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Found 19 results

  1. Not one hundred percent sure about whether this is a forum appropriate topic... But I'm super curious about the habits of the forum goers (though the sentiment expressed often gives me a good idea of what the skew in answers is going to be). What sort of substances do you enjoy? Any favorite type of alcoholic beverage? Do you smoke and enjoy smoking? I'm going to recommend not going into detail about anything that isn't on the poll, because illegal substances and such. For me all the substances involved are more social than anything else, but I do enjoy them of their own merit. My favorite types of alcohol are gin/vodka, because I like things with a very pure/clean taste.
  2. As most of you might know, alcohol changes your behavour and the way you feel. For instance, it makes me a lot less aggressive, I just start to love everyone, like seriously, when I'am drunk I probably would even hug Adolf Hitler, because I just can't be angry at anyone. Anyway, I'am really curious to know how you feel when you're drunk And to the Admins, I know that might be a borderline inappropriate topic, but I really don't wanna promote drinking here, drinking is bad because the ethanol gets partly oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is toxic for the liver, so don't overdo it!
  3. What's your go-to drink when you're out with friends? Do you like beer or are you more of a spirit+mixer type of person? Or maybe you're more fancy and like sipping on wine? I've recently fallen in love with Captain Morgan after having tried it finally. And Midori + lemonade has always been my fave drink.
  4. Mine is a Dark 'N' Stormy. What is yours?
  5. So a bunch of us bronies are 21+Lets discuss our favorite beer or liquor or anything with alcohol in it!Personally my favorite beer is the oh so cheap Bud Light, and right now my favorite liquor is Jim Beam Red Stag.
  6. I'll admit I'm a bit new to the whole "sophisticate"/hipster scene or whatever you want to call it but I was wondering if anyone had any decent food/wine combination suggestions?
  7. Is there any alcohol in Equestria? I know we see cider and everything, but we really don't know if that's alcoholic. Also, Berry Punch. And if that is then what's the drinking age? I've seen estimates that the Mane 6 are around 15-20 years old (I know that's a WIDE margin but I'm not here to talk about the Mane 6's age, just the drinking age) and that they are drinking the supposed alcoholic cider. I'm just curious about the whole thing.
  8. Because if it does, Pinkie wouldn't have ended up very well.
  9. I had this drink. Apple sthing, vod, gin, melon sthing, sthing similar to chambrd, cran juice and orange. It fucked me over. Like, walking home waws somethinfg fun and I can't, holy crap it was stong, I only had it and cider and I am almost compely drunk. Anyway I thought I would just tell you about it bnecause I thought it was cool.
  10. LIFE. OUR FINAL DECISION. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE PONY, NOTEWORTHY. HIS ONE-NIGHT MISSION: TO EXPLORE STRANGE NEW GENS, TO SEEK OUT NEW MARES AND NEW CIVILIZATIONS, TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO COLT HAS GONE BEFORE RealityPublishing Copyright 2016. Don't sue me OH YES! I've been waiting to talk about this one! OOOOOH BOY! The fun I had. Following my last entry, I mentioned that I checked out a MLP G3 DVD from the library and that I'd be watching it that night. I kept my word, and I regretted it. So before I really dig in, let me give it a fair rating: 6/10 - RePub, "The menu spooked me" As my mother always says, make sure you say something positive! Hmm. . . Pinkie Pie was there? Oh, and Rainbow, but I'll get to her later. Yeah, the positive ends there. The episode I watched was dubbed, "The Princess Promenade", and featured two other episodes to accompany it's trough of manure. So as soon as I got home, sat around, and drew a bit, I popped in the disk and called up my friend. It took a while, but we eventually agreed to watch the full, 50-minute feature film. The episode is just littered with bad writing. Everypony has no other emotion but happy, even Pinkie Pie, ponies don't intervene, and even the musical numbers sucked. The story starts off with about three breezies flying into "Ponyville" to aid in some kind of flower festival. The main breezy, Zipzeey (who is voiced by Andrea Libman, so you can imagine how many times I thought that was Pinkie), is allergic to flowers for some reason, but that's not really a problem. The "real" focus of the story is set on Hysteria (Her name is Wysteria, but I swear they kept saying, "Hysteria"), G3's very own, Twilight Sparkle. Hysteria, accompanied by Pinkie Pie, is digging around in the "royal"(?) flower guardian (after a song) when they find a weed. The two try to pull it out, but they end up falling in a deep hole. Zipzeey, who apparently has a close relation with Hysteria, follows them. The three find themselves in a dark tunnel that leads them toward a big pile of dino dung. (I'm not kidding on that one.) On top of the dung, however, was a flower that interested Hysteria, causing her to try and pick it up. Dino Dung awakens, reveals its name is Spike (the dragon) and he appoints Hysteria a princess for picking up a flower or something. This is where the movie takes a turn for the worse. Everything before this point, I could handle. In fact, the notorious intro song didn't even play at the beginning, so it was giving me a good impression. Until the word, "Princess" was thrown in there. I swear, to this day, I wish I had