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Found 7 results

  1. I am working on a personal project which is a head-canon to on going fanfiction by SPIDIvonMARDER - "Crystal Siege" The project contain Equestrian Fighter Divisions concepts on post war machines like F-14 Tomcat, F-20 Tigershark, F-15 Eagle and F-111. For now I am working on NAVY divisions for F-14 multi role fighters and already have 2 accomplished which are strongly based on straight MLP canon characters and motives and on the Crystal Siege story. More jets will come soon. Enjoy
  2. After months of hard work, FInding Equestria is finally out! Thanks to those who helped me along, even though sometimes i've wanted to quit. Without further adue, I present Finding Equestria Chapter One! Chapter one: A strange beginning. Today was the day! Today all the training I went through would pay off. Three days ago I had received my letter of acceptation to the A.E.C more formally known as the Air Elite Core. Without another thought, I was well dressed with my uniform in top condition. If I was going to the elite core, I was going to be the jewel of the flight. Luckily I had left my keys in my pocket, and I was in the car in no time. The car wasn’t the best, but she and I had been through hell and back. The engine reluctantly started and I stomped pedal to the floor! Within minutes I’d be at the air force base, and there’d be an AC-130 waiting to pick me up. Soon after I had passed the gate into the air base, I saw the plane glittering like a divine wing sent straight from heaven. Driving my car across the tarmac, I soon realized that all of the personnel were lined up for me, all saluting. The Major stood at the off-load ramp of the plane and smiled. I got out of the car ready to shake his hand and was met with a hug. “You did well kid, the skies are waiting!” With that he led me onto the plane and strapped me in. All I could do was beam and probably look fairly stupid doing it. The Major left without another word, and waved as the off ramp closed. I could feel the life roar into the engines as the pilots willed the plane to move. The props buzzed at a steady rhythm while we taxied out onto the runway. Out my window I could barely catch a glimpse of the other personnel still saluting. All of a sudden the steady buzz of the engines bellowed in power and suffocated the sound around me. The only thing I heard for the next hour was the rhythm of the huge engines, but I didn’t care. I loved it. The ride felt amazing. Although the plane was a large and empty cold and metallic chamber I felt something only a pilot would feel. The window allowed me to see the gorgeous puffy clouds that shined bright pink and purple with the light of the rising sun. With this peace I found myself drifting off to sleep with the steady drone of the engines. After what seemed like a quick doze I landed. About twelve minutes later, the door across from me opened. And a bright face popped in. “Hi there newbie!” he said. “Hi there” I replied. “So if it isn’t Mr. Goody Two Shoes, the straight A student?” he said. “that’s me” I replied again, careful not to step out of line. “Well if you don’t want to go back to the base, you might as well step off the plane.” I quickly unbuckled the seatbelt and followed the man outside the plane and was immediately met with a huge tarmac of helicopters, planes, jets, and even rockets. “Welcome to AEC base 2. Home of the meanest war fighters America has got to offer.” “Of course you aren’t any exception, you are the guy I want covering my ass when I get blown out of the sky, you are incredible newbie!” he said. “It’s Travis” I steadily replied “Yeah sure thing Jack” he said quickly. We were walking toward a hanger larger than any structure I had ever seen before. The guy introduced me to a couple of planes and then showed me which one I was going to fly. “Wait…now?” I said. “ Yes now!” “ A war fighter needs to be ready at the drop of a hat bucko, lets see what you got!” He introduced me to the plane and pulled out a secret compartment from the side of the command controls. In his hand he held a small piece of a cut stone. It glowed an eerie purple and almost acted like a magnet with small pieces of it orbiting the larger rock. “This is the key to all war fighters.” “This precious piece of rock always gives us the supplies we need.” He explained. “Watch”. He took the stone and closed his eyes. Next thing I knew, a small amount of stuffed teddy bears littered the ground around us. I looked at him in suspicion. “Hey what’s wrong with toys?” he smirked as he tossed me the rock. I waited a few moments and thought as hard as I could about a glass of ice cold Coke (considering I was on duty, I couldn’t have had a lot more fun with it.) and sure enough, a small coke bottle, wet with condensation was right at my feet. “Well enough of that, lets get you into the plane!” “Wait, I never caught your name.” I said. “Call me Mike!” “okay mike, what do I need to do?” “Just run a test flight and get used to the controls!” “simple enough” I responded while I hopped into the plane. The cockpit was very comfortable. The controls were almost like they had been custom made for me, and the best part was that all the strange new gadgets that were on this plane came easy to me. I started up the engines and I could tell this plane had power. Looking closer at the controls this plane had ALOT of power! Taxiing to the runway took forever, probably because I had never been so excited to get back in the air. Finally I reached the runway, and I could see all ten-thousand feet of asphalt ahead of me. I gunned the engines and the plane shot forward. In no time I was up in the air soaring faster than I ever imagined. A garbled voice came through my headset, “how’s the plane goin’ for ya?” Mike said. “MMffmf” I tried replying but with the G-forces and the head wear I had on, it was pretty impossible to talk. “Alright, have fun, I’ll tell you when its time to come down.” Mike chimed through the radio. That