and looked at the cloud. I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe it! He bit it! Anyways, I did it. I won. I just passed the finish line when I was blinded by a flash. "Wha-" I said before spotting the new thing on my flanks. "I got my cutie mark!" *End of Flashback* I finished first. And I got the trophy. And something so better than a trophy. A cutie mark. Anyway, let's get back to the story. Skipping some unimportant details, I took a school hot air baloon to get me to school. The school looked exactly the same. The playground, a hallway to the classes, the class, everything. (This is the end of the piece, I will keep editing the things I got wrong and you pointed out and expanding itwhen I got time. Let me know if you like it , if you don't like it and where I could have done better. Thank you for reading my giberish)
  14. Chapter One Howling like a ferocious beast, the wind pulsed against the rocky cliff face. Protected from the worst of the winds by the cliff walls, the little town of Doneighgal was quiet, but cold. It was in this town that twins were born to a unicorn mare named Orchid Rain and a Earth pony stallion named Solar Storm. The older twin was a yellow unicorn filly with a purple and blue mane and tail. She was named Star Spirit. Her younger sister, named Thriving Lily, was a creamy white Earth pony with a light green and pink mane and tail. Their lives began happily and with great celebration from their extended family, which was practically the entire town. Solar Storm adored and was adored by Star Spirit, while Thriving Lily was the apple of her mother's eye. Star, as she was called by her friends, took an avid interest in astronomy and magic, using her magical skills to aid her in her studies of the skies. Eventually the unicorn filly, confident in her abilities as an astronomer, predicted a spectacular meteor shower the next night and told the entire town to be at the courtyard of the old fortress that stood roughly half a mile from the town about an hour after sunset. The next night, she was a nervous wreck. What if my prediction was wrong? she wondered. What will everypony think of me? She almost considered not going to the event, but if her prediction was correct, she'd miss out on something amazing. Eventually she swallowed her fear and trotted with her family to the selected location. It was the perfect location, as the whole thing was elevated above the land around it the walls and roof of the fortress had crumbled leaving a perfect view to almost every part of the horizon. Suddenly, as the last few ponies quieted down, the hour struck. Nothing was happening at first, but then Lily spotted it: dozens of colored beams of light shooting across the sky to the east. Everypony sat in complete awe as the light show flickered across the sky. Star was snapped back to reality by a gentle light near her and she turned her head to find a cutie mark on her flank: a silver telescope pointed towards a purple shooting star. A smile spread across her face as she turned her head back to the skies, filled with color and what seemed to be dancing stars. Let me know what I can improve upon; I want to practice my writing and get better so feedback would be much appreciated!
  15. Laina Charm

    Adventure My story.

    The story of Laina Charm and the suffering of her mother. This is basically my OC's story and my OC is an Alicorn. So if that angers you in any way, feel free to leave. Queen Allura ruled the Kingdom of Orberia to the West of Equestria. Her mother was Queen Serena, the sister of Queen Galaxia. Therefore, Queen Allura was Celestia and Luna's cousin. One day, Allura was walking through her kingdom and witnessing the delight of her citizens due to the Festival of Starlight. A festival that celebrated the coming of the North Stars, flying to the South. Their light creates a purple and blue aura in the sky at night. One day, the Queen of Cloudsdale, Aurora, arrived in Orberia to talk with Allura and brought her Royal Guard with her. The General of the Royal Guard was named Gale Drasten and was always by Aurora's side. The threat of the changelings increased everyday and would soon become one of the the biggest problems Equestria has faced. "Allura, the darkness in the East is spreading. The Changeling kingdom is increasing in number and size everyday. King Zeros is ready to strike at any moment. A war will soon rise and the Alicorn rulers refuse to let any of their citizens lose their lives for it. We have also decided that your generation will not fight." Allura was shocked, "What? Why?" "I pray that we don't but If we all die then at least there will be others to rule afterwards. We know they will lose. What we don't know is if we will remain alive to celebrate their defeat." Allura looked to the floor in dismay as a single tear fell from her cheek. "There will be no cause to celebrate for such a tragic and immense loss." Aurora looked at Allura with a sad smile. "Do not worry, my child. Equestria will be fine and the threat of the changelings will be averted. You and the others will rule with benevolence and dignity." Allura looked up at Aurora and smiled. The breeze of the cool air brushed against her cheek and they began to continue walking across the courtyard. The Sun began to set beyond the horizon and its beautiful light shone for it's last hours. "Allura?" "Yes?" "This may be intrusive but...when was the last time you were courted?" "WHAT?!" "What? You need to. We are all weary and the world is at a dark place right now. Love is just what it needs and... I saw you looking at my General. This may be your chance. A child may be exactly what you need and what your kingdom needs." "I can't. That was Lorelai's line of expertise. Courting has always come easiest to her." "Don't be silly. It's easy. Just try. Trust me when I say that if it's meant to be then it shall be. I meant Ferrara during a thunderstorm and i was talking an evening stroll. He was conjuring them in anger and i calmed him. Destiny. That was how we fell in love. Fate is a powerful thing." "Fine, I will try." A few days went by and Allura constantly saw Gale Drasten. Her heart would race and her pupils would dilate every time. Finally, she bumped into Gale Drasten. His eyes were shimmering pools of clear water. She only wished to swim in them forever. She smiled and let her eyes fall to the ground. "I'm so sorry, your Majesty!" "There is no need to apologize, General." They looked deep into each other's eyes and smiled a smile which seemed like forever yet went in the blink of an eye. Perhaps it was fate. Afterwards, they met in secret many times. Sometimes in the Royal Gardens and Allura's chambers. Their love began to come to light and the citizens smiled at the match. But not all were happy with their love. One pony, a Unicorn named Sultry, wanted the Queen's hand in marriage. He knew he had to get Gale out of the way. But unbeknownst to the kingdom, the Queen was secretly expecting a child. Only Gale, Aurora, Lorelai and Allura knew of the pregnancy. Allura was not leaving the castle as often and Lady Lorelai came all the way from Saddle Arabia just to step in for her sister. As soon as the Queen had her little filly, she could not enjoy the fleeting moment. Lorelai had to take the baby to Saddle Arabia to hide it from the Royal Advisors and Sultry. Queen Allura knew that her time with Gale had already upset the Royal Advisors enough. They met on the night of their daughter's birth one last time. When he left, he was kidnapped by a group of thugs. They brought him to Sultry. It was then that Gale drew his last breath. The next day, the news of a "cult" killing Gale was public. The news of a General soon became wide spread across Equestria. Allura was distraught and Aurora was outraged. She visited Allura and comforted her and spoke with her Advisers to warn them not to anger her or their Queen. Allura's Royal Advisers urged her to marry Sultry. A rich, nobleman with great power. He was perfect. Their forced marriage occurred the next day. The Kingdom knew that Allura did not want this union to happen. In an act of defiance, the citizens wore black for the whole day and performed great mourning sessions which would only occur when a member of the Royal Family dies. Though Allura was blessed that her people would do that for her, there was nothing she could do. Her marriage to Sultry would ease the ponies of Equestria. She sensed a change of an Era where ponies did not truly want Alicorns as much as they used to anymore. Just a few days later, the War between the Changeling army and the Alicorn rulers broke out. No Alicorn survived, even losing the greatest Wizard known to Pony kind. When the war ended, the eldest child of every Alicorn ruler that fought, ascended the throne. The whole of Equestria was silent. Celestia was now Queen, yet chose to remain a princess in fear of being treated more or different to any other pony. She also was devastated and chose the title to remain in a state of constant mourning for the deaths of the "true" rulers. Eros (Cadence's father) took the Crystal Empire's throne. Princess Lapis took the throne of Cloudsdale. At this very moment, every Alicorn lived in fear of what creature would lurk out of the shadows and claim Equestria for themselves. Without their parents, they believed themselves to be weak and unfit to rule. Moreover, many of the rulers were afraid of uprisings against the Alicorns. This fear was also fueled at the fact that Saddle Arabia and Appalia were both ruled by non-Alicorns and were thriving thus giving many ponies the impression that Alicorns weren't needed anymore. Alicorns were too powerful and the ponies were afraid that they could turn evil and destroy them. Only one was truly needed to protect them. Decades had pasted and the Original wielders of the Elements of Harmony were destroyed. Chrysalis was corrupted. Eros is dead. Discord was frozen in stone. Sombra was destroyed. Luna was banished to the Moon. Celestia was the only remaining wielder. Cloudsdale and Appalia (now named Apple Loosa) no longer have a ruler and the Crystal Empire has faded into legend. All the Alicorn rulers fled Equestria and went into the North when the uprisings began in Cloudsdale and Sendaria. All but Celestia and Allura. With no other ruler in Equestria to take charge of the other kingdoms, Celestia took the rule over Equestria in it's entirety. Cadence was forced to live in Canterlot with no title to show when her mother was killed in the uprisings in Cloudsdale. Queen Allura remained in Orberia. The desolate kingdom was no more. The subjects went to live in Canterlot, Cloudsdale or Ponyville ever since Stormcrow was born. Her vain son was a disgrace. His egotistical ways were undignified. He showed no respect for his mother, only seeing her as a common whore (something he pleasures himself with). Allura lived in the torment of a marriage without love. Lady Lorelai lived in Saddle Arabia with her niece, Laina Charm. Everyday was a day without friendship for Laina. Living in secrecy was a cruel punishment. She would dream of the day she would return to her mother and rid her of Sultry and Stormcrow. Her anger towards her half-brother stemmed from his arrogant and racist attitude. He believed himself to be superior to all non-Alicorns, be it Pegasi, Unicorn, Dragon or Griffin. Life in Saddle Arabia is repetitive and tedious. Wake up, fetch the water, go to the market for food, clean the house, prepare dinner, go to sleep. One long list. Laina loved her Aunt and praises her for her kindness. She knows that she is risking her whole authority and reputation. Laina lives in a small cottage just off the border of the city. It's beauty was breathtaking. Everyday, before dinner, Lorelai would arrive from the Palace of the Sultana Yasmin. She would teach Laina the most advanced ways of magic. Lorelai's expertise in Necromancy was unmatched. Her teachings lasted an hour. Laina wished to once again practice her flying lessons when she was a filly. The fun they had. They had to stop when Lorelai's duties in Saddle Arabia became much more important. Alicorns were under strict control besides Celestia. Allura was out of reach and Cadence and Laina were shut out from the world for their safety. Laina made dinner a little earlier today due to it being her 20th Birthday. Once Lorelai came home they talked over dinner. "Happy Birthday, my darling." "Thank you, Aunt Lorelai." They resumed their eating. Laina looked up nervously at Lorelai eating her dinner. Her thoughts were running wild. Finally she was an adult. She had built up the courage to finally ask Lorelai her dying question. Lorelai felt Laina's eyes wondering and without looking up from her food, said: "What is it, child?" "Nothing. It's just, I was wondering...if I could