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Found 20 results

  1. Hello there everypony, this is my first post in this forum! I'm just wondering if there is any such thing as animation puppets for after effects. I know there are plenty of flash puppets but if none for AE exist I'd be willing to pay for a service.
  2. This is a video I should have finished probably about 9 months ago, but I started getting lazy... This is my first after effects project.
  3. So, I've never posted a topic before, just responded to them. Don't hate me if I did anything wrong, I rarely post topics on any site! Recently, I made a new YouTube channel, and I decided to put this thing on there. I've literally just used the Ae 7-day Trial for this, lool. 3 days remaining. I've never even opened After Effects until a few days ago, but I've wanted to make something like this ever since I saw my first video from "GuncaPMV" two years ago, and I finally decided to try it after years. This is literally the third render of it, I messed up the other two times. I JUST uploaded it like 10 seconds ago haha. Literally haven't attempted a PMV ever, so, I hope you like it!
  4. Hello my name is Framerate, I am looking for a teacher or tutor for learning all Adobe CC products. I know some flash, and a lot of photoshop and i been trying to look for help if anyone on the forums could possibly help me I would appreciate that very much.
  5. This is my third SFM poster staring every pony's' favorite pony Luna fighting her dark side for control of Equestria. As always looking for opinions and whatever else you want to say.
  6. This is my first 3D image made out of SFM and After effects.The Picture is of Nightmare star from them Mlp Card Game. Looking for Opinions as well as anything you want to say about it
  7. This is a 3D poster based of the story of Snowdrop the OC created by Silly filly studios. Looking for opinions as well as anything else you want to say
  8. This is a SFM Poster of the three Nightmares of MLP. Nightmare rarity from the comics, Nightmare moon from the show and Nightmare star from the card game. Looking for opinons as well as anything you want to say
  9. So I saw the topic titeled something like "Will we make it to episode 200"? That got me thinking. If we are all honest with each other here, its not lasting that long. What show created to sell toys has ever lasted that long. Hasbro is running out of junk to cram into the show so they can make more toys. The solution: a whole new cast. The show will run to season 6, we will get the movie, probably 1 or 2 more EQG movies, then it will end. But what happens to the fandom? Im sure it will still go strong for a while, but 1 year in, and people will start to lose interest. First the EQG fanbase will die, then the show fanbase, then after an even longer time the Fanfiction community will run out of new ideas good ideas. Then eventually the music bronies. Somewhere in there the roleplayers, I don't do that, so I don't know how strong it is to make a time judgement. All that will be left is a few stray prospectors lurking around the site of a once booming community.
  10. Hello there! I have decided to use my skill in After Effects in making a PMV. I am currently working on two and I would like for someone to collab with me for two reasons: 1. Im kind of running out of crativity here xD 2. I'd really love to meet another brony who is good at making PMV's (using Adobe Flash, After Effects, Sony Vegas...etc). The PMV's im working on are as follows: 1. [PMV] Find You (about 50% complete and ive even made a teaser ) [NOTE: IN THE TEASER IGNORE ANYTHING PAST 0:48] (song: ) 2. [PMV] Fly Away (havent officially started, but i have it planned on paper) (song: ) ================================================================== I'm open to ANYONE with any experience what-so-ever. Even if they dont know what they're doing (not really xD) Since to having very strict parents, if anyone answers this before 18/6/2015, i wont be working 100% as my parents only allow me 1 hour of computer time (sucks right?) and i cant skype during that one hour (REALLY SUCKS RIGHT) but after that date (when my vacation starts) ill be working 24/7. If any of you are willing to collab with me, just say in the comment or skype message me! My skype is shadowblade7536 Stay Brony! /)
  11. Okay, for starters, I'm a newbie when it comes to Adobe programs, but after messing about with After Effects I've started to take a liking to it. I'm trying to make a PMV of 'Shine Like Rainbows' because it's a sick song. I have used about 2 techniques I think (no, really) and I would appreciate it if anyone could help. I have done 15 seconds worth of work which took me 3 and a half hours... Anyway, if you like the looks of it and want me to carry on, or if you can help me out, it would be appreciated, thanks! [Edit]: Also there is no FX because I was going to add it in at the end, so it may look a little raw.
