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Found 52 results

  1. This has been brought up in many places, but: How old would you say the ponies are? In some cases they act young, but they could also be older...Personally, I think the Mane Six all in their early 20'sDiscuss how old you think they are and why...
  2. So I've recently been thinking about the Mane 6's ages again and basing it on things in the show. I've come to the conclusion that Rarity is somewhere between 23-26. She has a business in a small town recognized by a major celebrity. A business takes some time to get going. It doesn't seem like her family is rich. She was also an adult at Sweetie Belle's 5th birthday (5-7 show years ago). There is a much bigger age gap between her and Sweetie Belle than Applejack and Big Mac. She's always just seemed a little older to me. My full post on The mane 6's and others' ages is here: So do you guys agree? Or who else is the oldest of the group and why do you think so?
  3. What is everyone's worst fear when they get older? Mine is becoming more forgetful. Cause all this time, as you enjoy life, you create memorys that you charish. Only to know when you get older, to the point where your brain gets weaker, to the point that you begin to forget things. My biggest fear is not death, but how I may one day, lose my memorys. As I get older and forget my cherished memeories. That is my biggest fear. We collect pictures and mementos just to REMIND us of the good times we have together... What about the rest of you?
  4. Just a little survey to see how the community is going. You can also post you memories of MLP here. 3.769% of the MLP Forums Community has voted.
  5. As an older member in the forum I put together a questionnaire that will help compare and contrast the worldview people in different age groups have. Everybody is welcome to participate but, as you will see, answers will differ greatly from those well over 20. EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't change the title to "10 Questions for Members who are 20 and under (or older)." :/ 1. Do you know how to use a rotary phone and have you ever dialed one? If so, how long ago? 2. Did you have an early part in your life without Internet access? Parents disallowing it because you were too young doesn't count. 3. What is the earliest national or world crisis you have a first hand memory of? Most of you will probably say September 11. 4. Can you recall if your family had an old-fashioned TV with dials on it? 5. Can you tell me what it's like to read about Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton, the reunification of Germany, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in history textbooks? EDIT: I realize we have members all over the world. Feel free to cite whatever the latest history you saw in your school books was. 6. Do you or does anybody in your family refuse to carry a cell phone? Again, parents disallowing it because you were too young doesn't count. 7. Do you remember old school 5 1/4 inch floppy disks for computers? Maybe you're so young you don't even remember the 3.5 inch disks that were discontinued just a few years ago? 8. When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages to look up a phone number? 9. What was the first cartoon you fell in love with? Don't say MLP:FiM. You're all supposed to be at least 13 so I know you have a well-liked cartoon from before that. 10. Do cartoons from the 1980s look and sound as dated to you as cartoons from the '60s appear to me?
  6. So i rewatched Equestria Girls, because despite purist brony opinion, it was a good movie. In the movie princess celestia says sunset shimmer was a student before Twilight, BUT twilght became a student when she was very young. So i see two possibilities The first, is that sunset shimmer is much older than twilight is, because sunset shimmer would have to be older than twilight to make decisions on the quality and speed of her training, causing her to turn on Celestia. But Sunset Shimmer is a highschool senior, because pinkie pie said she was princess "3 years in a row", and twilight is at the very least a freshman, but likely older than that My second theory, is that sunset shimmer has a very high IQ and WAS able to make educated decisions on her training at only a few years older than twilight, or mabye even her exact age. But the problem with this is that Sunset's Plan was incredibly flawed, something that a very intelligent person probably wouldn't make So what do you guys think? How old Is Sunset Shimmer?
  7. When I was a kid, a year seemed to go by very slow. But as an adult now, a year seems to go by very fast. Why is that?
  8. I've been ultra-bored all day so I thought "Ehh, I'll make a fun little poll". So, what month were you born in? I was born in March (March 27th). I also want to see if there really is a bell curve or not. (Google it.)