taken shots for every time someone said, "Princess", but I'll get to the shots later. Spike, for some reason, has access to a big castle in the middle of Ponyville. It's not introduced or even explained why the castle is there, but I had to run with it. Spike explains that the flower gives whoever picks it the power of a princess and is the rightful ruler of however big Ponyville is. Spike then describes that his "role" was to teach the new princess how to be one, and this point, you should already figure out what the rest of the story is about. Hysteria is taught how to be a princess, but it's too stern and she can't see her friends. . . blah blah blah. . . musical number. . . no freedom. . . destroys the Death Star. . . gives up princesshood. Now, all that is fine and dandy, it's nothing I haven't seen before, but what makes these stories unique (despite having the same plot) is the resolution. Let's see how they solve this problem. . . Princess Hysteria, in a drunken, depressing rage, messes around with Minty / Pinkie's Float (Which, by the way, I would totally ship.) and comes up with an A M A Z I N G resolution. I swear, this blows G4 out of the water. In fact, I think the rest of the world should try this. Hysteria solves her princess problem, BY MAKING EVERY PONY PRINCESS Yeah, and they sang a song about it. I think the only funny thing about that whole thing is that as soon as they started dancing and such, you could automatically see that Spike was the King. He dressed up and even went as far as making the ponies bow to him. Not joking, see it for yourself. (You can find the episode on under the extras tab) The whole thing is just littered with bad writing (as I said before). Not a single pony makes an advance toward Spike or pressures Hysteria about her princess problem. All the ponies in the town drop everything they're doing and sing a song about how there's, "A Princess in Town", which was just terrible. Every character has a stereotype and they follow it to the tee. This is where the drinking sets in. Firstly, I'm not old enough to drink, but that's fine. Water is more deadly. Rainbow Dash, who dresses so nice, has a bad habit. Every single line she has, ends with, or has multiple of, the word, "DARLING". As soon as I heard it twice, I grabbed a half-gallon of water and told my friend that every time Rainbow said, "Darling", I'd take a full swig. 40 Minutes and 36 swigs later, my hand is shaking, I've got a burning hatred for Rainbow Dash, and I'm screaming every time she appears on screen. My head is in the clouds, I can barely move, my bottle is just about empty, and I've got fifteen minutes left. At that point, my friend looked up "hyponatremia" and was begging me to stop, but I sucked it up and kept pushing 'till it was over. By the end of the night, I had water all over my shirt, I forgot how to swallow and I lugged my water-hopping bod into bed. And that was my G3 experience. A simply delightful encounter with Rainbow Death and Hysteria. Though, I must add, they kept making references to Pinocchio which made me chuckle. Good job, G3, you got me to chuckle. -RealityPublishing Oh, I also took some snapshots of the. . . highlights. Have a look!
  11. I'm currently attending a weekly public training course with my local police department. This week we covered procedures for OWIs, and that linked back into drug abuse in our community. It was eye opening to see how bad we've got it. Apparently, Wisconsin is #2 in the country in pharmaceutical robberies, whether it be thefts from pharmacies, or more commonly, pills being taken from family & friends. We're not only the drunkest sate, but we're a bunch of pill poppers too. Not only that, but my county is the second highest in the state in terms of heroin confiscations. And according to the cops, heroin use is pretty bad in my town. They say that it's bad everywhere. We just have the guts to say that our town has a problem. Not sure how I missed this, but a few years ago, a dude still high off weed tried to drive though our annual town parade. Apparently, effects of marijuana can last 24 hours. Makes me reconsider my stance on it being legalized. It's bad in the schools too from what I'm hearing. The town I work in has it bad. I've probably served a few customers who were high on something. Hard to believe I've been oblivious to it all. And yet, this has only steeled my resolve to remain drug free. You know what today is? Today is national edge day. A celebrated holiday in the subculture of Straight Edge, an off shoot of the punk movement, starting in the 80's as a reaction to all the hedonism, excess and substance abuse rampant in the scene. Musicians and fans alike took a stand against it, and pledged to never do drugs, alcohol, smoke or partake in any other addictive substances. The day itself was first started in '99 and has spread across the country since. My adherence to this code of honor and ethics, my wanting to belong to that culture, as well as my pride and dignity, has kept me from becoming an addict. That and I don't believe people need substances to be happy. People are better than that. And while not everyone may be straight edge, I'd like to think more people than not are drug free. What keeps you guys drug free? What inspires you to just say no or just walk away? Or even better, if you wish to share, if you were using, what inspired you to stop? What gave you the strength to break the habit? On this day, I'd like to celebrate being clean & sober, and I hope to inspire others to do the same, and maybe you can join me. What is your anti-drug MLP Forums? Oh and happy National Edge Day.
