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Found 89 results

  1. The Ghosts of Canterlot Castle "Ah, welcome one and all. So glad you could make it to our little tour of Canterlot Castle. I hope you're all in good spirits. Now, please step lively, we don't want to lose anyone on the tour. No telling how lost you could get in these old hallways, or just what might be lurking in the cobwebbed corners. Well, there might be some telling, but of course it's mostly old stories and legends of the castle's history. And Canterlot Castle has quite a lot of history behind it. "You'll feel quite a lot of cold drafts here, but that's quite common in these old castles. The wind seems to fly right through the joints and mortar, and there's very little in the way of insulation. But there are those who say that icy chill creeping down your spine is the spirit of poor little Cozy Glow. Over a hundred years ago a little moppet of a foal once pranced through this halls; an orphan pitied by the princess and taken under her wing. But this orphan's adorable curls and big eyes hid something sinister. The princess always took ill whenever she dined with her pupil, and one day she grew so sick she couldn't raise the sun. It was during this darkness that a blizzard iced the kingdom over, and Cozy found herself locked outside with no one able to hear her cries over the howling gales. And so perished Cozy Glow; frozen to death in a storm as dark and cold as her heart. Every now and then you'll see a phantom foal wandering the halls, chilled blue to the bone and begging for warmth. "But let's turn our minds away from such dreary affairs, and instead look upon these magnificent bedrooms. These serve as guestrooms for any visitors to the castle. This one, here, however, once served a very unwelcome visitor. It was centuries ago that our city fell to the invading Changeling Army led by Queen Chrysalis. She overtook the castle and threw the princess in the dungeon, and for a time lived quite comfortably in Canterlot. But while the queen was enjoying herself, her subjects struggled to eke out a living in the city. Success had spoiled Chrysalis and made her deaf to their pleas for assistance. This of course led to the great Changeling Revolution, which I'm sure you all learned in school. Queen Chrysalis met her end on a chopping block, and the ax swung not by an enemy, but one of her own changelings. Ponies who stay in this room claim to hear her screams of fury, howled in the night by a head hastily sewn back on with thread. "We'll take a short detour through the dungeons to get the west wing where I'll show you our magnificent ballroom. Mind the cobwebs, and do be careful of any rodents; remember they're more afraid of you than you are of them. Nothing to be afraid of here. Well, there was at one time, but that was long, long ago. Some of you may recall learning about Lord Tirek, who came to Equestria with the goal of pilfering all of our magic. He would have gotten away with it had it not been for his brother Scorpan warning the princesses, but subduing him did not come easy. He was locked in these very dungeons, chained and under guard until he could be tried, but suffered an untimely death from what we now believe to be poisonous mold. Oh, don't worry, we've long since taken care of it. Lord Tirek is a different matter, however. They say you can hear him marching through the castle, his chains clanking deep into the night..."
  2. Source I started doodling something while listening to music from Quentin Tarantino movies and it turned into this. I guess it's Grogar's allies if they were from an alternate version of Equestria where it's a lawless wasteland and they all meet up and ally by coincidence. It sort of gives me a 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', vibe. I imagine they'd all have their own little backstories for what they're fighting for. Tirek, after escaping Tartarus, fought a magical being and absorbed some magic before being wounded and is unable to properly take in more. Chrysalis is fighting to avenge her fallen Hive, of which she is the only survivor. Cozy Glow is the last of her town, and after stealing a magical firearm from an alchemist and a backpack of fireworks she does her best to survive.
  3. When I was a kid, I absolutely adored my Super NES - there were very few games I passed up, simply by virtue of wanting to experience them ALL. I'd done so much with games, that I felt like I was growing a bit jaded and bored with video games in general... and after so many years of gaming, my interest was beginning to flag. After all, the story was always the same, right? Bad guy makes a move, good guys wipe them up. End of story, close curtain, applause. But in 1994, that changed. I had already been a fan of Watchmen (still just a comic book series back then), and was fascinated by the idea of the heroes FAILING. It was mind-blowing, and I ended up writing out a number of different things based solely on that premise. But, as much as I'd seen it in comics, I was still not seeing it in any of my beloved video games... Then, I picked up a game that changed that for me: Final Fantasy III. To this very day, Kefka will ALWAYS be my all-time favorite villain. Why? BECAUSE HE SUCCEEDED. He stole power, ousted the one who'd started the whole thing, LITERALLY became a god, then proceeded to reshape the world as he saw fit. The heroes in the game FAILED to stop him - and it cost the world almost everything. I'd say that makes him the baddest villain ever, hands down. In that vein, there are a number of villains who, IF they ever actually won, would most certainly bring about the equivalent of Hell upon their worlds... and heroes would be weak, starving and on-the-run almost constantly, in addition to their seemingly hopeless plight. THIS is where the "Villain Victorious" alternate universe comes in. What happens when, say, Discord is triumphant in his bid to take over Equestria? Let's say Twilight never HAD her epiphany, and ended up leaving Ponyville to return to Canterlot with her proverbial tail between her legs? Or perhaps, what if Queen Chrysalis HAD pulled a fast one on the collected ponies of Equestria, and Twilight continued to linger in the cave with Cadence as the Changeling Queen spread her influence over the entire Crystal Empire... and possibly beyond? Maybe Flim & Flam actually DID beat the Apples, and the once proud Sweet Apple Acres became nothing more than a factory cranking out cheap, scuzzy cider... to say nothing of the Apple family's displacement? Or, if you REALLY wanna change things, we can say that Nightmare Moon was NOT defeated by six random ponies, and instead she rules over Dark-questria with an iron hoof, leaving the ponies within cowering in shadows - can you picture it? The point is that ANY of these scenarios can occur - the possibilities are endless. Creating a world based on the idea of a villain succeeding will take more than just "here it is", because something like that will require you to rebuild (in some cases, LITERALLY) the entire known world; ad-libbing the scenario is NOT recommended. BUT, with a few of the right questions to ask, and a couple of character changes, you too can show folks what would happen if the heroes ever fell from the sky in defeat. First, you have to choose a villain. No, this is not always an easy thing. Villains have certain rules that they're supposed to follow - at least, without the GM becoming the Stanley Kubrick of roleplaying - and choosing which one to put forward into your narrative leads to questions you should ask, like how would they affect the world if they beat the heroes? Chrysalis, undoubtedly, would attempt to rule everything from her false throne... but Flim & Flam wouldn't WANT to rule; they only want more bits. At the same time, it's obvious that Nightmare Moon would plunge the whole world into darkness... however, who knows WHAT someone like Discord would do if he ever became victorious? (It must've been pretty bad to get locked in stone for his previous escapades.) Depending on the kind of story you'd want to tell, you can pick a villain that matches that idea. Dystopian Equestria? Might get that with Chryssi. Want a place where bits make the pony? Flim & Flam, at your service. ANYTHING GOES? *snap* Discord's your guy. Make sure to work the narrative magic in the proper direction, too. After all, if you choose to nominate Nightmare Moon as the star villain of this world, then you probably would rather focus on HOW the eternal night has affected crops and colors in the world... but you probably don't want to have an entire arc about Changelings; that would be better done under Queen Chrysalis. Second, we bring the world the villain has created into focus. The world tends to reflect what's put into it; with Celestia & Luna in charge, things are peaceful and harmonious... well, MOST of the time, anyway. But that's because their influence reaches all the way across Equestria - and they embody the idea of a fair and just rule. Villians, do they do that? *snicker* So, a world ruled by a villain should reflect that particular evil, as well. After all, we're talking about a world that has effectively bowed to the villain's whims, in lieu of heroes available, and therefore has a visible stain on what would normally be a happy life. The size and shape of this proverbial stain truly depends on HOW successful you wish the baddies to be. Maybe Flim & Flam DID win with their Super-Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000... but all they did was take over the farm, kicking out the Apples and taking over? Then things might be a good bit bleaker around Ponyville - doubtless - but Canterlot might not be affected very much, and Yakyakistan not at all. Of course, if taking Sweet Apple Acres from the Apples was just the start of their soon-to-be-massive contraption empire? They would have based themselves from the farmland they acquired, then slowly began making profits & buying up land - perhaps even displacing ponies to take their homes! Eventually, even