leave Saddle Arabia." Lorelai almost chocked on her dinner. "What?" "Auntie, I'm 20 years old. I should have left home by now." "And where would you go?" "I don't know. To Canterlot? I want to explore this world." "Hmmm." "Please, Aunt Lorelai, Cadence is a year younger than me and she lives in Canterlot, on her own." "Cadence lives with Celestia. As you do with me." "Please, Aunt Lor..." "No! I will hear no more about it." Laina looks down at her food, fighting back tears. Lorelai looks at her with a solemn look, fighting back the urge to tell her that she wants to leave as well. "Laina, please. I wish it didn't have to go this way. I wish you could be out there exploring the world. But you can't. Your existence is a secret that cannot be shown to the world. Cadence moved to Canterlot to be under constant supervision by Celestia and because her mother died. There are creatures in this world who want to take Cadence. Her powers as an Alicorn are too valuable and she would be much easier to defeat and kidnap then Celestia or I. Her presence is a constant threat to those dark creatures that want Equestria for themselves." "I wish someone would kidnap Stormcrow," Laina mutters. Lorelai pauses before whispering, "As do I." They were almost at the end of their dinner when Lorelai speaks once again. "Celestia has decided to send her best pupil to Ponyville, tomorrow." Laina was puzzled by this information. "Why would she do that?" "It is unknown to many. But I fear that it has something to do with Nightmare Moon's return." "Luna is to return!" "Nightmare Moon! It's name is Nightmare Moon. Luna is not a monster." "But why would Celestia allow such a thing to happen?" "She's not. She is powerless to stop it. One can only be banished for so long before they find a way back. It is said that the Stars will aid in her escape." "If Nightmare Moon is to return, what will Celestia do?" "I don't know. The pupil may be involved with or without it's knowledge of what is to come." A day past and Ponyville was preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration. Laina would always watch out of her window, awaiting the radiant Sun to rise forth and claim the sky. It was the closest she had ever gotten to meeting her mother's cousin. She always felt an admiration for the ruler of Equestria. To be under such pressure and to have faced so much hardship without anyone understanding surely should have broken her. Her strength was truly a sight to behold. Hours had past and Laina realized that not only had the Sun not risen on time but her aunt had not yet arrived home for magic practice. Laina began to worry. She walked to the door and looked out of the window beside it. The city was quiet and the lights were dimmed. Not a sound was uttered. A blurred figure soon became visible from the distance. It was running and fast. It was running towards the cottage. Laina backed away from the window and prepared for the door to be struck down. Nothing. Still nothing. Quiet. BANG! Lorelai came through the door with a worried expression and was breathing heavily. "Princess Celestia has been captured!" "What?!" "Nightmare Moon is back!" Laina took in the information before questioning, "What are you going to do?" Lorelai looked up with utter confusion. "What do you mean?" "Surely, you and my mother would do something. You are the only other Alicorn adults besides Celestia and Luna. Cadence and I would do what we ca..." "Enough! Your mother cannot do anything. She is already weakened. And you and Cadence will not be shown to Equestria so blatantly as if to show off your powers. It would be seen as challenging all the evil in this world. And I must stay in Saddle Arabia. My duty lies here. Alicorns no longer take precedence in this world. To Equestria, one Alicorn is enough. I don't know even what i would do. The ponies might see it as a threat. To see another Alicorn using her powers. It is scary and might compel them to rebel once again." "No! Surely, with great power comes great responsibility. As Alicorns, it is our duty to die for the ponies of Equestria. Even if it means killing our own to protect them." "You may be right but you must underst..." "NO! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! My whole life, I spent locked up in this cottage. I want a life that's true. My grandparents died for Equestria and kept it from evil. Now, Equestria see fit to be against Alicorns? What justice is this? I will not have it. I'm leaving." "What? No. You cannot leave. Where will you go?" "Orberia." Laina's P.O.V: The last thing I saw was my aunt crying out my name from the cottage. With all her powerful magic, not even she could stop me from leaving. I have to meet my mother. I will save her. It was a two day journey. All I had was my satchel, filled with a loaf of bread, a pouch of water, and ten gold bits. I was able to hide my wings. Aunt Lorelai taught me how. It took days but eventually I got the hang of it. Aunt Lorelai taught me almost everything I know. I missed her. But I had to do this. My mother needs me and I need her. Once I free her, we can save Equestria together. Celestia needs us. I passed a strange market. It was filled with trinkets from across Equestria and beyond. Yak horns, Dragon claws, Phoenix feathers, Hippogriff tails. It was so cruel. The creatures running the stalls were unlike any I had seen in my textbooks before. They were horribly deformed with tentacles for ears and mud for a face. They all differed in someway. I went to a stall selling food but it was not what I expected. They sold octupi and squid livers and dog feet. Eventually, I found some bread and Flash Bee honey. It is said to give an extra zing! It cost 5 gold bits. Far too much if you ask me. You could get the same stuff for 2 gold bits in a Saddle Arabian bazaar (market). I finally left with no trouble befalling me. But I did feel the presence of eyes trained on me the whole time I was at the market. I trod through a sea of shipwrecks covered in thick ice. The cold bit at my hooves and I felt my mane turn rigid. I cast a warming spell but it only did so much. I knew what I had to do. I would have to light myself on fire. It was the only way, I joked sarcastically in my head. As I past a red and black ship, I heard a rumble. I stopped. If there was any trouble, I could dispel it. Aunt Lorelai taught me magic in combat. With my knowledge of it, I say I could fight off two or three ponies. No more and nothing bigger. Another rumble. The ship beside me began to move. Is that possible? No. Is it? No, of course not. Nope, it moved again. It's moving. How is it moving? The ship began to settle the way a ship normally would on water. It had caused cracks in the ice to allowed the water through. A sweeping of purple magic turned the ship into a beautiful violet and black ship with fine wood and beautiful sails. It was renewed. A figure dangling from the mast. It was a light blue mare with a bright, violet mane. Was she friend or foe? Her horn was longer then most Unicorns, like that of an Alicorn. She called down to me. "Alright?" "What?" "I said: ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" "Yes." "What's your name?" "What?" "Oh bugger me, this one's bloody deaf. WHAT'S YOUR NA-You know what?" With that, the mysterious mare jumped down from the mast and I looked up in shock as she was about to hit the ground. Just before she hit the hard ice however, she cast a spell to levitate herself in the air and slowly bring her to my level. "My name is Sapphire. And you are?" What should I say? My spell to hide my wings were still in effect. What would she do? If she wanted to fight me, she could. She seems powerful enough. And a pirate. I might be a good trophy or something to sell at the market. "Hello? Ok. Don't tell me. It's fine. You look lost. Are you?" "I guess." "It speaks! I'm from Canterlot by the way and I'm 20 years old. I'm a pirate looking for a ship. And I found one. What about you? It would be nice to know something." I need to tell her something. I'll tell her the truth. No, don't.Tell her. Don't! "My name is Laina Charm, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Saddle Arabia. My father was from Cloudsdale. My mother is a forgotten kingdom called Orberia. And I am an Alicorn." Idiot. "No you ain't. I don't think you noticed but you..." Her eyes widened as she looked to see my wings which I now revealed. Fool. "Is your mother or father royalty by any chance?" "My mother is." "Nice. My grandma was Royalty. A Royal pain in the arse. Luckily, she's dead now. Old bat. Her name was Grammy Granite. She loved rocks. She used to eat them. Until she lost her teeth. Then she would just suck them. Do you need a ride?" "The whole sea is frozen." "Not when you have magic. I am quite advanced in fire and water spells. They are the best combo. But, I wouldn't mind the help?" "Of course!" "Great, so where are you headed?" "I was going to meet my mother for the first time." "First time?" "I had to leave the kingdom when I was born. She wasn't married to my father. I was born in secret. Then my aunt took me away for my safety and raised me in Saddle Arabia." "Who's your aunt?" "Lady Lorelai." "Oh, bugger a Dragon. That woman is your aunt? Cheese and crackers, that woman is scary. The whole Mistress of Death thing. So cool. I would love to meet her one day. I do admire her so." "You do?" "Yeah. She's amazing. Her magical power can't be matched. I wish I had her magic. Anyways, let's get to work." We got on board the ship and prepared our spell. Sapphire counted to three and on the third, we let out an inferno of fire and ember. The ice began to thaw until nothing remained but water. We set sail. Soon, i would meet my mother. I would rid her of Sultry and Stormcrow forever. But who knows how powerful Stormcrow is? What if he beats me? What if i can't help my mother? What if i only make things worse? "Who's Stormcrow?" I turn around, suprised by the intrusion. "What?" "Oh sorry, you were thinking aloud weren't you." "Stormcrow is my half-brother. A vain, racist Alicorn." "Another Alicorn? Gosh, I thought there would be a shortage of Alicorns ever since they fled Equestria and traveled to the Haven Lands." "The what?" "The Haven Lands. It is said to be a mysterious land beyond the Mountains of Storms that only Alicorns can travel to. When an Alicorn dies, they go to the Haven Lands." "I see. I never knew about that." "You know, I did hear a rumor that when Chrysalis took the role of Queen of the Changelings, King Otis, Queen Lapis and the others tried to kill her. A bit foolish, since she can't die unless she says so." "That's strange. Wouldn't they know that? Anyways, how did you become a pirate? You must have been a well-off pony since you came from Canterlot." Sapphire looked to the ground. "When I was 15, I fell in love with an Earth pony named Oakwood. My parents hated our love, deeming him unfit as he wasn't a Unicorn. A bunch of bull crap if you ask me. We ran away together. We found a ship and sent sail for the Unknown. We were going to explore everything. One day out at sea and our trouble began. We came across Charybdis. She was the great whirlpool monster. Oakwood told me to steer the ship away. I did it too fast. He fell off the ship and was eaten by that sea-bitch. I lost everything that day. It was only a few days later when I crashed from not knowing how to sail. I ended upon an Island named the Isle De Muerta. There, I met a witch. She looked like a zebra but with a curved horn and tribal tattoos. Her name was Calypso. She was so beautiful, like a Mermare. She taught me the most advanced magic and how to be a pirate. I owe her everything. Now, I'm here." "I'm sorry for your loss." "Oh, it ain't anything, doll! He is in a better place." "You know, you are the first friend I have ever had." Sapphire paused and looked at me with kindness in her eyes. "That's the greatest princess." "Haha! Stop it. I'm not a princess. Well I am but that's not the point..." "You said your father was from Cloudsdale. What happened?" "He was murdered by the pony who wanted to marry my mother." "I'm sorry." We were silent for a few seconds when: "Don't say a word.." I stop and look into her eyes. She is scouting the waters. She walks close to the rails. As I follow, I begin to hear a quiet humming. It soon turns to a melody. "Do you hear that? That is the song of the Mermares. We're safe. Mermares only eat stallions. With mares, they let out a beautiful song." This is how I imagine the song of the Mermares. I personally love it. You can listen to it while reading if you want. pirates_of_the_caribbean_4_soundtrack_hd_8_mermaids_hans_zimmer_mp3_1866.mp3 As i watch the moving waters, i begin to see silhouettes of unicorns with fish tails. Their voice is so soothing. I move backwards, away from the water. My