  12. So I used to edit Call of Duty clips back when I had a laptop and I can't wait to get a new laptop to continue because I've got a lot of higher quality edits I'll be uploading to my other channel. But this is my favourite that I uploaded to my old channel, I'm self taught so I think I'm decent.
  13. Hi! Sorry I'm new so I'm not sure if this is in the right area of the forums :S, anyway I as wondering if I could make sliders in flash, you know pony creator where you can change the size of the iris etc, I wanted to know if I could someway do that in flash (or even adobe after effects!) Also.... Could anyone make tutorials on how to animate in adobe after effects like 2snacks does (the person who makes two best sisters play) Thank you!
  14. Hey all, Just posting some of my favorite vids that I've made since love them so much!
  15. So I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve gone to the trouble of making a new topic, well let’s get right into it. With your help and other artists like yourself who’s art, be it music, artwork or fanfiction has somehow caught me eye… I want to create a masterpiece of a project. A tribute to the MyLittlePony:FIM fanbase and it’s amazing fan works. A DVD; which will be a showcase of said fan works. The working title is Six By Three: Things The Fandom Is Made Of. Setting a grand stage; for some of the most amazing MLP fan works imaginable. If you’re thinking, “Oh well if it’s a DVD there’s going to be a main feature right?” Because of the nature of the project my feeling I was to put the documentary "making of" for the entire project as the main feature to the DVD. Which would again showcase the artists from all three art mediums (fanart, fanmade music, and of course Flash animations/PMVs) as I go through and talk about them and how I integrated them into the overall project. What do you get out of this deal? Recognition of your fantastic skills as an artist, singer, writer and creator! So here’s my pitch, go to my Deviantart page send me a PM: Detail your type of art, and bring it to me. Flash animation? Awesome. Custom Graphics and Vectors, feed me. Fanart? Definitely. Remixes of Pony songs or Original compositions? If you have art I want it. In the end if I meet my deadline of before April 18th, I’m planning on showing the DVD to the masses at BABSCon: In this vein, I am sadly only one person. And while my vision is grand I cannot execute it in the scale I want on that deadline without help. So as a show of respect and credit where credit is due, I am also looking for pros with Adobe Suite (Mainly After Effects, Photoshop, and Encore) to help with the massive workload my creativity is churning out. (I have been going to bed at 2am for the last two days working on graphics for the menus.) Also, I want to create a custom made intro video for the DVD itself and the "Making Of" Documentary which I'll be filming. If this post has peaked your interest even a little, please find the details for getting on my mailing list for the project here:
  16. Hey guys! Wow, haven't been on here in a while, but ya know, school n' stuff. Anyways, I'm here cuz I've finally hit over 100 subscribers on my youtube channel And I have most of you guys to thank for that. In celebration, I've decided to make a very special visual for this occasion which is now done and ready for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, here's my 100 subscriber special.
  17. So here it is, my final render and upload of my KOLT Kinetic Typography. It took about 15 hours to make, but in the end it was all FREAKIN' worth it. SO, without further ado, here's the typography:
  18. One of my last assignments at uni was to make a short reel of some of the work I did on the course. It has both my oldest, and (almost) newest work. It was supposed to be 90 seconds long, but I found one of my first lip-sync tests from my second year and stuck it in after the credits. Boring sort-of technical stuff you can skip: - Character animation, cleanups, colour, and shading are done using traditional cel animation in Flash. - Effects, composting, and motion graphics/cut-out style animation are done in After Effects Anyway, I had fun. Clicky on the Vimeo link for HD. Oh God, there's actually so much nostalgia for me in this... It's also on my Youtube.
  19. Hey guys! Yeah, so this kinda took me a while to make, but I had a lot of fun making it! I'd very much appreciate your guys' feedback, so without further ado, please enjoy:
  20. I made this video in After effects. I'm very new to the program, and I spent a while learning how to motion track, but it was worth it, if I had to do it all over again it would be so much better!... so anyway...what do you think of it? Inspired by this status I notice that there are a lot of obvious errors, such as the skiping of frames on twilights head and the fact that trixies head pops out of the car, I couldn't do much about this as tracking it took a long time. The "nerd"s pants and shirt had similar colours to the sky and to the grass making it difficult. so tell me any, not so obvious errors you spot, and I will have probably known about them, but not said anything!