with Canterlot and the Princesses trying to present a nice front, bits would become the new law - anyone that doesn't have 'em, doesn't get 'em. Perhaps they DO as they were seen to have done in an alternate dimension, and have the farm razed to the ground, build factories, and turn Equestria into an oppressive, steampunk-type world full of greed. Ooooooh... *points to arm* goosebumps! The bottom line: a world conquered by a villain will tend to shape itself around that villain - and players will appreciate the differences as long as they make sense... except for Discord, because what fun is there in making sense? Third, define the opposition, and how it fits into the world. NOBODY likes the rule of a villain; there will always be resistance to any form of tyranny. That being said, the condition of such can be quite varied. Many villains worth their salt hunt down and destroy opposition, so most of them will be at least somewhat secretive... but the levels necessary should be dictated by the evil at hand (hoof). Rebels against Chryssi would have to be SUPER-secretive and THOROUGH in their methods of recruiting, else they become infiltrated by Changeling spies... or perhaps they already are, which is why they never seem able to succeed. However, if it was a faction standing against ol' Discy, it truly wouldn't matter WHAT the resistance does - he's too powerful to really be effective against, so everything they do would seem pointless. Remember that your players are supposed to make a difference in this world - it's okay if the opposing forces aren't effective, because that's supposed to be what your PLAYERS accomplish. Make them the reason the rebels start succeeding... because if they're succeeding on their own, then there wouldn't be a villain-ruled world, right? The other thing to consider is how the resistance is DEALT WITH; are they exiled, executed... or possibly far, FAR worse? These things should be not only considered, but planned for - at least minimally. This way, if the players seem to be having trouble defending themselves from this world, then you can always have the resistance help them out. With this kind of basis, you can now move on to working with your players to fit into the world you've ruined created for them. Unless you are doing the whole "you get teleported/phase shifted/magically blasted into this dark world" scenario, then one would assume they came from THIS world. That being the case, your players should try to write their characters to fit into this new and sinister existence. If Nightmare Moon were in charge, then there might be an angry farmer (no sunlight) who might stand against her... or perhaps an ex-royal guard (no Celestia) would take up arms against the threat. Maybe even a displaced Party Professional (no mirth) would join the fight, or even a griffon or diamond dog would have a chance at helping out, because they miss the sun too? Helping your players craft characters that fit into the world can help you define it better, as their input could possibly bring up ideas or possibilities that would make the impression of your world much firmer than OCs who simply transferred over from (insert your OC's homeland HERE). With the above in practice (and more that I'm sure you can come up with on your own), you can build and populate an entire world where things are bleak, ponies are depressed or enslaved, and the entire story feels as though it's about to teeter off the edge into oblivion... which is where the players come in to save the day. Hopefully. Who knows? There may be some day in your future that you find yourself part of a ragtag group of refugees, fighting to free Equestria from the vile grip of the wicked King Sombra... *wistful sigh* Now... go out there and twist those worlds like fresh pretzel dough! Excelsior!
  4. We saw in MLP: FiM that different worlds exist from Canterlot High to the dark versions of Equestria from The Cutie Remark. What kind of alternate Equestria do you think could exist? I came up with concepts that are different from the original Equestria down below. Feel free to make your own. In an alternate Equestria... Spike changes back and forth from filly to baby dragon thanks to Twilight's magic hatching him. Diamond Tiara is a Pegasus and Silver Spoon is a unicorn. Sweetie Belle is really Screwball, who just wants to have a normal pony life. Discord is married to Derpy and both take care of their hybrid pony/draconequus children. Pinkie Pie is the princess of friendship and has her own chocolate castle that will never melt. Applejack owns a baby hydra. Fluttershy is a friendly changeling who takes love from worms. Rarity's dream is to be a ice skater. Rainbow Dash has a part time job as a waitress at the Cloudsdale Hayburger Queen. Twilight used a spell to turn into a Smooze to teach a friendship lesson, but she hasn't been able to change back into a pony since.
  5. I messed the topic, guess I'm still not arrant in the flow. Apologies. Tis another story about mine OC Dawn, written as the response to the social experiment by Flutterpriest on FimFiction: More than two years passed since Bittersweet story, Dawn passed fire and ice and trumpets. One day she got a strange letter. After reading and prolonged hesitation whether to reply or not, she grasps her nerves and... Hither goeth: --- Hi Melody! Nice to meet a beautiful pony (I think everypony making art is beautiful and I’m not talking about the looks only… and mostly) with a beautiful name. It sings. No need to call me Penny… Heh! My name is Dawn. Quite optimistic, isn’t it? I would like to match that name completely… Anyway, that should lessen the awkwardness, shouldn’t it? Awkwardness… For an IT mare, which spends more time with machines than living ponies, it’s almost the second name. Your letter is pretty normal; believe me – the one who reads the fault notifications (with user suggestions) daily. For one who came through an incident with a stalker, awkwardness tends to become the first name even. The same reason makes me the last pony to judge you, completely open or not. I stopped judging ponies since long ago… So, I’m a mare, as I have already said. As for the looks… I have a few scars from the less happy years with my husband my previous life. Nothing too critical though. Truth be told, I learned to judge ponies by the look not. I wish I learned it earlier the easier way. I live in Ponyville. Currently… Actually, I’ve driven half of Equestria hiding from several years ago. Canterlot. A beautiful city… Well, it depends. I’ve seen both sides of it, Melody. I think, regardless of where you are – big city or some village, troubles can find you, even if you don’t seek for them. Sometimes at the least expected moment. And the shady ponies aren’t the worst of them. When the one you lived happily with for a few years turns shady… or I think it’s simply easier to overcome all those, staying closer to Nature… Have you ever thought of moving to Canterlot outskirts at least? It’s not much of a difference for the delivery and agents. But the look, the air. You are lucky, having a beautiful tree under your window, Melody. I remember, we had a brick wall, when we [blot] Well, about me… I live alone in my house. Never thought I could return to that place after the cli two years ago. But that’s all I have and… it brings happy memories. More than Even if it’s too big for a single mare. Employment in a big IT company has its undoubted advantages: I can work remotely, rarely hitting the road to Canterlot or Manehettan branch office. I prefer driving; can’t make myself enter a train compartment for quite a while. In practice, the remote work means typing, typing and again… typing. All day long. Which, with my hobby – writing (although, I don’t have much time for it, unfortunately), gives even more typing at the end of the day. You can’t imagine Writing to you was such a relief. Pen, paper… I hope my hoofwriting is readable at least. Haha! I signed for that Penpal service, because I feel lonely, more and more each day. Even in the middle of the large herd which I’m not a fan of, even if almost everypony here is friendly, despite… I get along with a few mares here, but I’m still behind the glass, sorta… We were going to be open with each other. Well! Do you want to know what I fear most of all, Melody? Not silence. There is a much scarier sound. The sound of the storm and rain drumming the house, when you are inside [blot] The worst thing in my life happened under that “music” Alas, I can’t avoid it, when I’d like to, most often I curl under my blanket hoofing my ears shut. When it’s warm outside, I ran to the open. The rain is not scary there. Often to the field nearby. You can see everything around It is more bearable that way. I know how you feel, Melody. Maybe not to the letter, but… Interesting fact, the most awful things in my life happened to me inside, in the “tranquil and homely” atmosphere, when those I supposed to trust, were near. If you want, I will tell you someday. I’m still working on my trust issues I need to grasp my nerves for that. Outside… It’s big indeed. Enough space for one to escape expect for some help, if it’s needed. Although, I admit it turns out weird sometimes. Even with lots of nice ponies I think I have too much space in my house as well. But that’s different. Never mind. I love how dedicated and inspire you sound, when it comes to your art, Melody. How responsible. I always valued responsibility high, maybe even to it becoming my weakness some tried to abuse Still, it awesome how involved you are in your artwork. Please, Melody, don’t be too involved all the time. No art is too dark, Melody. Even for Equestria. Maybe it’s your agent, failing to track the target audience, not the art. Threatening is not an option, regardless of the situation. Anyway! I got an idea. I happen to know a few art agents The only useful legacy of my husband I’m still on good terms with two of them. Well, if a few e-mails a year can be called that way. Still, they used the company service and… I’ll write you the names, being a painter you know them well most likely. If you are okay with that idea, I’ll suggest them to have a look at your art. Then, well, it will depend on your agent. Any autumn tree painted with soul and feel involved is unique, even if there are millions of them. Mind that coming from an IT mare. The idea with the night scene is… I don’t know how you make the accents visible in night light, but, well, I’m not an artist. I believe you can do that. Although, I see the scene a little differently. I’ll elaborate later. One more idea… Two unrelated to IT ideas a day! Ohhhh, that makes my coat crawl. So, to the point, right? I’m going to be in Canterlot that weekend. Under the certain tree. Simply being there. You won’t mistake. You can see me then. I can’t promise, my lungs allow you to hear me, nor I assume you want that. Do you? You can use that rope properly then, Melody… Throwing one end out of the window, so I can clip another letter to it. Screw that post service. From hoof to hoof. I’m taking a sketchpad with me, a nice change from the keyboard. I’ll tell you my story what I can I can’t promise to be lighter. And then we’ll see. Maybe you want to paint that autumn tree in the moonlight then. And two mares under that tree. Talking. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t write any more letters meanwhile. Right now I need at least one. A single word is enough, if you are okay with that idea – simply yes or no. While I have nerves to go You have a friend now, Melody! I’m not pretending to be the best one or simply a good one, only time will show. Just keep going. I care, Dawn P.S.: Speaking of scratched out parts… It took me some effort to actually dare to send this We could make a contest someday!
  6. Note from the author: This story is based on a roleplay I was (and still am) involved in, which in turn is based on this cartoon series: Only the first three need to be read to gain an idea of the universe this story exists in. The story revolves around two characters from that roleplay, Cirrus Wisp (female pegasus, light brown in color, slightly darker mane and tail) and Flapper (griffon female, light gray with white accents, brown tail tuft), along with Longhaul, my main character. This will be a 3-part story, with the first part going up soon. The second and third parts will be up as soon as they are finished. This story will contain some coarse language (nothing excessive, and most likely nothing you haven't already heard), and some descriptions of the aftermath of violent acts. If any of this bothers you, stop reading now and go read another fanfic, this one isn't for you. Posted with the encouragement of (and a swift kick in the posterior from) @Alexshy.
  7. Well? What do you think? I couldn't find a thread like this, so... Rarity - Would probably end up failing to create those perfect dresses, and would be miserable with herself but would happy for most likely getting congratulated for the dresses she DID made. Rainbow Dash - Would win the race and go on to become friends with Fluttershy. Fluttershy - Would get teased every now and then and would not have discovered her love of animals so quickly. Twilight Sparkle - Would fail the magic test and go home and study even harder than before and might overwork her body to the extreme and would suffer health issues later on. Pinkie Pie - Would continue working depressingly on the rock farm until death or at least till she moves. Applejack - Would continue living with her aunt and uncle and would continue being miserable and something she's not. What are your interpretations?
  8. This an abridged version of the comics story though not all of it I hopefully plan to post this and the other episodes I have written here if I get enough interest. I really value feedback so don't be shy Also published on FimFiction! "Alter one event and a new future comes to be. Splinter a link and a new chain is forged " -- Star Wars Infinities, A New Hope Sunset Shimmer felt a pulse of energy surge through her, she didn't quite know what to make of it. Perhaps the singing had something to do with it, but she felt more in touch, more in sync with her new 'friends'. They needed her as much as she needed them, the Sirens already proved that without her their powers weren't enough to defeat them. They had all but blown them all down even after a powerful push from their magical song. It was only after Sunset joined in did they start to make progress. In fact, they were starting to win now, the chorus was kicking in, and there was another burst of magic. Magic she'd forgotten the feeling of. Magic she'd had only once before, before she started making friends, when she'd turned into a demon. The feeling was incredible, and she wanted to make sure it stayed here, and the only way she could ensure that was to stop these Sirens. They had only one chance to do it. The memories of the physical beating she'd received in the hallway by the three girls was fresh on her mind, reinforced by the br uses and tenderness in her ribs. Someone had to stop these monsters. A little payback was just a bonus. Aria Blaze was jarred awake by a slap to the head, whatever magical blast hit her and the other two had knocked them out for a moment. Their clothing in shreds, Adagio yelled at them to get back up and use what power they had left. She'd warned her so called leader this might not be the best idea, but it fell on deaf ears. In fact, things were turning worse than she thought they might, whatever magic was manifesting inside those other girls was increasing fast. She needed an escape plan and fast. Sunset opened her eyes and summoned every bit of power inside her, combining it with Twilight's it was already more than what was needed to thwart the Siren's plans. She couldn't let them take away any of what she'd worked hard to get back. No. She needed more! They needed to pay for what they did to her! To her friends! “Sunset, what are you doing, you're manifesting too much!” Twilight yelled, but the construct was already forming above them. It took the form of a giant alicorn and it was powering up for a massive blast of dispelling magic. “Payback!” Sunset yelled as the power gathering around them deafened them, the focus was already preparing to fire. Aria started backing up, this wasn't working, whatever they threw at the Rainbooms had no effect. In fact, they were getting stronger, so strong their own siren constructs had frozen in place. She backed up past Sonata, leaving herself in the lead for a quick getaway, which was starting to look like a smart move. “Oh crap! RUN!” sonata said backing up another step. “We're all gunna die!” Sunset felt the construct build up and fire. The downward shot of pure white energy turned into a focused line of fire, hitting Adagio first, then Sonata, then Aria last. Aria cursed and backed up as the magic fired, and their stubborn leader finally turned tail and ran with Sonata. They both didn't expect Aria to strike them in the chest, doubling them over facing her. She ducked beneath them as human shields, the brunt of the blast hitting the other two and quickly destroying their gems. Aria looked at both of her 'sisters' expression, satisfied for a moment. Adagio always was so smug and treated her awful, it was nice to see her knocked down a peg. Sonata's moronic behavior was always a pin in Aria's dreams of being in charge, she wouldn't be missed. Both of them cried out for a moment until the charge tore their bodies apart and turned them to literally nothing, the power dissipating as Aria had anticipated, but not enough, it struck her next, and threatened to take her too. She yelled out in pain and put her arms up instinctively to defend herself, the searing heat from it scarring her forearms up and down, before stopping finally burning itself out. Sunset watched as the Siren's were taken out, pleased but horrified at the same time. More concerning was the fact she couldn't stop the magic pouring out wildly now. It was saturating the area, as bad as gasoline fumes in a room. It was starting to become dangerously volatile. She couldn't stop it, even with her friends. The so called power they had was useless at this point. Aria collapsed backwards and yelled as she felt the pure undiluted magics in all three of their magical gems mingle and turn into pure dark magic. She looked up and saw a ball of manifesting Equestrian magic in front of her and rolled off the stage, behind a rock. This wasn't going to end well, had to protect herself first! Sunset's eyes widened, a spark to all this gasoline was heading right for them! She looked around frantically, and tried to think...the only thing she could focus on was the nagging feeling that maybe Celestia was right to cast her aside. When it came down to it, she wasn't powerful at all...but neither was this so called Magic of Friendship. A blast of white light overcame all of Canterlot Highschool's grounds and shook the earth from their to across the bay in Equestrian City. A growing spherical shock-wave knocked out electricity and overturned cars and damaged structures from its epicenter to the first few neighborhoods in the suburbs. Sunset Shimmer felt the explosion rattle her teeth and knock her to the ground. She landed with a grunt, the wind knocked out of her. Screams filled her ears as a rumbling shook the ground around her, she couldn't see anything, the world was spinning so fast and her senses were being overwhelmed. Standing back up, she was knocked to her knees again as the ground shook. She squinted her eyes and tried to find anyone, all she could see was dust, and all she could hear was screams. Suddenly, a burst of purple hued light filled her vision, near what she assumed was the stage area. A figure emerged from the center of it, she couldn't tell what it was, but it was moving. Another quake rattled the ground as the purple orb vanished with its occupant. The shock-wave from its displacement rapidly overtook Sunset's position and knocked her out cold, the last few faint sounds of chaos around her giving way to darkness.