  12. So me and my friends started experimenting with some cocktail recipes while on vacation. My personal favorites were: Cuba Libre (Coca-cola, lime, rum) White russian (Vodka, Coffee Liquor. cream) Any specific ones you guys like to drink?
  13. Obviously you should be 21 or older to have these, or whatever the laws are if you don't live in the U.S. I neither encourage nor support underage drinking through this topic. For those eligible...these drinks sound awesome. Recipes are taken from EqD. Have you ever tried any of these? If so, what are they like?? The Rainbow Dash one sounds great, minus the gin; too bitter for me. More detailed recipes:
  14. I mean, I just want to know if anypony has come up with some alchoholic beverages based on the ponies, or just the show in general. I'm 14 and I still managed to rebel my way into inventing a drink called the party animal! (Guess who it's based on.) Anyway, The recipe for that is 1/8 oz of base (whiskey, vodka, it's your preference) Fill most of the rest of the glass with cream soda Give it a shot of red wine (if this part is done correctly there should be a lava-lamp effect) Then give it some whipped cream, I don't know. I haven't made it yet, but I think it sounds good.
  15. Heretick-Tock

    Free Alcohol

    I got free alcohol and now I'm having trouble typing and living. I'm 21 so don't question my basis.
  16. I'm really reluctant to post this since it has to do with my night of over drinking and fail.I then remembered no one would read really read this so i'm safe. So a couple nights ago I had a friend over and we had a few drinks. I then went through me 4 stages of drunkeness. At the third stage the fail happened. My friend was kind enough to record our shenanigans and the dialogue went something like this: Me: Hey hey hey~ you know who i want to visit me tonight while i sleep? My friend: Jesus? Me: No~ I want Princess Molestia to visit me. My friend: Dude~ she only visits girl ponies and last time i checked you were a male dragon Me: She won't notice once i put on these pink underwear. My friend: You should definitely do that. Thats all we recorded remembered. After that we fell asleep and when i awoke he had left and i was wearing womens underwear
  17. As a fairly innocent 16 year-old, I was unaware at the start of watching this show that "applejack" is actually the name for an alcoholic drink. It is concentrated and distilled cider. What do you think about that? A show that is for little girls has one of their main characters named after alcoholic *cider* On a slight side note: Remember the season 1 episode where Zecora is introduced? After the ponies walk through the blue flowers something strange happens to each of them. Remember that Spike was giving nicknames to everypony based on what happened to them (flutterguy, hairity etc)? The name he gave AJ was "Appleteeny" because she shrunk. This is in reference to an appletini or apple-martini (another alcoholic drink) I think it's incredibly clever and I don't think it would have any harmful impact but I could be wrong...what does everypony think?
  18. I happen to have an extreme case of social phobia. I find it very hard to talk to anyone about anything ever (even with the anonymous internet). I always dread writing anything, worrying people with think the worst about me. Do any of you feel the same or have thoughts for those of us that do feel that way?
  19. Hi everypony! Anyone that are into the "Straight Edge" sub culture? For everypony that don't know what it is it can mean many things (but you don't need to follow it all): It's a subculture and ubgenre of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs (this is something you have to follow if you are a Straight Edge). For some it means being a vegetarian and not using caffeine or prescription drugs. I am not a 100% follower, but I do not use alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs and I am a big fan of punk rock, punk and hardcore punk. Even though I don't follow induvidualism that are also a part of Straight Edge for many. I know that it can mean many other things too, but these are the main things that the Straight Edge community follows. If there is something important that I missed just tell me, I am quit new to this.