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Found 14 results

  1. Anypony else going to be alone on Valentine's day? This is the one reason I don't like singles awareness day because I feel like a total nob for not having a relationship, but that's just me.
  2. Exactly as the title suggest. Do you prefer to be alone by yourself or to be surrounded by people? Are you somewhere in between? To be honest I prefer to be alone by far. I do not by any means like being around people let alone socializing with them. Most people in real life hate me anyway. A bunch of people online I'm sure too... XD Even the people who somehow manage to like me in real life, I tend to avoid too, simply because I don't like socializing. So how about all of you lovely forum members? Tell me what your opinion is and why. I'd LOVE to hear it.
  3. Well? Personally, I usually eat alone in my room. I'll eat with friends if they stay the weekend with me, the only time I eat with family is when we go out somewhere. How about you all?
  4. Good evening! I haven't posted on the forums in a while, although I do read about what's up and what's going on which is fun. On a tangent, I'm going to be a legal beagle in a few hours and that's exciting (yay me!) I'm unsure if this is the right place to put this but we will see... I've never played multiplayer ever (I know it's sad and I'm lonely) I'm usually fine being alone but I also find it exciting playing with others, although my none of my friends play any games online and when they do it's none of the games I play which is disappointing. So through that scramble of words and tangents, does anybody still play Terraria and if so, does anybody want to play with me?
  5. I don't mean that I shouldn't deserve friends :( everyone deserve to have someone to talk to and needed some help.I just never have friends to talk to before until I joined this forums :( I just don't know what to talk about with my friends here sometimes :( I just don't want to hurt their feelings and leave me.....................maybe some people in this world don't even deserve to have friends after all. I just don't know what to think anymore..................
  6. Alright guys. I've been bored for a long time cuz nothing special happens here in my world I feel a bit alone I need some new friends,anyone wanna be my friend? I accept everypony here. So feel free to send me a message and/or add me as a friend:) I'm really friendly and social
  7. Here's some questions I came up with today: Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic situation. This can be a zombie apocalypse, an extremely devastating world war, a pandemic wiping out most of humanity, maybe a widespread, devastating natural disaster, anything you want to imagine. Let's say this disaster ended for some reason or is not as pervasive as it used to be, and human civilization ended or nearly ended and the government fell. You survived through this apocalypse. If you had a group, they either all died or left you or something. Imagine what you want, but I want you to get this idea: You are a post-apocalyptic survivor, civilization has been destroyed or almost destroyed. The world is anarchic now with a much smaller population and you are alone. What will you do? You are alone and out in this wild, anarchic world to survive. Taking into consideration scarce resources, the fact that you can't trust everybody, your chances of survival, and more, answer these questions: How much will morals and ethics matter to you at this point? Will you try to manipulate, steal from, and even kill people to get what you want/need or more of what you want/need? Will you give things to anybody who asks (even if you need that stuff) and do as much as you can to help people? Something else? Where will you be? Will you be in a city, where there could be a bigger presence of people? Will you be in the countryside, where there would most likely be less people and you could grow food? Perhaps you'll be in the woods or jungle or something, where there would be more food but there could be animals that could kill you easy? How would you feel about groups? Will you try to go it alone and avoid people as much as people where you won't have to worry about trust or conflict or anything? Or would you try to find a group, where there'd be people to support you, solve problems together, even though there's the risk of being killed by someone, there being conflict, losing friends, and such? What about weapons? What would you carry? Let's be realistic and not pick any fictional weapons, rare weapons, and such. Think about easily accessible weapons. What would you carry and why? Think about weight, too. Feel free to discuss this and maybe give a critique of someone else's answers. Also, should I add a poll? Tell me if I should or shouldn't.
  8. I really needed to get this out of my chest because it's been driving me INSANE for many, many, many years. When I felt like I couldn't make new friends, I tend to check ALL of my social network accounts to see if anyone responded, and if they've not, I continue checking 24/7 all the bucking time, for every second, I go back to my computer and check my accounts again and again and again and then I start to feel odded out by having the account, yet no one's responding to me. I just feel like I wanted to go up and post as much as possible.
  9. This place is devoted to all the people who know that they are Forever alone and embrace it. You can share your stories and experiences here. Meet with people who feel the same way and maybe develop friendships. Just keep it civil, people. I can always add more info if need be.
