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Found 10 results

  1. What are the policies for using airsoft guns as cosplay props?
  2. What are the local laws on airsoft guns, and are they allowed to be used for cosplay at the convention?
  3. Anybody else play airsoft? if so, lemme see your guns/gear! 2003 OIF Interceptor Body Armor 1981 Grenada 82nd ABN US Army 1st air cav division Grenadier, circa 1966. (My name isn't 'NamBrony for nothing XD) US Army Rear Echelon personel circa 1969
  4. Do you like paintball or air-soft better and why if you want?
  5. Hello, this is the leader of Diamond Shark airsoft team speaking! Do you play airsoft? Do you live in Texas? Then join Diamond Shark airsoft team! We are based out of Goliad, Texas, United States. Please message back if you are willing to join. Also take note that we do have uniforms that are required to wear in combat known as BDUs, Battle Dress Uniforms. Please post to this topic even if you don't want to join. I don't want to let this thread go to waste.
  6. Hello and welcome to the airsoft side of the forums! If you have a loadout that you use on the field, please share it with us! I would like to see what to get when I decide to start creating my own loadout. I already went on evike,com and picked out BDUs for my airsoft team that I am currently trying to recruit members for. Here is the Battle Dress Uniform that I WANT to get for the team. To buy list: Head Gear Emerson FAST Type Tactical Helmet -Black $40 Avengers Helmet Half Face Mask -Skull $22 BDUs and Pants Cotton Poly Twill Jacket -Black $26 BDU Pants -Black $26 Body Armor Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig -Black $32.95 Gloves Matrix Nomex Hard Shell Knuckle -Black $25 Footwear Rothco 5092 G.I. Style Steel Toe Boots -Black $55 The total comes out to be $226
  7. Hey guys who here is into airsoft? I am wondering about peoples advice on the debate of high grade aeg vs gas guns and etc.... Are you a kwa fan or a echo 1 star person
  8. Through my expert usage of the forums search, I discovered one or two threads have been made in the past, although, they appear to be fairly dead, :c. So, I decided to make one. So, MLP Forums, do you play paintball and/or airsoft? Do you play often? How long have you played? Where do you play? Do you enjoy it/them? Do you prefer one or the other? Why? What is your load-out? etc. etc. I, for one, love to play paintball, and I do almost every weekend. It's one of the only things that makes living in SoCal bearable; we have one of the biggest paintball scenes in the country, and there are a few good, well-known fields that are less than 30 minutes from where I live.
  9. Hey bronies, pegasisters, or any other people. Basically, there is a new law taking place in California on airsoft. I do not live there, but, I am going to move there for college. Basically, a new law is passing up. Now this law is absurd, even for anti gun people, Basicall it states that all people who own an airsoft gun, nerf, or pellet gun must use it only on private property and must have direct supervision from adults if the person is a minor. All guns must be colored bright orange or a color that make it look like a toy. If not, police are subjected to fire and the adults must pay a heavy fine. Now, this will put Evike and Ai out of business. Now, I don't know but it would be embaressing to walk around with an orange AK47. Here is the site where I found this: Could someone create a petition to sign. We need to keep california sane. I could care less if you had to carry your airsoft gun in a gun case, but don't do this to us. Please, ppl support me.
  10. As i like airsoft and mlp i thought airsoft + MLP = EPIC! so i painted one of my ACOG scopes with rainbow dash's cutie mark (and wrote peagasis on it.)