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Found 23 results

  1. What are they? 1. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 2. Final Fantasy 6 3. Metal Gear Solid 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Mega Man 2 6. Psychonauts 7. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 8. Legend of Mana 9. Star Wars Battlefront II 10. Katamari Damacy
  2. What would you guys do to get into the MLP universe(Don't hold back), who would you be the most excited to meet, what would you do there, who would you bring there, would you prefer Equestria or the EQG earth, and anything else you want to say. Me personally I would do literally anything to get into the universe counting murdering everyone I love.
  3. Ironically enough, I think Pinkie Pie is the one who has cried the most throughout the show.
  4. The subject of this topic is self-explanatory in the title. Would you want to possess absolute knowledge? Would you want to know all that there is to know in the universe? I'm wondering if any of you would see it as a curse or if you would see it as an opportunity of a lifetime. Look at the bright side, despite the fact that your instinctive thirst for knowledge may come to an ultimate end, you will be able to quench everyone else's thirst. You would be the greatest teacher to ever exist and your intellect would never be underestimated or challenged. This grand ability would come with omnilingualism, the ability to decipher any spoken or unspoken language in existence, from body language, computer language, and extinct languages. Your understanding of history would be boundless, being able to understand the exact words and dialogue exchanged among every human being to ever have lived or still living. I personally feel that this would be an incredible ability that one could revel in for the rest of his or her life; the thirst for knowledge may end but you would then be able to appreciate having this illimitable knowledge which would undoubtedly be exciting in of itself. Your thoughts? Would you accept or decline the opportunity to possess such a capacity?
  5. Everypony we haz bannerz! Here are the May 2015 Banner selections. The theme was Artists Choice (not Luna ... it just happened that way). Remember vote for your TOP THREE banners. Voting will close tentatively on Sunday 11:59 PM EST. Depending on votes cast we may extend it. If you submitted a banner but don't see yours ... don't panic ... PM the Admins directly and we'll sort it out. Also keep your eye on Canterlot Castle as we will be launching the NEW contest very very soon as it is time sensitive. Also if you see Aquila giving me the look of disapproval in here ... it means I made a mistake somewhere. NOW VOTE!
  6. Hey y'all! I've noticed a disturbing lack of ATV's anywhere on this site, so if you have one (or want one), post a pic of it here! No hating, not everyone has a Can-am or Polaris. I'll start off with a pic of my 3 projects!
  7. Welcome one and all to Masquerade's ask a pony page! Now any one of you can ask the silent one, Masquerade, a question! Be careful what you say, though, he has a temper...
  8. I recently saw a post that asks “Do your parents know you’re a Brony?” ( At least to me, that question seems to be inspired from an understandable assumption that people seem to make (as far as I’m concerned) that participants in movements such as The Brony Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”). But that general assumption is not always true (and I for one am gald it isn't). I do believe some people also thought that all participants in The Occupy Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”); but in reality, people from all ages actively participate in Occupy, and I also do believe that The Brony Movement is something for everyone (except of course the more Adult Oriented activities). For example, I do see that some if not many of the shows crew who are married with children (notably Tara Strong) find time to dedicatedly participate with the Brony movement. So, are there any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers on these Froums who are married with children? Or, do any of you on these Forums know any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers who are married with children?
  9. On this date, the 11th of November I first decided one evening to give a show we all know and love a chance. After being asked for a while, I finally gave in since I had nothing better to do. On that day, my life changed to the better. I saw episode 1+2 of season 3, I wanted to see more so I watched a few episodes of season 1 which lead to me watching all of them. I found out about the fandom early on, since I saw a comment that asked "How many of you are actually male, teens or boys". Because of this comment I knew that there were more people out there that liked the show. I watched a video from bronycon, since I wanted to see the voices behind the characters. After that I noticed a pattern so this all lead to me learning about the brony fandom and joining the herd. Best decision ever, to begin with I only watched it because I wanted to find Derpy and Fluttershy, since I had seen #SaveDerpy and I wanted to know who she was and then Fluttershy saying yay!~ I fell in love with Fluttershy when I watched the first episode of season 1. I could have become a brony a lot earlier, I remember seeing a comment explaining what a brony is on youtube but I didn't give it much thought. If I would I could have become a brony late 2010, but at least I joined and that's what matters. I could also have joined during the summer 2012, my brother was constantly asking me to give it a chance. After I became a brony I became obsessed the very first day I decided to give it a chance. On the 11th I watched a few episodes and found out about the fandom but then on 12th of November I was completely obsessed and was even watching videos from bronycon at school. I watched and watched until I caught up with season 3, it was an amazing experience when I started to watch new episodes premier. I started drawing ponies on the 17th November and continued doing so until today and started to do digital ones. Even wanted to make music, fanfics, but ended up making PMVs instead. Who knows what I might do next.. When I became a brony it was one of the most important times in my life, even remember the timing around 6 pm - 7 pm. On that day I was rather depressed, well more then rather and for some reason when all seemed lost I suddenly became happy. My life started going another direction, finally. Then later on 2th of February 2013 I joined the forums, I love you all. I love you all members of MLPforums, I love this fandom you've made my life worth living. Thanks to you all, this year has been the best year of my life, thank you all everypony. Brony forever! Tl;dr Been a brony for one year, it's been the greatest year of my life. You turned my life around and I'm thankful for it.
  10. Supposedly, when you friend someone, you should get a notification when they update their status, right? Well, it doesn't work completely for me. I'll put it in an example: I friended ~Lugia~, and should get a notification when he updates his status, right? Well, I don't. And it happens with many more of my friends too. Is this supposed to happen?
