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Found 21 results

  1. So I've been floating around here for awhile, and I've become a tad bit lost. I know people advertise their little roleplays here and there- and, in fact, I've joined one before on this platform- but I'm not entirely certain where that section is anymore. I lost track of it and, in lieu of looking like a complete dunce, I'm asking here instead: where do I advertise my own roleplays? I've got this big new world I've cooked up, but I need players, and lots of them. Literate ones, too. If any of you can help a bro out, it would be much appreciated ~
  2. So recently Entertainment Weekly tossed up this little gem, which is basically Equestria Girls... if it was with real life girls. Watch the entire thing here and then cry tell me your opinion! Yikes. So what are your thoughts on our new teen, blonde pony human friends? And as a bonus question which do you prefer; Technicolor humans or live action? I vote pony all the way!
  3. Hey, we are practically only a month away before the movie premieres. I think it's about time we see Lionsgate to take the promoting job more seriously don't you think . Perhaps I'm a bit negative on it, but I can help but to think that these comments about Lionsgate not taking it's promoting job seriously may have at least some truth. Just in case, I propose we do our part to spread the word. I highly doubt we should spread love for the movie, but instead, hate. It's simple: we encourage people to freak out that a movie about ponies is really coming out, the haters will swarm, and spread the word in a poor attempt to boycott it, but we all know well it'll backfire; JUST LOOK AT THE EMOGI . Go to 9gag, facebook, or any social media you can think off. DON'T, PROMOTE, THE, MOVIE; at best you should be vague about your love of ponies, like: "Hey, is this real? :shows the trailer:" or "Hey, apparently there will be an MLP movie". But expressing disdain and hate, I believe will work best, at least in more public places like 9gag. In the latter, encourage everyone to spread the word, so they'll attempt to boycott it like I've mentioned. It should work
  4. This is one of my favorite photoshop projects I've ever done. It features Lyra sitting on a bench with pinkie around the corner. I also put two fake advertisements in the frames (The "Chicken The Movie" poster is mine. There are also a few easter eggs hidden around the photo, can you spot them all? Anyways, here's the before and after: BEFORE: AFTER:
  5. Hey there! YOU! GET OVER HERE! Why over here? Cause over here is where my channel is! I'm Tech Reel, and I have a channel named "MethODDical". A random little channel comprised of some analysis, some commentary, and some things that just make you say, "Wh-what's this guy's deal?". New video each Monday! Come on over and check it out:
  6. Flash was very confusing to me. But I think I figured it out. I'm tempted to try doing some audio syncs now } Been thinking of using Princess Clara audio clips from Drawn Together (Tara Strong voices her using twilight's voice, so it's a perfect match) I won't link any of the audio because it has a lot of vulgar langue, (which makes it that much more funny). I'm not linking the kickstarter here because I don't think this is the right place for it, I just wanted to share the animation that few will see =\
  7. So I just watched the weirdest/funniest ad ever on YouTube and then at the end Rainbow Dash was in it! Too freakin weird man.
  8. Does any of you remember J.G. Wentworth commercials. Preferably the "it's my money and I need it now" ones. I remember seeing them and thought they were funny and I think that they referenced the movie Network with the people sticking their heads out of the window and shouting. I also can't help but think that commercial and the quote can be used for future references. What do you think? Here's the commercial in case you haven't seen it or can't remember it:
  9. I try to be good, I try to let the advertisements play on youtube. However there is a point to where I end up keeping ad block on. It's when this happens. ↓ Seeing all those uneven yellow dots on the bottom draws the line. Most of which are appear on the bottom of the video overlapping the subtitles. I mean I'm not hearing impaired but to those who try to watch youtube videos with subtitles or captions; must ad block on a regular basis just to be able to read. It isn't like google is doing it in purpose but one would think they would catch it right away. Not only that, this showed up WITH ad block enabled. So what am I worried about? Lots of little nit picky things, the uneven yellow dots on the scrub bar, the frequency of the yellow dots (then again it makes sense for an hour long video, but I've seen fourteen minute videos with that many dots) or just how frequent I would (if adblock was not enabled) have to close the advertisements that overlap the subtitles for LPs. Am I just being stupid or crazy or what?
  10. What are some ads that you have seen that are advertising the show or merch. I saw this ad and I think it's pretty weird.
  11. Just came back from another Hasbro owned movie that was saturated in Product Placement *Cough* Transformers: Age of Extinction *Cough*, and I was wondering, would it bother you if MLP:FiM started to have product placements (like Coca-cola, Victoria's Secret, Mcdonalds), ponified and/or nonponified? Man I thought the product placement in the Transformers movie was distracting. That's what I think of this. Agree? Disagree? Please share Source Source
  12. What are IRL things that remind you of ponies? I'm talking about those things IRL that don't directly state ponies, but instead unintentionally state the references instead. For example: I think you get the idea. Please post some pictures!
  13. I was searching what is the reactions of other people about adblock. I expected a positive one. But.... It ended up the opposite No, it's not about the technical errors but how it results to other websites. I saw reactions like... "It ruins the free internet!" Or websites saying... "Please whitelist us from adblock!" "Please turn off your adblock to access this page" So I asked myself why? Why do they hate it. It's like they are forcing us to be annoyed even if we don't want to be annoyed. Tell me
  14. Hello, I just realized that there are absolutely no ads in the IP.Board theme. Even though I've opted in to ads on my profile, and I've whitelisted MLP Forums on my adblocker, ads only display on the MLP Forums theme. In a poll I made a while back, I discovered a substantial percentage of users use the IP.Board theme, so it'd probably be worth putting ads in it to help support the site further. ~ Mitchfizz05.