  9. Something that has always bugged me about MLP is how big of a visual gap there is between the ponies of the show. We've seen foals, "adult" ponies, and elderly ponies. But we've never seen any that appear to be inbetween foals and adults in terms of size and maturity. Let's start off with what we do know: Lauren Faust has stated that the Mane 6 are young adults with a maturity level anywhere between 12-18 years of age. Fluttershy stated that she is a year older than Pinkie Pie. In "Cutie Mark Chronicles", she visually appears to be more mature than every other filly in her class. Did she just grow faster than the others? This is the closest we've seen to a "teenage pony". It's hinted in "Pinkie Pride" that Rainbow Dash is 21 years old as her birthday cake has 21 candles. This is consistent with the lifestyle of the ponies in the show. The Mane 6 are all out of school, all have jobs or occupations of some sort that a normal adult would have, and all live in their own residence by their own means. They display the intelligence of someone who's at the very least a young adult If we are to follow the traditional time period in which people mature to the point of living independently, we can presume based off this that the Mane 6 are anywhere between 17-22 years of age in "human years". In Equestria Girls, when Twilight goes through the portal, she transforms into a being who appears to be either 17 or 18 years of age as she, along with the rest of the Mane 6, are portrayed as late high school students. As for the CMC and other similar ponies, they appear to be anywhere between the ages of 7-12. Equestrian schooling seems to finish at the basic level after the human equivalent of elementary school as no "middle" or "high school" equivalents are ever mentioned. This makes sense because in Equestrian society, ponies learn their special talents (cutie marks) around this age, making further schooling largely unnecessary. The equivalent of college seems to be present, albeit as an extension of their studies in whatever talent they possess. But where are the "teenage ponies", the ones inbetween foals and adult ponies? An argument could be made that the Mane 6 are actually around 14-16 years old, but this still doesn't explain why ponies between the ages of the Mane 6 and the CMC are never seen. A few theories/explanations/possibilities that may be the cause for this: Theory 1: Around the age of 12-15, ponies undergo a massive growth spurt, quickly going from appearing like foals to appearing like adults. The reason "teenage ponies" aren't seen is because they don't stay in such a visual state for long. This would also draw a parallel with how real horses grow - they mature rapidly from child to adult. Theory 2: Some of the ponies in the show are meant to be representative of teenage ponies, however the art style and constant usage of templates causes them to appear similarly sized as adults Theory 3: The writers/designers simply never wanted to design teenage ponies, and they leave the ponies ages up in the air on purpose ------- What are your thoughts on the matter?
  10. Me: 16 to 21 yo. Lauren Faust: I think more about maturity level more than literally age. I think of them from anywhere from 12 - 17. I use the excuse that horses age differently than humans to give them their adult independence. Source:
  11. Nearly all of my friends who dating someone (when they were as young as 18 years old) ended up breaking up with that person later on in the future. So when almost all of my friends dating someone at 18 years old, they never stayed with them long enough to get married with them or to have kids with them or both. So why is it whenever someone (about as young as 18 years old) start dating someone, that they will most likely break up with them sometime in the future?
  12. OK, I'm back with another questionnaire that will hopefully start a nice discussion and make people think about how far we've come. 1. What grade did you learn to type in? And have you ever used an ordinary typewriter, whether it was electric or manual? 2. What was your first home video game system and what year did you get it? 3. What is the oldest car, make and model year, you can remember your family owning? 4. Did you ever have first generation My Little Ponies or Transformers? If so, when did you get them? 5. Who was the earliest president, prime minister, governor, head honcho, etc. of your country that you have a first hand memory of? 6. Do you recall smoking being allowed in workplaces where you live? US members under 20 will generally say no but answers from other countries may vary. 7. Did you ever use old-style roller skates instead of roller blades? 8. Did you ever use a pre-Windows PC? 9. Remember “Be kind, please rewind”? 10. Name the first big blockbuster movie you recall watching in a theater that wasn't a re-release. I'll chime in a little later with my personal answers to each question. Enjoy! EDIT: If anybody who wants to read my personal answers to these questions, please scroll down to post #17.