eyes began to droop close as my body sways from side to side until...THUD! The last thing i hear is Sapphire's voice shouting my name. My eyes begin to open and i squint at the blinding light. Dozens of crystals hang from the ceiling and as i look around, i soon realise that i'm in a cave. I can smell the scent of the salty sea and i see a unicorn walking towards me. Sapphire? No. It's a zebra...with a horn? A curved horn! How strange. She was beautiful with red, tribal tattoos covering her body and a sea-blue ragged dress. She begins to talk in an accent as beautiful as her appearance. "Rest, child. You are weary." "What happened?" "Your immune system is weak. It seems to me that you have rarely left the safety of your home." "Can you help me?" "Do not fret, my dear. I will fix you with a simple elixir. Drink this." I took the bottle with my magic and drank all the contents of the elixir. It tasted like sweet milk, sprinkled with honey and butter. "Where is Sapphire?" "She is waiting outside." I look to the opening that lead out to a beautiful view of the sea and all its glory.I turn back to see the zebra hunched over a table of potions and scrolls. I get up from the table of rock and walk slowly towards her. "You're Calypso, aren't you?" She turns her head to the side. "Yes." "The great sorceress who taught Sapphire everything she knows." "I taught her nothing. It is the pupil who allows themselves to be taught and therefore absorbs all the knowledge on their own. You. You are the lost princess." "I was thinking about something Sapphire told me. It was very peculiar. She said that water and fire were the perfect combo. How do you teach someone to wield both fire and water in harmony together yet they are so opposite?" "Ah...look upon my dress and my tattoos. Both red and blue. They mix, countering each other in perfect harmony." "But i don't understand, how can you find harmony or peace in something so different? Surely, they repel each other." "On the contrary, my dear. You must have both water and fire to have balance and balance is peace. Darkness and Darkness cannot make Light. It simply makes more Darkness. You need two different things to make something new and wonderful." "That is very interesting." "My dear, above all, you should know the most. You are the granddaughter of the great Water Queen, Serena and the Fire King, Solaris. You have Water running through your veins and Fire surging through your heart. Your body is in peace with itself." I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I rarely heard of my grandparents. My aunt never gave me textbooks on the Alicorns. She thought it would make me rebel. "You wish to reunite yourself with your mother. I will help you." "Why?" "You are a friend of my adopted daughter and...i was once a mother. But my daughter was taken from me by the cruel, untamed seas. I can get you to Orberia. I will find the potion but it may take some time to prepare." "Thank you." I leave Calypso to search for the potion and i walk out from the entrance. As i leave, i am gifted with a great gush of salty wind. To my left, Sapphire is setting the sails in her boat. I travel down to meet her. The island is small with one small port for Sapphire to leave her ships. "Sapphire!" "Laina! You're okay! Good. I trust Calypso kept you good company." "Yes. She is going to send us to Orberia." "I know. Laina, there is someone i would like you to meet." "Who?" "Gabriella. She is a great friend of mine. GABRIELLA!" A great beast came swooping down from the mast. It's wings were enormous and a wondrous shade of light blue. Her eyes were deep pools of water. She was magnificent. "YOU'RE A GRIFFIN?!?!" "Haha! The name's Gabriella." "The name's Laina. I've never met a Griffin before. It's so nice to meet you." "Woah there, Laina! Don't smother her." "Haha, Sorry. Just got a bit excited." "It's fine. So, are you ready?" "YUP!" "My little ponies! I have found it!" We race to the cave's entrance. I was beyond excitement. I flew to the hole and was greeted by Calypso holding a phial with a sea blue liquid. She gave it to me and i held it within my aura. Sapphire was next, followed by Gabriella. Gabriella eyed the phial quizzically. "So this will get us to your homeland?" I turned to Calypso, expecting her to answer. "It shall. With it's magic, it can teleport you to the place you desire. Once Laina drinks it, you both must grab on to her." I looked at Calypso with grateful eyes. "Thank you, Calypso." She smiled and gestured me to drink it. "Now hurry. You do not know how much time we have to save your mother." I nodded and drank the contents of the phial. As soon as i had finished, i felt a claw on my right wing and a hoof on my left. A great magical wave began to swirl around us until it engulfed all of us. A bright flash was the last thing i saw until the water evaporated and we stood on sandy ground. I took in my surroundings and my eyes fell on a decrepit gate. It was as big as full grown Dragon and had two statues on either side. One depicted a beautiful female Alicorn with a swirling mane and tail of crystal water while the other was a dashing male Alicorn with a mane and tail of burning, ember fire. I walked closer until I was a breath away from the gate. I opened it with a nudge and walked through. Gabriella and Sapphire followed close behind, weary of anything strange. Not that anything was not strange. We walked past hundreds of house, brought down by time and reduced to mere bricks stacked together. We continued to walk until we were faced with the full splendor of an ancient castle. No guards? No anypony? The whole area was desolate. Gabriella walked up beside me. "What happened to this place?" I replied, "My aunt told me that once Stormcrow, my half-brother, was born the ponies of Orberia were fed up of the reign of Sultry. They loved my mother but they betrayed her in her most dire time of need." "I'm sorry. My parents are both dead. They were killed by Nightmare Moon. She was on a killing spree when there were those who openly defied her. Princess Celestia was terrified for days until she banished her." "What? But Princes Celestia immediately banished her on the day Luna turned into Nightmare Moon." "Yeah, that's not true. The Moon was up for days. She terrorized the villages and killed those who opposed her. Celestia hid in Castle Cosmos in the Everfree Forest until she knew it was time. She had to banish her sister." "I see." I can't believe it. The pain it must have caused her to banish her own sister. I wish i could swap places with her and i could banish Stormcrow. We walked up to the doors of the castle. They were wide open. We stepped inside and were suddenly greeted with a gush of color and gold. It was beautiful. The mix of red and blue with clashes of gold and silver. We walked to the centre of the vast room. I set my eyes on the throne. A giant chair carved out of the finest marble. It was beautiful and covered with red velvet cushions with gold trim. As i reached the throne, hooves sounded from outside. We all turned in unison and prepared ourselves for any attack. A purple hoof came first until a beautiful mare walked through the door. "Aunt Lorelai!" Lorelai turned to me and was overjoyed. "My dear Laina! I'm so happy to have found you...with a Griffin and a Unicorn?" "They're my friends." "I see. My child, we must leave." "What? No, my mother is here and i am going to see her." "Please, Lai..." "NO! I will find my mother and i will free her from Sultry." "You're right. We are here anyways. What is your plan?" "Well, you and I can go through the left corridor and Sapphire and Gabriella? You head through the right." Sapphire finally speaks up. "Let's go!" Lorelai and i began to walk towards the dimly lit aisles.. The corridors were long and covered by numerous portraits of famous rulers, wizards, witches and Nobility. One picture caught my eye. It showed Lorelai and Allura laying on the ground with Celestia as fillies. My grandparents and Celestia's parents sat on cushions as Queen Galaxia held Luna in her hooves. They were beautiful creatures. So majestic and omniscient-looking. Lorelai noticed me eyeing the wonderful portrait. "They painted that on the day Luna was born. We were only a few years old. That was over a thousand years ago." I looked at her, shocked. I knew that Alicorns have prolonged lives but i never truly thought about my aunt's age. We continued to walk down the corridor until we heard a soft humming coming from a room. We poked our heads around the door to see two mares in a giant, lavish bed. There was a male unicorn looking into the mirror and humming to himself. I looked away from the room to my aunt. She was frozen in her tracks, looking at the stallion. "Aunt Lorelai?" She looked at me with sad eyes, almost brimming with tears. I had never seen my aunt cry. "Who is that stallion?" "That filthy Unicorn is your step-father." "What!" As soon as i said that, i realised my mistake. He had heard me. We quickly back away but it was too late. "Who's there? Show yourself!" Lorelai and i came forth from the shadows. Now the two mares had woken up and attempted to cover themselves with the sticky, bed sheets. I looked upon the stallion with contempt. He looked quite young. Perhaps in his late 30s. I turned to Lorelai and saw the hatred in her eyes. She spoke in a voice that I had only heard once before. It was named the Canterlot voice and the first time I had heard it, it was because I had pushed by a stallion in the markets when I was young. He started to cry afterwards. "How dare you! Who do you think you are? Sleeping with these common whores while my sister lays in an eternal torment everyday! Your kind do not get to show such disrespect to us!" I realised now what Lorelai was doing. She was a regal Alicorn who cared for all ponies. But she also believed that Alicorns deserve the utmost respect due to them practically risking their lives to protect Equestria. Alicorns are feared by most other non-pony kingdoms for their power. Many creatures want us dead and to have Equestria for themselves. Therefore, our protection of the ponies put us at risk of murder. "Ponies like you don't deserve our protection! You should give us your full devotion but we are kinder than that so we only ask for your kindness in return. We die for you and you ponies seem to think nothing of it! I shall show you true power! I shall show you death!" As she said that, she let out a dark, bolt of smoke. But before it could pierce his heart, i deflected it with a force-field. "Laina? What are you doing?" "This unicorn is evil, yes. But i will not let you stoop to his level." I turned to Sultry and gave him my best death-stare, "You killed my father and for that, i can never forgive you. Go and take your sluts before i kill you myself!" Sultry ran leaving the defenseless mares by themselves. Typical. The mares got out of bed and bolted for the door. "Well done, Laina. Your mother would be proud. She cherished life, only harming a soul when absolutely necessary. The powers of Death did not allow me the same choice." "Aunt Lorelai, do not mistake your element to be you. The element is a reflection of your power. We are not our power. There is good in everyone. Come on, let's find the others." We exited the room and headed back the way we came. I think of what life would have been like if my father had never died. If my parents married and i lived as a princess. Constantly, I also think of my favourite witch, Pandora the Hippogriff. I remember her story like the back of my hoof. She lost both of her parents as a child to a dark plague. Ever since, she devoted her life to the brewing of elixirs and potions to aid others. She helped stop the plague from wiping out the whole of Terabithia. She was gifted with a necklace that held the powers of the Wind and Sky. Perhaps, though losing your parents is a horrible thing, it doesn't have to remain that way. Good can come from terrible things, if one only wishes to seek it. The light is darkest before the dawn. However, Pandora was murdered by the townsfolk after they accused her of leading the Changelings to them. A crime that she didn't commit. The Changelings never came and there was no evidence to claim. But tell a big enough lie and soon it will turn even the most sane ponies to believing in silly superstitions. Finally, we arrived at a ballroom with Sapphire and Gabriella. "Sapphire, did you find anything?" "No. We passed a few rooms but they were all destroyed." "I see. Aunt Lorelai, have you ever been here before? Don't you know where my mother would be?" "I lived here as a child but it is very different. That was over 800 hundred years ago. It has changed since then." "What about upstairs? We might find your mother's bedroom there.", Gabriella added. "Brilliant." We teleported to