  9. I remember that I had posted two questions regarding alternate settings for the Equestria Girls movies, one in mediaeval Japan, and the other in ancient Greece: So, if you directed the Equestria Girls movies, what kind of setting would you use for the "mirror Equestria", instead of that cliche high school setting? Would it be from a historical era, or a futuristic Equestria (as an antithesis for the magical fantasy Equestria), or something else?
  10. Greetings, this is a general update on the state of Equestrian City! Episode 2 and 3 are available on both dA and Fimfiction at the moment. ED I haven't heard a thing from yet. The main Table of Contents for the comic has been updated on the main site and at dA in our supergroup! All links are below! Main Table of Contents for the Comic Equestrian City Supergroup on DeviantArt Equestrian City Episode 2 Equestrian City Episode 3 Equestrian City on FimFiction Thanks for reading!
  11. So. Since I've been brave enough to post a few times I've decided to make a thread n.n All the concept art I've made and with notation I've had others make for me, will be here. Feel free to ask questions I love to explain my project! For information check out Equestrian City on dA and on the main website! We've got a small comic and will eventually have fanfiction in the form of episodes as well as a wiki that's slowly being brought to life!. Stay tuned n.n First up we have Lightning Dust! Given enhanced reflexes and speed (yet not super speed) she also came away with the ability to discharge electrical powers if she can conduct them properly. Hence her metal tongue/ nightsticks. Thoughts?
  12. WARNING! For Starlight haters, best not to be here! This is a "what if" scenario. So it's not like it's actually happening! Alright, so let's say the Elements of Harmony has been disconnected from the Mane Six and moved onto new characters. The Mane Six now have Rainbow power to use, and the elements themselves are back into the tree. So what if Equestria's in trouble (again), and the Mane Six are unable to save Equestria, OR Rainbow power ain't enough to stop the villain, and the answer is to have DOUBLE the friendship power? Starlight is Element of Magic... who do you choose for the other five? _____________________________________________________________ Here's my choices: * Trixie - Element of Honesty - I know Trixie wasn't always honest in the past, but given "Where the Apple Lies", AJ wasn't either! So what if Trixie became an honest magician? She's been pretty honest with Starlight ever since No Second Prances, so perhaps she might fill in the slot for Applejack! * Discord - Element of Laughter - Discord's funny, but his humor is more for self-humor instead of making others laugh. Perhaps this could change! * Spike - Element of Loyalty - Spike's ALWAYS been loyal to his friends and all of Equestria! Spike fills this role by a long shot! And hey, given that he was the replacement Rainbow Dash in the season 2 premiere, it would make it a foreshadow! * Thorax - Element of Generosity - I at first wanted to give Thorax "Kindness", but Thorax was the first changeling to GIVE love instead of take it! Also I couldn't find any other characters that should have generosity, so Thorax it was! * Big Mac or Scorpan - Element of Kindness - It actually depends! Big Mac is very kind, and to give him something special, maybe he would be the new Element of Kindness, since Big Mac always wanted to be a hero like AJ! But then again, if Scorpan ends up coming to the show, he might be considered kind and take the spot! But I dunno for sure.
  13. Dare I try and draw again? I shall dare .and hope I do not draw the ire of my audience. Here we see Twilight, having been stuck in human world, testing the Matterhorn ARMOR Model 1 Propulsion System. She seems happy n.n mainly because it didn't catch fire immediately! All thoughts welcome.
  14. You wake up to find that you are a pony and you have traveled back in time before Luna has turned into nightmare moon would you try to warn the other ponies about what is going to happen or not .
  15. Hello! My name is Papyton, you can call me Paps for short. I'm kind of new to the site, so if you are interested, I would suggest that you contact me via Skype or message me in my ask box on my Tumblr. I am currently in need of a few VAs, for an audio drama. The main cast is as listed: Twilight Sparkle: We will need at least a slightly decent impression of Twilight, but are open to slightly younger sounding voices. Time Turner- ALREADY CAST Celestia: Again we need at least a slight resemblance in voice to the original Celestia's voice Blueblood: Snobby male voice is really all we need, someone who sounds close to as old he is would work Spike: We already have a few people who we are reviewing but feel free to contact me about it​​​​​​​​​ ​​Now for the secondary characters we have quite a few who will reappear for multiple episodes: Pinkie Pie: its the same with any of the other charcters who exist in the mane six group, we need it to have the same vocal cadence, or something relatively close Fluttershy: *see Pinkie Pie* Rainbow Dash: A rough but feminite voice would work just fine Mayor Mare: Mildly similar voice Timber: a slightly tenor voice who can act arrogant and cocky Bulk Biceps: If we could get someone with a really deep voice that would be awesome Jellius: the stallion that is obsessed with jelly, we are open to any voice type Guards 1&2: One male and one female would fit nicely, any kind of voice would be fine Bartender: Relaxed male voice Hostess: Preppy feminite voice Ditzy: We already have someone who is also being reviewed, but if you would like to try out, make sure to contact me and I will see what I can do. Okay so that's about it for characters who are needed, if you've done voice acting before you'll recognize these rules for auditions and recording- Always have a quiet space to record, if you can try to record in a small space without echoes or background noises such as a closet or a bathroom. A good microphone can bring you far in the voice acting industry, if you are looking for a good microphone I would suggest the Blue Yeti, its around 40-60 dollars and has a great sound to it. Audacity is a blessing to all editors, its free to download and use, I would suggest having it when you audition!
