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Found 3 results

  1. When I was a kid, a year seemed to go by very slow. But as an adult now, a year seems to go by very fast. Why is that?
  2. My oldest still-living relative is my grandfather. (12-12-2014) He just turned 89 last month. To me it's just so weird that he's actually that old. He still drives well, including on the expressway (aka. Interstate or Dual Carriageway.) He uses a computer pretty good. He uses Facebook and email. He also does photo editing and knows how to work with folders and burn discs. He goes to the store with his discs and prints the pictures on one of those kiosk things. That's more than my mom can do at just over half his age- LOL He also still plans out and builds small to medium wood projects (workbenches, shelving, dollhouses, birdhouses, etc.) He also does crosswords and Sudoku type puzzles EVERY day. Up until last year we would have to race over to his house when it snowed before he would try and do it himself. Yeah he probably could have done it physically (he has a snow-blower) , but if he slips and busts his ass- It would most likely be game over for him. Last year right before thanksgiving we had quite a scare though. He suddenly couldn't walk and luckily was near a chair. My grandma wasn't home and luckily my uncle stops over there almost every day after work. My grandpa was stranded in his basement for like an hour. We all thought he was having a stroke. The fire department (ambulance in their area) had to take him to the hospital. Luckily it was just an issue with leg circulation. He can walk OK now but probably won't ever be 100% like he was before the incident. *Edit* Unfortunately he just passed on 12-12-2014 -_- So how old are your relatives and how/what are they doing?
  3. What age means to you? Do you think you act the proper way for your age? What do you think about age stereotypes? Should you respect people older than you? Do you expect people younger than you will respect you? Do you feel that you have more power and people will look up to you if you are in a group where people are younger than you? Do you think that people would treat you differently now if you were different age? Does age really matter? I think this way: Age is just the number of years that you have lived and it doesn't tell that much of you as a person. I think people should look over these age stereotypes because age doesn't tell anything of the person itself. I try to respect all people especially if they are older than me I always try to look up to them and try to learn from their experience as much as possible. I don't have very good experiences of people with my age or younger because most of them have been just bullies and judged me as a person. I sometimes feel that people won't take me seriously because of my age and that annoys me. I mean these age things are meaning too much to people. Companies advertise in age groups I mean what in their age number tells them what they want to buy? People with certain age or older can't participate some activities anymore. I mean if people see someone maybe 70+ year old they may think that they are helpless and that somehow they have lesser abilities than younger people. My dad is almost 70 years old and his hobby is to play badminton. He beats some dudes that are in their 20's and 30's He always says that they are embarrassed when he beats them. I mean what is embarrassing to losing to a dude older than you? I mean what gives us the right to expect them to be weak and helpless? Do you need people near your age or same age to get along with them? I mean could you become buddies with person that is 10-30 years older or younger than you? Are you embarrassed if you need to ask help from someone who is younger than you? Maybe 10-20 years younger. Is it easier to ask help from older people? If so why is that? Feel free to post your opinions and experiences with age and aging