the top of the stairs with Lorelai's magic. We walked on and on until we found a room with the door slightly open. I opened the door fully and saw a bright pink stallion with his wings spread out and using his horn to hold something. His eyes were closed as he lay in bed and moaned loudly. Sapphire destroyed our silence. "Oh, sweet Celestia." Stormcrow covered himself with his blankets and looked at us with a mixed expression of anger and surprise. "Who are you! And why are you in my room! "I am your aunt! Now stand up straight and present yourself with some dignity. What kind of Alicorn are you?" As Lorelai said that, she spread out her wings in a threatening gesture to assert her dominance. So cool! "My aunt?" "Did i stutter? STAND UP!" Stormcrow immediately got up with a terrified face. Thankfully, his little, little, little friend had disappeared. "Why are you here?" At this point, i decided to make myself known. "I ask the questions here. I am your half-sister, Laina. I have spared your father but he has fled and you will never see him again. I can't imagine why you would care though. Anyways,I am here for my mother. You won't get in our way. If you do, I will kill you and I will show no mercy. Ponies like you don't deserve. You couldn't redeem yourself even if you wanted to. You blew that chance when you were rude to my mother. Common whore? You're one to talk. You probably sleep with every mare you meet." "Kill me? I'd like to see you try." As he said that, I let out a stream of blue magic. He flew to the ceiling and i met him there. Then, a great battle ensued. Lorelai let a black bolt head straight to him but he dodged it. I told her not to fight. He was mine. I conjured a ball of fire and it hit his tail, burning it completely. He was enraged.He began to lose control and missed almost every attack. Finally, I struck him down. He fell in a heap, too pained by the injuries to get up. I walked over to my friends and aunt. "Go find my mother. I will finish him." "LAINA!" As i heard Sapphire scream, I saw her leap in front of me to be blasted with a pink bolt sent from Stormcrow. I screamed, "Sapphire!" I sent one last bolt for his head, delivering a final blow to a disgusting creature. I fell down to Sapphire's side. She smiled up at me as I wept. Gabriella had now come to the floor next to me. "Go. Find your mum. And tell my mum that I love her." "Which one?" I asked. "The one who cared for me." I cried uncontrollably as her eyes began to drift close. Gabriella held tight to me and sobbed silently. Aunt Lorelai used her magic to levitate her off the ground. "She will meet your mother with us. Then she will have the funeral of a Queen." I smiled up at my aunt, with eyes blurred by my tears. We got up and walked out of the room. We saw a room with a female Alicorn, as beautiful as daylight, laying in a small bed. Tear marks covered her cheeks and were red from rubbing them. I turned to Lorelai and Gabriella. "I will go in alone and take the form of a unicorn. Then, when I show her who I truly am, you will both enter with Sapphire." They both nodded and I used my magic to hide my wings and change my coat colour to grey. I walked in as if I lived here. My mother heard the hoofsteps and looked up. She was puzzled. I guess the only other mare she ever saw was a whore. "Good evening. I am sorry to inform you that your husband has fled the kingdom and your son has been killed." Rather then look upset, she looked even more confused then ever. "Who are you? And what happened to them." "Your husband was scared by your sister, Lorelai. Your son was killed by your daughter when he killed her friend." Her eyes began to water once more. "My sister and daughter are here?" As I said yes, I removed the spell and displayed my wings in full view. Lorelai and Gabriella came in with Sapphire. My mother was crying without end now. My aunt carried Sapphire and placed her on a sofa. I ran to my mother with my aunt and we hugged her with all our might. Her tears fell to our shoulders. "My beautiful girls." "I'm older than you," Lorelai said as she pulled herself away. "By two years. Hardly a difference. Who's that? A Griffin?" "She's my best friend." "Last time I met a Griffin, he tried to marry me," My mother recalls. "I remember. But then I got you out of there." My aunt retorts. They laugh and my heart is overjoyed. I hardly ever saw my aunt happy and knowing that she was at her happiest with my mother was a gift to behold. "What's your friend's name?" "The name's Gabriella, your majesty." "There is no need for that, my dear." "She was friends with my friend, Sapphire, who was killed by Stormcrow." "That pony was a disgrace of my flesh and blood. I assure you that your friend will have a funeral fit for Royalty." With that, we left the room as I carried Sapphire. I stood next to Gabriella. "I'm sorry. I understand that you knew her far better then I ever did." "It's fine. She died like she wanted. Protecting those she loved. Did she tell you how we met?" "No." "I ran away from Griffon Stone when my parents tried to force me into marrying this pompous brat. I flew away and ended up in Horseshoe Bay. She docked there and brought me with her. She taught me swordfighting and how to sail. I lived with her and Calypso for a few years until I left and got my own boat. She's called the Navy Mast. She never let's me down. From then, I pillaged the ships of rich, noble stallions with enough money. We are the greatest pirates of the sea. My crew are currently sailing across the seas." "You trust your crew to keep your beloved ship safe?" "Of course. Many of them are Griffins who abandoned their lives. Others are creatures from across Equestria. Four Ponies, a Yak and a Dragon. My first mate, Gillian, sails the Navy Mast to Marina Harbour in Saddle Arabia and near the Arimaspi Stalactites. Laina? Is it possible that Sapphire could actually be buried out at sea as she would have wanted, with her crew and Calypso." "Of course." My mother called upon me. I trotted to her as Aunt Lorelai went to talk with Gabriella. "You are so beautiful, and your wings are gorgeous. Your aunt has told me that you are brighter than most Alicorns we knew at our age." "I doubt that." "Don't be so modest." After a short pause, my mother's smile saddened. "Mother?" i asked. "I am so sorry. I should never have let you go. I should have kept you here with me." "No. If you did, i would have constantly been under scrutiny by Stormcrow and Sultry. It was i who have failed. I should have helped you sooner." My mother turned to me with a stern face. "No! You could not have helped me. I can handle them. You have done nothing wrong. You freed me now and I am grateful for that. I am so happy to be with you now. Your father would have loved to be here as well." I smiled at her and she returned it to me. We continued to walk until we reached the decrepit statues of two Alicorns. "Those are your grandparents." My mother said, "The Alicorns of Fire and..." "Water." I replied. She looked at me with a surprised look and smiled. "Well somebody is a know-it-all!" My mother laughed. We walked through the desolate villages. The old houses gathered dust. Cracks formed in the windows and webs engulfed the roofs and doors. The Sun had disappeared with the radiant glow of the Crescent Moon taking it's place. The whole atmosphere was deathly quiet besides the sounds of Gabriella and Lorelai talking. The pavement was cracked and worn, with weeds sticking about everywhere. "Your aunt has also informed me of Nightmare Moon's return. Celestia has gone missing?" "It seems so. What should we do?" "Laina, I know you what to fight and help Celestia but i trust Celestia has everything under control." "That isn't good enough. What if Nightmare Moon kills ponies? Who protects Equestria if Celestia is missing? I thought that was what Alicorns were for. To protect the ponies." "You are absolutely right but listen to me, if the world saw you or Cadence then we would risk the lives of many ponies. Equestria is already under threat since Celestia is the only one protecting it. With two child Alicorns, it would not only anger the monsters of the dark but urge them to attack. Our parents were at war with the dragons of the South-West for two generations of dragons. If the Dragons saw you and Cadence, they would only see two easy targets to weaken the Alicorns. We already have an Alicorn queen who is ready to attack at any moment with her army of Changelings. There is nothing we can do. Your aunt and I will be there to take the throne only if Celestia is...incapable of doing so." "I still don't understand. Why can't you and Aunt Lorelai protect Equestria whilst Celestia is missing?" "The pony officials. They don't want us anymore. As soon as Celestia's reign is done, they hope for a Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth pony to rule. Though we came and made Equestria a better place, we also put a huge target on it and caused a lot of strife. They don't want Alicorn Rulers anymore but they wouldn't dare defy Celestia. They are afraid of what she might turn into. They have their armies and they have authority figures. They "don't" need us anymore. We came to imbue balance to this land. We did not care or wish for their love and praise. We came to make Equestria a better and safer place but they no longer feel the need for us. They want us dead." I turned my head to the ground in anger. We walked further until we reached Herculon Harbour. We found a small broken boat and mother fixed it. We stepped onto the derelict boat. "Where are we heading to now?" I asked. "We are going to Sendaria, the kingdom of King Darus; Celestia and Lunas' uncle." My mother replied. Gabriella questioned, "Why?" "Their lies a festering power in that kingdom that needs to be destroyed. We believe there are some creatures in that land that will be willing to help us," Aunt Lorelai answered. "We are going to do something about the evil in Equestria? We are going to help?" I asked excitedly. "Yes." My mother said with a smile. "I think i should go now. I should take Sapphire and go see Calypso," Gabriella recommended. "Of course. I will go with you. Allura, i will see you in Sendaria by the Evern Caves." Aunt Lorelai said. My mother nodded and Gabriella and Aunt Lorelai took off into the skies with Sapphire being carefully held in a magical bubble. I turned to my mother who began to turn the ship into motion. "Why don't we just teleport to Sendaria? Just show me an image of the gates." I suggested. "That would be very clever but each kingdom has an invisible magical force field that protects it from creatures or ponies teleporting inside." My mother answered. The Moon's everlasting glow remained in the sky for hours and showed no signs of movement. I looked to my mother who was calmly and steadily steering the boat to starboard (right). The stars were missing. All except for six shimmering dots that formed a semi-circle around the full Moon. "Laina. I need to tell you something." My mother said, breaking the deafening silence. I turned around, awaiting her to begin talking. "The darkness we are about to face is not be fooled by. It is a trickster. A dark being capable of tricking the mind and corrupting the soul. She is a powerful creature." "She?" "Yes. Her name is Umbrina and is a powerful unicorn. When King Otis fled Equestria and Sendaria, she saw an opportunity and took it. She came from the North but has remained silent for years until she sent an army of "ponies" to Canterlot. They were easily defeated but they didn't have Umbrina with them. We are here to stamp her out before she does anything else. Oh! And she is what is known as a Shadow Pony." "A what?" I asked. "A corrupted pony, tormentted by darkness and shadows. She is changed from what she used to be. Now, she is only evil and a simple shadow of her past self. The shadows were able to keep her young and youthful but she is possibly around 1900 years old." "Do you know her?" I wondered. My mother paused before giving her answer, "Yes...once. She was be tutored along side me, Lorelai and Celestia. She was a mage in training but one day when she was documenting in the Bad Lands, she came across a dark cave and was attacked by a...Tantabus. The embodiment of darkness and shadows, it is an evil spirit that will inhabit the body of a creature and enhance its' abilities to harvest the souls around it so it can "feed". We must kill her before any harm can come to the last resistance in Sendaria." "What do you mean resistance?" I said, visibly confused. "There is an order of warrior ponies who remained in Sendaria, even after the Great Retreat (fleeing from Sendaria). They then protected it but went into hiding after Umbrina took over. They call themselves the Topaz Order, which was the gem symbolic of Sendaria."