  16. Now, I'm not sure what would this would fall under, as its hardly a story as that requires a coherent thought process and in terms of even applying to Equestria is dubious as its contents are sort of...periphery. This will be more of a self-exercise in the sort of things that accumulate when you have a character that treats such things as the laws of nature as more of a guideline. As Widdershins is an interdimensional traveler, and a rather irresponsible one at that, the "Holes" that he leaves behind can sporadically reopen and some things may wander in or intentionally follow him through. While the portals take a trained (or infected) eye to see & track down, once through it can be pretty easy to tell where Widdershins has visited. His intermittent flippant disregard for other beings' sanity will tend to leave a trail of grudges behind him. To track him down a being would need to hit every world Widdershins did in the same order and have a sufficient enough determination or sheer blind luck to wind up on the same world as where he resides now in Ponyville. Matters are made all the more complicated as the more magical worlds are a lot easier to punch holes into and Equestria happens to be one of the more magical of the worlds he's been to. Three interdimensional holes surround the small city of Ponyville as it just so happens to be built over the major nexus of magical leylines in the land of Equestria. One medium sized one between two oddly warped trees just past the Two Sisters Castle deep in the Everfree (which likely accounts for how scholars have yet to figure out a way to fully catalogue every beast in the forest, as new ones are constantly appearing & disappearing), one small one in an empty field on the opposite side of Ponyville, and one gigantic hole covering most of the town's skyline. While these portals are greatly unstable, they are usually pretty hard to see by a normal eye unless you know how to, or are just used to seeing things while unfocused. While usually too unstable for regular, dependable use the absolute sheer amount of Holes Widdershins has put up over his unaccountably long lifespan & the fact that they'll even tend to redirect themselves without warning will tend to leave mysterious lifeforms stranded in dimensions they ,or the worlds they visit, are unprepared for. In short, if you've ever heard of tales of cryptic, otherworldly creatures or been in a situation that smelled of a bad crossover fanfiction, you would not be remiss in blaming Widders for it! Think I'll start with the more sentient & intentional of Widdershins' pursuers. Pirate Captain "Bleakbeak" McQuay and his First (and Only) Mate Mangepatch: Captain Bleakbeak hails from an aquatic-centered world that revolves around a green sun. The light of its green sun covers their world in a slightly dim light that causes most of its inhabitants to be a bit moody, primal & aggressive. As the light is a bit brighter & easier to stand near the world's many oceans most of its cities have gravitated to becoming port towns, leaving its interior landlocked countries to become essentially untamed wilds. With so many ornery folk gathering on the waterside, piracy has become not only a way of life, but the major source of "trade." Bleakbeak McQuay was once the mighty griffon Pirate Captain of the huge, Iron-hulled, leading ship The Busted Shin, and had the huge fleet of countless crew & alcoholism that comes with being a renown pirate. That is, until the fateful day he met & befriended Widdershins. One night after having unquestioningly accepted one too many free rounds at a wharf-side bar from Widdershins, he awoke the next afternoon with his "good drinking claw" stolen clean off his body & Widder having skipped dimension on him. After resolutely shoving a peg in the hole where his front right claw used to be, he set sail & swore to track down & blow to bits that "Trait'rus Grae' Grey Worrm!" Unfortunately, at the time Bleakbeak had no idea Widdershins was an interdimensional traveler or his method of travel, and spent years in a maddening search for him, eventually his health deteriorating & his crew dwindling down to nothing as they became well aware their Captain no longer cared for not only pirating anymore or for anything else that didn't relate to his revenge. Eventually being reduced to a crotchety, old man on an abandoned boat in the middle of the ocean, McQuay finally had a good stroke of luck while dumping out his eyepatch over the railing. Though his rheumy, diseased and usually covered bad-eye he could see a massive, shining portal hovering just over the oceans surface, and taking his chance, sailed his ship though it and on through the dimensions to continue his mad quest for revenge! Mangepatch was the only remaining crew member to stay onboard with Bleakbeak McQuay's plot for revenge, though not really though any dint of loyalty. He's just exceptionally lazy and having to actually get up and find a new "Boss" is just far too much work where he's considered. In Mangepatch's home dimension the diamond dogs evolved instead to be more active hunters instead of digging down and harboring their greed for jewels, they grew lankier, taller & and developed their trademark tactic of chasing down their prey & hounding them until they got too tired to fight back. Because of their habit of "wearing down" their prey, Widdershins only refers to his species as "Wear-woofs." Mangepatch is considered large even by the standards of his already muscular & large species; towering in at close to ten feet tall he cuts an incredibly imposing figure. He was quickly kicked out of his pack in his teenage years not because he used his size to bully, but because he refused to help with the hunting & quite literally threw his weight around and leaned on his packmates until they gave up with a sigh and just tossed him their food. Mangepatch first met up and joined Bleakbeak's crew as a flagrant & impudent stowaway. He had fallen asleep in broad daylight on one of the rum barrels McQuay made a habit of keeping a steady stock of in his ships. As no one could wake him or hoist his immense carcass off and McQuay would rather die then leave good booze behind, he ordered they just shove the whole mess onto the boat and just make him part of the crew when he woke up. And its a good thing he did too, now days as his ship tends to land on land or other material not conducive to sailing, a good vigorous couple minutes of pecking from McQuay can get Mangepatch's lazy tail up to crawl off the ship and hoist the boat around with his monstrous strength like it was another piece of luggage. Though not for too long, as Mangepatch tends to not go for more then ten to fifteen minutes at a time without falling down for a nap, regardless of whether he's carrying an entire ship at the time or not. Maybe I'll get more into a detailed description of them later when I throw them up on the rp character lists. Sir Gacious Fume of the Interstatial Law Firm of Fume, Crush & Dampen: When you disregard such things as societal norms, proper etiquette & physics as often as Widdershins does you tend to collect enemies & large legal reparations. Dimension hopping takes alot of getting used to, the rules always change, you pick the wrong side to work for, you pick something off the ground for a snack and wind up dooming an entire hivemind race, it stands to reason that after long enough a lot of voices start crying out for you to pay for what you've done one way or another. And with those accusations thrown, it summons a universal evil. Lawyers. That's just what the Interstatial Law Firm specializes in. Tracking down those who think they can ditch their subpoenas, court costs & legal responsibilities and hide in another dimension just because the "rules" are different there. As each of the three partners are made entirely out of simple chemical bonds that represent the states of matter, they use this to better flip though the dimensions & yet remain stable, but unstable enough to pass unheeded though most matter in whatever dimension they hunt their "clients" down to & coerce them into an agreed upon interdimensional court before they have time to flee. Gacious (Gah-SHE-uhz) is made entirely out of what he calls the most noblest of gasses, Helium. While a good strong gale can scatter him, he easily reforms from any blow & can leech his way though any wall or obstacle between him & hunting his mark down to get them in court, and subsequently, his lawyer fees. As an accidental, side power Gacious does tend to get inhaled by passing organic creatures and for a few hours before he is fully exhaled out he can "legally commandeer native resources for intent to apprehend via peaceful negotiations of assimilated second-hand culture acquisition." This also happens to be a trait he shares with his colleague, Mr.Moist B. Dampen but to a much more awkward & messy result. Sir Gacious Fume considers himself a protector of the downtrodden & put-upon and a champion of your right to the money you have so clearly earned from your hardships. Though judging by his aggressive self-marketing he wants as many vict- clients that he can defend. All three partners in the law firm are in constant argument as to what order their names should appear on their promotional material & signs, usually between Sir Fume and Prosecutor RumbleCrush and as he's rather spineless Mr.Moist's name usually winds up last. There does