was all the motivation I needed. I reached for the after burners until I was so high I could only see black and down below me a bright blue planet peacefully drifted through the nothingness. All of a sudden the plane lurched and the engines hit top speed. “Wait? What’s going on??” I tried saying through my coverings. We were leaving the atmosphere, going faster and faster until I couldn’t move or breath. Soon my vision became blurry and all that I saw were the dimming lights of the cockpit slowly fading away. It felt like I was passed out for about three seconds, but the bright and colorful planet looming in the distance told me otherwise. “OH GOD” I yelped! Desperately trying to reach Mike again, I fumbled with all the radio frequencies. But instead of finding Mike, I got a dead radio. The planet got closer and closer. I looked around the dying GPS, and saw a tiny white dot, that was me. Then I saw an arrow pointing towards earth. I checked the graph and it found the arrow to be over one-trillion miles away. “WELL GREAT, JUST GREAT!” I gunned the throttle and nothing happened. I tried again and again, still nothing happened. Finally I pushed the button for the afterburners….BAD IDEA. I shot toward the planet at over Seven hundred miles per hour. Instead of the planet slowly getting closer, well…I think you’d understand how fast it came at me. I pulled the joystick up as hard as I could, just clearing the planet’s atmosphere. “Why haven’t I burned up yet?” I wondered. Soon I soared across huge forests and large fields that seemed to be…Inhabited? Loosing altitude fast as my plane lost thrust from the last burn, I attempted to make an emergency landing. I came in to hot, and ended up crashing straight into the ground. Again, everything went black. This time It felt like I had slept a century. Groggily I opened my eyes and saw the blurry figure of a bright pink pony with huge curious eyes say “HI THERE!” Chapter 2 COMING SOON!!!
  3. I was having an argument with my brother who said that all bronies are on the lower end of the masculine side of the human race(typical hater stuff) and I asked him what he thinks is the most masculine thing he could think if and he said a soldier. I (unlike most in this generation) understand the sacrafice and hardships soldiers endure to keep us safe so i was wondering: has anypony ever, present or past served in war? If it's not too much to ask of course.
  4. Good Afternoon Recruits. so, you think you got the gear to serve in my beloved core huh? Well then, show me what you got. The E.A.C is beyond what any pegasus could ever dream of. Even thunderbolt flight leader Spitfire bowed to our forces. We are Equestrian Air Core and we will protect our land with our lives. We are the princess's most beloved defence, and most trusted flight. If you think you got the wings to fly the E.A.C, reply telling me and the other recruits your name, what you think you have that the E.A.C needs, and why you would sign up. When I see your message, in my inbox, or the reply to this post, i'll tell you how to mark your position in the E.A.C Goodluck troops, General Novalight signing out.
  5. Hey guys and girls, this is just a heads up on my new (fanfic) I guess you could call it that. Anyway Its for the special Air force bronyz! We are a very small race but what we lack in size we make up for in "Epicosity!"-Toby Turner. If I can get enough Go, NO GO for lauches, ill post the story on MLPforums. This is basically a heads up for you guys. BTW this is also for any rainbow dash lovers! Anyway, send in your thoughts, and soon I'll have a story on this post for you guys. P.S. This is the fun part for you guys! so listen up recruits! If you have anything special you want added to the story just tell me. I will be sure to add honorable mentions in the credits! If anyone wants to help me with the story, message me or Email me at for an interview! I can not wait!
  6. I was just wondering if there are any other military ponies on the forums? Reason for the random question is because I am currently at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA and I am kind of alone out here. Public showers, public sleeping quarters and no real privacy. Want to see if any of my brothers/sisters out there are also my bronies or pegasisters in here. If so, what branch? What job, where are you stationed? What do you do and do you let your buddies know about your brony hood? I myself am stationed at Ft. Drum. Me and my wife(Pegasister!) are always looking to hang out as well. If anyone is up in north western NY, love to hear from ya some time. I was kind of despised last night in the showers last night cause I was approached by a group of what I would assume to be infantry guys. They saw my Rainbow Dash tattoo and decided to mess with me. Really embarassing considering it's usually a no go to really talk to anyone in the showers you dont know. The strange thing is that I've also been approached by someone, just one person, that said he really liked my tattoo, said I was brave for getting it and sporting it and that he was actually a big fan of Fluttershy. (Thus, part of the reason I made this thread Progress! By wild chance you're here and proud of your bronyhood, brother, I hang out in the Czee zone!)
  7. Just a thought, How do you think the Equestrian Miliary works? They obviously have one, It's easy to see all the guards the princess has. Twilight's brother is part of the Royal Guard, so I guess thats one branch. Is there an Air Force with Pegasi? A navy with ships ran by ponies? Army with unicorns? Do they have a multi gendered military? If they have multiple branches, can anypony join any branch (ie earth pony joining the airforce)? DO they need a military? Who are they defending themselves from? Please don't think to deeply about politics and such, not nessary. This has nothing to do with the American Military, SO DONT TALK ABOUT IT! THIS IS ONLY ABOUT EQUESTRIA! I am not trying to bring up contriversy, so dont bring it into this...please