  10. How many times have you felt alone, left out or left behind, forgotten or betrayed? If you're human like the rest of us, probably more than once. Growing up I didn't really have any friends, and no one really paid attention to me or to anything I did. I was an outcast among my peers and mostly the guy who got made fun of by everyone for being different. I wasn't different in a bad way, but I didn't always have the best clothing or understand the latest trends. Family and friends believed I was autistic, thinking I wasn't able to communicate with others like everyone else. That wasn't the case, it was more that I was just excluded from everything. In middle school the same thing happened, even though I was more in touch with what all the kids were interested in. However, it was in that time where my first interest in magick began. Granted, I didn't understand it like I do now; and I thought spells and rituals were an external force rather than an internal one. I later found this out when my magick wasn't working and most Wiccan groups didn't accept me since I "wasn't like them". I was all alone. I screamed "Help me", hoping some deity would come down and take away all my pain that had only accumulated time and time again when I was pushed to the side to make room for someone else. The feeling of being used is the worst feeling of all, as far as I'm concerned. Because of my many failures in friendships, I learned pretty quickly that a whole lot of people don't understand how to appreciate all you do for them. I would buy friends, friendships and even people to hang out with by offering to take them out to dinner or to an event. I'd do anything in order to make sure I wasn't alone. And when people didn't appreciate what I did for them, I got furious. They only wanted to be with me since I had money - and I didn't have much, either. However, another lesson was soon learned: people who are only going to be with you because you have money are most likely not worth your time or energy. They're energy vampires - people who feed off of your generousity - and when your patience runs out, so do they. Since I was (and am) a serious hot head, they tried to block contact with me in every way possible but that didn't stop me from reminding them what they did to me. I was like a cancer that refused to die, making sure that they "get what they deserve". I would later find out that they would get what they deserve by being driven into a life which none of them wanted. Unplanned pregancy, being kicked out of their home, and financial struggles were all events that devistated the lives of those who took advantage of me. The worst part was I still had untouched, pent up supplies of anger inside of myself which felt so... unsatisfied. I wanted to see their lives crumble with my own eyes, to make them understand that everything they did to me and how I felt when I gave all I had to no prevail. Eventually I gave up on my conquest and realized that my struggles were not bringing about fruit. I wanted only one thing: to be loved and I wasn't finding it. I wanted to be accepted after so many years of what I thought was undeserved suffering for something I had no control over.
  11. Alone I wander this loveless earth, left alone to test my worth. As night falls down upon my head I avoid my chance to go to bed. Silence seems to be my only friend, forevermore until the end. Curious is my breaking heart, maybe all I need to do is play a part. Look at me I beg you please, look at me as I stand in the cool autumn breeze. I write these words straight from my heart, I write these words to play my part. A poet I’ve become in this present time, a poem I write in hopes that it will rhyme. Hearken to me I beg you please; Hearken to me as I fall on my knees. Please don’t go, I don’t mean to offend, please don’t go, all I want is a friend. Alone I am again as my world falls to gray, alone I am alone I shall stay. Silence in my isolation, silence is my aberration.
  12. WARNING: TOO MUCH FEELS IN THIS ART I started to make this in a moment in where I was feeling very down, I never finished it, I am ok now but I wanted to finish it still. Also, this is a photomanipulation(?) practice (I only drew Motion in this picture, everything else are images found on the internet), next time I will be using some tutorials and such in how to properly do it without doofing around in photoshop If you can't handle it, then my evil plan has worked :3
  13. Hello Everyone. I have another poem for all of you. I've decided from this point on any emotional or sensitive poems I write will be coated in purple text. As always I will have this poem posted on my DeviantART and Tumbler. Enjoy~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wandered the streets as I breathed in the cold winter air. I had abandoned my home my life and started to wonder how i’ll fair. --- Alone I was in this desolate world. Not a soul in sight who’d look my way. I zipped up my coat and walked down the road, I had no reason to stay. --- With a heavy heart in my chest I kept on walking, I had no time to rest and no time for talking. --- The wind picked up and pierced my soul. I was lost now with nowhere to go. No one would help me no one would care, after all, my loneliness was my own to bear. --- I roamed the sea shores all day long, and walked the moonlit meadows as I sung my lonely song. No one would help me no one would dare. After all, my dismay was my own to bear.
  14. im the only brony at my school it suck if you know a friend into mlp fim lucky