happen to be a fourth partner in their law firm, but he's rarely met and generally considered to be unstable. Heather Trunter, Treasure Hunter: Heather hails from a a dimension not unlike Equestria. One major difference is its dim, brown sun. Their world is awash in varying shades of sepia tones that tends to weigh heavily on one's mental state enough for crime to be easily considered as an outlet in this world. Though as the sun is just bright enough to color the shadows as well, a life of subterfuge takes on an air of theatrical suspense. Heather Trunter is a freelance archaeologist that is often hired out to procure artifacts & other ancient items for her clientele, usually without too many questions asked. While she typically doesn't care to what ends you use the things she's ordered to fetch, she has had to frequently "repossess" them as hostile planet-wide takeovers & apocalypses would seriously crimp her business. On one mission she came across an ancient civilization that worshiped Widdershins as a god (as tends to happen when your a giant serpent-like creature with vague, inexplicable powers) and discovered a magical amulet & an unusually stable portal that Widdershins had used to escape when the natives started getting a bit too ritualistic. The knowledge of both of these items she kept a secret, using the portal to easily obtain mundane items from alternate dimensions & bring them back home to sell to scholars who enjoy stumping themselves with things they can't comprehend. The amulet she found was likely meant to emulate the long, boneless form of their "god" by allowing its wearer to stretch beyond their physical limitations. While she uses it to escape last ditch dire situations, its power is unstable due to its age & having been made by jungle dwellers. If used more then once a month it can begin to take a dangerous toll on her bone density and so Heather can often be found chugging milk, spinach or iron pills in an attempt to counter its side effects. Though aside from this, Heather has always been an athletic & flexible mare of a rather gymnastic build. With a light tan coat, and a long, blond mane usually done in a ponytail to match her equally tied actual pony tail. As is most ponies from her dimension, she's rather tall & leggy as well. "That belongs in the hooves of a paying customer!" "Archaeology isn't entirely about the adventure, there's still bills to pay after all." Just a few odds and ends I felt didn't count enough to put over in the rp lists. Since they weren't entirely characters in their own right. Will likely come back to this after a while with another chapter on the more beastly & unnameable horrors that have fallen on Ponyville due to Widdy's negligence.
  17. All right, this one is technically incomplete, but since it is a really long fic, I will probably have to wait almost a year before it actually is complete. Now, the current word count is over 20,000, so I won't post it all here. I suggest you read it all on Fimfiction here. The main premise is of an earth pony foal who wants to study, of all things, magic. However, if you just want to see if you are interested, here is the first chapter: Chapter 1: Kindergarten Woes Aurora looked around the classroom nervously, mentally cataloging the occupants. Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn, pegasus, unicorn, unicorn... another unicorn, unicorn, pegasus, unicorn, pegasus... and me. She sighed, her eyes falling on her own light green hooves. Her empty forehead. Her bare back. She looked back around at the class. I don't know why I expected anything different, she thought bitterly. This was the third school she had been to in just as many months, and at each of them it had been the same. She set her head on her desk. I bet I'm the only earth pony in Canterlot. The rational part of her brain immediately protested. Well, except for the ones that are visiting. But they don't have to go to school. It wasn't like the courses were particularly hard. They were actually quite boring. And, well, nopony really knew what to do with an earth pony. Unicorns learned their telekinesis. Pegasi learned how to fly. But earth ponies' magic was all passive. Nothing to really learn there. The best the schools ever did was to give her a few agricultural books and hope for the best. Even that was after she pestered them constantly for something, anything, to do. Unfortunately for her, agriculture was... not that appealing. At all. Her parents had both been unicorns, and... well... they were loving and kind. Aurora couldn't ask for better caretakers than Written Script and Cherry Blossom. However, both of them were a different species. Evidently, both had earth pony ancestry and had passed it on to her, but it still meant that they had no idea how to teach an earth pony any of the practical skills that they usually learned from their parents. And judging by the knowledge of so-called experts, it would not have been much better. Of course, Aurora never believed that earth ponies were in any way inferior. She had heard stories of earth ponies with incredible and strange powers. The problem was that nopony really could teach her anything. Most of those fabled earth ponies discovered their abilities by accident. She lived in a library with two scholars, and while she had developed a passion for magic, the only recorded study materials were all designed for unicorn use. The best she could do was to learn unicorn theory. At least that was interesting enough. So Magic Kindergarten was incredibly boring. Nopony taught theory, even for unicorns, and nopony really knew what to do with her. That was okay, in a way. She could deal with being bored, as long as she could go home and read later. The problem lay in the fact that she was the only earth pony. The only freak in the show. So she was the target of everything. The target for bullies that believed that if they couldn't see the magic, then it wasn't there. "Hey! Give that back!" The colt held the small, bronze object aloft, bringing it closer to himself. "Well, well... What is this?" He shook it a bit, then opened the cover. "A compass?" He squinted, reading the letters. "G, D, W, N?" He laughed. "What, did you make this yourself? The points aren't even straight!" He glanced back at her, grinning. "Oh wait, never mind. That can't be right, either." Aurora stomped her hoof, then lunged at the object. "I said, give it back!" The gray unicorn sneered, lifting it contemptuously out of her reach. "And what are you going to do if I don't? Grow me to death?" He laughed at his own joke. Aurora fumed, brushing her dark green mane out of her eyes. He locked his gaze, glaring at her one last time, then scoffed, turning away. "Face it, dirt lover. There's a reason earth ponies stayed as farmers." Aurora cracked. She shrieked, spinning around as she placed both her rear hooves firmly in his chest. The impact sent the stock colt back a few feet and onto the ground. He blinked, stunned by the impact, and all of the other foals watching gasped. The grey aura around her compass flickered and died as she snatched it out of the air with her mouth and ran, tears falling from her eyes. Aurora sat against the tunnel wall, breathing heavily and attempting to calm her racing heart. She groaned in despair. I have to be expelled for sure. I just attacked another pony. I don't think I've hit something that hard before. I... I just couldn't risk losing Dad's compass. Carefully, Aurora pushed the bronze chain back around her neck before letting the compass fall onto her chest. Holding it in one hoof, she pressed the button on the side, opening it up with a small click. Please don't be broken, please don't be broken... G was somewhere at the center. W pointed back down the street. N was nowhere to be seen. Oh, good. I was so worried. Suddenly, D faded into existence, pointing quite strongly towards W, and the direction she had entered the tunnel. Uh oh. She looked up the street, and saw Broad Strike, who she had just bucked, running down the street. Directly at her. Closing the lid on the compass, she looked around wildly for somewhere, anywhere, to hide. Running back was not an option. Running forward was not great, as it would take quite a while to lose him. Oh, thank Celestia! A service door! She grabbed the handle and pulled. Nothing happened. She grabbed the handle and pushed. Nothing happened. The sounds of angry hoofsteps grew louder. Oh, crud. Frustrated and hysteric, she spun around again, bucking the door as hard as she possibly could. Near the hinges, of course. CLANG! Whoa, I can't believe that worked. "You are so dead!" Dammit, Aurora! No time to admire your own work! Get a move on! She slipped through the opening, stepping quietly to the other side of the door, and waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark. Aurora gasped. This was no maintenance shaft. It was a subterranean cave, comprised entirely out of crystal. Also, she was about two hooflengths from the edge of a chasm. Aurora gulped. Thank Celestia I didn't just rush in. Suddenly, her ears swiveled around as they registered something from the other side of the door - the sound of hooves. Aurora held her breath as the hooves suddenly slowed, then stopped entirely. Strike had stopped right outside her hiding place. Not that it was much of one. The giant dent in the door kind of gave it away. "I know you're in there!" Aurora's heart raced as