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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome! This is my new blog! ------------------------------------------------ I don't even know why I'm doing this but oh well. I suppose I'll be posting silly stuff here just for the sake of it, maybe even a video or two. So yeah, that's it. Um, good day.
  2. Last night, we saw the best mane 6 fan tourney come to a close; as promised for you fans of the rest of the cast, this is going to be the Best Secondary and Background Character Tournament! Since there's such a wide selection of ponies to choose from, and I'm the one in charge of this one, I'm going to change things up a bit. Here's the template: Derpy - Princess Luna - Trixie - Spike - Discord - (Blank) - (Blank) - (Blank) - (Blank) - (Blank) - Feel free to make up to 10 nominations total, using the blanks spaces in the template provided to fill in up to 5 more ponies you feel we may have overlooked; we wanted to go with ones we felt had a prominent fanbase, but we may have overlooked some as well; we don't want anything or anyone to feel overlooked, but there's also a cap of 10. Also, Champ and myself noticed a lot of feedback from the last tourney that we plan on implementing into this one; however, given the nature of this tourney, it may not need to go as long as the last one might've. At the moment, nominations will last 2 days. Actual voting will last between 3 - 5 days. However, your feedback will have a strong influence on this. If you feel we need to go longer, speak up! I'll keep track of nominations below, in a spoiler box, as was the case with the nominations from last time. So, get to it!
  3. My friends at school (brought into the herd by me,I'm so proud ) have long since asked this question. These are their exact words: "What type of brony are you? Are you only just a fan of the show, or are you the kind that'll stick with it until your grave is dug, or maybe even something in between?" In other words, the way I see it, they ask how loyal you are to the show and the fandom. I know I'll never give this up, even when I'm a century old. Curious to know what you all think??
  4. I will always love Octavia, but Derpy has been a close second. Especially by strong emotions. With having a friend whom is mentally impaired, he said, it was like Derpy was made especially for him. He loved her talking and it makes me wonder. Do you think she will ever talk again? I hope so.
  5. I was screwing around in Inkscape and got this (click for DA page): I dub her Sweetie Pearl. Maybe there can be pearl ponies, a variation of crystal ponies?
  6. I'm guessing this is just another bug with IPB but since I don't see a thread about it yet, I'll bring it to public attention. At the moment, I can't see anyone's "stats" tab on their profile, and apparently I'm not the first person this has happened to. Is this something that could potentially be resolved?
  7. Right now I;m obsessed with drawing my OC Fireball Rush. I actually drew a second picture of her in one night! And it's a school night! How crazy is that? Usually I only draw 2 pictures per weekend... I don't know what's gotten into me.. Anyways, enjoy.. bon appetit, whatever. I think the eyes came out kinda Derpy-ish, as my sister pointed out (not that it's a bad thing! Please leave your comments, and try to keep them positive, though constructive critisism will be accepted.
  8. Hello everypony! This is my My Little Pony fanfiction, Discorded Again. I would appreciate some feedback. There should be a new chapter every so often, probably every 3-14 days. Yes, that's a big range, I know, but it depends on how distracted I get by MLPForums and other crap. Anyway, I will make a post on this topic to notify when there is a new chapter. I am open to criticism, so please tell me if I made a mistake anywhere! Links: Part One - Dangerous Games