  16. PonyOfWar

    Adventure Artificial Harmony

    Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at life, and thrust into the world tasked with learning the ways of the land and becoming one with society. Meanwhile, as Celestia attempts to heal Equestrias scars unseen forces conspire to send her peaceful reign into chaos. Tensions flare and when the Princesses rule is brought into question it will be up to the citizens to decide the fate of Equestria. Each OC in this story was designed by a different one of our authors. We originally attempted this story two years ago with me as the lead author but when that failed to go as we planned we reworked our story and characters as well as picked a different head author. The main writer behind this version is @Famineand we would all really appreciate anyone interested in checking out our story. Artificial Harmony
  17. A story is being told.. Will you dare to listen? Introduction The world is changing, yet so few ones want to believe it. Brace yourselves, foolish ponies, your Princess will not save you this time. ________________________________________ All legends have a beginning. This one starts with a brave filly. About the game Premise Alright, alright... enough with the narrative thing.. I am not a writer! Oh by the way, greetings, I am Pasta and I am a (quite newbie) game developer. Blender user since I was 13, I have always had this dream about a Daring Do fangame since I was a kid. Relatively recently, I discovered Blender has a rather acceptable game engine, and, woah, it was like a dream coming true to me. My ambition is to make a completely free fan-series of video games revolving around Daring Do and her adventures. Daring Do: Origins The name is still to be fully decided, it might change during the development, however, the first game should tell about the early adventures of Daring Do, and how did she become an adventurer, which should be set around 10 and 15 years before the episode 1 of season 1 of My Little Pony Friendship Magic. A demo level is already in development. The gameplay The genre of the game goes a bit all over the place. Let's say it is an action-adventure game, however, it features a couple RPG mechanics, and I have to say I have been inspired by many great ol' games...Welp, too many to name them. The game itself will feature a combo system, an adventurous and colorful gameplay, probably non-linear plot, smart movement system, stealth, platformer parts, puzzles, and a lot more. I really want to do my best in order to not make the gameplay to feel repetitive and boring. As the plot goes on, sometimes Daring Do might have some friends following her. In these cases, the player can switch to any character in the crew, or customize their inventory! You will soon realize every characters has different qualities. For example, Daring Do tends to agility, while some characters might have other abilities, or even use magic, in the case of unicorns or other magic creatures. The level design probably will not have open world layout, but rather, every map will be huge, like if each one was a little world by itself. I want players to explore the lands, scavenge around temples, visit small towns.. and pretty much live their own adventure, in the most immersive way possible. Lots other things are still to be decided, but this is an overall so far. Screenshots Please, notice that some things were cut away from the screenshots in order to avoid spoilers. Please, consider that this game is still in early development, so, I think you will have to wait a bit before we publish a build. Feel free to ask questions, give constructive criticism or make terrible puns. Disclaimer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all the characters, locations and brands cited in the lore of the show belong to Hasbro. I do not own any of them. This is just a fan game with no profit intended at all. please don't C&D me Hasbro :c
  18. So me, my little sister, and my mom are planning to go to Portland Oregon this week! I think on thursday. I'm really excited! We haven't decided whether we want to take a plane, train, or drive there. I personally want to take a train. X3 I started wondering, do any of you all have plans for vacation like I do? If so, where are you going and how are you going to get there? I would love to know!
  19. GoltMercer

    Drama Dusk Rider's Story

    Hey everyone. Since I'm new to the forums, I figured I should share the two currently completed stories I have up on FiMFiction. Both are related, and both revolve around one of my characters, Dusk Rider/Lazuli Cutter. The Dulling of a Blade A street-mare turned assassin finds herself trapped in a cycle of crime and loneliness that she desperately wants to escape from, as much as she hates to admit it. Is it even possible for her to come back from a life of crime, or is she doomed to become a forgotten criminal whose only legacy is death and destruction? And a direct sequel to that story, Coagulation. I won't provide a summary for that one, because it slightly spoils the ending of Dulling of a Blade. I'm well aware that my writing is...sub-par at best, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at lesat share what I've got.
  20. In the distant future there is only war. The Corpse Emperor sits on his throne, immobile due to wounds succumbed while facing his once most favored of sons, the Warmaster, Thrice Damned be his name, Horus, the best, the brightest, Lupercal. There sits a jar inside the Emperor's Children Apothecarion, labelled "Honourable Soulaka," a Techmarine of legendary providence, murdered by the vile machinations of Fabius Bile, the gene-render of the III Legion. Also next to it sits a jar with the progenoid gland with the sigil of the Imperial Fists, the Sons of Dorn. These two jars are combined some years later into the being known as the Half-Breed, the bastard, Honsou. Honsou is a lowly line captain competing with First Captain Forrix and Assault Captain Kroeger for the favor of the one known only as the "Warsmith," Formerly Known as Barban Falk. The Warsmith's Fleet has descended from Medrengard to a planet called Hydra Cordatus. Only one soul knows the reasoning behind the sudden invasion. The Warsmith chooses not to reveal his secrets, as his ascendancy to daemonhood relies on the success of the mission. After months of hard campaigning and the multitude of the thunder of guns of all caliber, and even a Planetary Defence Torpedo, Falk has succeeded. The Fortress he built at the dawn of the Imperium has been broken open, it's secret Gene-seed vault laid open to him. He offers this up to the dark gods, and they are pleased, and Falk is elevated to princedom in eternal damnation. Honsou's competition did not survive the assault, Forrix came out second best in a fight with a Warhound Titan, and Kroeger, in a sick twist of fate was betrayed the god of blood he chose to follow, and laid low by a mere mortal whom he thought he could break for enjoyment. Moving Forward, Honsou's fortress of Khalan Gol on Medrengard had been destroyed by the Ultramarines captain Uriel Ventris. He swore revenge. The warmaster made pacts which would destroy the soul of a mere mortal, he formed alliances with beings so unholy as to not utter their names for fear of eternal damnation, yet even that wasn't enough, the stalwart defenders of the Imperium repulsed his assault at the heart of Maccragge, and Honsou fled into the warp. As many know, the Warp is a fickle being, and time, reality, and even matter are nothing compared to the whims of the beings there. The Warsmith emerged from the Abyss some time later changed. He now resembles something of an Equine animal from the picts on Ancient Terra, his armor having morphed to match his new frame, Necrodermis Arm forging a leg and hoof of unbreakable iron, his mind is still sharp, he realizes that he alone has made the transition back to realspace. He descends upon the world below him. The land of Equestria awaits, yet the Warmaster is a master of guile and deceit. Knowing his weapons are going to be useless in his altered form, he discards his daemon axe, and his ruinous bolter. If the Warsmith is going to enslave the world, it's going to be with Hoof and tooth. Yet the fire of ambition once more returns inside of him, to be able to return to his own reality, and be able to exact vengeance upon the hated warriors of Ultramar, and to finally carve a path through to Terra, and finally end the Corpse Emperor's reign.
  21. Cosmic Spiral

    Adventure Dream Walker's Nightmare

    Dream Walker’s Nightmare Part One: To be in the Everfree Distorted reflections of the Mare in the Moon shimmered on a pond in front of a stallion with a solid dark green coat. He had decided to pause for a break to the subtleness of the pond and the softer shades of light that filled the clearing. Everfree was a dangerous place for most ponies but this at that moment, at the pond, it was peaceful and almost enchanting. The stallion sighed and turned his gaze from the moon to his blank flank. A perfect coat of solid dark green, unblemished by a Cutie Mark. The anomaly was unheard of, no pony had ever reached adulthood without receiving their Cutie Mark. It was a personal sign to their purpose as to what they would do once they had grown into a Mare or Stallion. The event itself was seen as a joyous occasion that brought much celebration. Yet here he was, a full-grown stallion, and no Cutie Mark. It’s not like it was due to a lack of effort. He had tried everything he could to earn it, and through the skills and knowledge remained the Cutie Mark never came. Fortunately, many of those skills had helped him survive in the Everfree. The Everfree, he never thought he would be living in such a hostile wilderness. Though technically he grew up in it, but within the safety of his own village. Reflecting on it now a tinge of pain still came to his heart. It felt like a betrayal from everyone and grew up knowing, but the truth still remained that he was one who left willingly. It wasn’t much of choice really. Rooms hushed when he entered. Stares and whispers started when he went to the market. His parents tried to comfort him saying that his Cutie Mark would come in time, but at that point what stallion would want to celebrate something that he was supposed to have received when he was a foal. Being seen as inferior, as something broken, it was becoming too much. So he left. “I wonder,” He turned from his flank back to the moon. “Was this what it was like for you when your subjects were banished? The loneliness I mean.” Comparing himself to the Mare in the Moon felt silly, but it’s not like there was any pony around to judge him. The Mare in the Moon had once been a princess ruling Equestria alongside her sister. At least that’s how the stories went anyways. The stallion’s people had been banished to the Everfree before the Mare in the Moon ever appeared so they never knew what truly happened. It was only a guess that it was their night princess up their still looking for her subjects. The somber nature of the ponies of the night never fit in completely with the lighthearted nature ponies of the day. Bat ponies were mischievous and playful compared to their Pegasus counterparts who helped other ponies as they manipulated the weather. The spiral-horned unicorns didn’t exactly get along with their solid horned kin either. The solid horns may have sought the pursuits of magic, but they cared more for traditions. Whereas the spiral horns, though more broody, sought to be more creative with their magic even at the cost of traditions. When King Sombra rose to power in the Crystal Empire he didn’t do any favors for the night ponies’ reputations. He may not have been a night pony, but that didn’t stop any pony from thinking that he was one. His affinity for smoke and darkness only fanned the flames to the rumors. Causing the entire empire to vanish only made things worse. For if Sombra could make an empire disappear than what else could any of the other night ponies do? And so the bat ponies, spiral horns, and the other ponies of the night were shunned and pushed into the forest as banishment by the ponies of the day. Since that day the forest became the Everfree as it filled with night magic. The spiral horns casting spells to make the forest go wild and untamable so that the day ponies would never be tempted to seek the night ponies out to finish what they started. At least, that’s how the stories were told anyways. The spiral horn stallion lowered his gaze from the moon but something on the tree line caught his attention. It was rigid and unmoving, unlike the organic moving trees in the wind. His nocturnal slit eyes quickly made out the details of a tower. A tower in the Everfree? It was unlikely. That is unless… The stallion’s horn glowed purple, the same color of his midnight eyes, as his saddlebag glowed the same color and levitated from the ground and onto his back. The wind brushed against his red and dark grey mane as he galloped off to the direction of the tower.