  15. So today I was browsing along the old Steam, when my buddy Gabe Newell decided to show me that Postal 2 Complete Edition had a major update. Reading the little blurb on that page it stated "Now with 95% less bugs!" I couldn't help but laugh because I thought to myself as someone who took advertising in college and just as a person: "that is not a very good selling point. That's like advertising that the game now finally works." I mean I know that might not be their intention, but wow does it look bad on them. Being someone that has played Postal 2 the original though, I happen to know the game is buggy beyond words and it was outdated the day it was released though. So it got me to thinking, what are some of the worst advertisements or selling points for products you've ever seen?
  16. I was just playing around on YouTube, when I saw this video ( as a YouTube advertisement (you know, those videos that play as ad’s before the video you want to watch starts, which sometimes gives you the option to skit to the main video after a couple of seconds). Could it be that ‘creative Bronies’ are taking advantage of this to spread their work on the world? How would you like to see more Ponies in YouTube advertisements (and perhaps in other places on YouTube as well; such as those little clickable ads that appear toward the bottom of a video while it’s being played)?
  17. So I recently enabled ads to appear to support the site. What types of ads do you see when you carouse MLPF? I've just see a BMO (Canadian bank) ad, A banner about Van Houtte Coffee, another about, and one other about email marketing... Also, how do you mods agree to let ads appear on these pages anyway?
  18. Fillies and Gentlecolts, hold on to your horses, because we have a Radio Show for you! We are Pregnant Stallion Radio, part of the PonyvilleLive lineup, and we set out to give you an awesome podcast full of advice, banter, fandom reviews, and philosophical nonsense. Worried about the name? Fear not, because we make it our promise to give you strictly PG-13 rated content. Who are we, collectively? Pregnant Stallion Radio is a podcast coaliton. That means that we are a set of 2-3 podcasts, who work largely independently of each other, but fly the same banner, and share many of the same listeners. Upppppppdates! This will change weekly. Prrregnant Stallion Radio is here with yet another week! It was a quiet week in the offices of Pregnant Stallion Radio. Or was it? Not really. stood alone this week, for various reasons that caused our co-productions to be put on hold for the week, and more than made up for the lack of content.In fact, this weeks episode had 100% more banter, 38% more awesome, and 0.008% more Amonisis (Which was plenty more than we'd ever wanted to see, believe us). Join the Crusaders' as they in turn met with such guests as: Lucifer, Monkey Scientists, and Tea-Drinking gentlemen. Much conversation happened this week, on what we think just might be our best episode yet! Our Livestreams Each week, as frequently posted on our pages, our current podcasts stream their shows for listeners to tune in to. Crusaders' Talk turns the dials and jumps up their stream every Sunday night at roughly 10pm MST, over at their Livestream Channel This week we're doing our trademark banter show, which usually happens once or twice a month. Basically, the guys sit back, sip tea, and talk about recent happenings. It's a pretty chillaxed show, yo! Rainy Readings is always on Saturday's, but times vary. Usually, it's at around 22:00 UTC/GMT. That can be found at his His weekly shows are based off of viewer-answered polls. Want to get your hoof in the ballad box? Got a fic you want to see? Find the poll here. Make sure to keep in touch with our social media pages for updates! The Rundown of Our Shows: Where can you find us? And that's all for right now, folks. This thread will be updated regularly with weekly publications, livestream shows, and various Network updates.
  19. I've constantly thought about how much i 'advertise' drawings and projects. I've always felt like i overdo it and should give it a rest. Advertising in general is annoying at some point. But where's the limit? What's your thoughts on when someone is advertising something they've done or that they work with? Are they annoying? Are they interesting? Would you turn your back on them? How much do you advertise when you do drawings? Or perhaps you work at an advertising agency and can provide some experienced information? - Nac0n
  20. So today I drove by a bus station and on the back of the bus that was parked there was an ad for a laptop. And on the laptop screen insted of just blue or something, there was an ad for the new Batman movie. Now, I thought of this: "Why aren't there more ads like this? I mean, it's a really good way to either save ad space for the bus company, or a clever way to make consumers see the product". It's a really good advertising strategy. What do you think? (Do you agree or disagree)
  21. Hello all. I'd like to tell you about a useful resource for practicing fanfiction writing: Thirty Minute Pony Stories. This Tumblr blog is one I've been running for the past three weeks or so with several other people from Tumblr. Essentially, each day, a prompt is posted(the time varies, but three hour and one hour warnings are posted as well to give you the heads up). The prompt is determined by the mod posting the prompt that day, and is often quite random. Once the prompt is posted, you have a six hour window within which to submit a story. The actual process of writing the story is timed at thirty minutes or less. Essentially, the idea behind these prompts is to practice writing. We've been receiving a variety of submissions from quite a few different people so far, and the blog has been quite successful. Feld0 has given me approval to advertise for it here since I figured it would be beneficial for those who wish to practice fanfiction writing. You actually don't even need a Tumblr account to submit, though having a Tumblr account will help greatly because you can use it to follow the blog and see every post as it's posted, etc. A few example compilation posts, to give you an idea of what kind of stories are posted. (You can see one of my submissions in the first one.) Prompt #20 Compilation: Bottled Up Prompt #22 Compilation: Captain Pinkamena Pie Prompt #23 Compilation: Namesake. One final thing to note is that this isn't a competition. No prizes are involved. It's just you, a time limit, a prompt, and some writing to do. Try it out! It's really quite fun, I assure you, and can be rather helpful in practicing your writing skills. If you do choose to participate, I wish you the best of luck. And if not, it can still be fun to follow the blog to read the stories others submit.