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Found 10 results

  1. What would've happened if Twilight never won against Trixie under the Alicorn Amulet? Would Trixie eventually become so powerful and evil that everypony just becomes a slave, or immortal slave.
  2. In Forgotten Friendship we saw the memory stone, a powerfull object from Equestria, but it immediately reminded me of the alicorn amulet. Could these objects be from the same origin and the antagonists of the elements. Where the elements spread harmony, these spread chaos. Could this be something we're gonna see more about? Ps. I didn't know if this belongs in show discussion, or Equestria Girls, but I choose for show discussion. This because the alicorn amulet is in the main show and I wanted to talk about the actual show.
  3. What do you think would happen if Season 5 were written by the following: Yoshiyuki Tomino Hideaki Anno Hajime Isayama Zeus Cervas Casey Alexander Aaron Springer All the other writers of modern Spongebob Scott Sonneborn Merriwether Williams Charlotte Fullerton And if Season 5 had these two plot threads: Diamond Tiara is afraid the CMC will eventually take her popularity. So she burns down Zecora's house, sneaks out the alicorn amulet from the remains and desires to commission an assassin. But Diamond Tiara tries the amulet on out of vanity and accidentally puts it through an evil overload. The amulet explodes, causing Diamond Tiara to fly back. In mid-air her forehead and back bleed and the blood materializes into a horn and a pair of wings. Now an alicorn, Diamond Tiara instead plans to use her powers to raise an army and conquer all of Equestria and increase her fame. Applebloom uncovers a metal giant with a v-shaped crest on its forehead, circles all over its body, a cone sticking out of its back, and a blade on its right forearm. Applebloom studies it along side other ponies who are interested.
  4. EDIT: I'm stupid, so i left out half of the title for this post. Here's a little something that got me thinking. The great and powerful (and evil) Trixie and Vs. Inspired Rarity. Who will win? What we know about the amulet: -Can't be removed by force, only Trixie can should she desire it. -Gives her incredible magic powers that (possibly?) put her spells on par with alicorn magic. -Makes the wearer progressively more and more aggressive. -Apparently allows the user to freely use spells without fatigue. What we know of the inspiration manifestation spell: -A rare, forgotten spell that can only be removed once the user is told truth of their work. -Allows instantaneous creation of anything the user can imagine, and change things into whatever the user desires in much the same fashion. -Gradually corrupts the mind of the user into making them seek to change everything around them. -Is considered "dark magic" and can be reversed. Take into account Rarity and Trixie's attributes and characters. Who wins?
  5. That's two one-of-a-kind magical artifacts that exist that: 1) greatly amplify a pony's magic 2) alter their thought process/take over their minds Do you think there's any connection between the Inspiration Manifestation Spellbook and the Alicorn Amulet? Does a series of similar dangerous magical artifacts exist across Equestria? I like to think the answer to both of these is yes, but I'm interested to hear your theories. And I am of the opinion that the Inspiration Manifestation Spellbook was quote unquote *ahem* "retrieved unharmed" as Twilight was mad at Spike for taking the book but not at all mad about him destroying it.
  6. Considering how the princesses all wear amulets of some kind (Twilight being the most prominent example), and him being a king, is there a chance Sombra originally possessed the Alicorn Amulet?
  7. I suspect that by the very nature of Alicorns (or perhaps their magic), Alicorns are generally evil. Added that if they are, what will become of our beloved Twilight? (I understand that quite a few of these are sort of far-fetched, sorry.) My first reason of suspicion is, quite simply, the Alicorn amulet. This amulet, containing powerful magic, could drive someone into doing great evil. Somepony like Fluttershy could become cruel and tyrannical like Sombra by wearing something named after the Alicorns, if not made by them. A point I made earlier today, Twilight didn't give a bit about killing that plunder seed plant. I understand, it's just a plant. Still though, with her own magic she blew it's head open without a second thought. Which also makes me rather curious as to how she knew that spell (Harry Potter didn't just know the killing curse - he learned it from David Tennant, so where would she learn that killy-heady-explody-spell?). Another thing is that when she used "Alicorn magic" it looked just like dark magic, which makes me think there might not even be a difference and that "Alicorn magic" is just a polite way to put it. Princess Celestia is personally all over the place in my opinion of her, but regardless I believe she is heartless and truly evil inside. A delightful example is with Fluttershy when she let her think that Philomena was dead ( ). Another would be when she trapped her own sister in the moon for 1000 years. Think about that. 1000 freaking years for standing up for her beliefs and fighting for them. She can also use dark magic like a pro, which I find to be a bit more than unusual. Despite all of these, she loves using people, which is exactly the reason why she freed Discord ( ). There are likely other reasons why I think Alicorns are evil, but I've either forgotten them or not yet picked them up. Now, as to what would happen to Twilight; could she herself become evil simply because shes an Alicorn? The magic of the Alicorns, from the view of what I've stated, is evil. Having being infatuated with magic, and now having the power of the Alicorns, wouldn't this make her much more willing to go overboard like she did to write a report to Celestia? She wants power, she wants to learn, so why not things that were previously out of her grasp? Please discuss and point out things I may not have noticed, I wouldn't want to base something on something completely untrue.