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  23. Chaos_Dragoon

    Adventure A Walk Among Spirits

    Chapter 1 Drip, Drip, Drip. The colt winced at the constant dripping of the leaky pipe that woke him. He slowly opened his eyes, but the world was one big blur. The white room he was in hurt his eyes, and when he looked at the blurry outline of the pipe, or what he assumed was a pipe, he simply grumbled to himself, before he fell back asleep. His body felt like it had undergone excruciating surgery, which was strange since he didn't remember going to the hospital. However, he would ponder it later, as right now, all he wanted to do was sleep. The colt was excited. So excited, in fact, that he nearly choked on his breakfast when he wolfed it down. He quickly took a gulp of juice to force the food down. Today was going to be perfect. He had finally convinced his father to let him take his golden Royal Guard helmet to school for show and tell. He had been trying for several weeks, but his father turned him down every time. Finally, after begging, pleading, and bribing him, with all two bits he had, his father gave in and allowed him to take the helmet with him to school. He wanted to get to school early in hopes to be first to present what he brought. His mother, on the other hoof, took her time in eating her toast. After he finished the last morsel of food on his plate, he quickly took it over to the sink and washed it. He then raced to his room to collect his school supplies and saddle bags. When he returned, his mother was washing her plate too. He trotted past her and stood next to the door like a dog wanting to be let out. His mother laughed, shaking her head. She lifted her husband’s helmet in her magic and followed her son out the door. On the way to the schoolhouse he rehearsed what he was going to say when he stood in front of the class: he would start off by telling them that his father was in the Royal Guard, then he'd tell them how he stood on the front lines during the changeling attack on Canterlot, and finally, he'd tell them the story his father told him, about how his helmet usually pristine acquired the rather large crack on the right side. When they reached the schoolhouse and went inside, his mother set the helmet on the floor next to her son’s desk, before she walked over to Cheerilee to talk with her. He couldn't hear or care, what his mother was talking about with his teacher. All he cared about was his father’s helmet. He mentally pleaded with Cheerilee that she would start the day with show-and-tell, and he'd be the first one presenting. He noticed his mother had finished talking with Cheerilee, and watched her say her goodbyes, before leaving. He waved to her but had one eye still fixated on the helmet. After his mother left, the other students started to file into the classroom and take their seats. He hoped she'd start with show-and-tell, but to his disappointment, she started right in on today's lesson. The lesson felt like it took an eternity. His right back hoof tapped on the floor as he anxiously waited for it to be over. As the lesson ran on, he feared she had forgotten, and all his planning would be for naught. However, she finished her lesson and called up the first foal to present what they brought. He sighed when she called on a filly that brought a shirt her mother bought her when they went to Manehattan; the shirt was a bland pink with garish green lettering that spelled ‘Manehattan’. He was disappointed he didn't go first but hoped he would be next. However, Cheerilee called on a different colt, who showed off his dragon skull that he made out of paper-mâché. He groaned as the colt finished, and Cheerilee called on another colt. Finally, after eight others presented, he was finally called up. He reached down to pick up the helmet, but as his hoof touched the metal, the right side of the room exploded, sending debris, desks, and foals flying. He landed on his side, a loud ringing in his ears making everything sound dampened. He heard muffled screams, muffled shouting, and muffled hooves, hitting the floor running. He saw a small figure race past him, pursued by much larger figures. He looked up to a blurry shape standing over him. He couldn't understand what the blob was saying, but he felt his body be picked up and suddenly stuffed into a sack. He felt the sack swing violently before it began to slam into something hard again and again. He felt a sharp pain on his right side and yelped. Before long, he felt drowsy and fell into the clutches of sleep. Drip, drip, drip. Once again, the leaky pipe woke him up. This time, however, his vision began to clear up. Now, he could clearly see the white padded room he was in, and the silver, steel door he was facing. He found that the metal pipe was actually a faucet next to a similar, metal toilet. He felt the cold, cement floor on his underbelly. When he went to stand up, there was a sharp, searing pain that flared across the middle of his back. He did all he could to not scream in pain. He looked around the room and noticed movement in the back right corner. It was hard to make out what was there because the light hanging from the ceiling did little to light the corners of the room. He started to get up and felt the pain shoot through his back, but it wasn't as bad as the first time. He gingerly walked over to the corner and saw the outlines of three foals. As he drew closer, he recognized the three. "Apple Bloom? Is that you?" He asked. Apple Bloom looked up, her eyes were bloodshot, swollen, and lines stained her cheeks under her eyes. "Skyline?" Apple Bloom asked. Skyline was amazed she knew his name. The only time she could have heard it was when Cheerilee called on him during class. He didn't know her personally but knew of her and her friends. "What are you and your friends doing here?" Skyline asked. "We're not sure. All we remember is an explosion. Then we woke up here. After a while, some stallions threw you in here. We tried to wake you up, but you were out cold," Sweetie Belle explained. Skyline nodded as she explained everything and noticed Scootaloo was quiet throughout the whole conversation. He had known Scootaloo was the most talkative of the three. Usually, during show-and-tell, the three combined all three of their turns into one and explained how they tried to find their cutie marks. Scootaloo talked the most out of all three of them and he was stunned she hadn't said one word. Her head was buried in her arms and her body convulsed as she silently cried. He was going to ask if she was ok but stopped dead in his tracks. There was a pit in his stomach and as he turned to Sweetie Belle. The pit only grew. He hadn't seen the horror in front of him because of how dark the room's corners were. However, as his eyes adjusted. He saw it clearly: Sweetie Belle's horn had been broken off and what was left was a jagged edge and where Scootaloo's wings should have been. There were stumps. Chapter 2 He swallowed hard and slowly turned his head to look at his back. He started to hyperventilate at the sight of the stumps where his wings should have been. Around the stumps were dried up patches of blood on his gray coat. "Finally saw what they did to you huh?" Scootaloo said. She had looked up as Skyline discovered his wings were gone. "Why would they take your wings?" Apple Bloom asked Scootaloo and Skyline before she continued, "For that matter: why take Sweetie Belle's horn." Sweetie Belle choked as she tried to hold back her tears. Both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's eyes were like Apple Blooms: Bloodshot and lines staining their cheeks. "Isn't it obvious?" Scootaloo hissed before she continued, "They don't want us escaping. They plan on us dying here after they do whatever they're planning for us." "But why keep us prisoner? Why us? What are they planning?" Skyline asked. His question would go unanswered from the moment as some Pony screamed outside the door. "Please, dear Celestia anyone but her! I'm begging you, please! Not her!" the voice screamed in panic. The screams lasted for a while before disappearing. "What in Equestria's name was that?" Sweetie Belle asked. "I'm not sure what that was or why we're here. All I do know is my sister will come and rescue us," Apple Bloom said. "Yeah, Rainbow Dash will come and find us in a flash. She's already looking for me probably. We'll be rescued in no time," Scootaloo said matter-of-factly. Skyline walked over to the door and placed a hoof on the steel door and looked back at the fillies. "I hope you're right," Skyline said before he looked back at the door and added, "Hopefully we're found before we're introduced to her." Everypony shivered at the thought of what the voice meant by her. Skyline walked away from the door and back towards the three fillies and said, "We should find out if this place has a way out. There might be a weak wall or maybe the previous Pony in here left a clue." The three nodded and they all looked around the padded room for any hint as to how to escape. After what felt like an hour, Scootaloo sighed in frustration. "Nothing, not even a window. The only option is the door and I highly doubt they would just keep it unlocked," Scootaloo said. I won't quit, not until I escape. I know you're looking for me, mom. Dad. Skyline thought. A small rectangle window opened at the top of the door and yellow eyes glared into the room at the four foals. The window closed and from the bottom of the door, four trays slid onto the floor from a small doggy door. On the trays were globs of pinkish gray goo, a small dinner roll (one roll already having mold on it), and a yellow brick. Skyline walked over to the door once again and pushed where the dog door was. It didn't budge. "Even if we could open it, that door is so tiny, Featherweight couldn't fit through it," Apple Bloom sighed. Skyline sighed as well and turned his attention to the trays with food on them. He sniffed the goop and his muzzle scrunched up and he nearly gagged at the smell of the food. The three fillies did the same and also nearly gagged at the foods smell. Sweetie Belle poked at the moldy roll on her tray and Scootaloo picked up the yellow brick. She let it drop to the cement floor and it didn't break. "Is this what we're supposed to eat? Whatever it is, it can't be edible," Apple Bloom said. Skyline gulped and decided to take a bit of the goop. He had to hold down his vomit as he choked on the food. He swallowed hard and gagged on the horrible taste. A shiver went down his spine before he sighed and went for a second bite. "What are you doing!?" Sweetie Belle yelled before she continued, "If this stuff looks and smells as bad as it tastes. Why are you eating more?" "We don't know when the next time we'll get another meal. For all we know, we'll get a tray of this gunk once a day, if that," Skyline explained before he added, "I for one am not starving to death in here. Wherever here is." He quickly took another bit and forced it down. It seemed like the second bite was more disgusting than the first. Each bite he had to keep himself from vomiting. This stuff tasted terrible going down, he didn't want to know how it tasted coming up. The three fillies looked at each other before they too ate some of the goop. Each one had the same effect as Skyline. They all tried keeping their vomit down. Sweetie Belle lost that fight and rushed over to the toilet and barfed out the goop and whatever else was still in her stomach. By some miracle, all four of them were able to eat the goop without any more incidents. Each one washed out their mouth with the water from the faucet. There was a loud thud on the metal door as a booming voice yelled, "Lights out worms." The light hanging from the ceiling clicked off and the four were left in total darkness. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all slept in the back right corner of the room. Huddled up together for warmth and safety. Skyline took a spot in the middle of the room and lay down on his side. His stomach grumbled in protest at what he had forced into it. He was unsure he would be able to sleep tonight after everything that happened, but he found it quite easy in fact to fall asleep in the total darkness. There were bright flashes and Skyline saw dots in his eyes. He shook his head to get rid of them as the Pony who had taken their picture removed it and framed it for them. He handed the picture to Skyline's mother. Skyline looked at the picture, his father stood there smiling with his wings extended. His silver coat shined in the sunlight and part of his green mane was sticking up. His mother looked beautiful. The sun was at the tip of her horn and her golden coat glistened in the sunlight. She had put her pink mane in a ponytail. He turned back to his parents, but they had vanished. He looked around but couldn't find them, in fact; no Pony was nowhere to be found. The only thing he could find was the camera used to take their picture. The camera started to violently shake and from the lens poured out red mist. The mist formed into a stallion sized cobra. Its glowing green eyes locked onto Skyline. Black mud dripped from its mouth. The snake suddenly lunged forward towards Skyline, mouth open and ready to devour him. Skyline couldn't move, he was frozen in fear. The snake suddenly stopped midway when a roar echoed out. Skyline turned around to see a white tiger standing atop a carousel. The Tiger's body was made of thick white fog and the black stripes were made of black smoke. Its blue eyes cut through the air and stared at the snake. It roared again and the snake retreated back into the lens of the camera. Skyline turned back towards the camera in time to see the snake lunged towards him through the lens. Skyline lurched awake in a cold sweat. He sat up and placed his hoof on his face. This place is giving me nightmares Skyline thought. There was a thud outside of the steel door that made Skyline jump and woke up the three fillies. "For fuck sake, don't damage the good," a voice hissed before continuing, "This guy is no good to the professor if he has brain damage." Skyline looked back at the fillies before looking at the door again. "Sorry. This guy's heavy. Must have had one too many hayburgers," another voice said. "Yeah well make sure the goods aren't damaged. I ain't going to be the replacement for this fat flank if he's brain dead," the first voice argued. "Yeah, yeah I get it. Sheesh, you act like she's a mental case" the first voice said before he grunted. "She is!" the first voice cracked before continuing, "Have you seen the fucked up shit she does with these poor souls?" Skyline was now standing up. He quietly walked over to the door. "I just told you I was just hired. So no, I haven't seen what she does to these Ponies. I'm not paid to think, just to transport them to The Clinic," the second voice explained. "Oh just wait, you're going to need therapy for life. The bits seem worth it, but you'll be scarred for life," the first voice said. "Hey!" a third voice yelled before adding, "Quit screwing around and deliver the new specimen to The Clinic. The professors waiting!" one of the voices grunted and Skyline heard wheels squeak down the hall before disappearing. "I think the her that Pony was screaming about is this professor those two were talking about," Skyline said as he turned to the three fillies. "A better question is what kind of stuff is she doing to the Ponies here in her Clinic?" Apple Bloom said. The light clicked on and the small window opened to a pair of green eyes glaring at them. "Looks like you all survived your first night," the stallion chuckled before continuing, "Be ready my little Ponies. You all might be chosen today." The stallion chuckled again before closing the window. All four of the foals looked at each other. Hoping they wouldn't see The Clinic. Chapter 3 The four of them waited in the room, waiting for the enviable fate. One or all of them would be taken to this Clinic and see the professor and what twisted form of torture she had planned for them. It felt like an eternity before they heard hooves outside the door. The four tensed up as they waited, but the door never opened. Instead the sound of hooves passed by them. Seconds later, the sound of hooves reappeared with a small voice yelling, "Where are you taking me? Put me down at once! When my daddy hears about this!" the voice was suddenly muffled like one of the Ponies shoved something in its mouth. "That sounded like Diamond Tiara," Apple Bloom said to her friends. "Yeah, but what is she doing here?" Sweetie Belle asked. "If she's here, that means some of our other classmates are here," Skyline said before he began to pace back and forth and added, "So we're not the only foals here. That means they went to the schoolhouse to kidnap everyone there." "How do we find out how many of us there are?" Apple Bloom asked. Scootaloo suddenly ran towards the door and began to pound on the door. "Anyone from the schoolhouse! Pipsqueak, Twist, Snips, Snails. I'll even be glad to hear Silver Spoon! Anyone!?" Scootaloo called hoping to get a response. The window at the top opened and the pair of yellow eyes from yesterday glared at them. "Your meals are not ready yet, please refrain from hitting the door. If you're hungry then eat your own mane until the food is ready," the stallion said before he slammed the window shut and walked off. They waited in hopes that one of their classmates would respond, but there was nothing. "Maybe they're not close enough to hear us. We don't know how big this place is or even if there's more than one level," Sweetie Belle said. The four stared at the door and waited for the sound of hooves to return. They even waited to hear Diamond Tiara's voice again. They waited and waited, and waited. However, there were no sounds from the other side of the door. "Oh my Celestia, if they're going to keep us here. They could at least give us something to do," Scootaloo protested. "We could throw these around," Apple Bloom suggested as she lifted one of the yellow bricks from last night's meal. "I don't know Apple Bloom. They were pretty solid and if one hit us. It would probably knock one of us out," Sweetie Belle said. Apple Bloom sighed and let the yellow brick fall to the floor. The rest of the time was spent pacing back and forth in the room. At one point they took turns guessing what the yellow brick was made of. Sweetie Belle guessed it was really hard butter that when placed in the goop. It made it taste better. She was dismissed when they all agreed nothing would make the goop taste better. Apple Bloom guessed it was dehydrated cider. That was also disproven when Sweetie Belle took the yellow brick and placed it into the sink before she filled it with water. The yellow brick did nothing but float in the water like a log. Skyline thought it might have been soap, but after Sweetie Belle placed it in the water and it produced no suds. He was disproven. Scootaloo guessed it was just a brick painted yellow and given to the Ponies in the rooms so if they wanted a way out. They simply bashed their head in with the brick. Noone liked her suggestion. "The only way to find out is to taste it," Sweetie Belle said. Apple Bloom immediately placed her hoof to her nose. Sweetie Belle quickly did the same when she saw Apple Bloom do it. Scootaloo was still examining the brick when Sweetie Belle nudged her. Scootaloo looked up and quickly placed her hoof on her nose as well. Skyline was still examining the brick to figure out what it was. He looked up and saw the three holding their hooves to their noses and his right eye twitched. "Really? You're really going to make me taste this?" Skyline asked as he pointed to the yellow brick. "You have to, it's part of the rules," Sweetie Belle explained. She felt kind of bad making him taste it, but on the other hoof: she really didn't want to be the first one to taste it. "You're just not fast enough," Scootaloo said. Skyline sighed as he picked up the brick and held it in his hoof. He hesitated before he swallowed hard and licked the yellow brick. His right eye twitched again, but he looked at the brick in confusion. "So, how does it taste? What is it?" Apple Bloom asked. "It's a lemon flavored brick of sugar. It's really good," Skyline said before he licked it again. His right eye twitched even more after the second lick. The three fillies looked at one another before they each grabbed a brick. They each licked their own yellow brick and immediately began to gag. Skyline let out the gag he had been holding back. Surprisingly, the yellow brick tasted worse than the goop they ate. "I thought you said it was good," Apple Bloom argued before she used the sink to wash out the horrible taste in her mouth. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo fought her to use the sink. "Yeah I did," Skyline said as he mustered up a smile while he gagged. "You're a jerk," Apple Bloom said as she finally washed out the taste from her mouth. "Says the filly that used me as a guinea pig to see if the brick was edible," Skyline argued. Sweetie Belle picked up one of the yellow bricks and chucked it at Skyline. It was a terrible throw as it soared over Skyline and hit the steel door. Leaving a small dent in it. The window tore open and the pair of yellow eyes glared at them. "I thought I already told you? Your meal is not prepared yet!" the stallion roared before he slammed the window shut and stormed off. The four looked at the door before they looked at each other and began to laugh. After that, they tried to pass the time with a game of charades. It lasted all of thirty minutes after Apple Bloom and Scootaloo got into an argument about what Scootaloo was portraying. Scootaloo argued she was portraying a turkey, but Apple Bloom argued that she clearly was mimicking a chicken. Skyline didn't see either one of Scootaloo's portrayal and guessed she was mimicking a goat. Sweetie Belle had stopped guessing altogether because she was still mad they didn't see her perfect portrayal of Rarity. She even did Rarity's signature faint and yet none of them came remotely close. After the game ended, the four sat in silence for what felt like hours until Skyline sparked a conversation. "What are your sisters like?" Skyline asked. It was the first thing that popped into his head. He felt uncomfortable asking such a personal question, but he felt more uncomfortable sitting in silence. "AJ's amazing!" Apple Bloom said before continuing, "She's the best apple bucker in Ponyville. No, All of Equestria. She fought off a Chimera that intruded onto the farm." "Didn't she fight the Chimera because you took one of the pie carts and tried to do the delivery yourself?" Sweetie Belle questioned. "That might. Have had something to do with it," Apple Bloom stuttered and mumbled before she recomposed herself and added, "Applejack’s amazing though! If she was here she'd kick the door down and we'd escape." Apple Bloom ran over to the door and kicked it. Instantly regretting it as she limped back. The window surprisingly didn't open. They just heard the stallion on the other end mumble and walk away. "What about you Sweetie Belle?" Skyline asked "Well, Rarity's very Fashion savvy. She's made some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen and owns a shop in Canterlot, Manehattan, and has her main shop in Ponyville. She's crafted many clothing for Equestria's top celebrities and even royalty. She made this awesome headdress for Sapphire Shores," Sweetie Belle explained. "Wasn't that the same headdress you sabotaged because you were angry with Rarity?" Scootaloo asked. Sweetie Belle glared at her before turning back to Skyline "I might have pulled a stitch out of place so the headdress would fall apart, but I fixed it before Sapphire Shores could put it on," Sweetie Belle admitted before adding, "But if Rarity were here. She'd fashion something to help us escape. Even convince one of the guards to let us out." "Yeah well Dash has got them all beat," Scootaloo boasted before continuing, "She's the fastest Pony in Equestria, no the world. She can clear the skies in ten seconds flat, and the most loyal Pony I know." Scootaloo "Yeah, but AJ says she can be pretty reckless sometimes," Apple Bloom said as Sweetie Belle agreed and said Rarity said the same thing. "Give me one Example," Scootaloo challenged. "How about the time she destroyed the weather factory to keep her turtle from hibernating," Sweetie Belle said. "First off all: Tank is a tortoise and second," Scootaloo said before she stopped. She really couldn't come up with a good reason why Dash destroyed the weather factory. So she changed the subject, "Either way she'll come and rescue us. She'll probably slam through this wall and fly us home." She smiled, pleased with how she defended Dash. "What about you Skyline? Do you have any siblings?" Sweetie Belle asked. Chapter 4 "No, it's just me, my mom, and my dad. My dad's part of the Royal Guard and my mom owns a jewelry store in Ponyville" Skyline said as he shook his head. The thought of his father in the Royal Guard triggered the thought of his helmet and he began to panic, "Oh no! No, no, no" He began to look around the room, but he didn't see the helmet anywhere. He fell to the floor in a panic worried he had lost his father's helmet. "What is it? What's wrong?" Apple Bloom asked frantically. "My dad's helmet. He let me take it to school, but only if I promised to take care of it," Skyline explained before he buried his face in his arms and added, "He'll never trust me with it again." "I highly doubt he'll be worried about it with you missing," Sweetie Belle said. One Day Ago: The fire Ponies sprayed water onto the schoolhouse to control the flames while police Ponies kept the crowd at a safe distance while also letting parents of the foals that were in the schoolhouse through. "Where is my daughter!? By Celestia, you do your damn job and find her!" Filthy Rich roared at a police Pony who wiped the spit from his face. "I understand your concern, but we're doing our best to complete a list of missing foals before we commence the search," the police Pony explained. "You will search now!" Filthy Rich screamed. More police Ponies came to calm him down, but he turned his rage on them. Twilight was talking with a police Pony and before long she thanked him and walked back to her friends. Rarity quickly grabbed Twilight and began to shake her and cried, "Do they know where Sweetie Belle is? Do they?!" Twilight, with the help of Pinkie and Fluttershy, was able to get out of Rarity's grasp. "What about Apple Bloom?" Applejack Cried. "And Scootaloo," Dash asked as her voice cracked. "They are still unsure where they are," Twilight said as she shook her head and explained, "According to the students: there was an explosion on the right side of the classroom. After that, Ponies, possible stallions rushed in and began to stuff any foal they could get their hooves on into sacks. The Ponies wore skull masks and black robes. Cheerilee tried her best to fight off the Ponies so her students could escape, but one of the foals saw her get knocked out and stuffed in a sack." "Mrs. Cheerilee was taken as well," Fluttershy said. Twilight nodded before continuing. "Some of the foals saw the Ponies stick syringes into the bags. The police think they sedated the captives to keep them from fighting. The police just did a head count and after comparing the count to the attendance sheet. Along with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Cheerilee. The Ponies took five other foals," Twilight explained. "Who else?" Rarity asked. "Diamond Tiara, Snips, Skyline, Twist, and Pipsqueak," Twilight said. It took a good hour to stop the flames and when they did, the fire Ponies searched the charred remains of the schoolhouse. A silver Pegasus and gold Unicorn had rushed to the schoolhouse and demanded to be let through to see their foal. When the police Pony escorted them to where the other parents were. One of the fire Ponies walked out of the schoolhouse with a Royal Guard helmet under his arm. The window tore open and the pair of yellow eyes glared at them as the stallion hissed, "Your meals are ready you ungrateful foals." He slid four trays through the doggy door. The trays had the same food as before: pinkish gray goop, a yellow brick, and a dinner roll (This time none had mold on them). The cart the stallion pushed squeaked down the hall. The four started eating the goop. Somehow it tasted more disgusting them last night. Sweetie Belle even found a few strands of mane in hers which made her gag even more. An hour after they had choked down their food. The lights clicked off and they were left in the darkness of the room. Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom went to the right corner of the room again while Skyline lay in the middle of the room on his side. However, unlike last night, he didn't immediately fall asleep. Instead, he lay on the cold cement floor, his mind wondering. He knew they were looking for them, of that he was sure. His dad was probably having the whole Royal Guard looking for them. However, he didn't know if they would find them. He had heard about all the stallions, mares, fillies, and colts that had gone missing over the years. Many of them were found, but a majority of the missing were never found. He didn't know how well hidden this place was. He didn't even know if they were underground or high in the sky. It was clear that they didn't want anyone to escape since they took his and Scootaloo's wings and Sweetie Belle's horn. He feared he would join the Ponies that stayed missing and be forgotten. He feared he'd never watch his mother make jewelry in her store, never have family game night where his parents let him win and thought he didn't notice, or hear all his father's stories when he went out with the Royal Guard. Thinking about all of it made him sob and he cried until he fell asleep. Skyline stood in front of the tipped over the camera and watched as the red cobra and white tiger battled one another. He knew they were fighting to see who would devour him and leave the scraps to the other. He slowly backed away and hoped neither one would see him. He stopped when he heard a low growl behind him. Skyline turned around to see a wolf made of red mist slowly stalking towards him. Its glowing green eyes burrowed into Skyline as black mud dripped from its mouth. Skyline chuckled nervously as he started to back away from the wolf. Unaware of the shadow flying overhead that suddenly darted towards him. Skyline was jolted awake by a slamming at the steel door. The three fillies had also been violently woken up by the sound. He looked at the window to see the pair of yellow eyes staring at him. They disappeared and were replaced by a pair of candy apple red eyes that glared at him just like the pair of yellow eyes did. The window closed before five clicks came from the door. All four foals suddenly stood up like their bodies were being controlled. Skyline found he couldn't move his body as it stood up straight. The door opened and in walked a milk-white mare with candy apple red eyes and blue mane. She picked up Skyline and placed him under her arm before turning around and walking out with him. When she brought him out of the room, she placed him on a cart. He finally saw the world that stood behind the steel door. It was a long green hallway with steel doors on either side. It looked like the hallway went forever. He finally saw what the stallion with the yellow eyes looked like. He was a chubby tan stallion with a red mane and tail. The stallion began to examine Skyline and that's when Skyline noticed the stallion was missing part of his right ear. After the examination, the stallion smiled and Skyline saw his yellow teeth. The tan stallion nodded to the milk-white mare before he walked behind Skyline and began to push the cart. Skyline desperately tried to move so he could run, but his body was locked in place. Sweat rolled down his face as they pushed him towards the end of the hall. This was it. He would see The Clinic and see what twisted things the Professor had planned for him. Would she sedate him before she worked on him or would she simply strap him to the table and cut into him while he felt every sharp point of her tools? While they pushed him down the hall, he noticed the milk-white mare was once a Unicorn, but now had the same jagged edge as Sweetie Belle. He quickly assumed that the Professor didn't work on Ponies she thought could help her. Maybe if he convinced these Ponies that he could help her. He might save himself a trip to The Clinic. "I-I can help you know," Skyline stuttered. The white mare looked at him quizzically before Skyline continued, "I can help! Maybe with the foals that she brings in. keep them from crying so the other staff doesn't have to hear them all the time. Maybe even keep them from trying to kill themselves. I'm sure you lose a ton of Ponies like that. I can do it. Just as long as I don't go to The Clinic." Skyline knew it was a terrible persuasion, but it was the only thing he could come up with. The milk-white mare laughed which sent a shiver through his body. "She wouldn't need the help of some stupid foal," the mare said with a sadistic smile on her face and she added, "Not yet anyway." Chapter 5 They went down the hallway in silence for the rest of the way. Only their hooves and the squeaking of the cart echoed through the green hall. When they reached the end of the hall, the white mare pushed a button and the elevator doors slid open. The tan stallion picked up Skyline and placed him on the blue floor of the elevator. "Mind your step," the stallion laughed before he pushed the button and the doors slid closed. Skyline suddenly fell to the floor and quickly stood up. He could move his body again. He rushed around the elevator looking for a way out. However, like the room, he shared with the three fillies. There was no escaping the elevator. It suddenly started to move. Skyline frantically looked around before looking up to see the darkness he was ascending to. The elevator felt weird like only the floor was moving. When the elevator stopped, the doors and walls all were gone. Skyline looked around but only saw dirt surround him. The dirt stretched into the darkness that also surrounded him. He was confused at where he was. Had they let him out? "Hello?" Skyline squeaked. For a few seconds, there was no sound, no movement. Suddenly lights exploded on causing Skyline to wince. Once his eyes adjusted to the lights. He found himself inside an arena with dirt floors. He looked up to see lights hanging from the glass dome that covered the arena. There were blurred outlines of Ponies watching him from the other side of the glass. "Good evening fillies and gentlecolts and welcome to another event filled evening at the Suicide Dome!" the voice echoed. The crowd erupted in cheers and when it died down, the voice continued, "As always, I'm the stallion announcer with the greatest voice. Jukebox." The crowd once again erupted in cheers. "What's going on?" Skyline asked. "Tonight's opening round might be over quick, but don't worry. This is just the appetizer for the main course because fillies and gentlecolts. Your favorite femme fatale is in the main event. That's right you greedy foals. Mares what to be her and stallions want to be with her. Viper will be in the main event!" Jukebox yelled. The crowd erupted even louder as he announced her name. "Round?" Skyline questioned. "Now, without further ado let me introduce you to tonight's contenders!" Jukebox announced. The crowd once again cheered before Jukebox continued, "In the red square: he is the stallion that walks the Shadow Realm. This is Shadow Dancer!" the crowd cheered. "Killer! It's Shadow Killer," a voice yelled. Skyline looked across from him to see a dark blue stallion standing on a red square yelling up at the dome. "Oh the edginess," Jukebox joked. "I will put my hoof so far up your ass; you'll be able to taste the dirt I'm standing in for a month!" Shadow Dancer yelled. "Sure, you do that," Jukebox said unimpressed before he cleared his throat and continued, "and it looks like Shadow Dancers opponent in the blue square is one of the new arrivals. This should be a short match, but hey. You get ever closer to see Viper in action." The crowd erupted in cheers once again. "Damn it, it's Killer! Shadow Killer!" Shadow Dancer yelled again but was lost in the cheering of the crowd. Shadow Dancer Sighed before turning his attention to Skyline and added, "Alright look: I'm in no mood to chase you around. So do me a favor and stand still. I'm already pissed off as it is. Between the damn announcer and that damn filly, they put in my room a day ago. I'm a little on edge." "Filly?" Skyline asked. "Yeah, they put a damn filly in my room and all she did was cry for her parents. Cut my hoof on her glasses," Shadow Dancer said before he turned to the skybox that hung on the right side of the dome and said, "Which hopefully will be cleaned by the time I get back." "We have already cleaned up the mess after you left Shadow Dancer, but please. From here on out: don't kill your roommate," a female voice said over the intercom. Shadow Dancer didn't argue about his name with the new voice. He simply sighed and turned his attention back to Skyline. "Like I said: don't make me have to chase you kid. Just make my 100th win an easy one please," Shadow Dancer said as he lifted his right fore-hoof. The end of the hoof changed from dark blue to pitch black. "Fillies and gentlecolts, are you ready?" Jukebox asked. The crowd cheered before Jukebox asked, "Red Square. Are you ready?" "Just shut up and let me get this over with," Shadow Dancer sneered. "Blue square. Are you ready? Jukebox asked. Skyline couldn't speak. He was too stunned at what was going on to even speak. Was this the twisted things the professor did with them? Jukebox waited for a second before continuing, "Alright. Count with me: three, two, one. Begin!" Shadow Dancer punched the air and a black tendril shot from his hoof towards Skyline. The tip of the tendril morphed into a four-clawed hand. Skyline quickly rolled out of the way of the attack just before it slammed into the ground. Shadow Dancer snorted in irritation before the black tendril retracted back into his hoof. "Stand still," Shadow Dancer hissed. He punched the air again and again the tendril shot out of his hoof. However, as it soared through the air, it split into four tendrils. Each with four clawed hands. Skyline quickly got up and darted away from the tendrils. He rolled and serpentine to avoid the tendrils from grabbing him. The ground shook with every tendril that slammed into the dirt. If he had his wings he could dodge them with ease. The tendrils quickly retracted back into Shadow Dancer's hoof as his left fore-hoof changed from dark blue to pitch black. His irritation was growing and he slammed both his forehooves to the ground while screaming, "I said stand still!" Eight tendrils erupted from the ground behind Shadow Dancer. Each tendril had a four-clawed hand at the tip. Skyline ears bent back before the tendrils shot towards him. Skyline galloped as the tendrils raced towards him. Some of the tendrils slammed into the ground, but instead of retracting back. They shot out of the dirt and dust and continued the chase Skyline took a chance and looked back. His heart nearly leaped out of his chest as he saw how close the tendrils were getting and how ferociously they slammed into the ground just to shoot out towards him. He looked forward and galloped faster. His legs burned as he winced and forced himself to run faster. As he ran, the image of the white tiger flashed in his mind and caused him to trip over his own hooves. One of the tendrils grabbed him by the waist and shot up into the air before looping around and slamming him into the ground. He gasped as all the air in his lungs felt like it was sucked out. The tendril slowly lifted him from the ground as he gasped for air. "Finally caught you, you stupid fucking foal," Shadow Dancer hissed. The tendril quickly wrapped around Skylines abdomen before Shadow Dancer continued, "I was going to make it a quick death, but since you wanted to waste my time. I'm going to make you suffer for every second you wasted." The crowd cheered as though they wanted to see Skyline suffer. The tendril started to tightly squeeze around Skyline's abdomen. Skyline began to scream as he felt the tendril constrict around his body. Tears welled up in his eyes as the pain shot through his entire body. As the tendril squeezed tighter, his screams grew louder. However, his screams were overpowered by the cheering crowd. Skyline cracked open his eyes. Everything was blurry because of the pain and tears. Mom, dad, somepony, anypony. Please help. Make the pain stop. I don't want to die! Skyline pleaded in his mind. The image of the white tiger appeared once again in his head. Please help me.
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