she looked around the cavern. The phosphorescent glow that had been so beautiful earlier now served a much more mundane function: allowing her to escape. While the confusing shadows were disorienting, she quickly found a path down into the chasm that looked reasonably safe. I really hope he doesn't have the nerve to follow me, she thought as she edged along the cave wall. Aren't bullies supposed to be secretly wusses or something? She placed her hooves carefully on the jagged ground, making her way downward. The crystals that made up the ground were not flat, and one wrong step meant death. Or at least a lot of pain. Those things are sharp. It was a good thing she did. Strike had evidently realized that Aurora wasn't coming out anytime soon. He squeezed in awkwardly, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the blackness. They widened at the sight, then narrowed as he spotted the object of his ire. He trotted over to the start of the path, and attempted to bring her back using levitation. She shrugged off the field like it was nothing. Broad Strike gritted his teeth. Earth ponies. He started after her, placing his front hooves on the wall for support as he went down the narrow path. I suppose I did hit him pretty hard. Aurora renewed her pace as she reached the bottom. She worried less and less about falling, speeding up considerably before jumping with a loud "clop" to the cave floor. Her initial plan of hiding at the bottom of the chasm now ruined, she ran through one of the narrow passageways into another cave. Apart from having a large hole in its center, it was empty, and Aurora ran straight through another passageway on the other side. If I can just lose him... Aurora skidded to a stop. This room had no exits, no way out. She was trapped. Worse, she heard the sound of hoofsteps again. her pursuer had reached the bottom, and by the sound of it, had seen which passageway she had taken. Panicking, she looked around the cave. Maybe there was some, rock, some protrusion she could hide behind... Just as she saw him enter the cave, she noticed a small hole in the floor, just big enough for her to fit in. She dove, wincing in pain as the sharp crystal dug into her body. With almost no room to move, she wiggled further down into the hole, and her back hooves were only just inside when Strike caught up to her once again, trying to grab her with his telekinesis. She braced herself to fight against it, but to her surprise, it wasn't needed. The field formed, then warped erratically, reflected by the crystal, and sent a feedback back to his horn. "Ow!" Strike shouted, stumbling back. Taking the chance for what it was, Aurora renewed her efforts, climbing deeper into the hole. Strike tried to follow, but flinched back away in pain as his horn hit the hard crystal. Turning away with a "Hmph!", he walked back through the caves, his hooves echoing in the hole where she hid. When the sound finally died, she relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she paused, tensing slightly. Oh, crud. I can't turn around. She crawled forward again. Forward and downward. It wasn't as if she had a choice. I just really hope this isn't a dead end.
  18. Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns Twilight’s got her nose stuck in a book. Sunset wants to go see the rest of their friends. As winter descends upon Canterlot, Sunset gets an idea. Things snowball from there. Historian’s Note: Set in the Wavelengths Timeline where the Sonic Rainboom never happened, Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns is a stand-alone tale that occurs about six weeks after the events in the Applications Trilogy. Cast: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Moon Dancer, Minuette, Cheerilee, Coco Pommel & Coloratura Co-Starring: Raven & Philomena Stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline in chronological order: Origins Arc The Alchemy of Chemistry Bards of the Badlands (Coming Early Janury 2017) Grading on a Bell Curve How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative (Coming Late January 2017) Applications Arc The Application of Unified Harmony Magics Princess Celestia: A Brief History The Cloudsdale Report Infatuations and Other Lies Arc Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns
  19. This is a thought that I had while in school today. Mostly because it was so boring that I let my mind wander. So here is the thought. What if little Fluttershy was a single mother? Not suddenly in the middle of the series, what if she was one the first moment we met her. Like she had a little pegasus foal? What do you guys think? Would you like this alteration or keep her the way she is?
  20. So this is entirely theoretical, but I was thinking that the timelines in the season 6 finale honestly all had tons of potential behind them. I feel like they all have room for complex, interesting stories of their own (I guess fanfic writers agree with me though xD). They had enough material for a season finale each, I almost feel, at least as far as the Nightmare Moon, Changeling, and the most famous, the Crystal War timelines go. So what if the movie focused on exploring these concepts whether than telling a connected story? Imagine it being split into 3 segments, each focusing on telling the isolated story of it's alternate timeline. No actual connections between them like in the S6 finale. Of course this won't happen, and I doubt y'all would like this idea as it'd really be a series of TV specials rather than a movie, but I wanted this out there, Honestly, I find the AUs so intriguing I would like this
  21. Hi there guys! Here's my fanfic I made and posted over at Fimfiction and seeing as I've join this site I decided to post my fanfic stories here. This is a T rating story and no Sex (though I might have a separate one, but ONLY on Fimfiction as no NSFW stuff here) and no Gore (there might be a few scratches and bruises, but nothing overly dark). I hope you guys enjoy my tale on Anthro Ponies! SUMMARY There are many worlds out there, each different from our and the same applies to them as well. But they all share the same sky, the same destiny. Though this is a tale of a young man with a different loft of life until he is mysterious thrown into another world... one like his but at the same time vastly different. In this new land, Christopher Cornelius Corona, explores a world filled of wonder and delight with magic at every turn that is inhabitable by ponies, but not just normal ponies! A world filled with technicolor anthropomorphic ponies. And what new adventure is without friends? Upon his arrival in this strange new world he is greeted and befriended by the most magical set of friends, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the lovable Pinkie Pie who quickly take him in and become his closest friends at the start. Though underneath all the magic and wonders of friendship, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Who brought him to this world of Equestria? Why him? And along the way as he becomes a citizen of this new world perhaps more than friendship will bloom between him and his friends? Perhaps... true love? And what's this... YOU'RE ALLOWED MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE IF YOU CHOOSE TO? A Harem, a Herd? Oh dear... life has turned upside for the young lad with plenty of ecchiness as well. How will he survive the beautiful bountiful vixens that are all around him as well as the mysterious of this world... and maybe his world as well? - Human x Anthro Pony Harem Story Author's Notes: Just a few details I like to share with you all, first and foremost: - There will be no swearing or cussing in the story (though mild swearing I might allowed) - There will be NO alcohol in the story though playful references and jabs will be in place, like with the doughnut scene with Spike in the Season 1 finale - There will be some Japanese Otaku Ecchiness involved, but nothing too crazy - No Same Sex Pairing, everyone is Straight in this story so don't expect any romance between the same sex at all. No offense to fans of it or people who are into that sort of thing, but I've seen it done to death so many times and in a lot of romance stores here on Fimfiction I've grown a little tired of it - NO HEAT CYCLE like a good portion of other Anthro Pony stories I've read, though unless there's demand of it I might make a spin-off one-shot of it. Though I have an idea to work around this in a way. - Like with no heat cycle there is no Clop (or Lemon) in this story, though if people are interested I might do a side-story that focuses on it but no promises. - All the characters, dialogue, and violence will be closely matched the same as the show so don't expect blood or gore at all in this story (maybe a few scrapping, but that's it). That is all and I hope you enjoy this new tale of mine! SOURCE My Little Anthro Ponies: Love Troubles Corona CHAPTERS CH01: Prologue: A Story as Old as Time CH02: Arrival of the Century CH03: An Alien's Friendly Welcome Party [Coming soon] PS: Funny thing about Chapter 3 is my PC's HDD crashed and I nearly lost all of my data on it (well the HDD can be brought up it's just the files can't be accessed) and I barely started on Chapter 3 so I really didn't have much. Though I was going to re-write anyway and with how Season 7 ended it gives me more ideas to work with. I'll try to see what I can do. Please tell me what you think!