  13. If you guys know Twilight's parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, I have noticed something. Why do they look young? They LOOK like they were born with Twilight Sparkle at the same time.
  14. (CAVEAT: Now, I know that the writers are probably not thinking on this level of detail and consistency, but I still think it's fun to speculate about the deeper lore anyway) So it has previously been hinted that Granny Smith is hundreds of years old (she was present during the founding of Ponyville and Twilight says in Winter Wrap Up "Ponyville was started by Earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to clean up winter"). This raises the question of how ponies age and how long they live. As of The Perfect Pear we may have gotten an additional clue for those of us that like to overanalyze the lore of this show: Before the song, Bright Mac tells Pear Butter that it is their 131456 hour anniversary (about 15 years) since he first called her Buttercup. He did this earlier in the episode when they where young. Then they looked like the cake twins, but they spoke very well, so they were probably a bit older (but not as old as the CMC). Maybe the equivalent of 3-5 years? If that is the case, then we learned that ponies becomes young adults at about 18-20 (and also legally able to marry). This seems consistent with how humans age, but it doesn't seem consistent with Granny Smith's age. But maybe ponies mature as fast as humans, but still can live longer? I'm probably missing some previous data. But what implications does this have for pony aging? Could this somehow be used to better guess the age of the main six if combined with earlier known facts? What are your thoughts?
  15. This may be a pretty wild speculation, and we might never know the answer, but basically, how much older do you think S.A. is than Twilight Sparkle?
  16. Ever notice how Twilight Velvet looks as old as her daughter, but Stormy Flare looks her age? Let's hear your thoughts!
  17. I googled this online and it came back with the answer that the averge age of bronies is 21years. Is this correct?
  18. This is just something I've notice while re-watching some old MLP episodes, Granny smith has been in Ponyville since it's founding. Ponyville has thrived for hundreds of years. I already know that Celestia and Luna have lived for thousands of years but do normal ponies live for hundreds? If Granny smith was a young mare in Ponyville's founding wouldn't that mean that she would currently be hundreds of years old? If that were true then Ponies might be much older than we thought, perhaps taking a hundred years to mature from a filly to a mare. twilight sparkle and the gang may be in their 200s for all we know. has this theory been stated and/or debunked in the past? I've tried googling for similar theories but most place their age at around 20s.
  19. In winter wrap up ponyville is hndreds of years old, yet granny smith founded it. how old is she?
  20. The show never really told us how old ponies are, and although EQG shows the mane 6 as 16 year olds, that could simply be chalked up as their human ages. A cat that is 3 years old is practically a young adult, you dig? BUT after watching A Canterlot Wedding (a personal favorite) part 1, one particular line caught my... ears I guess, since my eye cant catch sound, but anyway. The line was Cadence, who was actually Chrysalis saying "This would be good, if it were a six year olds birthday party". That means that ponies still consider six to be an immature age, thus it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say ponies in Equestria have a similar lifespan to humans, no?
  21. Hey everypony. I've noticed that this year's brony census is up for people to take. It will be more reliable the more people who take it!
  22. Mine was age 13 because I was a good kid, had great friends, was in the same class as a crush of mine, got accepted to the best high school in the city, and I was so happy to get a 3DS! Plus middle school was great! How about you guys?
  23. So, what's the age demographic of active users around here? Well, cast your vote and we'll see. Your vote is anonymous so if you're someone who would prefer to keep your age hidden from the public, there's nothing to worry about. So, by my understanding, you can only start to use the forums if you're 13. 18 years of age is considered to be a turning point for a number of reasons. 25 (or was it 26? Can't remember) is around the age your frontal cortex matures and from then on it's asking if you're in your thirties or fourties. Well, that's an explanation for the poll choices given. So, let's see what the age demographic is around here. So...
  24. I think the mane six are 16 or 17 and the cutie mark crusaders are 14
  25. I'm extremely PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think?