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Found 4 results

  1. I like watching The Simpsons in French. I rode in a helicopter when I was 10. I saved someone's life and had my own life saved in the same year. I don't like bananas. Unless they're fried. I was a short scrawny kid, but I once beat my whole gym class in a basketball contest. Okay, your turn.
  2. Im a college art student, and aspiring art teacher. I like all sorts of art, including metal sculpture and ironworking. Sooo, have some OFF fan art i did a while ago, but just digitized OFF, by mortis ghost
  3. So, I found this flash game thing in Deviantart (it's SFW, don't worry) You can poke ponies. That's all you need to know. It's apparently existed for a while, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to it in these forums by searching, so I figured this forum is the most relevant place to post a link to it in. Let me clarify that this is NOT MINE, and I know this forums is for "original" stuff, but I'm just promoting this because it's cute.
  4. Feld0, Feld0, wherefore art thou, Feld0? *coding mountains and working with Poniverse affiliates around the clock, on top of school* Whoa Feld0, whoa mang, you gotta tell this guy he shouldn't have hidden my thread. You're the owner, do something!1! *Still busy doing volunteer work on a three-mile long To-Do List, doesn't get back to message* It's been days, wtf, where is this guy, I need my problem solved! *stalks another staff member instead* *comes on to his already-tediously long email inbox to see fifty PM's about warning disputes and problems regarding situations and things he knows absolutely nothing about, due to naturally not having the time and capability to spend lurking and posting on the site like most other staff* You get the picture :3 The bottom line to this is, MLPF is becoming a central social community, apart of a network of sites that Feld0 is in charge of. He cannot and will not be the General Manager of MLPF that he was in the distant past, before Poniverse was even a concept that was being physically worked on yet. Which means Feld0 does not have the ability to be a general response administrator for the forum, period. I'm sure this is not news to anyone in the slightest, which is partially why I'm not expecting any whiplash from this decision. We've had entire complaints over his lack of ability to respond to things for quite some time now. This is simply us saying, numerous tasks that Feld0's been directly in charge of are shifting to other admins now, with a very elite list of things remaining as Feld0-only issues. Accepting and building commission shops, majority of advertisement handling, acting as the final say on any issues that are not of earth-shattering importance *the entire site literally being on fire, with toxic gases chocking everyone to an inch of death-level serious*, etc are all things that the rest of the administration can and are taking on for Feld0. His primary job description needs to deal with Poniverse's continued development and success, and while I'm sure he'll continually pop in when frequently and do some things as he always does, the fact is he cannot be the single point of truth for the entire forum anymore, as he clearly cannot take on those responsibilities. 'I have an issue, I better go to Feld0 since he owns the site' cannot be a common-place mindset for people, for day-to-day issues. He's simply not going to have the time to respond. Anything else that needs admin-involvement *PS and mods can handle a lot of the more basic things too you know, before you even need to get to that level*, the rest of the admin team is more than capable of handling. After all, Feld0 hired us to take charge and help in running the community, not to be glorified mods who still have to pass the buck to Feld0 on a list of issues :3 Come to us, we don't bite. Cept' on Thursdays. If you'd like some kind of break-down on a general 'who tends to do what' field, you can refer to this (albeit keep in mind, outside specific tasks, we can all listen and aide in handling any user issue): At the end of the day, Feld0 is still technically in charge of the entire operation, and he retains input on monetary affairs (even if it's just an 'okay, this is fine by me'), and can obviously be contacted if a user has concerns regarding the administration itself or large site-decisions, but he has delegated most if not all other day-to-day operations to the folks he hired to do that job. It's a pretty straightforward affair, to be honest, and it's already been going on for months, really. Essentially, the leader isn't being removed, only numerous of his responsibilities that he's shackled with are switching to those more capable of taking the time every day to deal with such things, freeing him up to focus on the things he's better suited and entitled to accomplish Season 4 is coming! Time to power up! As our Canterlot history has shown, a few of our known staffers have been leaving us, with the life bus and its' terrible habit of running over people, being a lead cause more often than not. As you can imagine, we're in need of some additional help in certain sections. For those that are unaware (as it was not announced), our long time friend Tom The Diamond was removed from the team due to their lack of ability to dedicate time to it, anymore. If ever there was a life bus that hindered internet activity, Tom is the prime example. He's struggled for months to maintain his pony competition in Show Discussion, noting numerous times that school and family issues plagued him. DashForever has since taken it on in light of Tom's lack of activity, and his approval for other staff to assist him. Getting off topic... Seeing as the pony discussion boards need all the help they can get for the approaching season, we've asked Flipturn to come on board and assist us with poni talk and debate. They've shown activity, detail, friendliness, humor and maturity throughout their posting history, and numerous people have been seen recommending them from staff-side and member-side Good luck, Flupturn! Dear god, you'll need it! The most noticeable gap in the moderation front is Octavia's Hall. With both our long-beloved Vexx and akita leaving, Octavia's Hall is without any specialized caretakers. We've asked Skybound, an active artist, detailed discussionist and friendly pony, and our known (Silver) Marcato, to grab the reigns of Octavia's Hall and all its' art ponies. They both are accomplished artists who make Octavia's Hall a regular part of their lurking habits, and have high interest and ability to take care of the section :3 Congratz to both of you. But, guys, try not to break anything. You've heard that OH is cursed, right? Vexx's ghost will come and smite your flank if you dishonor the world of art. Last but not least, Ice Storm approached me a few weeks ago about his concern for Roleplay World. While we did promote numerous new staff to help run the massively detailed Equestria World section, his concern laid in the fact that none of them were able to dedicate much if any time to the normal roleplay section. This effectively left Ice to try and scramble with Aureity to mod the entire normal roleplay board. To solve this, he suggested Sky Chaser, a regular attendee of the roleplay boards, come on board to assist in running the section. Sky's never been one to be swamped with Poniverse Staff work, so like Marcato, he's said he's fine with helping out Good luck to you as well! Afterthoughts and Blah~ -Evilshy, our deranged but awesome friend over in Beyond Equestria is on hiatus until further notice, from the forums entirely, in addition to moderation duties. Their current living arrangements have rules regarding limited internet access, and thus, until they can relocate, they're going to have to do a bare minimum of lurking. Come back to us when you can, Evilshy! D; -Issues involving the sending and receiving of emails that's normally done with support tickets, is on the fritz with some server splitting problems being at the core. Tickets are a tad built up at the moment, and as such, fixes to some bugs and some continued headway in some other background projects is on a temporary halt, so please do have patience :3 Thanks yewww~