  22. Myself and a team of nearly 20 other people are getting together to make an audio drama on YouTube. I am on the "promotion" team, and I am tasked with gathering help for the series. Help includes voice actors, artists, secondary characters, or just promoters like me to spread the word. Message me if you're interested in helping out with this series at all!
  23. In an Equestria where the Sonic Rainboom never happened, Sunset Shimmer is the prized pupil of the Princess of the Sun. As Sunset struggles to make up for her past misdeeds and come to terms with the pony she wants to be, Celestia sends her to find the classic work ‘Applications of Unified Harmony Magic’ from the Royal Canterlot Archives. Right after lunch, some meddling by her friends and meeting somepony with firsthoof experience of the Sunset she used to be. You can read the story directly on FiMFiction or head over to Novel's Nook for a hand-crafted custom EPUB of the short story! The first story in a new ongoing series, Applications sets the scene for one of the many "what if" timelines created by Starlight Glimmer in the Season 5 finale!
  24. Daylight at the campus of LSU was coming. Rainbow Dash saw the sunlight and woke up."Rainbow Dash!", a voice called. Rainbow recognized the voice. It was her boyfriend, LSU wide receiver Malachi Dupre. They had been together for about a year and a half. In another dorm room, Rainbow Dash's brother, Icy Storm, woke up. Tonight on the campus big house, there would be a big event. There would be a huge party. "Ready for tonight?", asked Brandon Harris, the quarterback for LSU and Icy's best friend on the team. "Yeah", said Icy. "Should be fun.". To be continued.... Alright, that's the end of the first chapter. I might as well do some character introductions: Rainbow Dash, the wide receiver for LSU and the girlfriend of Malachi Dupre Malachi Dupre, another wide receiver and Rainbow Dash's boyfriend who ends up becoming the vampire pony later on during the big party Icy Storm, Rainbow Dash's brother who is best friends with Brandon Harris Brandon Harris, the quarterback for LSU who teaches Icy everything to know about being a quarterback Jamal Adams, the safety for LSU, who becomes Malachi's first victim after his transformation Kendell Beckwith, the linebacker, who witnesses Malachi's transformation and the attack on Jamal Emerald Bolt, the vampire pony that bites Malachi. (You might know who she is from Vampires run in the family) All of the LSU students were gathering at the campus big house for the party. All of the student-athletes were there, too. It was a party to welcome all of the the new freshmen. Icy was one of them. The entire school was there. However, a special guest was outside. It was Emerald, the queen of the Royal Family of Manity. She was here to find Malachi to turn him into what she was. After a long time partying, Malachi went outside to get a break. Some of the other students were sitting at the outside tables. As soon as Emerald saw Malachi, she turned invisible. She slowly sneaked up to him and jumped on him. "Hey there, Malachi!", said Emerald in a sweet voice. "Emerald?! What are you doing?! Get off of me!!!", Malachi shouted. "I'm not doing that just yet.", said Emerald. "But, however, I want to taste your blood! I will feed on you just as I have done to many of my victims! I wonder what human blood tastes like, you know." "Nooooo!!!", Malachi said in fear. Emerald did not listen. She unsheathed her fangs and sunk them into Malachi's right shoulder and began to feed. Malachi screamed in pain. The pain was unlike anything he'd ever felt. The students over at the tables heard what was going on, but when they saw what was happening, they became frozen with fear. Kendell saw what was happening, too, and fell to his knees. By then, Emerald had finished feeding on Malachi. She lifted her fangs from Malachi's shoulder and took flight. "Have fun!", she said cheerfully. She disappeared into the night. "Malachi!!", cried Kendell, running over to him. "Oh my god... What happened to you?!", said one of the LSU students. "What was that thing?!", another LSU student said. "A vampire pony", said Malachi. "I know her. Her name is Emerald Bolt, but she's usually just called Emerald. She's from Equestria and she's the queen of the Royal Family of Manity. Manity is a place on the outskirts of Equestria. I have no idea how she got here. She's originally from a story called Vampires run in the family. I knew she was real. But right now... just get me to the doctor. My shoulder..." Kendell looked at Malachi's shoulder. It was bloody. Some of the blood had soaked onto the top right part of Malachi's shirt. Kendell carried Malachi to the campus care center. It was still open. The doctor recognized Kendell and Malachi. "Whoa... what happened to you, Malachi?", the doctor asked. "OK... you're going to have to believe me... but I was bitten by a creature from Equestria called a vampire pony.". "Wow", said the doctor. "That's quite an interesting injury cause. Luckily, I have some bandages to help fix you up. The doctor got the bandages out from the drawer and started to wrap them around Malachi's right shoulder. After he was done, the doctor said, "Make sure he gets plenty of rest. He'll need it". "Thanks", said Kendell. He would make sure of it.
  25. Considering the Q&A we have coming up, it got me thinking about Pony crossovers. NO, not Doctor Who, for the love of god, or the Avengers, or Pokemon or... -lists off crossovers for the next year- See, with general fandoms, it was always humans and furries. Now, MLP came along and exploded to a point where there's a third category and it's not just an offshoot of furries. It's making huge leaps and strides on the fandom community, but to my surprise, they reached somewhere I never thought they would be. Classics and musicals. By now, we've all seen the Spade Sister's video based on 'Anything you can do' from 'Annie, get your gun'. Sure, the song they used isn't the original (considering the original song was first heard in 1946), but Bernadette and Tom's version is magical, just the same, breathing new life into a classic for a new generation of potential fans. I'm a huge fan of musicals. They're in my top three favorite genre's of music, for crying out loud. I was utterly DELIGHTED to hear a classic song made fresh once more with a lovely animatic. It got me thinking. I had never thought about the MLP fandom having reached the musical stage before! So I went on a hunt and by Jove, I couldn't believe what I found! Ink Potts Youtube channel These beautiful people caught me with their OWN three part animatic of the 1994 Jekyll and Hyde musical. I remembered hearing it a long time ago and to see it on a new medium made me excited. Part 1 of 3 for Jekyll and Hyde musical animatic --> AND THEN... then I found something out. Now, I'll admit. Even being a big fan of musicals, it does find me slacking a bit when it comes to later releases of older stories. But when I saw that Ink Potts had an animatic for the Count of Monte Cristo... well, safe to say, I was confused. I had no idea one had been made. Part 1 of 6 for Count of Monte Cristo musical animatic --> Blown the fuck away, y'all. The music itself was divine, but the animatics made it even better because, unfortunately, the Count of Monte Cristo did not have any actual DVD's of their 2015 english performance. The only videos I could find were of the german performance (also very good). Now, onto the real point of this thread! Pray tell, what other classics has MLP infected that I can't seem to find? What other musicals or stories can be found that have been given new life? What musicals or stories would you LIKE to see ponified, for the simple reason of wanting to see it again? EDIT: I should say, ones that have the song INTACT. No 'techno remix' bullshit.