  11. Growing up as a Nintendo kid, Gamecube was the second system I ever owned after the N64. It is one my favorite systems ever, but I often feel that it doesn't get enough love, so I am here to ask you fellow bronies, what are your favorite games on the Gamecube? My List is decently big: Super Mario Sunshine (Best platformer ever!) Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Mario Kart Double Dash Super Mario Strikers Luigis Mansion Zelda Wind Waker Zelda Twilight Princess Metroid Prime Trilogy Resident Evil 4 Viewtiful Joe Kirby Air Ride F-Zero GX Pokemon XD Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Pikmin 1&2 As you can see, I love Gamecube games EDIT: HOW DID I FORGET MELEE? I swear I had it down. I must've assumed that was a given, lol. Anyways, add melee onto there
  12. Whats everypony Avatars? Mine is my oc Aurora Bass the pegasus wearing socks in a cutee pose ;3 ;3 ;3 Post yours below ~ Aurora Bass
  13. Afternoon MLP Forums! I have been slacking on my YouTube channel and music lately, so in the midst of procrastination, I rested my brain from college and spent a little over 10 hours creating this song from scratch (Thank you LMMS [Linux Multi Media Studio). Thank you guys for all your support! I hope you like the song: it's my first real attempt at electronic. Do we have a go or no go for launch? Kindness is a go. Loyalty go. Generosity go. Laughter Go. Honesty go. Magic is a go. Equestria, All Systems Go -Steel Matt6
  14. So, apparently this game will be out for PC with 3 exclusive characters, one of them in particular, being related to TF2 What do you guys think about this game? Has anyone played it before in a console? And if so did you like it? What are your thoughts on this?
  15. Well the concept should be easy to wrap your mind around. All of us have seen pictures of ponies that made is shiver or give us goosebumps or even caused us to shed a tear. You know all of that fun stuff. I just want you to post them and share them with the community. Here are a few of mine that gave me ze feels. Now go nuts, I know you have them, now share them! Don't be greedy!
  16. I after I saw SteveLeanna's Alternate Best Pictures video: I was inspired to do this with all of the Season 1 and 2 episodes: Other than that, there's no real other reason I did this. I think I did my best possible "editing skills" that I have in mimcking some aspects of Steve's video, but not to the point where I was just flat out copying with no effort.
  17. I've seen pony death talked in discussions, shown in fanfics and fanart, etc. Now, I know it "won't happen in the show" and all. But what do you think about them shown in fanon? My opinion is...I like it. No, I don't like the thought of a pony dying and I do not wish death on anypony. I the sadness, the feeling that goes through a pony when a friend here. I just love emotion from it, which is why pony death is fine by me, but not in that know. If the death is comedic, I don't like it. What about you?
  18. I'm about to tell you the greatest secret in all of mankind. You ready? Ok. Here goes. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The Game.
  19. >>> this is a response to this tumblr post! all tumblr related posts will now get added on my external forum blog here as of now, called Viscra's Tumbleweedr. it's about picking up abandoned, useful and/or interesting stuff on the curb or in gross waste rooms. <<< i tend to pick up stuff outside, as well (my little brother finds it kinda gross that i do lol). mostly it’s just cans and bottles from trash cans (because it’s free money and takes no time at all to get a bag full of ‘em when i am walking home from school), but i’ve found some neat stuff at times, such as whole drinking glasses, pillows, and i even found a music CD in the trash once (scratched as hell though; dunno if there’s any way to repair the thing). my parents also dig out useful stuff: my brother got a whole new bed a few months ago from the… gross waste room? (idk that’s the result google translate gives me. basically a huge room to dispose of large, unwanted waste such as furniture and whatnot). my dad also found bags of vinyl records in the same place, as well, he found a stereo that works perfectly that’s now in my room, a few months ago he found C64 and NES games there, and he also found a bag fulla cassette tapes just the other day… basically you can find a ton of cool shit people are just throwing away and i am not ashamed of possessing such things, or even looking for it myself. why should i be ashamed of picking up useful and fun/interesting stuff, for? sure it can be a bit “gross” to be digging around such stuff, but as ren said you oughta try it out sometime, cuz you never know what you might find. like i said above, i have a new external blog setup to link to any and all tumblr posts i am making over there, called Viscra's Tumbleweedr on here. lets see how long i'll keep it until it gets totally filled with BS blog posts:
  20. Hey guys! This is the final original track from me for "BangHammer EP". I just have a nice small remix to finish my album! Enjoy! Feedback and critique appreciated. I'll be moving back to singular tracks for a while. (Soundcloud be running out of space =/ )
  21. Hello people! Sorry for the inactivity, I've been quite busy with a few school projects! I've also been dividing my time between working on this song, and my school work xD So I made this song after reading a few MLP FiM Fanfictions, and they got me thinking of creating this song. I'm looking for some feedback and criticism to help me improve! I aim for the "Eric Prydz" style of Progressive House specifically xD . Enjoy, if you want to, of course. http-~~-//
  22. Ok, today, i decided i was going to get two of the 8 MLP Toys at mcdonalds. As we entered and began to make our order, (As a prefix to this story, my mother manages a frat house.) my mother noticed one of the people working their was someone in the frat house. He was the manager of the mcdonalds and they all really appreciated her, SO, we got ALL 8 of the toys, weeks before anyone else! It, is, amazing! I'll post pictures of them soon. EDIT: Ok, Here they are!