  8. Hello Every pony My next custom this week is “The great and powerful Trixie” complete with removable cape and show accurate mane and tail! She also features the Alicorn amulet printed in high stock quality cardboard and is permanently attached to the cape. The hair was sculpted in apoxie and then painted with acrylics from Model Masters. Her head still turns left and right a bit. Now we can have a Trixie with show accurate hair! Derpy was just a repaint of a mini-figure complete with deep shadows, highlights and more. They are up for grabs on Ebay: Here I leave you with the video. Thanks for checking!
  9. I have a fanfic planned where Sunset Shimmer, the villain of the Equestria girls spin-off, returns to Ponyville, trying to start over, but stumbles on Zecora and eventually the Alicorn Amulet. My view on the AA's effect is something similar to Pinkie in Party of One. It can read your mind, and can bring forth your most prominent negative thought and expand it, by being a voice in your head. When Pinkie first started going crazy, holding her party for all the inanimate objects, she's at first defending her friends, but as Madame Leflour, rocky, and the rest all put down her friends and talk about how they let her down, her resistance to their words quickly crumbles, and she starts agreeing with them, to the point that she thinks all her friends are jerks and doesn't want anything to do with them. Trixie, the only one who's actually been shown wearing the amulet in canon, seemed to have a similar effect. She was humiliated by Twilight, because of Snips and Snails. Her initial intention was probably simply to return the favor by humiliating Twilight in a contest of magic. After beating Twilight, she spends most of her episode also going after snips and snails, whether it was by magic, or making them pull a cart without wheels. After chipping away their resistance by getting them to get their revenge for the biggest slight the feeling probably intensifies, seeing more and more reasons to go after people, even if it's for little things, like what happened to Fluttershy in putting your hoof down. In my story I also explore overcoming the effect of the amulet. Since the opposite of evil is good, and the opposite of anger and hate is love, I believe if you can fill your heart with love and be reminded of your goodness, then the corrupting power of the amulet can be kept at bay, at least for a short while. So, thoughts?
  10. Hello everypony; this is my first real topic post that delves into the mythos of this lovely fan community since I made my introductions some short number of days ago. Now, I've pondered what exactly I should start my first topic post about. Equine philosophy? The legitimacy of Princess Platinum's 'reign' with possible Alicorn influence? Why hasn't Princess Celestia tossed Blueblood out on his rump yet? And while I was contemplating these most logical and totally discussion worthy topics that you and I could debate on, it hit me... Not literally, though, but I assume you understand the epithet. King Sombra, whom I know for a fact most of you conceive of as the least developed villain in the whole of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's run, and his reign of terror over the Crystal Kingdom. Or, more realistically, since we weren't given much to go on from him as a character other than his lovely character design, frighting affection for nightmarish mental illusions, and his apparent fondness for 'crystalss'. What I find most fascinating about him that most people seem to completely overlook. King Sombra, from what we can tell solely by his physical appearance, is a Unicorn. While the denizens of the Crystal Kingdom all seem to be exclusively Earth pony. From the Hearths Warming Day Eve play, we gather that before the three pony tribes united into one nation, that being Equestria, they were divided and scattered in their own nations/polis. Was the Crystal Kingdom considered part of the Earth pony collective? Or was it a city-state in its own right, since only one distinctive city seemed to have risen from the snow? More importantly, who exactly may have Sombra been before he possibly overthrew the Crystal Monarchy and seized the throne? And is his armor's similarity to the Alicorn Amulet, which dangerously increases a Unicorn's magical abilities while warping their mind, just a coincidence? That, my dear Bronies, is up to you to answer for yourselves. I hope this is an expectable enough first discussion post, I'm slightly nervous to see what you all think.